The Fig House, update #1

The Fig House has broken ground — literally — the ground is all jacked up … and I mean literally jacked up, as they are using jack hammers today. Meanwhile we are busy planning, designing, shopping, and generally adjusting to the fact that I have bangs. It’s like how wood flooring has to acclimate in your house for three weeks before you can install it; I, and a crew, have to stare at my face for three months before it’s not totally weird that these things are crowding my forehead.

But while that is happening, this is happening:
Fig House

That’s Steve and I meeting with the talented dudes from Judson Studios — a 150-year-old, family-owned stained glass studio that is around the corner from our space. Stained glass can get a bad rap, but it’s normally just applied in ways we don’t often associate with “cool.” Still working on the design, but it’s going to be 1930′s meets 2013; Frank Lloyd Wright meets Andy Warhol, except with a splash of neon. Judson Studios meets Emily von Henderson and The Fig House. Stay tuned.

Fig House 2

Meanwhile we are down to the studs, you studs.

Fig House 3 Fig House Fig House

It’s very exciting to see things transform. We are finalizing the mood boards (shoring up some partners :)) and will have the design plan for your viewing pleasure very shortly. With bangs.

If you missed the first post about The Fig House, check it out HERE. It’s my new favorite thing to talk about. Also, I have bangs.

All fun and arty photos by the lovely Tessa Neustadt.

  1. I dig the bangs! They’re cute!

  2. Yay for bangs. I wish I could pull them off. Can’t wait to follow The Fig House’s progress!

  3. Chris

    Your bangs are bangin’!

  4. Holly

    I love the bangs! It was the first thing I noticed. Also I have a tiny, hazy, out-of-focus crush on the Judson Studios guy.

  5. Angeline

    Love to the bang!

  6. Mari

    I love the bangs, you have one of those faces that anything matches.
    I’m super excited to see what you came up with stained glass.


  7. Elise

    This bang news is HUGE! More photos, please! Also – the space is going to be amazing and you will do something so kickass with the stained glass that you will single-handedly make it a new trendy thing.

  8. Julie

    Hi Emily,
    First off, I think you’re great at what you do and the way you do it with a sense of humor makes it all the more interesting to check in with you.

    Second, you sound A LOT like Rachel Zoe when she got bangs. “Just saying” and it’s Mage, and I guess getting bangs is Everything to you TV personalities types. (If you’ve ever watched her show on Bravo you’ll get those references). You can definitely pull them off :)

  9. Emily — I like the switch to a white background for the blog! The original was good, too, but this ultimately seems easier to manage.

  10. Kelly

    you make me laugh even before my morning coffee. thanks!

  11. Can’t wait to see how this turns out, Emily! You style genius, you. Also, loving the bangs. :)

  12. mosey

    Well the project looks exciting and the bangs look awesome!

  13. Sarah Ebner

    I love your bangs!!!!!

  14. Mary

    Can’t wait to see the mood boards…and sweet bangs;)

  15. Hello! I’m soooo happy this project is actually happening! I’ve heard about it through a friend for a while now and then I contacted Steve directly. I own a floral design loft on Fig & York..yay we’re neighbors!

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  18. Jill

    I just watched the Judson Studios video. Amazing. It actually brought tears to my eyes at the end. So much dedication to their craft. I was amazed by how many people are involved in the process. Thanks for sharing this Emily. I love your blog and I think you’re rad!

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