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Oh, so much happened this week. Just so much. For instance, I bought these chairs:

Oh yes i did. I wish the upholstery was in good condition because the color is so great, but it has some stains … Has anybody tried getting furniture professsionally cleaned and has it worked? I can’t tell if I’d be wasting my money or saving my money.

Speaking of upholstery:

I turned a pretty dull but nicely shaped chair into this masterpiece. It’s for Bri’s house, and it screams chicnesss, oh yes it does.

Then I had a photo shoot:

Yes, that’s a photo of someone taking a photo of me. We also had someone taking a photo of the photographer taking a photo of me, and a satellite photo being taken of all of them taking photos of photos. It’s super meta. That is the lovely David Tsay, although I’m sure you’d recognize the back of that head anywhere.

This was for a magazine where I’m re-doing all these kinda junky flea market finds to something VERY awesome. Or that’s the idea. From garbage to gorgeous. From smelly to sparkly? From meh to omg?

They’ll just get transformed, and we’ll leave it at that.

Then I put a dickie on Bearcat. Decorative cat collars are HUGE this year, trust.

She looks like a little judge from a weird French cartoon movie! I don’t object!!!

Then we hopped on a plane and came to Alt Summit to speak. Last night the party was awesome and “Clue” themed with everybody wearing the color of one of the Clue players.

Orlando went Peacock and I went Scarlet, natch.

I caught up with some of my favorite bloggers, like Jordan and Paul from Oh Happy Day¬†and a ton others, but my stupid phone is refusing to email myself the photos right now. I’ll have to post them next week.

I’m speaking today with Maxwell (founder of Apartment Therapy) Heather Armstrong ( Scott Kurnit ( and and Aaron Gowalt ( about “The Future of Design, Online.” We are going to predict how we see the internet changing the design/editorial world. My thesis as of right now? Partnerships are the new advertisement, but is this good or bad?

Have a killer weekend. Come back next week for Orlando’s male take on Alt. He’s gone undercover, in drag, to get the scoop!


  1. meg

    That picture of Bearcat cracked me up! Looking very fancy…

  2. LOVE the fabric you used for Bri's chair! The pattern and color are perfect. Can't wait to see the photo spread you'll have to keep us posted as to when and where we can find it. AWWWW Bearcat is just toooo cute. I think Lola needs a decorative collar.

  3. I peeped those (lucite?) chairs with the blue fabric in Orlando's shopping post from this week. I love and want them. A lot. I can't wait to see what you do with them.
    Partnerships as the new advertising? I think I know what you mean by that. One things for sure: with the Internet breaking down the old barriers in getting our message "out there" we are pretty much free to define the future of a lot of different industries for ourselves. The dinosaurs aren't in charge anymore!

  4. Awww bearcat is sooo cute! I love that chair for Bri!

  5. Karrie

    I've used a rental rug doctor machine from Safeway to clean a vintage sofa… The results were great and it only cost about $50 including cleaning solution

  6. Bonnie

    I suggest calling Bobcat cleaning 310-478-4438 – they clean upholstery and carpets and can give you their opinion on whether to clean or re-upholster

  7. jessica bell

    I love the black that chair

  8. Judy Pokras

    I love those green and lucite chairs on casters! What a find!!! Can't wait to see them in one of your rooms!

  9. Laura

    I would try hitting the chairs with a steam cleaner then try some spray on fabric paint to perk up the color. Try it on something you don't need first to see how to spray for even coverage. This might work

  10. Nice blog… thanks for sharing with us..

  11. I'm dying over the fabric on that chair. Is it something you found vintage? Any leads where one could find something so beautiful in the cold and unfashionable midwest?

  12. Erin

    Sad to miss seeing you at Alt this year lady, but glad to see you're rockin' it, per usual! Hope our paths cross in person sooner rather than later xoxo

  13. That's me at the clue party on the left talking to the MASK looking guy! haha yeah for the randomness! I had fun at the conference with everyone!

  14. Emily

    Can you tell us where that blue chair fabric is from?

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