Styling your entrance and some more organizing products …

Hey guys, for my second post with 3M I played around with the Home Collection and styled up my studio entryway with the product and of course some of my vintage props that i’ve been hoarding, just waiting for their blog debut. The whole idea is to clean off your surfaces and get things up on the wall – visible and yet accessible. For me (being the worst at anything organizational) I have to be able to see it to deal with it because this brain be SCATTERED, and I need all the help I can get.  (See my first post about getting things off my desk, here)

So here’s what you need to style your entry/exit perfectly: 

1. A beautiful vintage modern brass hat and scarf holder. Duh.  (From the flea market and I’m obsessed with it). But seriously, something to hang your hat on – literally. Especially since hats are back. I thought it was just me because i’m a but mom now and doing my hair is a fete reserved for special occasions like when Chris HArrison invites me and my friends to Men Tell All – BECAUSE ITS GOING TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR, I PROMISE!!!!! Meanwhile, until that night i’m seriously wearing a lot of hats these days and having somewhere to put them keeps with my ‘off the surfaces onto the wall’ rule. Also if you aren’t into hats, jackets apply. And if you aren’t into hats or jackets then you could hang your judgement about people that wear hats and jackets here.


2. An adorable little console or piece of furniture to put your pretty books and flowers on (we like that Target piece from the Room Essentials line).  Ideally its something with storage because you’ll need somewhere to shove the one million lip glosses and catalogs that you can’t throw away because you haven’t properly combed them yet, but you can’t really leave them on the coffee table because they are catalogs and not magazines and you don’t want to look like a hoarder that just keeps every piece of mail you get (you are, me too, its fine).

3. A lamp that is the perfect height to turn on/off as you are sneaking in or out to meet your secret boyfriend. I’m actually installing an outlet in my entrance (in my house not the studio) because I want to be able to put a pretty lamp there. Its just so nice to walk in and throw on a lamp instead of a huge overhead light and that way you can leave it on for anybody that has yet to come home.

Cute lamp

3. Something that smells nice like candles or a perfect $80 Tom Dixon brass encased candle (it was a gift! do you think I would buy a 90$ candle? … but MY GOD it smells amazing). But seriously, something that smells nice is never a bad idea to have greet you as you come home from work or to mask the smell of kids and cats that you may or may not have. (I do)

4. The most adorable little tray to hold your assistant Brady’s most amazing steam-punk inspired glasses.  Shame on you for having such boring glasses, world. A tray will also hold such things as coins, keys, and general garbage that you will undoubtedly accumulate. You know how I feel about trays – we all need them A LOT. They are the character actor in our blockbuster – under-rated but relied upon greatly. That metaphor might have been a stretch but I live in LA, so what can you expect?

3m home collection

5. Some things to make your chaotic life a little easier. This could include items that help you remember to take the mail with you, like this Post-it Dry Erase Grip Tile or the Reminder Tile, or shopping list/reminders, etc. Now this is sponsored content, clearly, but these things are STRANGELY useful. I suggest you use it in your back door/mudroom not your front door because they are very utilitarian, but having something right by the door that I can shove things into is extremely useful. I actually put things for Brian in here – mainly mail that needs to get dropped off and it works. Again, its off the surfaces and onto the walls – and the less I have on my surfaces, the less chaotic my life feels.


This little lucite holder can hold one million things – not at a time, clearly, but it could hold your keys and phone, that lip gloss that you are constantly looking for, or in this case dry erase markers for the reminder tile. 

entry console




One more thing.

Now these things below are called the View and Go Pockets and basically they are pockets that are adhesive on the back so that you can constantly see what you need to deal with – its in your face. For me this is best for invoices, bills, or things that I need to deal with – like canceling a credit card or transferring health insurance.


You can put these on front of your cabinets if you really need them to be in your face, but I do like them on the inside so i’m forced to see them often but not all the time.  Kinda like your relatives that live an hour away – its good to have them close by but you don’t want Aunt Flossie checking up on Charlie in the middle of the Bachelorette. No you don’t.

