My friend Scott is having a sale

I’d like to tell you about a love affair I’ve had with a man for almost a decade now. Get your handkerchief’s ready and cue the John Williams CD. Here goes. We met on set eight years ago; I was assisting the prop stylist and he was assisting the bed stylist, and we instantly, I mean INSTANTLY, fell in love. Our love affair began with a mutual appreciation for perfectly aged washed linen, continued with our love of the delicate curve of a Bergere chair arm, and really hit its passionate point when we invited aged brass to join our now polyamorous relationship. No one else understood, but it worked for us. (Meanwhile his boyfriend is an amazing hair stylist — does my cut and color — at John Freida/Serge Normant in LA and New York. Call him, you won’t regret it.)

Scott Horne emily henderson

We both assisted for another year or two after that and then went out on our own to be freelance stylists, direct competitors but without one second of competing against each other. We would give each other work, promote each other, help each other find leads, lend each other props, etc.

But besides having that massive hobby/career in common, I have an extreme amount of fun with Scott so much so that I never get sick of him, no matter how much time we spend together.

scott horne's house

I moved from New York five years ago, but always stayed with Scott in his beautiful home when I went back for work, which was all the time the first three years. A year ago they decided to move back to LA (it’s where Scott is from), and my husband Brian sold him a house that is within a half a mile from ours. Walking distance! But don’t be silly, we don’t actually walk it. HA! Can you imagine? Why would we have these gas guzzling air sucking car machines if we aren’t going to use them at all times?

scott horne portfolio

So now we spend every weekend trolling the Valley and coasts for the best thrift finds. I’ve never met anyone who shares the same level of obsession for shopping and style as Scott does. It’s all we want to do, we never get tired of it, it’s truly remarkable.

scott horne style

Anyway, Scott is now one of the best stylists out there, and even though he lives in LA where there is very little high end photography work, he’s booked constantly. He’s just that good. He has the best taste of anyone I know.

styled desk

Our taste is different, sure. I’m way more whimsical and he’s more refined. I love color and he’s definitely less of a big color dude. But everything he picks out is beautiful, everything that he has in his house is beautiful. He kills it constantly.

Scott horne tastemaker tag sale

This all has a point. Scott and his friend Rebecca Robertson (another AMAZING ex-Martha Stewart stylist) are having a joint Tastemaker Sale tomorrow on One Kings Lane. They are selling like 400 of their favorite styling accessories — art, lighting, boxes, sculptures — all the good small stuff for styling. I’ve seen all of Scott’s items myself, and every piece is awesome. I would own every single piece. Seriously. And while can’t say I’ve seen Rebecca’s items, I’m sure they are equally as good, if not more feminine (which I love, obviously).

Their sale starts tomorrow, Thursday 4/18 at 6pm (PST, 9pm EST). You can go to the site and set an reminder if for nothing else then to ogle and watch the “on hold” signs pop up.

Oh and Rebecca, you better back off. He’s mine.

Good luck shopping, friends. And spread the word …

Last day of One Kings Lane sale … also Veronica Mars is back

In case you are blind from my pestering or deaf from my rants, my One King Lane tastemaker sale started on Wednesday and ends tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

Or maybe you just simply don’t check my blog everyday, or perhaps you’ve been too busy pledging money toward the kickstarter campaign to make the Veronica Mars movie, in which case, you, LIKE ME, have extremely good taste in TV shows, and are a god damn genius in general. They raised 3.2 million in one day because fans, like me, crave that movie THAT bad.

Run, don’t walk to your local Netflix and start watching season one, episode one. Or come to my house and borrow one of my two copies of the entire series. I mean, I get crazy Nurse Betty about this show. The characters are real to me, the location is a real place, the love a real emotion … the death of the show — a. REAL. crime.

BUT, again, in case you have been distracted by thoughts of Veronica and Logan hate-loving each other, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite pieces from my sale that are still available. Most of the smaller items sold out, true, but these beauties are still for sale (as of 7pm 3/14).

upholstered vintage furniture

Every room needs a statement piece, and these above pieces are statements. Put them in your house and look effing cool. Don’t and don’t.

1. Aqua linen, lucite, and brass chairs. I can’t wait to keep these for my office. I only have 100 percent love for these mothers.

2. 1980’s club chairs. Oh the lines, the comfort, the luscious navy velvet … if i didn’t have my leather chairs, these would be mine.

3.  This bench is probably going to a client if it doesn’t sell. It fits perfect at the end of a king -sized bed.

4. My wingback that has graced so many blogs. I love it, which is why I listed it for so high. It’s worth a lot to me, emotionally.

5. Um, the most incredible brass based, peacock blue linen chairs. Could be for the living room, office, or king-like dining chairs.

6. Stop. These hot pink club chairs aren’t for everyone, but they are for someone VERY special.

7. These Ming chairs started as black, gloss and cheesy, but with good lines and bones. And ended up as bright, eclectic, and interesting — totally one of a kind and weird … in a good way. I upholstered them in Hmong wedding blanket that is $100 a yard. Totally, 100 percent interesting and beautiful.

8. These bedroom chairs are perfect at the end of a bed, or anywhere really. Perfect, soft, high quality velvet — all newly reupholstered, obviously.

9. My headboard from my guestroom. I decided that my guestroom should be storage so it is being sold, but she is a great headboard, and custom made by yours truly.

10. 1980’s Italian club chair, reupholstered in peacock blue velvet. It’s deep, comfortable, and so beautiful. Love this chair.



