Our Master Bedroom Progress

Time for another before and after post; master bedroom edition. The master bedroom was a huge sell for the house. Its big, bright, spacious with huge windows and access to a pretty massive deck. I was just so happy that it existed. Not a bad start, folks and not much to complain about. But naturally there was still a lot I wanted to do …

Here’s where we started:

Master Bed Before

Master Bed Before

At this point you know that we replaced the carpet in the whole house with fresh wood flooring from Build Direct (Yes we are still working on writing how to choose hardwood flooring post, but for now check out what we bought HERE). That was a no brainer. And you probably remember that we had to skim coat all the walls in the whole house to get rid of this crazy texture:

Master Bed 9

I tried and tried to get my mind around why thick plaster walls and orange peel are a problem and I think it’s because they tend to be sloppily done where it looks really fake. And then obviously this house is a mid-century modern house, so it’s just so inappropriate. This house, like my neglected legs, wants to be smooth. We aren’t in a spanish castle.

Master Bed Before

The fan is ugly but I have to say that I might be pro-ceiling fan these days. I apologize to all of those who live in the rest of the country with “seasons” where its “cold” and “snows” but here in La la land, we still have 70 – 80 degree January days and it gets HOT up in here. It doesn’t help that we removed the window film, but I’m a sucker for natural light and I insisted that it flood in. But to combat the heat I’ve ordered blackout romans from Decorview that have a duel function so that during the day, when the sun is streaking through, it can filter that light, too. They are being installed in a couple of weeks and I’m VERY excited. For now we are using temper paper to combat the early morning light, which is so beautiful but so tortuous these days.

You are probably going to ask what we are going to do for the top windows which are angled and therefore the options for them are not awesome. After debating for HOURS what to do we decided on these hunter douglas sheer honeycomb shades that can be made in that shape. It’s not 100% ideal, but that sun must be blocked and there were no other options. I actually think its going to look fine, quiet and modern, but it was a hard decision. I promise I’ll give you more on that, but I it needs its own post.

Master Bed Before

New window treatments all around coming at you. And by you I mean me. The dresser will go under the window and my summer parties will go on out that door (deck info coming up soon).

Master Bed Before

The bathroom redo is yet to come – meeting with my contractor tomorrow actually to start the process. And the closet needs help but thank god I’ve hired Beth from BNeato to do it all up – post to come.

Master Bed Progress

Master Bed Progress

Painting the walls and ceilings made a MASSIVE difference. We used Benjamin Moore Super White which is basically the whitest white you can get without going cold. Behr ‘ultra bright white’ is good, too, and honestly most paint companies have one really bright white that has no pigment at all in it. So while I do love Benjamin Moore, I think that many less expensive brands could work for such a simple color, too.

I about wept with joy when I walked into that space. There are times, my friends, when this room is almost too bright and that makes me VERY happy to write. Seems impossible, I know. (which is why we ordered the dual shades – black outs and day time filter). Meanwhile in that photo above you can see the difference between the window that has the film still on it (on the right) and the one that doesn’t (on the left). Crazy, right? Again to have it all removed and all those windows washed it was $600, which took two full days.

Master Bed Progress

Here we are with the flooring replaced, and it’s just so beautiful. We have yet to put backboards in this photo (and right now we have only done them 1/2 the house … silly baby kinda halted those nail gun plans).

Master Bed Progress

This was the day that we moved in. I can’t tell you what happiness I felt moving into a clean white box. I’ve never had a bedroom I’ve been psyched about going into. NEVER. But I tell you, with this pretty light and my crazy blue headboard, all I need is some white bedding and we could call it a day.

Here are some sneak peeks into the bedroom a month ago. Since these shots I’ve gotten new night stands and lamps, but it hasn’t changed too much beyond that. This room is actually probably the easiest room to do because I don’t want too much. I’m searching for the right piece of art above the bed, and can’t wait for the window treatments but really Its going to be a very simple room.

Master Bed

For the bedroom, like the rest of the house, I want it to be that combo between calm, quiet and relaxed and yet with enough style that I’m not living in a white box. ‘Relaxed with a side of weird’. Here are some of my inspiration pics that we threw together. It’s not there yet, but I’m loving the direction it’s headed in.

