The Lake House, post #2

Here she is:


Oh yes, she is very, very cute indeed.  I love that she is kinda barn-like and super country, it just screams ‘i’m casual and kinda playful’. Once we get a new fun front door and lots of foliage, this girl will have great curb appeal.  


here’s the back:


It’s wayyyyy cute and the layout is totally open and awesome.  


And there’s the lake. Just right out the back.  I’m 100% a lake and river person.  Probably from growing up the Coos River in Oregon. Ocean’s are so big and open and full of sharks, but lakes are calm and cozy and unthreatening.  

After the first meeting I created a package for them – inspiration pics, moodboards, color palettes, fabrics, etc, but started it out with a mission statement: 

Pictures always paint a good picture, but i like to kinda write the story, too.  


How very ‘Emily’ i know. But here’s the thing about the designer/client relationship – we are attracted to eachother for a reason. I would be shocked if i got a client that said, ‘i want everything stark and modern and minimalist’.  They wouldn’t hire me and i wouldn’t necessarily want to do the job (unless it paid like A LOT of money, please, bearcat needs a new pair of shoes).  I approach every job as if its my house, whilst obviously keeping the needs and wants of the client in mind.  But if i dont really like beige and brown that much, then unless they ask for it, i’m not terribly inclined to do it.  So yes, this house is pretty much going to look like my dream house.  

It’s super satisfying and will be totally heartbreaking when its over. 

Here was the first mood board for the living room.  SOOOO much has changed since this, but it gives you (and the client) a good idea of what it will look like. The sofa, rugs, sconces, coffee table and leather chair have all been substituted after shopping and finding more appropriate options…..but here you go:

The sofa was from Room and board (hutton sofa) and its one of my favorites, but the client wasn’t its biggest fan for this house, so we have shopped around and around and we think we’ve found it (stay tuned).  I wanted something modern, but super comfy and we all know that those two things don’t go hand in hand that often so it was a challenge to find.  Oh and kid friendly…..

The rug and wood stool are from West Elm

The ‘amazing leather chair’ is from Organic Modernism, but we decided that we wanted something more comfortable so we are actually going with the Dwell Jensen chair instead.  The scale is way better and its more inviting than the leather. 

Plus it has attitude.  The new sofa we are getting doesn’t really, so this chair is making the sofa look cooler.   

The hanging chair is vintage, but we are ordering one from two’s company.

The lamp was Nate Berkus for HSN, i think, but i bought it on EBAY for $130. We are using a white shade, though. 

The gold stump is insane and from ABC carpet and home.  It’s a splurge at $700, but it’s 100% worth it because its impact in the space is HUGE.  It’s an organic shape in a super high gloss metallic finish – oh the tension.  

My shopping plan is a mix of thrift store, big box, flea market stuff with occasional huge splurges to make it look more high end.  You need a few amazing pieces that will elevate the whole space. In this room its the Dwell chair and the gold stump.    

I’m working on a new mood board for the living room, so stay tuned for an updated version. Meanwhile, how are you feling about the Lake House? Any comments or questions?

  1. Amy

    Super cute. Can't wait to seethe project progress!

  2. How fun! I absolutely love that Jensen chair, it's got such personality! The color palette's right up my alley. You can shoot up to Oregon and redo my house any day.

  3. pattyb

    OMG I had to laugh…yesterday I walked past Organic Modernism in NY. I turned to my friend and said "I bet Emily shops there". I think I'm psychic!

  4. Tisha

    What is that coffee table? It's beautiful and the only thing I think you didn't mention. Is it the "designer's secret" or can you share?

  5. Lily

    Ditto on the coffee table! Would love to know the source if possible.

  6. 189% gorgeous all the way around. Now I want a lake house. Also, please feel free to come to my house if you're ever in the mood to give a paneled, 1970s basement a facelift.

  7. Sarah

    Just from the view, I want to live at the lake house. Forever. Can't wait to see how it looks in the end!

  8. Dani

    Timing couldn't have been better for this post as I'm about to create my first mood board for an interior design course. Only my pretend client is the "stark and modern and minimalist' type, so I'm hoping I get inspired by some color.

  9. Sarah

    I love it. All of it! I love the green barn and what you're going to do inside. Lakes!

  10. Lauren

    That is one lucky family!

  11. Haley

    Oh my what happened to your mood board and color board. I normally enjoy looking at them but these just seem like someone grabbed clip art and placed it all on a white background. I'm going to assume that this is not what you presented to the client and just threw it together for your blog. I do like the design and the pieces, but the presentation deserves a D- at best. Sorry just being honest.

  12. ejzdancer

    dear 11th commenter/haley,
    'being honest' would have been to say the mood board wasn't your favorite,
    but both your over-all tone & dramatic grade cross the
    blog-comments-are-for-lovers-not-haters line…
    Sincerely, first time commenter…
    Post Script to Em, love the Jensen chair too!
    PPS. Soooo excited for your new endeavor Emiy -keep up all your inspirational work!
    Also, thank you for teaching me/slowly-convincing-me-over-time that I can get my design groove on in my own home…

  13. Heather B.

    Okay, your "Master Plan" sounds exactly like everything I need/want in my own home.. I even have the boys to go along with it!! On your way to the Lake House, you are more than welcome to stop in Iowa. We're very friendly here. Needless to say, LOVE IT!!!

  14. Gem

    Dear Gawd, where is that deep blue rug from??

  15. Caitlin

    Love your plans! Love the house! This is going to be great!

  16. Michelle

    You are so talented!! I love everything you've chose so far. In fact, I think I may purchase 2 of the lamps for our nightstands. Thanks!!!

  17. Nancy

    It is going to be great. Where are the wall sconces from — you don't mention.

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