Sequin Bag Lady

Look who was in Rue mag yesterday … wearing a bag on her head, all dressed up and ready for a party. (A party where people wear crazy awesome clothes with their hair as big as it can get — inspired by Dolly — and love peeking inside their sequined Gap bags.)

Obviously, I was modeling the bag from The Gap, which is why it was on my head. There are a ton more shots of everybody that we’ll post next week, all so cute.  It was totally fun — way different than any portrait I’ve done before — sillier/wackier and generally more “crazy lady,” which is fitting. Shot by Angela and Ithyle  Hair and makeup by Team Hair and Makeup and styling by Jen Pinkston.

I can’t wait to post the rest and show you all my fellow bloggers/friends that are joining in on the fun.

Meanwhile, check out this month’s Rue here.

  1. Lisa

    Too cute :)

  2. Cherie

    I want that bag!!!!!!!

  3. Even with a bag on your head you look adorable! Not many can pull that off. And I'm pretty sure that bag needs to be in my hand =)

  4. Abby

    You are so adorable! Love the red tights by the way!!

  5. Caitlin

    Could you be any cuter. Probably! Cute bag!

  6. HelpSavePluto

    LOVE it.

  7. AHHH, still get over my table on the cover!!!

  8. gwen

    I saw the magazine the day you posted this… I was surprised to see you there! cute!
    When is Secrets From A Stylist airing again? Missing that great show!

  9. tessa

    i. love. that. bag. it makes me happy. i want it in my life. i'm very jealous.