PINTEREST CHALLENGE is all done. Check it out, folks.


Or in my case ‘Challenges’. 

Alright the first Pinterest challenge, spring edition, has ended.  Here’s a recap in case you missed my post last week:  Sherry and John from, Joey and Lana from, and Katie and Jeremy from  and I, Emily Henderson, decided to challenge ourselves to a DIY challenge based on a pinterest inspiration photo.  (Pinterest has nothing to do with this, we are just fans).  So we gave ourselves a week to find the photo and do our interpretation of it in our very own DIY.

Let me be clear.  I can be DIY, but in order to really DIY well, you must have patience and i don’t.  I romanticize the idea of painting my walls or sewing my own drapery, but two hours into i stop the project, distracted by the shiny reality show going on or an adorable little bearcat that is begging to be cuddled.  

Therefore, i was looking forward to this challenge to make me finish something.  And i’m not sure i succeeded.  Stay tuned.

So my first brilliant idea was inspired from this photo (interior design by Kelly Wearstler).  

Uh huh.  It’s awesome.  And lucky me (and unlucky Brian, Orlando and everyone else who has been burdened by having to carry this at some point) I found 15 bags of 100 foot long vintage brass chain from a architectural salvage store about a year ago and schlepped it home.  So i hoarded it, as you do, and its been sitting in my living room (too heavy to really move) since then.  I want to do this wall, i really do, but i plan on moving in the next year so i didn’t want to do an installation that i couldn’t move. And also, where i would do it doesn’t get a lot of light and gold chain needs reflection to really be appreciated so i’m putting this off until next year.  

One bag of chain.  I have 14 more and they be heavy.  So i think, how’s about a pendant, a la this:


But i want to do it with my hoarded chain, but i couldn’t find a picture of anyone having done it before.  


So i start with this prototype, just to see if i like where its headed.  I stripped this $5 beat up lampshade:

Into this:

And with a glue gun and my hoarded chain (i was going to buy a mini-soldering iron if i liked it) i attempted the prototype, just to see if this could ever possibly work:
UH, nope. Just beautiful isn’t it? It looks sloppy and ultimately wouldn’t be that functional with the exposed bulb.  I think someone who had the right chain and who knew how to weld and doesn’t have the patience of a 4 year old could take this idea and roll with it – especially if it was just styled for a set and not an actual house.  But not me.

So i wanted to simplify it and add a lot more chain to obscure the harshness of the bulb.  Genius move, right?

So i decided to make them all even (like the string above) and hang it from a drum shade that has the same size top and bottom.  I had to undo each link (at 12) with pliars to adhere them, and my fingers started hurting. So i brought it to set where i have some awesome interns, Aubrey and Annie, help me out.

Sorry, this picture sucks.  I forgot that i was actually documenting this for the blog and was just taking pictures.  

And ready for the big reveal:

Woah!!! its almost like that gold chain was way too heavy for the small wire circle ring.  


So that idea is shelved until i get a welder to weld me a circle or square frame that is solid.  But either way it is going to need to be screwed into a beam because it is over 20 pounds. In theory, though, this could be awesome.  In theory.

WHOOPS.  Well, that was stupid.  So luckily, I was in the middle of a DIY project on set and i was all ‘ding ding ding, hello NEW pinterest challenge, its your blogger calling’.  

So here was the idea behind this DIY project:

OH my those nailheads are awesome.   So i got inspired.  And then i found this one:

Another pattern, but the overall effect is awesome.  So unfortunately i don’t have before pictures of the closet doors that i decided to redo, you can kinda see them in the background of this picture:

So i bought plain closet doors, painted them white and played with patterns:

These weren’t measured out perfectly yet, just a visual.  i chose the one on the right, this kind of regency inspired silhouette.  And I decide to use these guys:

The hammered brass, not the aged brass. And we went to 5 home depots (plus a bunch of michaels who don’t carry them) to get all of them, and there are none, i mean NONE, left in L.A.  

So we start measuring, and this is the boring part.  We had 880 nailheads, over 4 panels, so 220 each.  So we decided to do one each inch and to leave 10 inches in the middle blank.

