The Fig House, update #2 …

There is a ton of progress happening at The Fig House but demo and electrical and plumbing aren’t terribly photogenic – everything just kinda looks like a war zone for a couple months.  It all has to get worse before it gets better actually. But don’t worry, because this is about to happen:

fig house LA

S’right.  These are some of our major design elements in the two major rooms – the ballroom and the lounge area (the sconces are being divided in two different rooms, don’t worry). It’s totally elegant, yet still kinda bad ass. The deco elements we are bringing in are very exciting but still totally modern and clean. And that mill-work? Game Changer, folks.  One room will be all open and airy and garden-y and the other is going to be this rich, dark, dare i say sexy?, ballroom/reception space.  The lighting will be flattering, the colors will be flattering, the furniture will be comfortable, cozy and elegant; you have three GIRLS designing this space – we care about such things.

Meanwhile this is happening:

Fig House

Huge 14 foot trees have been brought in to line the perimeter of what will be the outdoor party area.  Instant secret garden for all of your make out needs.  Carnival lights, outdoor sculptural furniture, and one very special tree for all your ‘I do’ moments.

fig house

The inside is still pretty torn up but generally it stays like that until WHAM one day it’s done. It’s like everything has to happen at the same time so there is no reason to really make it look nice or clean until everything is done and then all of a sudden is cleaned, painted and then we can get to decorating.  Lord, I can’t wait to decorate.  Dean, Ginny and I (the most killer design team ever, these chicks are 100% indispensable) are road tripping to a state full of vintage goods outside of California to clean up.  Arizona doesn’t know what is about to happen to it.

Overall the project is going incredibly smoothly, mainly because of the team. Sure, we are behind schedule and over budget, but Steve, the owner, totally gets it.  There are times when us girls get overly excited about brass, fringe and stained glass and you can see the look of horror in his eyes, but he still doesn’t really say anything and kinda lets us do our thing. Most of you who have had clients know that so much of the project hinges on whether the client gets it or not, so that is a MASSIVE plus in this case.  The contractor Ken (from KD construction) is the best, most honest, most easy going contractor i’ve ever worked with. He thinks we are nuts, I can tell, but he also trusts it and approaches us in such a lovable way.  And then Dean and Ginny? Forget about it. I realized in this project more than any other that designing alone is VERY difficult. I can do the initial art direction and conceptualization by myself, but i really need collaborators to push it from being a pretty, well designed space, to being a really interesting, cohesive and noteworthy space.  I would die without these Dean and Ginny, that’s for sure – their ideas are so good and they work so hard.  So thank you VERY much.

Meanwhile here’s a photo of me pretending to be a bad ass:

I only do demo in heels.

The Fig House is scheduled to be open the beginning of September and they’ve already booked some wedding and events. For advanced bookings (with a huge ‘you took a risk having it not be done’ discount) email Meanwhile be sure to follow us/them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their blog.  Also its run by the dudes that run RoomForty so follow them  and hire them if you like good food in your mouthhole.

In case you don’t know what The Fig House is, read this post and this post, and then start shining your dancing shoes.


  1. Sam

    I live in Arizona! You’ll have to share the places you end up going so I can check them out later!

  2. ARIZONA!!! Yippee! I can’t wait to see which places you hit up and maaaaybe see you around town. I have officially crossed the line from calm and collected subscriber to cyber stalking fan :D

  3. annicabenning

    Emily !! I live in Arizona. I had emailed orlando about your design services… any chance you can stop by?

    • Emily

      ahh, i wish! We are coming with truck just for two days and kinda focusing just on thrifting, craigslist and vintage stores. But if you have any secret spots you want to share?…. Sorry!!

  4. Lesley

    This is so cool. I grew up off North Figueroa, before the area was anywhere near up-and-coming. Couldn’t believe it when I went back and saw changes like the light rail, hipsters in Eagle Rock, etc. If I had walked down Figueroa and see something like the Fig House it would have rocked my world. Hopefully the hipsters can give back to the community in some way.

    • Emily

      THat’s awesome, Lesley. We are totally trying to make it great for the community – using lots of local artists (judson studios) from highland park, etc. Its insane how much it has changed. Brian and I are trying to buy a house there and we are getting priced out because everyone is paying cash, like $100,000 over asking price because its that ‘hot’. So crazy….xx

  5. Annie Rice

    Oh man, AZ native here! Can I come shopping?! Haha!

  6. ashley

    where do you get your jeans? your butt always looks wonderful and we are the same shape.

    • Emily

      Dude. J Brand. Thank you so much, but yes, they deserve all the credit. Those are like 4 years old and still totally keep the butt shape. I’m due for a larger size, right now…. :)

  7. Emily, I am IN LOVE with both that millwork and that rug, and I wouldn’t kick the sconces out of bed either. Can you please please PLEASE update with a buyer’s guide once you’ve gone live? Promise me it isn’t all top-secret custom sources. I need a carpet like that in my office and I need that millwork just like everywhere.

    Haaaa I really love Ashley’s comment, too. Your derrière does indeed look fantastic in those jeans.

  8. Shirley

    Hey i know Ginny, a fantastic British designer cant wait to see her designs on the other side of the pond..

    • Emily

      Really? Yeah!!! I’ll have to tell her. She’s amazing, totally amazing.

  9. Robyn

    Yay Arizona!! But can we make a deal that you won’t buy absolutely ALL of our stuff?? We vintage loving Zonies need our fix too!!!! P.S. I’m not going to tell you about Globe…my favorite little “why would you ever go there” town for everything antique and vintage. Oh wait. Oops.

    • Emily

      Dont’ worry, Robyn. I actually don’t blog about thrift stores because i’m too selfish (and don’t want to piss off the other hard working thrifters out there). But thank you sooooo much that source. We are only looking for late 70′s and 80′s and deco stuff, so dont’ worry we won’t touch the mid-century… or will we….???

  10. I am so excited you are coming to Arizona! Robyn is right–Globe is worth the trip, whether you are shopping or not. It has been years since I visited there, and it was in the middle of a main-street revamp. I bet it is hopping now!

    Also, it will be hotter than you can possibly imagine. Pack accordingly, wear sunscreen, and drink lots of water. ; )

    PS: Don’t post your itinerary. I think some of are already planning to mob you…

  11. If you are crazy enough to come to Tucson this time of year I’m happy to share (off line) my fave spots! Like Lisa said, water, water, water is key! Hats are helpful too. Stay cool, stay hydrated. Can’t wait to see what you find.

  12. Hope you have a blast in Arizona! Like Francine said, don’t forget to drink a ton of water – it’s blowtorch season right now and it. is. HOT. I’d fill you in on my favorite spots to shop buuuttttt I have a feeling you’d clean them all out haha If you get bored and want to help me style some bookcases, my door’s always open :)

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  15. Kim, jieun

    Hi, Emily. i’m your big fan who live in Republic of Korea!! I also look forward to fig house!! I will always cheer for you!!

    p.s. Excuse me, could you tell me the way to get the wallpaper? please, leave me a website address.

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  17. Irene

    I’m so excited to see the finished product!! Where is the dining table from its FAB!

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