Our guest room progress …

Alright folks, maybe you are following along on house redo and maybe you aren’t. If you aren’t then you are undoubtedly missing out on some totally undramatic progress (or lack thereof) that i’ve made (or haven’t made) – check out The Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Living Room, Nursery, Studio and Deck, and general house design inspiration.

It’s just been REALLY hard to prioritize my own projects when I’ve been so busy on others (that pay) plus there is this fair-skinned, blue-eyed creature staring at me, smiling, cooing and generally begging me to cuddle him that is very distracting when I do have a down moment. So the guest room has remained TOTALLY neglected. I guess it’s better than neglecting that baby. But good news: Domino magazine is shooting my house in June for their September issue. The pressure is on and thank god because otherwise this place would never get finished.

Here’s what it looked like when we moved in:

Guest Bedroom 01

The carpet was a beautiful shade of ‘cat pee’ which came with its own accompanying matching scent. The walls had a thick coat of spray plaster orange peel that reminded me of a fictional disease (hopefully). These pictures don’t really sell how bad it is, but that chunky, flaky, cracked plaster was ruining my life.

Bedroom remodel

The ceiling needed to be white and that fan needs to be updated. As much as I want to get an awesome modern chandelier or pendant, we need a fan because we live on the hill in Glendale which is like 90 degrees on a bad day. When you open all the windows and put on the fans its lovely, but sadly those fans have become our best friends (plus Charlie loves staring at them).

Guest Bedroom 03

… And then the sad sad closet shot full of broken dreams and scattered memories. You can do better, closet, you can. It’s amazing how when I saw this house and this room I was like ‘YES!! THIS IS IT!!!’. I still love this house sooo much but its funny looking at these before photos now.

So we did all the major fixes before we moved in – the walls, carpet and painting. But when you move in, especially if you are a guest room, you know that you are going to get all the left over furniture. And leftover furniture it did get.

Emily Henderson Guest Room Bedroom Remodel

Here’s how it looked when we first moved in. It wouldn’t be a crime to stay here, certainly, but you know, since I’m a designer it definitely feels a bit criminal to show you. Luckily I have no sense of privacy and have no personal filter.

Bedroom Remodel

The night stands from our old bedroom are in here which I LOVE but not sure if they work with the flooring. Those lamps are clearly not best friends and the bedding is all the left over from the master bedroom. Nothing is awesome, but nobody is going to die if they sleep here. 

Bedroom Remodel

Brian is a writer/real estate agent so he needs an office and was working in here for a while but he’s less into it now. Understandably. But we will probably keep a desk there for him when he wants privacy and for guests if they are feeling studious.

And then a couple of weeks ago we took new photos (thanks, Tessa) that shows you where we are at:

Guest room Progress

bedroom remodel

I mean, really nothing has changed except we have matching lamps, window treatments and just slightly better bedding. We still need to do a big old awesome feature wall – something with that weird brick retaining wall … please comment with any ideas.

bedroom remodel

You guys, I seriously need your help on this one. I got these BEAUTIFUL curtains (and awesome curtain rod) from Decorview. We chose the linen and the rod together and then 6 weeks later were installed. When they finished installing everything I was pretty confused and asked where the other panel is. They told me that traditionally with sliding glass doors they make one huge panel that slides from the opposite side of the entrance. My initial instinct is that this looks off balanced and that I want it split into two panels (which they are willing to do). Every person that I ask – and most of my friends have good taste, they say ‘Well, it makes sense, but yea .. it might look better if it were two panels on either side.’ Which just isn’t enough of an assertion – Its a pretty big deal to change it (its just really laborious) and I HATE being high maintenance. So PLEASE weigh in and tell me whether i’m crazy or that my instincts are right. One panel on one side or two flanking both sides?

bedroom remodel

The other thing I want input in on is what to do with that wall. Obviously there is a good paint color situation – I could paint every brick something different, or a pattern on each one, or an ombre of colors, or just paint the outline of the brick … but its just a hard decision.  Part of me says, take a risk and have fun and if its dated/trendy in two years then repaint it. Its just paint. And then the other part says just get an awesome headboard and leave it white. And then one very small part of me says drywall that sucker and wallpaper the entire room … help.

bedroom remodel

I’ll get an upholstered headboard regardless because you know how i LOVE me a soft spot to put me noggin, but I don’t want to choose that until I decided what to do with that wall (if anything).