Master Bed Inspiration

I’m on the search for bedding that doesn’t wrinkle really bad but is really soft (and no, i don’t really care if its 100% cotton, i’m so sick of my pillows sham flanges being so wrinkled that you can’t even iron them flat. They look dirty and used even when they aren’t. Unacceptable. I might go back to my favorite linen duvets but Brian isn’t the biggest fan of linen (even though I am). Can anybody recommend some decent soft white sheets that don’t wrinkle too much?

That’s my linen rant for the day.

Oh and i’m getting this rug  (the white quilted hyde rug in the middle below) which I’ve been obsessed with ever since I used it in The Lake House. You literally can’t believe how pretty it is in person. It reflects the light so beautifully AND its indestructable. I mean, if I tried I of all people could probably do some damage but I figured since its the only doorway to the outside patio we needed a rug that could withstand some wear

serenaand lily hyde rug

Check out my instagram for other sneak peeks and as soon as the window treatments are in i’ll take some proper pics…

Meanwhile, going to sleep in this here bed is just a dream. Pun intended.

  1. Laura

    This looks great! I really love all you have done with this wonderful space. The brighter the better! Oversize pieces of art are also one of my favourite things in bedrooms these days.

  2. Jamie

    I really love what you have been doing to the house. I do have to ask though, how many rooms do you plan to keep the ceiling boards as exposed wood? It is hard to tell in the pictures what kind of condition they are in but in general I tend to LOVE wood ceilings. I was curious what considerations (if any) were made regarding where to leave the ceilings wooden and where to paint them white? Thanks!

    • Sarah

      Oh, yes..I’d also love to know what finish you use, flat? Egg she’ll?

  3. Rachel D.

    It looks great!!! I love your blue headboard in there!

    We are about to move into a somewhat similar 70’s house, and you’ve inspired me to go all white. It looks so amazing in your house.

    I have a question – is all of the paint flat latex? Wondering about the doors, ceilings, etc? Thanks!

  4. Bridget

    Hi Emily. Lots to say. Where to begin. Much love and heartfelt congratulations about Charlie. He is super adorable and I can understand and relate to your unfettered desire to be in his presence every waking moment (and of course those moments watching him sleep). I know you had an issue in the past and so Charlie is even that much more of a miracle. It’s wonderful that you openly share precious family moments with Charlie. Keep them coming. I enjoy seeing the personal side of your blogging as much as your designer guru tips. The “realness” of your posts is endearing and makes me keep coming back for more. Now, design stuff: your master is really coming along! Quick questions: how do you be patient in finding the “perfect” piece of art for above the bed? How do you hold yourself back from wanting immediate satisfaction and having the room completed? Also, as for the hide rug, do you think it could work in a foyer over ebony/chocolate flooring? Like if it gets wet how problematic would that be? Being in the northeast there’s always snow boots by the door! Or what about the center of a master bath in front of the tub? Assuming we’d put a towel mat down on top when using the tub. Thanks and congrats again to you and Brian, Emily.

  5. Deb

    Love the red runner in the hall, and the blue headboard, the blue/white color scheme of the bedroom, all the light and bright going on everywhere, and that view is terrific!!! The before’s and in-progress transformations are incredible. You have a great eye, Emily!

  6. karen l

    Love it all!!
    Question – will you post a basic floor plan? I’m so lost trying to figure out where the bedrooms and kitchen are in relation to that beautiful living room –
    And – recommendation for sheets – Hotel by Biltmore (licensed by Biltmore Estate, NC).
    They are 100% egyptian cotton – substantial, but soft, and always looked ironed. (and if they were ironed, somebody broke into my house and did it)

  7. mgn

    I just wanted to add a big thank you for posting the real cost of everything. No one ever does that, and as someone who is house hunting it really helps to know what each little change I might envision is going to add up to. Really, thanks!

  8. Sarah

    You deserve it Emily! Congratulations!
    Pleeeze tell me you will be sneak peaking us into your kitchen…I’m holding my breath so I can learn from you as I’m working on mine now.

