The most delicious cocktails in the land

Its a little early to talk about alcohol, I know, although it is 5pm somewhere and those people better be having a good time because it is early here and 5pm seems soooo far away. Anyway I rarely post food or drinks here on the blog because I know so little about them and there are so many great food and drink blogs out there. I ‘make food’ which is wildly different than cooking and usually involves the same four ingredients – chicken, lettuce, avocado and tomatoes. But these drinks, from Pharmacie, are the most delicious drinks i’ve ever put in my chicken hole. They created them for The Sip’n See party – i just told them ‘circus themed’ and ‘daytime’ and Tal, the genius mixologist, came up with these recipes for you.

Now hurry, its THURSDAY!!!!, go and make yourself this delicious cocktail because monday comes back around!!!

Ringling Bros Cocktail

Pharmacie LA Ingredients

Action Pharmacie

Cheer Up Charlie

PHarmacie LA Ingredients 1


Action Pharmacie 1

See. Me drinking and enjoying. That’s my ‘mischevious’ look. Because one must look mischevious whilst drinking a Cheer Up Charlie.

Pharmacie Emily

Also if you are in LA and want to learn from Tal, founder of Pharmacie and join Designlovefest’s mixology course at The Fig House, I think there are still two spots left. Do it. Put some hand-squeezed, home made juice concoctions in your drink hole. STAT!

All photos by LK Griffin Photography. 

  1. Emily

    Looks delicious! Any chance you know where they get the bottles housing their juices from?

  2. Katia


  3. Monica


    Have you ever watched Bar Rescue? My favorite part is when they create the new drinks! They are all so yummy and original.

  4. Man, you got to drink these amazing concoctions at a party for a baby? Everyone I know is living life the wrong way. You rock!

  5. Katharina

    This looks delicious! For “Cheer Up Charlie”, can you tell what the ingredient called “Simple” is?

    • I suspect it is simple syrup which is basically dissolved sugar. You put one cup of sugar and one cup of water in a saucepan and heat until the sugar is dissolved (you can stir it and bring it to the boil and turn it off – just google some instructions – it is super easy). It keeps well in the fridge. It is great for using in iced tea and lemonade too as you don’t have to keep stirring them to dissolve the sugar. Or it may be something else entirely! Emily might weigh in and let us know? :)

  6. Muoi

    These look amazing, can’t wait to try all of them!

  7. Ok ok ok, I know I’m MORE THAN 40 weeks pregnant right now, so my cocktail-making skills are a little rusty, but that recipe layout is hard for my brain to comprehend. Plus I’m 40 weeks and FOUR DAYS pregnant, so criticism comes so much more easily than complimenting how adorable that party and the people and all the drinks and the photo styling are.

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