But i did not do this by myself, no siree, i had some helpers:

It Aubrey, Annie, Brittan, David and my assistants Rebecca and Chris  a couple hours, while i was filming inside.  

The main advice they said was to a. us a pencil to measure and make a dot.  b. use a rubber mallet instead of a hammer to not ruin the top of the nailhead.   

And there you have it:

I wish i had taken better photos, drat.  But you get the general idea.  

So it was quite an evolution, but it turned out pretty great and i was totally happy with it.  Had we had more nailheads i would have done an outside border around each panel to make it look more finished, but we bought all the brass hammered nailheads in Northern California.  

It did get me excited to do something for myself (one of the rules, of which i failed) so yes, i’m excited for the next pinterest challenge.  Don’t forget to check Joey and Lana’s, Sherry and Johns and Katie and Jeremy’s results.  I’m pretty excited to see how they succeeded, which i’m sure they did. Probably not with interns, BUT they did have husband help.  

So i guess my DIY was more DIYI (Do it your interns). Next time, i swear.  

What did you guys do? link your pinterest in your comment if you did it, or else just comment per usual.  And tweet it on twitter with the hashtag #pinterstchallenge and i’ll try to retweet them all day.

Holiday special starts today.  Happy holidays!

Link Up Party People!!

  1. It turned out wonderful Emily! Here's a question that I have for you. I see the picture of the closet doors had slats in them right? How did you cover those up in order to put the nails in? Or was I just looking at the wrong set of doors?

    My best, Lynn

  2. J

    I think all the pics are screwed up here?

  3. Ha ha. That's great. I should get some assistants to help me in my DIY endeavors. I would get so much more accomplished. Both of the chain ideas have great potential. I hope you come back to them. And the nailheads really dress up those doors. I created a TV/Pinterest inspired project.

  4. Julie

    LOVE the closet doors just awesome!! Way cool pendant, great job. P.S. I'm totally in love with your show/style everything :)

  5. LH

    The pics are really messed up. The one of someone holding the gold chain circle is in there at least 8 times and there are other multiples too. It made it really confusing to figure out what project was what. :( I'm using Chrome. The finished nail head looks great though!

  6. LH

    Clarification: I'm using Chrome as my browser. I don't know if that's factoring into the images being shown multiple times and out of order.

  7. laney

    whats wrong with all your pictures???

  8. The doors look amazing, Emily! I need to borrow your interns! Beautiful job!

    The lamp was a great idea and can't wait to see how you get it to work out! Looking forward to it!

    I love that the Pinterest Challenge did make me choose from the ideas I've been collecting and make it a reality! My daughter and I created a fun lawn Twister game for an outdoor party. Huge hit and lots of fun!

  9. Emily, what a tease with the chain link wall installation via Kelly Wearstler! I guess this means we will have to have another Pinterest Challenge next year once you move! That is beautiful and I am sure no one can pull it off better than you, so I can't wait to see! The doors are fabulous as well, a great way to spruce up plain closet doors.

    I too have the patience of a four year old and it does get in the way of DIY project often! Check out my finished project, a coffee filter lamp pendant and let me know what you think!

  10. Gaby

    I think it looks good?? It's hard to tell because your photos are so confusing. Maybe proof read before publishing?

  11. I love this challenge and went a little Amy on it. In our house Amy is sometimes used as an adjective meaning obsessive. I ended up doing a few projects and have blogged two of them. The rest will be coming later this week :) Here are the links for the two I've already blogged: and

    Such a great idea from Miss Katie and I LOVE your doors!!!

  12. lemurlassy

    Love the closet doors. But I think the repeating blurry crotch shot with the chains is hilarious. Of all pictures!

  13. Alicia

    this post is a mess.

  14. OMG. You are soooo my favorite designer for reasons such as this! I totally would have kept on the chain idea until it literally killed me. LMAO. Great idea on the doors, though! I would look online and see if you could buy them in bulk to get enough for all four doors. Hate waiting, but it's better than running all over the place. I'd be a crazy lady if I did that. lol. I did a project of my own for the challenge! I hope you check it out!! :) I'd love any advice from you, cause I definitely admire you a ton (You're on my tivo, stored for the next two years. FYI) and would love any tips you could give any aspiring designer/stylist!