  9. Angie

    I love watching you bring life back into this house. We are on the hunt for a new house and as much as I love the old houses in LA I am so inspired by your project and the idea of finding a ranch or modern home and making it light, bright and current.

    I am also a fan of the Eileen Fisher linens … I can highly recommend her sateen sheets for for comfort but would not say they are wrinkle free. Another great source for Linen Sheets etc (if you can sneak them in occasionally) is Rough Linen. She is in San Francisco area and makes them herself in a little cottage on the bay. http://www.roughlinen.com
    Her linens are beautiful and the white mixed flawlessly with EF.

    Also to echo the comment about how great it is to hear what things cost…$600 for two windows … it all adds up quickly!

    • Victoria

      Angie I’m pretty sure Emily was talking $600 for all the windows that needed the film removed and washed not just those two in the bedroom….still it adds up but look how gorgeous they looked from the posted photos.

    • Michelle

      I was on the search for the perfect sheets as well and finally splurged on wood fiber sheets by legna. They are the softest sheets I’ve ever felt. Not scratchy at all. They are pricey though so you have to be willing to invest. Another less expensive route is bamboo sheets by Bella note. Still not cheap but less than wood fiber. Good luck!

  10. Anthony Amiewalan

    Your bedroom looks very bright and happy! I can’t wait to see the finished space :)

  11. this is going to be so awesome- i can’t wait!

  12. Emily

    The Thomas O’Brien and Threshold organic sheet lines from Target are 100% cotton, decent thread-count, CHEAP, and fabulous!! They don’t wrinkle up much at all, even when I’m a jerk and leave them in the dryer for days before folding them. And I think they feel great to sleep in. I’m guessing TOB might not have solid white sets, but Threshold does.

    The huge white box is lookin’ good!

    • Jo

      I 2nd the o’brian sheets fr target.

  13. I actually like the Target Fieldcrest Luxury brand for sheets. I hate hate hate it when sheets pill. Charter Club is also pretty good. The key to wrinkles is, IMO to make the bed with sheets fresh from the dryer.

  14. Gawd!!! This house has such amazing bones!! You must be in heaven. We just opened our print shop and I’d be happy (super stoked actually) to send you a print or two or five! If you see anything you like just say the word ! Our print’s look AMAZING on white walls and printed out GYNORMOUS.

  15. Looks so great! I love the inspiration pics too. I’m going for a similar look in my master bedroom.

  16. jen

    I bought a duvet recently from Crane and Canopy that is super soft and has not wrinkled. Tis lovely.

  17. Kelsey

    so random – I bought Tahari sheets for my first apartment out of college. They are so soft and a perfect white …one thing I got right the first time around

  18. Jay V

    Try pure linen for the bedding. I love mine! It has a great natural texture and gets softer with each wash. It has a lightly rumpled but now wrinkled look straight out of the dryer AND it feels cool when it’s hot out.

  19. Paige

    Costco sheets are life-changing. Super soft and not wrinkly at all- and they’ve gotten softer with the years (not that I thought it was possible). Your bedroom is beautiful!

  20. Melanie Price

    I am SO jealous of that beautiful wood flooring!! Everything looks so beautiful and bright. What a lovely room to hang out with little Charlie in. Have a fabulous day Emily!

  21. JSKF

    It’s so fun to watch you develop your vision for this house and then see the vision coming to life. It’s going to be a great place for your family to grow and prosper!

  22. Lynne

    Pottery Barn has amazing sheets that don’t wrinkle much at all, and are a dream to sleep on. Your bedroom looks amazing!

  23. Rachel

    I’m just spying that gorge bench. Would you mind sharing the source??? Thanks and am loving your progress!

    • lisa

      I would love to know where the bench is from as well!