Or maybe mid-century is more your style in which case get these above pieces:

1. Oh, just a Paul McCobb desk that I had white lacquered because the wood wasn’t that awesome. Get it. Now.

2. Huge, caramel, worn, leather 1970’s lounge chair. Save this for me.

3. I can’t believe this day bed hasn’t gone yet. It keeps going in peoples “carts” but triggers are hard to pull. This piece is awesome, pull that trigger.

4. Vintage Thonet chairs. Classic.

5. Bright tangerine fabric, bentwood wood frame.

6. Because you always need more ottomans in your life.

7. Have office, will travel.

8. Mies Van der Rohe chrome and leather chair. I mean, it’s awesome, but if  you don’t appreciate it, I certainly will.

No. 9 and No. 10 are currently in my foyer. They are both simple and beautiful, and if you buy them I’ll be happy, but if you don’t I’ll still be happy because I love them.

So here’s a behind the scenes video of my One Kings Lane sale, by Tessa Neustadt. Thanks, Tessa. You are awesome.

And in case you need one more link, my sale is HERE.

One Kings Lane Tastemaker Sale TODAY and a GIVEAWAY

Having a tastemaker sale on One Kings Lane is a lot like having a baby; so many months preparing — full of love, expense, work, pain, work, schlepping, driving, picking out fabrics, sending to the upholsterers, checking in on said upholsterers, shopping, hoarding, organizing, shooting, painting, framing, polishing, hoarding, getting nervous, counting down the seconds, wanting to panic as you look at how much money you’ve put into it wondering if it’s all worth it when … all of a sudden its here and you look at that sale with so much love and adoration that you can’t believe you ever wondered if it was worth it … til next week when you are coordinating the shipping.

At least that’s what I’ve heard about having babies. (And, also, I’M TOTALLY KIDDING, obviously).

My second tastemaker sale starts TODAY,  FOR THREE DAYS ONLY. There are so many pieces that I LOVE, many things I feel emotionally attached to, and even more things that I’m like, “Why would you sell that, Emily? You love that so much and have had that forever?” But I think my addiction to shopping trumps my addiction to owning pretty things, so this gives me allowances for my future shopping, which gives me even more money to shoot more interesting styling posts. You can only see the same things in shots over and over before you complain, so this is how I purge and make money for more. (Talk about over explaining.)

vintage painting people

I have a thing for paintings of strangers. I think because people are like sculptures that you can recognize. They can be both abstract and photographic, but they are always something that reminds you of yourself, someone you know, or maybe no one you know, but the shape of the face is familiar because you, too, are a human. I mean, I may as well be teaching art theory at Yale. That shit was beautiful. Regardless, I’m selling some of my favorites, so go get them.

vintage oil paintings For the less “Stranger Danger” fans out there, these pretty paintings above are both more accessible and just very very pretty.

So the sale starts today at 8am PST (which is in about one hour from now as I write this). Here’s the link!

Meanwhile to help offset some of the costs, One Kings Lane is doing two giveaways of credit, one for $75 and one for $50. Just leave a comment with what piece you want to buy (or what piece you did buy :)) and you’ll be entered. We’ll randomly draw this Friday and announce on the blog.

I know it’ll be too late for you to use this credit on this sale, but I’m sure I’ll have another one very very soon.

Good luck and cross your fingers for me.


We have winners for our giveaway! They are Dominique DeLaney and Courtney Khail!

Last week in Instagrams

james hotel, new york

Last week I was in New York all week, staying at the James Hotel, which I loved. I mean, that is a very pretty lobby. The location was perfect, the service was outstanding — just overall I totally recommend it.

style shoot

I shot some secret projects because I’m very mischievous like that. They will be properly announced, but not by me, and not today.

linen chesterfield

One involved this pretty room. I want that coffee table and everything on it.

photo 3

Stay tuned for what this exactly is, but it’s exciting, friends.

Don’t forget that my One Kings Lane sale starts on Wednesday of this week.  It’s three days long and I’m strangely nervous about it. I was playing in my house yesterday styling things up because it was looking strangely empty due to the sale, and now I’ve fallen back in love with so many of the pieces that I’m nervous to give them up.

Also. I just found out that my RSS feed (and newsletter) didn’t transfer over from my old blog, so please re-sign up for that so you can be sure to never miss one styling tip or general rant about how Radio Shack is still in business. Also, if anybody knows how that store, that sells nine things and is never open, is still in business I’d love to know. Please comment away.

One Kings Lane Sale Sneak Peek

Its a zoo around here. Seriously. I’m in New York shooting and I forget that when I’m shooting (on camera) I literally can’t keep up with any emails — let alone designing, writing, client stuff, Bearcat petting, etc, so thank god for Orlando (and Alexis, Monica, and Tessa) for keeping on top of things. The “I’m so busy” conversation is such a boring one, so I’ll shut up and show you some brass animals that are being sold at my new One Kings Lane sale, which has changed to MARCH 13th.

vintage brass zoo

The bull and horse are big, like a foot tall, but the rest are smaller. I’m having problems letting go of the giraffe bookends, or should I say un-born (and yes, un-concieved) child’s room is having problem letting those go.

But they must be set free.

Check out other sneak peeks to the sale here and here.

Which animal would you take home?

Oh that turtle … am I really going to sell the turtle? Imagine it holding your jewelry or paper clips or even just a pretty bar of soap …