    Much Love,
    Trissta Lyman

  15. love the closet doors. i'm going to attempt to add nailhead trimto some of my existing furniture pieces, and this is something to add to the inspiration files. though i would like some interns to help me out since i have so many other projects to do too! maybe another pinterest challenge to motivate me? i created my own lyrics artwork:

  16. Just picked up your blog from KB and SP with the Pinterest challenge! I enjoy your show and think I will start following your blog!

    Cute doors btw, wish the chain link fixture would have worked, it's classic!

  17. Allison

    This is a pretty terrible post… all of the pictures are screwed up and appear to be terrible cell phone quality. Fail.

  18. Ann

    Love it! Gorgeous. and I can't believe you found time to sqeeze this in your busy schedule!

  19. Susan

    The doors are amazing – way too good for a closet. I'd use them as a folding screen – didn't you post recently about craving a folding screen? I think you've got it. I'm seeing a matching screen, so you can put them in two corners of a room, or cover a long wall with them, or use them as a long headboard, with the bed and night tables all backed by the headboard, or…..

  20. Sarah

    I like the closet doors (kind of reminds me more of a Greek Key design), but I agree with the others about the distraction of the repetitive non-associated photos…and I don't think it's a browser related thing (I use Safari). So I guess it's an Emily thing??

  21. Cute idea. Your pictures are all messed up though so it was pretty hard to follow.

  22. Lindsay A

    Just wanted to pipe in, also, that the photos were messed up on my end – same photos repeated over and over, no big reveal! I'm using Firefox.

  23. LOVE the closet doors for sure! Bummer on the lamp shade… but it was a fantastic idea! Maybe it'll work after you weld something! :)

  24. Courtney

    what's going on with your pictures? you've gotten three pictures just repeated throughout the post.
    very confusing.

  25. sb

    good lord, people are harsh on the internet! true, the pictures are a little wonky, but some of these comments are unbelievable.

  26. THose doors! Wowzah! I just recently added those nailheads to my slipper chairs. Pretty sure I hit my forefinger with the hammer every other nail. Such a project! Your doors are amazeaballs for sure.

  27. Ms M

    I don't see any comments that are harsh. This is a website of a PROFESSIONAL designer, one would expect it to be maintained PROFESSIONALLY. The other people involved in the Pintrest Challenge are not professionals and do not have interns, and all of their posts are coherent and easy to follow.

  28. Anna

    I can't actually see your project. It's one photo repeated 378423857 times.

  29. Ok, those closet doors = baller. I have an extreme distaste for accordion doors (which our new loft we're relocating to next month is equipped with…), but I might have to borrow your idea and bedazzle them for a lil' touch of class!

    Our photos are totally not as superb as yours, but I am so pumped about what we did for the Pinterest challenge! We created a new headboard from reclaimed wood, seen here:

    Keep up the great work, Emily! We can't get enough of your show and I love your DS6 recaps to boot.


  30. Yay! I almost had to switch projects mid craft too. Instead I just "improvised." It worked though I know have a fancy schamcy do-dad holder/wall organizer Check it out Here!

  31. LW

    I have to agree with previous posters and say that the repetitive photos are distracting and unprofessional. The post is very photo-centric, in that you're not really describing the process as much as you're saying, here's a picture of each step. But when the pictures are wrong, a post like that isn't very useful or interesting. I'm sure this is a technology thing and not an intentional mess, but other posters are right, you need to edit before posting (or have your interns edit!!). Finally, what frustrates me the most about this is that you've done this before, people have commented on it before, and people are certainly commenting on it now, and yet you have made no response. Similarly, you asked for feedback on the new setup of your show, and then never responded to the feedback (saying yes, the voiceover is weird, thanks for commenting, or whatever). One-sided blogs that pretend to want feedback–and then ignore it–are frustrating to me.

  32. Annalea

    This looks so interesting . . . but the photos don't seem to follow the text. There are repeats (like the same photo of someone holding the near-to-collapse wire lampshade with chain hanging on it six or eight times), and the one of a guy & a girl in a bedroom, looking into a closet (all you see is the back of them). Just wonderin' . . .

