Shopping With Emily: Give Me That!

Guest Blog By Orlando

Dear Emily’s Readers,

Thanks for letting me come on the blog and blog about the stuff I shop for with Emily. This is my first week entering this blogpost myself, so please excuse any formatting issues (i.e. HUGE pictures). Emily and I have been having a lot of fun shopping for our clients and below are some of our favorite finds.

The first finds are all from the vintage stores on Lankershim in North Hollywood, which you can find on Emily’s Shopping Guide.

This chair is for our bachelor pad. Probably going to in a reading room. When Emily and I shop, we often ask ourselves “Would you have this in your house?” and we only buy it if we would want to take the piece home. Both of us love this piece so if the client didn’t like it by chance, we’d be fighting for it (Emily would win). $200.

This campaign console has great hardware. And a terrifying paint job. $125

We liked these mid-century bedside tables for our bachelor, but they were a little pricey for us. $800/pair.

Emily bought this adorable elephant for her daughter’s room. Who doesn’t exist. For more information on this disease, go to (Just kidding that’s not a real website). $125.

This mid-century dresser was impeccably lacquered and was SO chic. I never use red but seeing this made me want to bring it in somewhere. It’s so pretty and dramatic. $1200.


A glamourous credenza. Love.


This credenza was only $125. We almost bought it but it had a slight warp to it. But I still wanted it a little bit. Sometimes I’ m too much a sucker for a bargain. 

As soon as I saw this I knew there was no question that Emily had to have it. I mean, it’s a gorgeous brass trunk table. What’s not to like? Emily practically skipped down the street holding hands with this thing once we bought it.

Hay, Desk. What your name is? $800.

Simple mid-century credenza. I can’t remember the price but I think it was around $500.

This looks like a typical mid-century chair, but the scale is what made it cool. It’s large and in charge and ready for you to come lounge in it and read your latest book club book (which, sidenote, I’m totally behind on). 

I thought these two chair were pretty adorable.

This adorable lacquered dresser was $1200. I want to be an adorable lacquered dresser that costs $1200.

How cute is this bedroom set? It’s, so, like “Valley Of The Dolls.”

We got this leather desk chair for a client. It’s so comfy and warm. $250.

Hey! Little ship! Sail on over to my house!

I made my way to the Long Beach Flea Market on Sunday. Sadly, Emily couldn’t come because she had a family function to go to. Thus, I spent the whole time crying and walking up to random blonde girls, asking them if they’d like to shop with me. They all said no. And it was raining. It was the saddest day of my life. Aside from these finds…

We looked at this bench here a few months ago and it was still for sale. We both love it but the only thing is that it’s SO long. Someday, we’ll have a client who needs an uberbench. $300.

I love this screen, and wish I had something in my apartment I wanted to hide so that I’d have a reason to buy it. $125.

Check out this delightful chest! Totally rad hardware and $35. Yes!

This was my favorite piece of the day. It was $300 and it’s likely going next to the fireplace in a clients gorgeous living room. I am keeping it safe and sound in my apartment right now, giving it complements and making sure it’s happy while it waits for its home.


For some reason I’ve been thinking about file cabinets a lot. They came up a few weeks ago so I’ve been wondering if cute ones exist. Every time I see a cute one my life feels more rich and meaningful. $100.


I took this picture because Emily has a cat named Bearcat. Sometimes when I visit her apartment she screams at me for not paying enough attention to Bearcat, who likes to sit on your computer whilst you work. So adorable/inconvenient.

The following find was the crowning achievement of the day. I found these adorable ladychairs for my apartment. I kept changing my mind on them. Wondering if buying them would accidentally turn me into an actual woman. But in the end I bought them because A) they are cute and B) they were $200 for the set. 

I plan to reupholster them in grey linen to make them slightly less girly, but they’ll always be a feminine shape. Which is kind of okay with me because I have so many sharp masculine lines in my apartment. And on my face.

Here are my new chairs in their new home. Enjoying the view over Laurel Canyon Boulevard. I’m, like, so happy.

I hope you enjoyed this shopping trip. I’m going to go makeout with my new chairs now.




  1. Please send the red lacquered dresser and over-sized MC chair my way. Thank you.

    And your new chairs will look beautiful in gray!

  2. I reread this sentence three times before I finally got that it was a joke: "Emily bought this adorable elephant for her daughter's room." God, I'm off my game. I kept looking for the word "client's"…

    Anyway, I call the desk!

  3. I just adore how you talk, Orlando! If it wasn't such an incredibly sketchy (and uncreative) thing to do, I'd memorize all your phrasings! Thanks for all the pretty pictures AND the silly play of words! Twas a pleasure to look at and read :) P.S. If ever there's a reason to bargain shop in CO, perhaps my red-headed girliness could accompany you and Emily on your journeyings??? Like, PLEASE?!