  24. katherine

    another endorsement here for behr ultra bright white. we have our entire house painted in it (flat on the walls, semi gloss on the window frames & high gloss on the baseboards and window sills). we have huge windows and cobalt blue VCT floors in the whole house (crazy but amazing) and that bright white just feels so good.

    as for bedding–we have the jersey tshirt sheets from target in white, which i bleach every few days. super coz and they look good! then for a duvet i have a bright white linen/cotton blend one from west elm. it has a thin stripe of chocolate brown/charcoal trim around the edge and i highly recommend it!

    can’t wait to see the rest of your bedroom!


  25. Judy

    I am a stickler for good sheets! I’ve tried a bunch, but I really like this line at bloomingdales so far … Hudson Park Iron Free Sateen Sheets. Notice the “iron free”! Sateen sheets sound scary, but these are not the scary shinny sateen that you would expect. They’re super soft too! Let me know if you end up trying them or going with something else. Definitely interested in what kind of sheets you buy since I’m always looking for better and cheaper sheets if possible.

  26. Lynne

    I am so picky about sheets but I’ve fallen in love with the threshold sheets at target. They don’t wrinkle and are as soft as a baby’s bum! They are generously sized so they stay tucked in and they come out of the dryer wrinkle free. I used to buy more expensive sheets, but these are the only ones I’ll ever buy! Make sure you get the ones that say wrinkle free. They have two types and the wrinkle free ones are the ones to look for. BTW- love your blog, your house, your style and your adorable baby! What a life you have!

  27. Katy

    Gorgeous room already– cannot wait to see it further down the road. Have you considered bamboo sheets/comforter? They are a bajillion times softer than any cotton, and while they might wrinkle over time, they don’t wrinkle automatically. Also they have a much better environmental impact (if you’re into that) since bamboo is sustainable.

  28. Gorgeous!!! Have you tried Biscuit bedding from Bailey McCarthy’s shop? There are tons of fantastic prints, colors, and yes plain white, and I have heard that it is incredibly soft and doesn’t wrinkle, but I haven’t tried it out myself. biscuit-home.com


  29. Robin

    Emily I can’t wait for the post on the window treatments! I live in Arizona and not only do I have to live with the ceiling fans (it’s simply not an option to get rid of them) but I also can’t figure out what to do with my southwest facing living room. Tons of beautiful light, I don’t want to block it out, but I do need a way to let light filter in and to block the heat out. I may be the only person but i can’t wait for that post!

  30. hilda

    It looks amazing. Dumb question from a fellow lover of light – why do you need to get blinds? I know too much light can stain things but what is the harm in leaving it all open?

  31. Kelli

    Swooning over the rug! Can’t wait to see it in your master. Thanks for the source!

  32. jen

    i can’t wait to see the final result. my bedroom is kind of similar to yours (with more windows) and we’ve been struggling with how to design the space.

  33. Allyson Pease

    Fans are a must in the SW! Have you looked into Big Ass Fans? I have specified them before in high-end housing, as they provide a lovely contrast to residential architecture. http://www.bigassfans.com/

  34. Kim

    I made our duvet from 100% linen and it doesn’t wrinkle much at all, AND bonus, the more you wash it, the softer it gets and the less it wrinkles. Just pull the duvet up, pull it straight, and off you go. Restoration Hardware has really great linen bedding but I’m sure there are a million other sources.

  35. Julie

    You are amazing and your blog is my favorite site on the internet. Go you!

  36. Erika

    Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo. I have a toddler, a comfort-demanding husband and a mild abhorrence of crap decor. Bamboo sheets have saved my ass I tell you! And speaking of saving things…I just bought a Clara Clark 1500 series duvet set for a RIDICULOUSLY discounted price and seriously? Softest. Thing. Ever. Puts my West Elm stuff to shame and I’m pretty convinced it’s made of unicorn tears and dreams.

