Sweating and Shopping With Emily and Orlando

Dear Emily’s Readers,

Can we all just agree that there is nothing worse than sweating? I myself am a prolific sweater. No, I don’t mean that I am a knitted long sleeved piece of clothing. What I am is a sweaty, sweaty man. This is always a problem for me in hot situations such as dinner at restaurants with spicy food, sitting in the sun, and laying face down on the floor on a cool day (which would be a cool activity for anyone else). I’m always the one disgusting, dripping buckets of sweat at the wedding, all over grandma, while everyone else sits there with their matte-finish skin and cool composure. Anyway, Emily and I been sweating our faces off out here in Los Angeles. Mostly because the August weather has been clammy and gross, but also because we keep finding a lot of furniture and accesories worth sweating for. And isn’t that what life is about?

Saarinen Tables seem kinda boring and played out, but check out this beauty from Danish Modern North Hollywood. $525.

Look how exciting it looks paired with these ridiculous chairs and fancypants chandelier.


These school chairs (also from Amsterdam Modern) have pretty, simple lines. $80/each.

Imagine how great they’d look around a casual dining table. Also, please note the miniature stove in the corner. I wonder where they find logs tiny enough to fit in there…

I’ve been sweating this painting for a long time. It’s $275 at Wertz Brothers

But wouldn’t you, like, die to see it displayed like this:

This classic mid-century woven chair was $475 at Amsterdam Modern.

It would make a totally glamorous accent chair in a living room. Especially if the living room is bright and airy and Spanish-inspired like this one.


Emily liked this pot so much she almost threw it on the ground and broke it (accidentally, in front of the store owner). $90 from the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall.

The gold and blue vase is so pretty it seems necessary to buy multiples and display them in your ridiculously oppulent dining room. Because everyone has one of those.


Emily and I were stoked to find this antique wooden giant mirror. $1800 at the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall.

I think I might pair it with some more modern elements to all its warmth and character to shine through. Sometimes if you have something that has crazy personality you should put it next to something more simple. It’s kind of like seating Sophia Vergara (crazy personality) next to Megan Fox (something more simple) at the Oscars. It just works.

Meet these crazy masks. Sure, their glazed over eyes make them look like murders who are high on drugs, but don’t you want to take them home with you? $195/each at the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall.

I think they’d look great on a gallery wall, peeping creepily at all the art surrounding them.

All of this sweating is kind of worth it considering how many fun things we’ve been finding lately. But please summer, go away and let us shop in peace, free from the clamminess and pit stains that are currently oppressing us. 



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  1. Orlando's posts are always fun and hilarious!

  2. sg5785

    Go Orlando! I love this format of spotting a gem in the rough and then showing us how it can really work!

  3. Donna

    Orlando's posts are the best!

  4. Jaclyn Joslin

    I enjoyed this post very much! But being the owner of a beautiful Saarinen table (that I saved up for almost 2 years for), I am of the opinion that they will never be boring or played out: )

  5. hr4979

    Great post…i'm always amazed at how you guys take these "ugly things" and make them work!

    However, I'm not on board w/ Orlando's request to make the Summer end!! For you Southern Californians, I get that Summer is an extra-hot extension of your year round sunny weather, but for those of us in the Northeast, we cherish every last day of Summer and its warm weather.

  6. Since this IS Emily's blog and when reading it in Google Reader, there's a "by Emily Henderson" byline at the top, I was a little worried about all the sweating commentary at the beginning. Especially when I read, "What I am is a sweaty, sweaty man." I immediately hoped this was an Orlando post. And it was. Thank goodness. But I do not want to thank goodness for those crazy masks. They would give me nightmares.

  7. I love these posts by Orlando! It's so interesting seeing a "behind the scenes" peek of the treasures you guys find, and I love the inspiration images showing how you'd style them. Great content, and hilarious as always…oh, but I do have to agree with the above comment – those masks are creepy!

  8. christa

    I was concerned that the petite and adorable Emily was a sweaty man, but thank goodness it was Orlando. Nice post, and for the record I HATE MASKS. All. Masks. All. The. Time. Unless it's a theatre door, I do not want to see them.

  9. Melanie

    My dream is to own a Saarinen table [marble top] one day.

  10. Ashleigh

    Because of this post, which I stumbled upon today, I looked like I knew what a co-worked was talking about when he asked me if I knew what a Saarinen table was. All I had ever known to call them was tulip tables, but based on the context of our conversation and because I remembered this post, I knew exactly to what he was referring! So thank you!