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This week started with a stupidly expensive juice fast. Hi. I live in LA and these are the kinds of things that we do when things like Alt Summit forces too much booze down our booze holes — we PAY to not eat.  I mean, can we possibly be more gluttonous and culturally disgusting? Probably not, but while I couldn’t wait to chew on something and sat salivating watching Orlando swallow his grilled chicken and crisp lettuce whilst I drank my beet/ginger “lunch,” I did realize that I started to feel crazy energized. There is something to be said for not digesting for a while. I worked out a ton this week. I went to sleep at 10. I felt good. Not to brag — I hate it when people brag about how healthy they are — but I was just so excited to feel so good. Lesson learned.

Besides the juice cleanse, this is what I did:

Monday, I installed some more pieces in my newest clients house, namely this adorable yellow and white plaid rug:

The side table hasn’t arrived yet, but the rug is Land of Nod and super adorable. I’m from Portland so clearly I love me some plaid.

On Tuesday, I went to a bunch of “brokers opens” with Brian in my neighborhood for “research” and saw some inspiring moments:

That’s my friend, Joy’s  wallpaper that I love. 

This was a very well done gallery wall which made me come back from being over gallery walls.  From now on — only floor to ceiling.

On Wednesday we tackled the storage unit. I have an organizational boner just thinking about it. Stacks and stacks of furniture/art/accessories are now on shelves, categorized by color, and inventoried. It’s VERY exciting INDEED.

I shoot everything for my One Kings Lane sale on February 14th and it goes on sale March 10. There is so much good stuff, if I do say so myself.

For instance, these uglies … which are going to be beautiful in a dark blue velvet. Their scale and fun shape is intensely interesting.

This vintage plycraft is getting a makeover with new fabric and freshly cleaned wood.

This waterfall 80’s desk (check out the lucite handles) is going “Galapagos turquoise” — fresh pretty lacquer, a desk to kill for.

Today we are shooting the last of the houses that we designed last year. Watch for sneak peeks on Instagram (emhenderson) and now Vine — their video app.

And thanks to everyone for voting on nightstands yesterday. I have yet to tally the votes but I’m SHOCKED that #2 is not winning — not because it should, but it was just what I predicted. I’m so happy that people appreciated #1 as much as they did … because that’s what I’m living with right now, although those pink pendants are being sold for One Kings Lane, not sure why. I love them, but clearly have design A.D.D.

Have an excellent weekend, folks. I shall spend it thrifting in my secret thrifting spots and pinning way too much.

  1. I literally just got done painting my backsplash galapagos turquoise. I think that means I will, in fact, have to kill someone to get that desk. Seriously. I got a guy. ;)

  2. sue

    ok, serious question before i burst a blood vessel… can people from o/s buy in the one kings lane sale as i NEED those lights!

  3. Robyn

    The pink pendants are going to be for sale?!?!?!?! Eek!!!!!! Hubby will never go for them in our bedroom. Guest room?? My office?? Office!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Emily! Those pink lamps are amazing! How could you let them go?? I really wish I could afford at least one of those beauties…

  5. Kamantha

    OOOO love the vintage plycraft! How bout in some kind of grey or navy blue fabric?! *just saying* :)

  6. Lauren

    I can't believe you're going to sell the pink pendants!! How much are you selling them for? I cried a little when you first found them. I mean, can we make a deal, pre-OKL?!?

  7. Looks great! That leather banquet seating is to die for.

    Also to clarify, Vine is actually Twitter's app, not affiliated with Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook, so the apps are basically in direct competition. I'm excited that you are using it though!

  8. Kateann

    Hi. Love your blog. I have a storage unit and would love to know your process for organizing and cataloging everything.

  9. BooBoo

    I have that vintage plycraft chair! $9.88 at America's Thrift in Birmingham, AL. Stuff like that is super cheap here.

  10. Claire

    Oh me oh my!!! My husband would go for them….can they be mine?!! Oh pretty please

  11. Holly

    Wow, that waterfall desk is going to look gorge all turquoised-up.

  12. "organizational boner " probably my favourite thing you've ever said. Thanks :)

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