Private Art Lessons for your kids. Yes, please.

I took private piano lessons all growing up, whether i wanted to or not (which fluctuated – of course now i’m so glad i did).  But a friend of mine who is an awesome artist and has been an art teacher at private schools for years now, is branching out with her business and has created a company where she or one of her teachers comes to your house to teach your kids art.  It could be private or in a group. Not only is she one of the loveliest and coolest people that i know, but she has come up with a seriously fun, creative and relevant curriculum for kids that is unlike what they’ll get at their school.  

It’s called Small Shop at Home.  Her name is Sage Raval.  You might remember her from Episode 2 of Secrets from a Stylist, Bohemian Mad Men Modern, i think.  

Man, that feels like years away. They are still one of my favorite couples/families ever and one of my favorite episodes.  So we got close after that, have hung out socially and recently i commissioned her to design and make a custom tree-topper for the holiday episode, which turned out totally incredible.  (the tree-topper, i haven’t seen the episode yet).  

I don’t really believe in regrets, but i have two of them. 1. Not studying abroad in college.  Such an idiot. and 2. Not learning art at a young age when you can be totally free with it.  Now when i take classes, i’m WAYYY to annoyed at myself for sucking or i stress about it rather than just having fun because i feel so behind. We didn’t really have the arts at my public schools, or at least not that i remember – i was super involved on the music side, but man i wish i had learned ‘art’ growing up, was comfortable doing it, and then possibly i could’ve gone to art school instead of ‘english and history’ school – which i don’t regret…i just regret not knowing how to draw. That is really annoying.

Look at what her clients say (above).

So as soon as we have kids, i’m calling Sage.  If you hire a private piano teacher, then why should you not hire a private (or group) art teacher, too?  It just makes sense.  Don’t let your kids regret it, i’m serious. 

Unfortunately she is only L.A. based for now, sorry. 

Check her web-site and blog  She is totally talented, warm and the kind of person you want to be around your kids.  Trust me.  

And PLEASE RETWEET OR POST ABOUT IT.  People don’t have a ton of extra income these days, i know, but teaching kids how to be creative is insanely important.  And a company like this, employing fine artists to teach original curriculum at reasonable prices needs to be supported.  

So you know mine, now (which is only that one, my parents had me wildly involved in everything possible).

What are your biggest childhood regrets? What do you wish you had learned or done as a kid, now?

  1. I wish I had learned to dance! Not formal ballet or anything, but actually just let myself go whenever there's music around…I was born a sixty year old woman, so instead of being silly and goofy with my friends, I would draw floorplans of victorian houses or sew dresses for my porcelain dolls…fun, but I'm learning now that I have my whole life to be an old lady :-).

  2. Jenny B

    The school district where my kids go to school has incredible art instruction. When I was growing up, we colored in "dittos", here everyone takes art from kindergarten on and they learn incredible stuff and all come out, whatever their innate talent, as artists and with an ease with drawing, etc. However, none is paid for by the state, all art instruction is funded by parents (fundraising is a huge part of public schools now), so in less well off school districts the kids are screwed.

  3. Courtney

    I wished I had taken more art classes and been serious about drawing,now that I want to go to school for interior design, i have to soend time teaching myself! And lets just say its not as much fun.

  4. Those are my two biggest regrets, too! Art classes for adults are expensive, which part of me says whatever who cares it's just money, but the other thing is that it's hard to find any beginner classes. Oi.

  5. Kim

    I'm still so in love with the sofa from that episode! I have a few wish-I-wouldas: I wish I would have learned how to swim, because I never learned and now my ego does not like the idea of hiring a private instructor or trying it on my own at a public pool. I wish I would have been more involved with art as a kid also, because I lovelovelove DIY projects and crafts but I don't have any artistic skill. I took a class they called Exploratory Crafts my freshman year of high school where we did airbrushing and linoleum block printing and plaster sculpting, and I really liked that aspect, but all of it started with drawing and everything had to be based on a portrait theme, and I was so terrible at drawing and everyone else was so good and that made it so much less enjoyable. And I wish I had been encouraged to at least try sports, although in my adult life I'm very active/outdoorsy but not at all a sports girl.

  6. Ann

    I regret no art lessons as well for the very same reasons. I cannot draw! Please ask Sage to do a workshop for frightened adults!!! I will fly to California and take it! Maybe in the summer? Or a workshop for the kiddos, although my youngest kiddo is 15. She didn't get art lessons because she has spent every free hour after school dancing. She is wonderful, but I really regret not having her explore other areas. It's time to think about college now, and she's not sure she wants a career in dance. She loves DIY projects so I'm trying to get her to think art related options, but with the competitive nature of colleges, you already have to be stellar at whatever you're studying it seems! So please! Workshops for teens and their moms!!! The world will be a much happier place!

  7. Wow, this post is so inspiring. I would love to give private art lessons for children, teens or adults. and it's so cool to see someone offering private lessons. Too bad I'm not in the LA area!

  8. Ben

    Not to make you jealous, but I did study abroad, and I actually studied art abroad, in Florence, Italy, and it was awesome. I know that's probably not helpful for someone who is already regretting not doing so, but I seriously am so thankful for everyone who encouraged me to do so. I am tech guy and my main degree is very useful for my career but for who I am, that experience was so necessary. My wife and I are both artists so we wouldn't necessarily bring someone in regularly, but I think this would be awesome for other parents who want to encourage this in their kids.

  9. Rae

    Sage's class offerings look wonderful and that episode is still my favorite. But, please don't say this is wonderful curriculum is "unlike what children get at school." I am an artist and art teacher and am devoted to staying in the public schools. I spend a huge amount of time and energy on my curriculum and instruction and try to create an art room environment that fosters risk taking and personal expression while giving the students a solid understanding of art techniques, vocabulary, and historical context. And, I have wonderful art department colleagues who are doing the same.

    Kudos to Sage for offering this to students in their home but she needn't be in opposition to the school instructors. We are all art educators and are all working to the same end!

  10. That is so cool! I remember that family. BTW, I was forced to take piano too. My mother wanted me to have delicate fingers, and thought forcing me to take piano would do the trick. LOL!

  11. john mathews

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