Rose Bowl Happiness

It’s a questionable disease.  I haven’t been to the Rose Bowl in two months and its almost killed me. So Saturday night i prepared for it like it was Christmas + vacation. I set out my clothes. I charge my phone and camera.  I set the coffee maker to auto brew for 5am.  I put on a mask (facial, not a criminal mask) and crawled into bed at 10pm, waiting eagerly for my alarm clock to go off at 5am.  

When it did I was legitimately thrilled.  I arrived in Pasadena at 5:45, PITCH BLACK. Everyone was still unloading and setting up and the few shoppers that were there were carrying flashlights.  It’s a special experience.  Let me be clear, you don’t need to go this early, no one does really, BUT there is something so romantic about it that makes me insist on doing it. It’s a community of people obsessed with beautiful old things and i need to be the first to see them – just in case.  (and by ‘see’ i  mean ‘feel’ you could hardly see anything). 

This was an hour in.  Not even when i first got there. We were FREEZING.

The early morning hours are truly the best. It’s not crowded at all.  There are still a ton of good pieces left.  The sun isn’t beating down on you yet, everyone is in a good mood.  It’s like Belle in Beauty in the Beast during the ‘Little Town, full of little people’ song.  Bonjour! 

For me I got these 4 folding green velvet and gold folding chairs from the 50’s.  For $50.  I love these and have wanted them ever since I saw them on Robyn Glaser’s site

They shall go in my breakfast nook, once i get a breakfast nook.  

We also scored 90 yards of this black and white chevron ikat for $100.  And its double that width (like 54″).  That is about $1 a yard my friends. It’s already going on a bench for a client but i think its also going to be drapery for another client.  Or for me.  

These two club chairs were late in the day purchases.  We really liked the top one for $400 (brand new upholstery so its still a good price) but then they said we could have both for $600 (the other one has brand new upholstery, but its more vintage style) so we couldn’t resist.  We thought our client would love the top one, and if they didn’t like the bottom one then Orlando would buy it for $200.  They do look pretty cute together in the right room.

$300 awesome coffee table.

$100 vintage arc light

We got loads and loads more. I mean A TON.  We stayed for 9 hours  – yes we opened and closed it. We didn’t eat one thing. We spent around $3500 (for clients, not us) and we had a blast until we had to start collecting them all and trying to push carts of chairs and coffee tables through the crowd.  Orlando is going to do a post with all the pics, so make sure to check his blog this week.

And thank you so much to everyone who came up and talked to me/said nice things.  I had a group of 9 year old girls that were incredibly sweet as well as tons of hip chicks that totally made my day. 

And in case you are going to Americasmart this week, i’m speaking there on Thursday at 11 (i think). Come and smile at me because i’m going to be terrified (although i have a dress rehearsal today in front of a bunch of fake audience members with a speaking coach, so that will be helpful).  

Which is your favorite?

  1. I'm so sad I missed the flea this weekend but it was my Mom's birthday so I had to prioritize :)

  2. You always find the best stuff! Those folding chairs are to die for!!

  3. Emily, this posts makes me ddroooooollll! I grew up going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and like you, I'd get ill if I missed a month or two. I'm living in London now and though there are some amazing markets here, nothing compares to the goodies (and beautiful setting) in Pasadena. Glad I can live vicariously through you and Orlando until I get back home!

  4. Sam

    Those are the prettiest folding chairs I've ever seen! Great find. Love the blue clubs chairs too. I wish I was in CA to check out the Rose Bowl! Adding it to my bucket list.

  5. Holy smokes! That ikat has me drooling! I'm a little jealous. ;)

  6. So jealous of the Ikat fabric you got! It looks like the same fabric my chevron duvet cover from West Elm is made of!

  7. So jealous of the Ikat fabric you got! It looks like the same fabric my chevron duvet cover from West Elm is made of!

  8. Molly

    Those green chairs are ADORBS! Such cute little gold frames. Love them!

  9. LARY

    OMG! I was dying to go this Sunday but the Football Playoff games kept us in. I'm already counting down the days for next month so I can be there! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I might have to get up early too to enjoy it for longer.

  10. those folding chairs! i die! so in love with them.

  11. Lauren

    I think you should partner with a furniture company and design your own line. You could recreate fabulous vintage pieces, so those of us who don't have access to the originals can get the same look. You like how I make it sound so easy? I just love those folding chairs you scored… and the yellow ones in that other photo, wow – gorg!!

  12. Meg

    I'm actually working at market, it's my first time and I'm so pumped! I don't know if you get a chance to walk around but you should definitely come check us out. We are all about vintage which I know you love! Cake Vintage, we're in building two, west wing, booth 315 I do believe. I'm so excited to see you I can barely contain myself! I know you'll rock our socks off! yeah!

  13. Omg I hate you (not really) and love those vintage folding chairs (really)!

  14. Lori

    I LOVE the Ikat fabric – black and white? perfect! Wish I could do the Rose Bowl, but I'm in NJ! The good part is our flea market prices are way lower than out there!

  15. Folding chairs and Ikat fabric are my favorites of your scores! Ditto as everyone above. We are spending Xmas 2012 in Glendale so I'm hoping I can squeeze the Rose Bowl in.

  16. Marisa

    The folding chairs are sooo delightfully delicate. I can't believe that's velvet!

  17. Oh man that fabric is Amazing! I've been dying to go to that flea market. So far I've only made it to the Long Beach one. Next time I need stuff I'll hit that one up.

  18. Those green and gold chairs are AWESOME! Love that color combo! And 54" wide ikat??? Those are the most amazing deals EVA!

    I bow to you Sensei!

  19. allison

    Those A. Fritz & Co. folding card chairs you bought with the green velvet are waaaaayyy cuter than the ones on Robyn Glaser's site.