  4. Jessi

    The leather bachelor chair is awesome…like Eames and Eero Saarinen had a baby! great finds!

  5. You Californians are so lucky. You have all the goods! In Texas all I find are deer heads and saddles. BOO :(

    Btw, you are effing cool. Like seriously. "For more information on this disease go to" Hilarity!!

  6. UM, i die for that comfy leather desk chair. can you ship? lol

    also every time i see a brass trunk i kick myself for not getting it. arent they so stylish??


  7. laurielulu

    I'm going to go out a limb here Orlando……I don't think you're allowed to mock the 'host' on her own blog! Poor hoarders……….

    I loved all the lacquered furniture!

    I saw you and Emily at last weeks Rose Bowl (I was the crazy pirate hat lady with the bean shaped vanity). I forgot to say hi, sorry.

    Do you think that Long Beach is cheaper than the Rose Bowl? The prices seem so much better and I haven't been to LB. Guess I'd better go huh?

    The wooden fainting 'couch' or Cleopatra's fainting couch is truly divine! Thanks for sharing.

  8. pattyb

    Question for you: Will you tuft the seats on that pair of chairs? My instinct says no. Please advise.

  9. Leah

    my favorites: your lady chairs, the bench, and the brass trunk! all awesome! have to say, i love your blog & it is so much fun to see/read you on Emily's! you have the best job ever.

  10. Caitlin

    Love everything, that brass trunk made me cry a little. Orlando, I will shop with you in the future if Emily is not available!

  11. Lauren

    Your new chairs are going to be so amazing. I love, love, love that desk. And I want to be Emily's future daughter, except that I'd be allergic to Bearcat.

  12. Nick

    Great finds as usual.

    We tried to visit lankersheim when we were in LA a few weeks back (based on Emily's LA Shopping Guide), but all of the stores were closed.

    I wish we had the array of Mid Century Modern stuff here in TX that you guys seem to be able to find. We've been searching for a great, reasonably priced buffet for about a year now!

  13. Catherine Soria

    Hey you two! Great shopping–I also loved the fainting couch and the lady chairs! You have such good eyes for the wonderful.

  14. I'm glad you got the chairs. I think they are some kind of awesome and in the linen? Fogettaboutit.

  15. Molly

    I love this post! Your commentary is hilarious. Keep. It. Up.

  16. would i want to be emily because she is gorgeous and funny and sweet and has an amazing job? no, i'd still be me. but would i want to be emily because she gets to hang out and go shopping with you. heck ya! i love reading your blog and now i get to read even more from you! but if you guest post anywhere else it will probably make me feel like a stalker – so just don't tell me ; )

  17. Jenny B

    I can see why you and Emily are such a great team. You are so effortlessly hilarious, I love your shopping posts. Thanks for brightening my day!

  18. looking at your shopping trip images always depress me because i want to jump through my screen and shop with you. how amazing are all of those pieces?!

  19. Jenni Rey

    I would have gone shopping with you! I cannot imagine anything more fun than shopping at the flea market!

  20. Lauren

    ummm… orlando is wonderful! his guest blogs = muy bueno.

  21. oh orlando… i too was at the long beach flea market and was smitten with the pair of white chairs. when i went back to purchase them i was told they were sold. now i know who they ended up with. they are my latest flea market regret but i am glad that you are happy with them… xo

  22. Gauri

    love the shopping trip posts so much – keep it up! totally fab finds.

  23. amanda

    That is some very nice stuff! PS You write as cute as you look!

  24. Iomay

    Love this! Is it crazy to think you could still buy the screen and maybe hang it up lengthwise as a really dramatic headboard? <—- Should be very apparent that I am not a designer! :) I just kind of like the idea.

  25. oh my gosh, you're such a fun guest poster! i think the rule needs to be that if you didn't get it, you have to tell us where it is so we can scoop in and grab it ourselves!

  26. Ginnie

    Orlando, you crack me up. And I want to be a lacquered mid-century modern cabinet too…

  27. Sarah

    I'm sitting at a 'hey, desk' right now. Same one. Of course mine has a bit more wear and tear. I need to replace the peeling black pleather on top.

  28. Brenda Franck

    On episode 18 you used black and white outlined people wallpaper in a guest room. My son has a snowboard like that where the fireman is colored red and here and there a few others are also. Where did you find the wallpaper? I would love to get soe for his room. Then him and his friends could color it through out his teenage years. thanks. Brenda

  29. Sarah

    I'm sitting at "Hey, Desk" right now. My mother bought it in 1972. Mine is showing its age but I still love it.

  30. Brass trunks are are the best. Very hard to come across good ones. The white chairs are a score also. Just don`t spill your coffee.

  31. Great gifts information for the people who love to read. Surely it will intrest many to read. Thanks for sharing.

  32. I love all of these furniture's. They looks great with a reasonable price.