The most amazing purchase i’ve made lately

Calm down, Emily.  Not everyone is going to love this as much as you:

It’s a hanging macrame TABLE.  I’ve never seen one before so when i saw it a month ago i knew that it would eventually be mine. But i didn’t buy it because it was $200 at this random antique store in the valley which i thought was overpriced. But then it kept creeping back into my thoughts, poisoning my mind, teasing my psyche.  So i went back. And it was on sale for $150. Still too much, but these are the things you splurge on: things that you can’t stop thinking about and things that you’ve never seen before.  We are painting the ‘table’ part of it white because i don’t like the finish of the wood and i want to freshen it up a bit.  

I also recently bought this painting for $50, which i love.  She’s all, ‘hey guy, you like-a-my high waisted jeans? Yeah, they are Jordache.’ 

And this new vase came from a thrift store.   The colors are perfect, as you know, and it’s huge so it makes a big impact in the room.  

And finally, this new abstract painting.  The colors are perfect, the price was more than i wanted at $150, but it’s totally worth it because it modernizes my art wall so much.

Must run and spraypaint life-size nutcrackers hot pink.  You know, as you do.  

  1. the last painting for $!50 is a total steal. good buy!

  2. That last painting is totally cool. The table- not sure, but I know you can spice it up and make it look beyond fabulous!! My husband and I constantly talk about how you push the design envelope and we LOVE it (and maybe the Novegrates as well); whereas, some of the other HGTV designs are so expected. Dying to know when your show comes back on the air. And still dying to know if you want to do an episode in Napa?? Free wine?? Holiday episode??

    PS Because of you I am embracing an old brass lamp from my parents!!

  3. Cathy

    Oh Emily NO!!! Not macrame! I made so much of that stuff back in the 70's so there is no way I would put it in my house. Been there – done that!

  4. Loving the attitude in the Jordache painting. The macrame table can also be used as a sex swing. Bonus! (You know, if you're into that kind of thing.)

  5. Dying over that hanging table…so freakin cool!!! You would've been kicking yourself for A LONG TIME if you didn't scoop that one up! What a great find!

  6. That table is crazy in a kind of awesome way.

  7. decorbuddy

    Like all your finds (blue happens to be my favorite color). Want to see those PINK nutcrackers when you've completed them. Where do you find life-size nutcrackers? LOL Your macrame table…so Boho. Everything old is new again.

  8. Fantastic art finds! Can't wait to see how you reframe those babies to up the cool factor.

  9. Im digging the macramé actually, love that you're bringing it back, I've been wanting some interesting macramé air plant hangers in my new powder room, maybe spray painted metalic(the rope that is). The paintings are both lovely,especially the lady!

  10. I can't get on the macrame train. I had flashbacks to the 1970's and going to the macrame store (it sold the rope/cord and beads) and taking classes as a kid. I made dozens of necklaces and bracelets. My Mom had macrame hanging glass tables as nightstands in the master bedroom. They were very thick and had lots of beads and what not. We had macrame plant hangers in the kitchen and a dozen outside along the pool and porch. It just seems so dated to me. But then again I had a problem with the bright neon colors this spring – "like totally" 80's flash backs complete with permed hair nightmares!

    Can't wait for your show's new season, hopefully soon?

  11. Love it all. Love the jeans painting especially.

  12. Brad...

    Oh the 1970s… how I long for thee… yes I did lots of macrame too… planters, tables, bird houses… yes I said bird houses… it's amazing what you can do with a coconut shell and a big spool of jute! I really miss the disco decade… when all the girls were angels and the dudes weren't afraid to be furry!

  13. Mary

    Oh my, so I am seeing my past through your eyes. Macrame tables suspended were so common as a feature they seemed like someone had thrown up macrame all over. Now you are seeing them for the first time. I have an huge inventory of things in my brain then that you have never seen! Ha!

  14. Macrame table, who would've thunk?

  15. Jan

    I used to babysit for a family that had those macrame tables hanging as their night 'stands' in their master bedroom.
    I see these often at the thrift store for, um, 5 bucks or less. Yes, indeedy.

    But the paintings I do love!

  16. Caitlin

    Love it and I am super jelly!!!!!!!!!

  17. Stephanie

    Hot pink life-sized nutcrackers?! You can't leave us hanging like that! ! I'm excited!

  18. stacey

    Please pot a pic of the table once it's done and painted white. I really wan to see how this one turns out! I like it's strangeness really curious if the white updates it from the 70's. I mean i love the 70's but the 70's updated it always a total win win.

  19. Those are the colors of my bedding! Hot pink duvet cover over green shams and bolster cases. I have a black & white striped duvet cover and black & white polka dotted shams/bolster cases, which I thought I'd pair with the pink and green separately. But I think the b&w paired together and the p&g paired together. Go big or go home, right?

  20. Heidi

    I second stacey. Let's see the finished product!