Alright folks, the items featured in the post are the Post-it Reminder Tile, Dry Erase Grip Tile, View and Go Pockets, and more  and check out for the rest of the Home Collection by Post-it Brand, Scotch Brand and Command Brand.

*This post was in partnership with the Home Collection but all the words, pictures, and ideas are mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep me/us creating original content. 

Photos by the always lovely and talented Zeke Ruelas, styled by me. 

  1. Okay, I thought hats might be coming back! Glad to know I’m not the only one. I hope everybody in Chicago is ready to see straw on my head all the time. No sunburn for meeeee!

    But more importantly, your entryway is cute. And I might copy you and get that same Target console. I could also legit use some of those 3M products because where do I keep all of my important business receipts? In a pile. #organized

  2. Love love love that hat and scarf rack! You should use your vast influence and make Target produce something similar :)

    Really appreciate your post and organization tips. I live in a small house with no entryway and am constantly frustrated by the front door clutter. Turns out I just need an adorable little console and perfect brass rack!

  3. Sarah

    1. I love the “character actor” discription- funny, and true!
    2. I already went to target and got my 3M on…perhaps a target accident(?), but at my target all the things from this line, although located on an endcap, were 1/2 off…I got a LOT!
    3. There’s a wonderful vintage hat rack on hunters alley right now. Mfamb listed it as one of her faves and I’ve been wanting it, but I’d be happy if you got it first.
    Thanks for all the tips…
    Oh, I’ve got a little tip too: since you’re having someone out to add the outlet, I recommend connecting it to a light switch…it’s so nice to have a couple light switches in your house that are lined up with plugs…so much nicer to hit the switch than click on the lamp. Don’t think it costs much either.

    • Emily

      thats a good idea. i should totally do that (re the light switch thing). No searching in the dark, right?

    • Lori

      I so agree! My house actually doesn’t have overhead lights in most rooms (which is not always my favorite, but whatever), but the rooms do have switches attached to outlets and it’s super convenient.

  4. Deb

    Great organizational tips; will definitely work in my small space apt. Target/3M, here I come!!! Btw, recognize that lamp from your dining room buffet; what’s on there now? And what did you decide to do in the kitchen? Just curious…..

  5. Loribeth

    I moved an hour away from my parents after college and once after a particularly bad day at work I decided to turn off my phone and watch tv in the dark. What I didn’t know is that they were trying to get call me and when I didn’t answer after a few hours they drove to my house to make sure I was okay. I was half way through a bottle of red wine and sitting in my undies watching the Bachelor on my couch.
    Also, I love anything regarding organization and I love anything that keeps your blog up and running!

    • Lori

      I love that your name is one of my nicknames and your parents seem to be very, very similar to mine. :-)

      • Loribeth

        Your nickname is Loribeth too? I’m actually Lori Elizabeth but my parents have called me Loribeth my whole life so I just go with that.

  6. Kristin

    I love this! But I can’t find that Target desk/console anywhere! :( Is it something that’s not out yet or are they just sold out? I love the mix of white and natural wood, would go perfectly in my bedroom for a vanity! Help! Anyone know why it’s not on the target website?

    • Emily

      Its only in stores. I know! So weird. Its strangely not online but it was in our stores here. Sorry for the confusion. xx

  7. Sarah

    I love your blog so much! I’m concerned about one thing – are those real social security #s in the last picture?

    • Emily

      Nope – but good eye! I freaked out for a second because Charlie’s SScard was in the office for a while so i was worried that it would be his, but it wasn’t. just a prop. :)

  8. Elle

    I’m laughing so hard- might want to change the part in the first paragraph where you call yourself a but mom :) funny!

    • Elle

      3rd para

      • Emily

        HA! My dyslexia is getting worse, I swear. THANK YOU. just changed it.