So thats my boring guest room. Its going to be good, for sure, but it needs sooooo much help. It needs me to care … be inspired … have an excuse. Thank god that Domino is forcing me to finish it. And don’t worry, after its published i’ll still blog about the whole thing … very exciting.

bedroom remodel

This room needs to get the pimp treatment, friends. Because I got some guests that need to deserve to feel special and right now its just your average guest room. Being a designer is incredibly fun most of the time, but the pressure to make every room beautiful, immediately, is always felt. But obviously the challenge helps me grow and the pressure forces more creativity. Such a blessing and a curse …

So my questions to you are:

1. Should I split the drapery into two panels or leave as one that slides to the opposite side of the opening?

2. What should I do with the brick wall? Dry wall over it and wallpaper? Create a pattern on the brick? Paint them all a collection of colors and patterns? Or just splurge on an awesome headboard/bed and leave white?


Again check out The KitchenMaster BedroomLiving RoomNurseryStudio and Deck, and general before photos and house design inspiration.

  1. Mal

    Definitely split the drapery into two panels. It feels very off balance and you’ll need the balance when you paint the brick wall. It would look amazing with some sort of ombre color situation. Take the risk! And thanks for sharing your home! Big fan of the blog!

    • Lori

      I love that the very first comment I read was exactly what I was thinking. I agree with Mal totally!

    • kiki

      agreed! Split the curtains! and install french doors instead of the sliding door…that solves the problem! Also totally agree with some sort of ombre for the wall. The ombre moment is almost gone, seize it now! ;)

    • mandy

      I am with these guys: 2 panels, french door, ombre wall with dark at bottom

  2. Lindsay

    Huge tall headboard. And split the curtains. You can dooooo it!!

    • Erin

      Agreed- great tall headboard and definitely split those curtains. They do look off-balance currently!

      • Catherine

        Nooooo! Tall headboards are bad feng shui.

  3. Meredith Marshall

    DEFINITELY split the drapery.
    I think painting the brick wall a collection of colours would be really interesting. If not that, nice headboard.

  4. Megan

    I,personally, love the grid wall (at least in these pictures). Don’t cover it up. This is your chance to Emily Henderson that wall-like a toe kick in fab tapes moment.

    As for the curtains issue, hmmm. That one is tougher. It does make sense, but it is off balance. I guess the question is, how often to you use the sliders. If the answer is little to none, separate those bad boys.

    • Gaidig

      I’m with Megan. The panel splitting depends at least partly on how often you use the doors, Emily. If you do plan to use them often, then you’ll want to keep the curtain as one, but you can balance it with something else on the other side, probably what you do with the wall, or maybe a tall sculpture or something.
      I like the ombre wall idea. Another idea is to make an image with different colors, treating each block as a pixel (or, since they are rectangular, a voxel).

  5. Sara

    I second everyone who has said to SPLIT the curtains. The room looks off balance now. Could you extend the curtain rod out so the curtains sit wide of the doorway and don’t interfere with opening and closing the door?

    Statement headboard for sure. But drywall and wallpaper is also intriguing…

    • Perri

      agree with Sara! Definitely split the curtains, having the dark desk and the curtains both on one side of the room feels really off balance.
      I would definitely also to drywall and wallpaper just because I love wallpaper! :)

    • Meagan

      1. You are not a cheap hotel, so split those bad boys!
      2. Either drywall and wallpaper or my first pick which is super soft and curvy upholstered headboard to contrast with the grid wall. I would leave the drid wall white personally.

    • jill

      I agree completely about the curtains. Split them and make the rod wider so the curtains (when open) do not hang in front of the door.

      I like the grid wall — to me, it’s like one giant, almost upholstered-looking headboard. I’d leave the walls as they are and make the bed itself more interesting — get a red or a navy or burlwood or any kind of unexpected bed frame.

    • Elizabeth

      We have a big glass sliding door in our play room, and I will say that it is MUCH easier to have the panels split in two. As Sarah suggested above, having the rod cheat to the outside of the door frame will allow you to have curtains on either side and it makes it so much easier to use the door too.

