Radio Silence and Ryan Reynolds

… Sorry I’ve been MIA. It’s probably because I’m busy hiking Runyan Canyon with Ryan Reynolds.

who is ryan reynolds dating

Thank you Green Canary for emailing this to me. We are busy, clearly, and I haven’t had a chance to post the last couple of days. But meanwhile, Ryan says “Hi,” whilst nuzzling my hair … ¬†whilst hiking.


  1. Brittany

    Haha, what does he have in the bag?

  2. Erin


  3. amyks

    Too funny, but my, doesn’t he have very swollen hand;)

  4. Emily! You’re so tan!!

  5. Elisha Johnson

    Hahaha! You’re hilarious Emily! I love your sense of humor. I have a picture like that with Zac Efron!

  6. Emily p

    This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  7. patty blaettler

    Please don’t hike with Ryan Reynolds! He is one guy that I makes me think “who the hell decided he can/should be a movie star?” He just does not float my boat one iota. There are so many other hunky guys you could go hiking with!

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