  9. Deb Henderson Lake

    Hi. I really hope that this gets to you. My name is Deb. I came a crossed a photo of you on Google image. I was researching my family and of coarse your name and style page pops up. The was of you in a bedroom. Relaxation with a cup of Jo. Anyways, the painting that was above your bed took my breath away. Its of a woman with long brown hair. Wearing green. I am extremely interested on where that was bought at. My grandma Henderson made paintings at the PX @ Wright Patterson Air force base in Fair born Ohio. She took classes there in the 1960’s. They were then sold to raise money for charity. I was just thinking that the painting I saw in your photo has some resembles to her work. Could you tell me the artist name of this painting. Would love to research it. Thank you so much. Deb Henderson Lake.

    • Emily

      HI! Let me look but i’m pretty sure its not signed. I got it at the flea market and I purchased a few of the pieces (I have another one that I can look at to see if its signed). I think the dealer at the market must have bought the estate or something.
      Meanwhile Henderson is such a coincidence, too. I’ll look and comment back!

      • Deb Henderson Lake

        You just gave me chills. Wouldn’t that be something. Family be and all. Her name was Lula. If that helps. I have been tracing the Scottish clan name Henderson. We have a lot of history. Please tell me if you find anything that would indicate anything that I can research.

  10. what a cute entryway! I’m dying over that poster and that brass coat/hat rack…that is AMAZING. love that lamp too! they just came out with one in white with a grey shade…i am SO on it! I’m so glad big brands like Target have the wherewithal to partner with incredible bloggers and designers. They’re really doing great things with their brand. Also happy that you’re finding a way to incorporate sponsorships, and practical everyday necessities (like organization, or a landing strip) into your posts that doesn’t feel overdone. It’s awesome to see functional design and affordability!

    • Emily

      THANK YOU MEGAN!!! It means the world that you say i’m doing sponsorship in a good way. We work our butts of doing to make them not like a commercial. xx

  11. Chandra

    Love that lamp! Where’s it from? Or did I miss that somewhere in my quick scan..?

  12. Courtney H

    Emily- I know that you mentioned in one of your mommy posts a while back that there weren’t very many mommy blogs out there that were raw and real and/or cattered to working moms… so check out this raw, real, and very hilarious blog I came across:

    • Emily

      Just checked it. awesome. thank you so much for sharing!

  13. I got a little nesting side table from that same line because I needed something to go next to my patio chairs (from HD Buttercup) and I’m moderately nervous about the cheap veneered top being outside. Any ideas or tips for moisture-proofing? Emily or anyone else who happens to read this can chime in :)

  14. Becca

    Amazing post. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you include/feature affordable items (and make them look amazing). Target is very smart to work with you.. I’m about to snatch up that lamp :) One question – do you have a go-to for cute little trays or do you just pick them up at flea markets? I’m in the market for a couple. Thanks :)

  15. love your blog & posts, even these sponsored ones because they are super helpful and stylish.

    adding a comment here because i’m assuming 3M will monitor – please please please get these products sold online or at least in stores besides Target in Northern California. thanks!

  16. blueberrycrafter

    Awesome post, Emily! Way to mix vintage w/sponsored content. And that line about the judgment of hats, hilarious!

  17. Shannah

    Lovely! And I really like the basket – can I ask where it’s from?

    • Sarah

      Saw it at target! :)

      • Sarah

        On sale btw, not many left. may want to hurry

        • Emily

          Yep. From Target. its awesome. Thanks Sarah!

          • Shannah

            Thanks guys! :)

  18. What a perfect entryway! I love the way you styled it! I love the modern lines of that great lamp and also that brass candle.

  19. Tiffany S.

    These are perfect bc we just bought the cutest teeny tiny travel trailer, and all these things could come in handy!

  20. DT

    I am looking for a very similar tray. Where did u get it? Thanks!

  21. Having a well styled functional entryway landing zone is the secret to happiness! It really helps you leave the outside world at the front door. Both Target and Ikea have great low cost small footprint tables that can fit just about anywhere. If you’re really tight on space floating wall shelves can also work!

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