Sneak peek, also Crossfit is very difficult

I ran out of time, friends, probably because I’m a CROSSFIT MACHINE, and I fell asleep at 9pm after my first real session last night and didn’t write a post for today. But come back tomorrow for more pics of this master bedroom. Sneak peek for now:

modern farmhouse bedroom

photo by Victoria Pearson

Any other CrossFit fans out there? Will it get easier? I’m already kinda addicted …

  1. YP

    So… I like it too, so fun! You can do it alone!
    …. and I fall asleep after eating dinner at 10pm after the gym. YOLO.

    PS Love the wooden drawers in the sneak peek.

  2. Jessica

    I’m a recent Crossfit convert too! Which box do you go too?

  3. Crossfit…hmmmm…let’s see…I would like to give you some encouraging advice on it, but I wouldn’t be the right person to ask considering I never went back after my first session. :D It was the same kind of pain I felt after learning how to snowboard for the first time; you know, after you’ve tumbled countless times down the mountain. But you can do it!

    Side note: really loving that “love” mirror.

  4. Elise

    I am extremely afraid of crossfit, but my husband just started doing it and he is addicted. I saw that he had googled around for sandbags to purchase; is that part of it? I really don’t want a big sandbag in my family room. That’s not part of my design asthetic!

  5. Annie

    Yay Crossfit! My husband and I have been doing it for about a year now. We like it but we are competitive people. I like that it is scalable to any fitness level; don’t be afraid of it! Some things get easier but you can always learn new skills or work up to higher weights! @Elise, we keep our mat for sit-ups and a foam roller tucked away in a drawer, but we have been known to do sit-ups and planks in the living room :)

    • Elise

      Thanks, Annie – glad we’re not the only ones. We have a foam roller, a cross-fit-specific ab mat, 5 kettlebells, and a bosu ball. Can you see why I am not excited to add a sandbag to the list?! :-)

      Emily you will do great at Crossfit – you are clearly a driven person! I will watch you, Annie, and my husband from the couch with a glass of wine in my hand.

  6. Kim

    I love your blog and TV series. Welcome to CrossFit; you’ll have a love-hate relationship with it. One of the best tips I received from a CF trainer was to mobilize, mobilize, mobilize! It really helps with sore muscles and easing the pain. Good Luck and thank you for the inspiring spaces!

  7. Annie

    Cross-fit is amazing…ouchy but amazing! After having two little boys my body just wasn’t the way it used to be..cross-fit is helping it get back…Thank God! Love your blog and your work! Keep up with the cross fit :)

  8. Crossfit?! Go you! That seems little to intense for me.

  9. My partner Wes (co-founder of Nine Space) is a Cross-Fit addict too! You guys are truly amazing! I am utterly intimidated by it. Keep up the good work!


  10. Rachel

    It gets much easier and your stamina grows so quickly you will be amazed!! I have been able to start running 5K’s and 10K’s really easily since I’ve been doing Crossfit.

  11. Bridget

    It gets easier. I would say around 3 months. It is very addicting. I love it!

  12. Kelly

    Congrats on your first Crossfit workout! My husband and I have been doing Crossfit for a little over two years and it’s always engaging. The community is amazing, the movements get easier, and the workouts are always as hard as you make them…hard! Now some of my favorite things have been combined in your blog: your design and Crossfit. Favorite post yet!

  13. Emily

    I love all things Emily Henderson, great name too! I’ve been doing CF for 2 1/2 years and it gets easier, but then you just lift more weight and it’s hard again. The soreness never ends, that’s for sure, but it is the best workout out there! I go 3 days a week and then run or do something else another 1 or 2 days a week. I think more than 3 days of CF per week would be overkill.

  14. Wendy

    My husband and I own CrossFit Vero Beach. We’ve been doing it for 5 years – it never gets old!

  15. Emily

    CrossFit is awesome!!! The best thing is that it’s always changing. You’ll develop excellent functional fitness as well as true strength and stamina. If you’re doing it right, it doesn’t really get ‘easier’ because you should always be challenging yourself.

  16. Elisa

    My sister in law is a cross fit trainer in CA-can i just say she may be thin but girl can kick some a$$. She is one strong little lady. She worked her way up and loved it so much she changed careers. Warning-I hear it’s rather addictive ;)

  17. Brandy

    Crossfit is awesome. I love the social aspect of doing this amazingly crazy-hard thing, but you have all these other people there doing it with you, and cheering you on. I agree with the commenter that said you will have a love-hate relationship with it, and that how driven you are, you will do great.

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