      PS in somewhat unrelated news, I recently referenced (yet again – it’s been super helpful!) a post you did a few years ago on choosing window treatments and your favorite “OTC” curtains. Oh, and the reupholstering post too – so great! Thanks for helpful posts like them!

  6. Harmony

    I love the brick. Keep it white and add an upholstered headboard (unless you want to discourage any hanky panky in there by keeping a cinderblock wall above their heads). I like the drapes to one side. I would open the door (is there a screen?) and enjoy that deck. Those are some spoiled guests you have.

  7. Debbie C

    Hmmm. I think the curtains are ok as is, but if it’s going to bother you every time you walk into the room, you should split it. The wall…I’m a fan of drywalling it, keeping with the light airiness of the rest of the place. Painting each brick into some pattern might look too technicolor/pixelated.

  8. Caitlin

    1) Split the drapes. Just because someone says it’s “normal” doesn’t mean you have to like it!
    2) Blow up a colorful photo you love in photoshop, turn it into a grid, and use it as a guide to paint each brick a corresponding color.

    • Jolene

      Cool idea!

  9. Emily

    I vote to split the curtains.

  10. Kelsey

    Definitely split the curtain panels, i think it will be so worth it in the end. Love the lamps btw.

    As for the brick wall, I am not sure how to phrase this really, but I think it would look awesome if you could somehow incorporate the brick pattern/dimensions into a padded headboard. Like, the headboard was made up of padded blocks the same shape of the bricks, so that the lines continued out into wall beyond the dimensions of the headboard. I am not sure if that makes sense at all, but I have a visual of it in my head. I could draw it a lot better than I can explain it.

    • I could see that, too… Like a white leather or linen, tufted in the same dimensions as the grid. I like the grid…. Because the rest of the room is going to be luxurious, it edges it up a bit.

      In a traditional house, I would split up the curtains, but I don’t think it looks bad here as they are obviously for sliding doors. Whichever feels right to you!

  11. I say definitely split the curtains, you won’t regret it.

    As for the wall, I think a fun mix of colors or a pattern would look awesome. That was my first thought when I initially saw that wall. Like you said, it’s just paint, if you don’t like it after a while, you can just paint over it.

  12. Krystal

    I love love the white airy feel of your guest room and I think that is something your guest will love as well. The curtains…..I would split if the rod was longer on each side but with the length it is now the panel on the other side might get in the way and be bothersome when opening the door. Leaving it to one side might look better balanced once you get a headboard. I would definitely keep the brick and keep it solid white……again…..just loving that soothing airy space as is. A gorgeous coloured or textured headboard would add some pizzaz and possibly a giant piece of artwork above?

  13. Nicole

    I’m in the “split the curtains” category. If it’s a guest room, the sliding doors probably won’t get used a lot. I also love the idea of an upholstered headboard.

  14. Renee

    Split the curtains and wallpaper! You always pick awesome wallpaper patterns and I think it would add some drama and warmth.

  15. Jenna

    Definitely vote for splitting the curtains! I have no suggestions for the brick wall other than a nice comfy headboard so that it reads a little less “Orange is the New Black”.

  16. JO

    I say “split the curtains.” I love the grid effect of the white wall. Leave it white and put an interesting color or texture on your large headboard.

    • mary

      What she said.

      • Marianne


  17. Grace

    I agree with the others that say split the curtains, especially if the sliders are not used that often. But have you considered some french doors instead? Would look lovely and feel so airy that way.
    And as for the wall, totally drywall and wallpaper that up. You have a great eye for patterns/prints and would love to see what you pick.

    • Virginia

      All of the things Grace said.

    • Stacey

      Yes, all of this!!

  18. Sarah

    Yay!!!! Domino plus YOU!

  19. I am loving the idea of the ombre wall, and i say that as a girl who HATES the trend. OR the idea of each brick a different color! why not take a chance and do something a little crazy?! The rest of the room is white and will balance it out but I love the idea of a beautiful crazy eclectic paint job. and like you said–in two years you can paint over it :)

    And I like the one drape. It’s a sliding glass door–the curtain mimics the motion of the door, and there’s a part of me that just think it’s appropriate.