  37. Jenny

    I have recently concluded my hunt for the elusive best-ever, SOFT but non-wrinkley white sheets. Jennifer Adams’ line. If you buy direct there are quite a bit more but Costco has them online currently. We’ve been using them for four months now and they truly are the best. Sliding into bed puts a smile on my face every night. The softness is unparalleled but no real wrinkling. I like them so much and think they are special enough I may start gifting them as wedding gifts. http://www.costco.com/Jennifer-Adams-Home-Eternal-Collection.product.100032221.html http://www.jenniferadamshome.com/Sheet_Sets_s/1836.htm

  38. Zoe Royall

    We very randomly got a set of sheets (sold as a set, not individually) made by Ralph Lauren from Macy’s a few years back. I think they are sateen, but I can’t remember any specifics about the packaging now, which is annoying. Whatever they are, they are the unicorn of sheets because they weren’t that expensive (less than $150 for the set), don’t wrinkle, and have a sort of bluish tint when compared to our other sheets that make them seem bright white, and even after a few years of wear and lots of washings they are in great shape. They haven’t pilled even in the slightest, and they are sort of cool to the touch, which makes them my favorite sheet for sleeping. Now, if only I could remember which RL sheets they were exactly, we’d both have a win-win.

  39. Alexandra Rose

    May I suggest some gorgeous organic cotton sheets from Coyuchi? Wrinkling aside, they do a planet good and are sure to be safe for the little one. Did I mention that they’re gorgeous? Win-Win.

  40. Sandy

    The room looks amazing!

    Is Behr Ultra Bright White the same as Behr Ultra Pure white? I can’t find Ultra Bright White on the Behr website (I was going to Pin it).


  41. Dawn Jurgensmeier

    I can’t wait to see all the beauty you’re creating in that house! I love what I’m seeing so far.

  42. Veronica

    I love your blue headboard. How about a bed roundup? ;)

  43. Jihane

    It’s so crazy how painting the walls and ceilings completely changed the room! I’m realizing the white paint I have in my bedroom is not white enough (well it also depends on the light, lucky girl!) Can’t wait to see the bedding you’ll chose, as I am also looking for a beautiful, soft fabric that doesn’t wrinkle…

  44. Very exciting! It looks like it will be very relaxing and beautiful.

    I can’t wait to see that closet post… I’m in the middle of re-organizing my closet and it’s just totally overwhelming.

  45. Bee

    Where did you move the white campaign nightstands to? I love those babies! Have been searching for new nightstands but haven’t found ones I love yet. Kept coming back to the mid century and the campaign styles but they are out of my price range.

  46. It’s so great to see how you work your magic on your own home. I’ve never had a bedroom that I’ve loved so this is great inspiration for me. Btw, I haven’t commented but love seeing all the lovely baby pics of Charlie Hendo. My kids are nearly 11 & 8 now so baby pics are such a delight. As for sheets my fave are John Robshaw. I wait for sample sales (then beg my NYC friends to buy for me) but I LOVE them sooooo much.

  47. Jen d

    Love the bright light!
    I just bought some 1000 thread count cotton sateen sheets on woot.com. I was skeptical but the price was right. They are awesome! Not shiny, and thick enough that they don’t wrinkle easily. Also they are very comfortable! Just went back & ordered a second set

  48. jo

    Try the sheets at the Marriott Hotel store– 300-thread-count linen in 60/40 cotton/polyester which won’t wrinkle.

  49. Katie

    We were in Napa for my husband’s birthday in December and the inn had the best sheets – and they have microfiber in them, so they don’t wrinkle. So, my husband bought a pair before we left. They really are amazing: http://www.comphy.com.

    • Stephanie

      Katie! We must have stayed at the same B&B in California! I literally JUST posted about these sheets not 2 minutes ago! So funny! They are the BEST!

  50. Erin Backshall

    Your blog is the first I go to in my list so it only felt right to help out. I have the Palazzo sheets by Sanderson in black in my bedroom which are super soft. Even if I leave them in a crumpled heap in my spare room for a week (spare rooms are for dumping crap right) after I have washed they still look great when I put them on. I have two sets in the black and wouldnt go to any other brand now. Im contemplating ordering them for the guest room as they do give a lovely hotel feel and the sateen finish makes them look pretty lush. Im not sure where you get them from in your neck of the woods but online in Australia you can get then from here. The Devine range by Sanderson does a white sheet. And yes even the pin tuck\pleated bits come out lovely after being washed. http://www.cottonbox.com.au/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=30088

    Keep up the great work and give the beautiful Charlie a cuddle for me.