    And if you ever do that chain wall, I'd love to see it!

  33. Erin

    Not going to lie I had every intention of doing this this week but I slacked. I got as far as buying the vase for it but that was it. I'm on it this week though!!!

    Love the door idea Emily! Even though you cheated nice job :)

  34. Jenny

    I am totally inspired to try a nailhead design now! I love it. :)

    And a note about the mixed up pix: You guys, don't you think if Emily knew they were mixed up she'd fix it? Blogging is a pain in the butt, especially when done "on the go" like we know Emily does. Pix getting mixed up is an easy goof to make. She's awesome to even blog for us at all with everything she's got going on. Lay off, eh? What ever your expectations of a "professional designers" blog are, there's really no excuse for being so gosh darned rude.

  35. lemurlassy

    The hilariously flawed pictures in the post and your honesty about having interns help you makes me like you even more. Love the blog and your show.

  36. Veronika

    Emily, you're great! However what's up with those pictures? it ruins the whole thing! Sry

  37. Veronika

    Oh in the same time, I don't mean to be rude, i mean I know you're reaalllly busy! And i love you still even with the mix up pics!

  38. Seriously, the people being so rude on here are probably not bloggers, so they have no idea how much work can go into each post. Sometimes technology malfunctions, and when you are fitting blogging into the few free minutes you have a day, it's EASY to miss it when something goes wrong. Even if you proof it (which I am positive Emily did), sometimes in the actual posting process something will show up incorrectly. Lay off, enjoy the blog, and stop spreading such negative thoughts. A little heads up to her that they were showing up weird? Fine! I'm sure she appreciated it being drawn to her attention. But downright rudeness just for the sake of being mean? Save it. No one needs that kind of negativity here.

  39. BarbaraW

    Emily, the lamp is a great idea, but in small scale, you might need lighter chains, like the sort they have at notions counters in craft shops.

    I love the nailhead decoration on the doors–looks fabulous.

    This is kind of an off-topic question, but is there a good forum around to ask questions about random design problems? Because I have one–an office with a curved wall that sports a window that needs covering, and no budget for custom fittings–and I was hoping there were people out there who are nuts for giving advice.

  40. The pictures make this really hard to read, since they're all over the place and don't seem to match up with the right descriptions.

    I like the end idea, though.

  41. Gaidig

    Love your doors, Emily. So inspiring! I think it's the first time I've seen attractive bifold doors.

  42. aimee

    What's sad about this post is that many people have already commented on the horrible organization of this post and the bad photo placement AND YET IT STILL HASN'T BEEN FIXED?? To all the people saying that we're rude for pointing this out… it's because we're frustrated that it didn't get fixed at all. This is the first time I've seen a blogger slack off on an already messy post. Usually, after hearing the complaints, the blogger would fix it immediately. Especially since the blogger is suppose to be a professional. You'd think she would listen to her fans… She has had a month to fix this and since then she has posted more posts and still hasn't fixed this post.

  43. jessica

    This is a post that really could have benefited from a proofreading! I literally have no idea what it's about because of the photos.

  44. Trish

    I couldn't understand this post at all and then I saw your update at the bottom and the comments.

    Reckon I may know what's going on.

    You aren't giving your photos distinct filenames. So photos for later posts are overwriting photos in older posts.

    Currently the second image in this post is a picture of a doll's house herringbone floor from today's post (21st Oct) but the next time you upload a photo to the "storage" folder called photo.jpg both the photo in this post and the photo in today's post (plus possibly a few more) will change.

    Make sure you give you photos distinct names or create more folders (one for each post perhaps) to prevent overwriting them.

  45. Is that a bathroom accessory? They are really cute. I hope I could find one for my house to. Very unique!

  46. Peter Maas

    Thanks for sharing the information. By the way I want to put a deck in my house yard. I heard about Rhino Deck.They build deck with safety measurement & provide a perfect place for party. Anyone has tried them. Please let me know.

  47. evey

    i so wish i could see it..i just keep getting the same old picture of a tiny toilet and a giant hand—whatev…lol…sigh…can you repost

  48. M6FbIu I am so grateful for your blog post. Cool.

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