Second look sources.

Hey guys,

I’m in a massive hurry, must go to boxing before shooting the reveal today.  

Yes, i box now.  Yes, i’m a bad-*ss.  Its in one of those gyms that only has a boxing ring.  Which i realized (with many witnesses) that I have been calling a ‘boxing rink’ for way too long.  Sort of unacceptable, but possible adorable? eh? eh?

Anyway, here are some awesome pics from Terilyn Fisher.  Check out her site, its awesome. She shoots for Rue, Anthropology Mag and all the other cool kids in town. 


Awesome chair.  $300, Rose Bowl.  Little brass and mirror cocktail table? $80.  Yes, please.  That one was hard to let go of.

Brown silk drapes from Pottery Barn.  

Pillows from ABC Carpet and home.  Tray from Restoration hardware.  The other side of the orange pillow is a hot pink with burgandy and technically that side is supposed to be out.  Teri did an awesome awesome job though.  

Table from Cost Plus, $299.  Vintage chairs from Rose Bowl  – all four with the table for $300.

Placemats and napkins from Jonathan Adler, and bowls and flatware from Ikea.  Mixing high and low, fellas. 


  1. Oooh, love the look. And the boxing…you're AMAZING!

  2. peggy

    Hi Emily! I loved the final look (but the first sofa – although I get that it was sold, darn)! This room was so happy and this couple so sweet. I read your post about your melt down. Bless you for sharing that with us. You are so brave! I sometimes come away from reading blogs thinking that everyone is perfect but me. Not that I want to see people have difficulties, but I just so appreciate the honesty. Sometimes the blogosphere is to gushing for me (I'm guilty of over-gushing too).

    I wanted to ask a question about your ratings – do they reflect your online viewers? I can tell you for a fact that there is a large community of people in Northeast Ohio who watch your show online at (and get upset that they don't post as fast as they should lol). There is a company you might have heard of called Time Warner. They charge an absolutely outrageous price for basic cable so many of us don't even have TVs anymore. Everyone I know watches you online, not on TV. I do hope the ratings reflect that.

    Congratulations on your second season! You have vastly improved over the season. Your elocution is strikingly improved – not that there was ever anything wrong with you. You are absolutely adorable and I adore you. Go ahead and let that sense of humor come out. I am really glad you will only be doing one look, I was so worried that you were working too hard.

    P.S. I thought of you today when I saw this adorable perfect hot pink sofa! I put a picture of it on my blog and mentioned you. Hope you like it.

    Have a great long weekend. I hope you get some rest! xo

  3. peggy

    P.S.S. I sure wish Ikea did an online business. I want those vases you used on the table!

  4. Tara

    Can I just say WE (my12 year old daughter and I) love your show! We look forward to it every week. She has changed her bedroom furniture around so many times! If she's gone for long I know what she's doing! Thanks for breaking down the costs of items. We love to see that!

  5. Cheryl K.

    Emily said, "Sort of unacceptable, but possible adorable?" – your blondness takes care of that for you. Perhaps you can repaint the gym to make up for it?

  6. Bridget

    where is the green sofa from?

  7. Emily

    Emily, I loved this episode. I am in love with the storage unit as you walk in the door and the table from cost plus with the photo gallery. You do an amazing job at designing around not only the family's taste, but more importantly their needs which is so important, especially in small spaces. I see so many shows where every time the designer takes away stuff that simply doesn't work with the room, just worried about look and not function. You do a fabulous job!

  8. Kata

    I'm studying abroad in Taiwan this summer, and I can't watch your show. Seeing these pictures reminds me that everything you touch turns to gold! I think I may be more homesick for your show than I am for my momma. It feels like I'm separated from my best friend! Keep up the incredible work. I'll catch up on old episodes as soon as I'm home (don't worry-their being TiVoed!)

  9. Julie

    You killed it! I have loved them all, but you SO captured this couple with this space. The green sofa (forest, yay!), the dining room –the mix, the styling. Just crazy good. Love your show.

  10. What's not to love in these spaces…they are all awesome, the table settings, the living area, Great Sofas, they are all Fab! Love your Blog-site :)

  11. I have to say…i think this one might be my favorite room yet. it's brilliant. and that sort of brutalist light fixture over the table…oh my awesomeness.

  12. benjamin

    Where is that open shelviing from? The metal tripods withthe wood cross-pieces. Spectacular.

  13. Cait

    Hi Emily! This was one of my favorite rooms you've done thus far. My husband and I loved all of the furniture and accessories you brought in. We also loved the bookcase that you placed in the room, and would love to know where you found it. We've been trying to find a great piece like that that isn't too heavy, but still has some weight to it. Please let us know where we can pick that up. We love your show! Can't wait to see what you do next! Thanks!

  14. Allison

    LOVE this whole room and I NEEED to know where the coffee table is from!!!!! I just searched all over hgtv's website and your blog to try to find resources. pleeeease!! and thanks :)

  15. Oh Emily! Wish you answered questions in your comments sometimes! I know you're killer busy but I too am wondering where the shelving unit is from :). Love your show and LOVE your blog!

  16. dsfse

    It is so important to follow your ideas, even if it's only about interior or writer jobs

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