  51. Lauren Schwenk

    I have the same bedding you have and the same issues. I need a maid with a French sheet press to keep up with this duvet cover. If you find anything that doesn’t look like you pulled it out of a freaking knot, I will buy it.

    I went the Matelassé route recently and found one from RB Casa that was an awesome diagonal subway tile pattern but it’s got a sheen to it that I am not crazy about. If you don’t care about that, it is pretty sweet!

  52. Lisa

    If we are supposed to iron sheets, I am in serious trouble, because that is never going to happen. I have noticed, however, that our sheets with a brushed-cotton finish (I think that’s what it is called) are significantly more wrinkle-resistant than sheets with a sateen finish.

    LOVE your floors, and I am going to have to stalk your older posts to check out the rest of the house. I would LOVE to own a mid-century modern home, but my husband thinks anything built before the 1980s is practically unlivable. Sigh.

    Hooray for blogging and living vicariously through strangers!

  53. Stephanie

    The BEST sheets I’ve ever owned are by Comphy Co. – they’re actually a microfiber that looks great and is always, always wrinkle free. They’re usually used in spas, but I slept on them once at a B&B in California and bought them online while I was there! I swear I’m not a sales rep for them, I just love them so, so much – I have one set and have been sleeping on them for 2+ years without any visible wear. The only place online that seems to have them is here: http://www.myfavoritethingsforhome.com/Comphy-Co-Bedding-Products/spa-quality-sheet-set-1

    They’re a little pricey, but SO worth it!

    Love your blog!

  54. Monica

    Looking nice!

    I love BM Super White. That’s the color of my baseboards. When I started painting them, I just wanted to paint the whole house with that color. I have yet to paint it. Too much work! They are still a champagne the previous owners had (my in-laws, eek!).

    I did paint my bedroom BM Cloud 9 with the Super White baseboards. I love it! My favorite room in the house.

  55. Julie G.

    If you haven’t tried Thomas Lee sheets, you should, http://www.thomasleeltd.com/?gclid=CJ3unqDcrrwCFecRMwodq20ACA. They remind me of the sheets from a when I was very young (not tellin’ how long ago that was!) – crisp, cotton, breathable. They are very soft and wash up super well. Very little wrinkling, surprisingly, given they are 100% cotton.

  56. Y’all have cats, right? I think I remember seeing furballs in your previous posts…

    How does your white duvet cover hold up to their shedding? What kinds of fabric contents, woven vs knit etc, would you recommend? Our current duvet cover is lovely, and also white, but the fabric content and weave is a magnet for our cats’ hair, and the hair pills so much when we wash it.

  57. I love the inspiration photo and your approach of layering in on top of the white foundation in the room. Another great option for soft, wrinkle-resistant sheets with great drape comes from the Pine Cone Hill collection from Thos. Baker. Check out the soothing Silken Solid Sheet set from Thos. Baker:


  58. Anna

    I have been eyeing this rug myself! I was wondering if it may shed a lot though – the website recommends “for best results, vacuum regularly” which seems like it could be code for “massive shedding, beware!” Any insight on this? Thanks!

  59. Julie

    Emily, I know you want wrinkle-free sheets, and they do make them (check Cuddledown.com) but I’d like to give you a reason not to buy them: they have chemicals on them that make them like that. Yuck. I would suggest going with organic cotton (Coyuchi, for more pricy sheets, and west elm makes some lovely and REALLY SOFT organic cotton sheets, and I believe they come in white). It also helps to take them out of the dryer right away. :-)

  60. Olivia

    LOVE the floors and I am trying to do as much research as possible before we buy! The link does not seem to be working for Build Direct so just curious as to what this wood floor is :)

  61. Candice

    love love loving the neutrals

  62. Louise

    The White Company (UK based) makes beautifully soft white sheets!

  63. Anna

    Does anyone know where that pink and blue bed cover in top right inspiration picture is from?! I’m in love and can’t seem to figure it out!!

  64. Anna

    Does anyone know where that pink and blue bed cover in top right inspiration picture is from?! I’m in love and can’t seem to find it anywhere!

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