Short little vacay in Portland

Dear Portland,  

I like you. You and me make sense.  I want to have your little indie baby.  Like this dude:

please notice the bird on his shoulder.  We plan on putting lots of birds on our children.  

You have many ‘pros’ and only a couple ‘cons’.  

Pro: I have tons of family and some of my best friends here.

Pro: I can even afford to buy a house here. And the houses here are beautiful. I can’t believe how well kept every single person’s yard is.  Crazy home pride. 

Pro: I can send my future kids to public school here….and they may even turn out normal and we can avoid our biggest fear of them being corrupted by Hollywood. 

Pro: I can stay as pale as i want here and not look weird.  

Pro: The shopping here is crazy good, the food is delicious and the nightlife is so fun and chill.    

But, please figure out a way that Brian and I can actually work here.  

Also please tell my awesome Los Angeles friends that they have to move here, too because i like them too much to leave them right now. 

OH and also please let it rain less because while i love almost everything about you, the rain is a massive, MASSIVE bummer.  

Love, Emily. 

(i’ll be back to work tomorrow…..)

  1. Love it. The PDX hipster baby is no joke. All of your Pros are absolutely for reals and so is the one con-the rain. It didnt' bother me the first couple years, but this year it has hung on until yesterday even and I get to the point where I'm over the rain.

    but it's better than snow.

    That would be amazing if you guys could come back to Portland. If you can get them to let you do your show in the Pac NW, and you keep doing the design services for your clients, I bet you'd still be a busy gal.

    Hey, David Bromstad got to go back to Miami, right? You should get to come back to PDX! I fully support this campaign.

  2. You should do it ! I am going this september and so should you! :D kami from thebluekazoo: eclectic inspiration

  3. Laura

    You gotta love weather to live here. There is lots of it.

  4. Dyanna Littke

    Portland is amazing- and one thing is for sure- no matter where you are- the weather is something you take along with it:) I live in Seattle- Love it- and though I agree the rain is a bummer sometimes- when the sun comes out everyone here takes full advantage of it and the city comes alive! It's all part of what makes it amazing and beautiful and GREEN! please do move to Portland- if I weren't here I would be there:)

  5. The public schools here are terrible, if that makes you feel any better about not being in Portland. But our economy would love for you to operate here!

  6. heather c.

    Random – my babysitter's friend/acquaintance is your brother (I guess they are in the same ward). Is that enough Kevin Bacon 6 degrees of separation for ya? :) Hey, while you are in PDX are you looking for a victorian couch for any of your clients? Great lines but needs refinishing. Could fit the vintage look and feel too – depending on the awesome designer. If so, let me know. My mom is looking to sell it/find a good home for it.
    heather c.

  7. Emmie

    Hi Emily!
    I was trying to leave this in the contact form but it wasn't working. I wanted to share this project I did that was inspired by you! I repainted the outside of a MCM-inspired TV stand white to give it the same feel as the credenza you used in Joy's home. Here's the link:
    I am a huge fan of you and Secrets From a Stylist. I record every episode and I'm actually watching one right now! I've seen almost every episode but I still enjoy watching them for the second (or third or fourth) time. I'm an aspiring designer and I feel that your show teaches me more about design than any other show on HGTV. I also love your blog! My favorite post was your one about gray paint colors as compared to different Ryan Gosling styles. It was super entertaining but also very helpful! I linked to it on my blog too,
    I know you're crazy busy but I wanted to say "hi!" and let you know that you're a huge inspiration to me. Keep up the great work!


  8. Lisa

    Pros and Cons everywhere, huh? The rain would be a dealbreaker for me, but then again I would probably say that about the cold winters where I live, but the deal isn't broken yet for some reason.

    The reason I stopped by to comment today is because I toured (and irrationally fell in love with) a mint 1970s vintage home in my area and a room in the basement had this crazy, crazy vintage black and white zodiac signs wallpaper (and you'll die when you see what else it had. You'll have to click the link if you want to see). It immediately made me think of you and the awesome bedroom where you used the graphic black/white people wallpaper with the upholstered bed. Thought you might want to see the wallpaper. If you do, click *here* I linked to your blog in the post. :)

  9. The rain? Not so much. The location? Not where my peeps are. But the gardening there? ZOMG THE GARDENING. I've only seen pictures, but it seems unreal. So plush and green! You may have to become a landscape designer if you moved there. Think of the colors you could use then….oooooh.

  10. Lulu

    I love the Portland hipster baby photo- all he needs is a mustache to make the look complete!

  11. You are a hoot. Love your spunk. So glad you pointed out the little bird. Too funny. I've got a good friend in Portland and she loves it. I personally think I would lose my mind with all the gloom. Gotta have the sun.

  12. Cassy

    All this guy needs is a mason jar bottle and a lil curled mustche.