  20. Susan

    Have Orlando paint something above the bed! Can you hang a faux panel on the side of the door to satisfy the need but not have to reinstall the whole drapery system?

    • Jessica

      Exactly! I immediately thought you should have/pay Orlando to do a blocky mural. You go with your bad self, Susan.

      PLEASE split the panels. Please.

      and OMG DOMINO AND E.H.!!! Just when I swore I wasn’t going to buy that magazine again….well played, Domino. Well played.

  21. Sara

    I agree on splitting the curtains. As for the wall- I would live with it white for awhile & go ahead & splurge on an awesome statement headboard.

  22. Cathy

    Love the vibe you have going in that room! I am in the “split the curtains” camp provided the rod is long enough to work with that set up. As far as the brick wall, I love it and think you have just the hutzpah to do something amazing with paint on it. If you ever tire of the paint treatment, back to white it goes, easy peasy!

  23. lana

    I kind of like the idea of using the door, so I would keep the panels as is.
    I would also keep the white brick wall as is, but add a really gorgeous headboard with fun colors. Maybe hanging pendants above the nightstands instead of lamps on the nightstands??? That way your eye would be drawn to the headboard and pendants, and the draperies wont bother you…

    • Gaidig

      ooh, I like the pendant idea.

  24. heather

    Split that monster curtain. I don’t mind the brick and once you have an awesome headboard in there, you probably won’t really notice it much.

  25. Abby

    Split that curtain! Gosh is it really heavy visually on one side.
    I’d leave the brick wall–it’s kind of a cool detail. But I’m totally not sure what I would do with it. So much help, right?

  26. CAT

    Split the curtains. And I love your idea of painting the wall ombre. Would look amazing.

  27. Melanie

    Split the curtains. I vote for drywall and wallpaper. I think no matter what you do, the brick wall will feel cold and institutional. And as much as I love the ombre wall idea, I think it’s been done – you’re too original than that!

  28. Mandy

    Split the drapery for sure! It’s beautiful but feels SO off balance!

    I love that brick wall and think it needs some love, a la some super cool geometric pattern treatment.

  29. Hi! What about creating a “headboard” out of a painted pattern on the bricks vs making a whole wall pattern?


  30. Erica

    1- I vote for the split!
    2- What if you planked the wall with wood over that brick? And paint it if you want?
    Can’t wait to see you featured in Domino, that’s awesome!

  31. Jess

    Splitsville on the curtains in my opinion. And drywall that mofo. I’m sure you’d never regret it, whether you decided to paint or wallpaper the drywall. And Domino! How exciting!

  32. Split the drapes!
    Leave the brick wall white. I think adding the headboard will be great and then maybe one piece of off centered, colorful art on the wall and it will be stunning! I don’t read you as a “trendy wall” girl- the ombre, or check is too pinterest for you. (I think)

  33. tracy

    I vote to split the drapery as well. i’ts not bad as is, but kinda screams, “look, sliding door” – which, if that’s your thing….
    the wall- i definitely don’t mind the texture it brings to the room….maybe white with a patterned headboard, or the ombre idea could be gorgeous, too!

  34. I think you should push the creativity and using something unexpected with the grid wall. Obviously drywall and wallpaper would be nice, but you can do that anywhere, whereas you could have a serendipitous success by making the most out of the grid wall. Plus, you could always drywall and wallpaper later if it’s not a success. I think ombre could work quite well, or stripes or as someone else suggested, something Or-lahn-do’d.

    Looking forward to it as usual!

  35. Deb

    By all means, split the curtains; while I love asymmetry, the panels need to flank the doors on each side. How about going wild with a patterned headboard, a piece of art above, and leaving the brick wall as is? Then you can finish up with a jazzy fan and voila, gorgeous guestroom!

  36. Definitely split the drapery. Your instincts are on point. As for the brick wall… I think you should it paint it matte black. Or like a really dark charcoal. Maybe I’m crazy… but I think it could be SO fun and dramatic. And then whatever headboard you choose could be super dramatic…. even if it’s just white and cloud-like. So. Those are my thoughts. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do!

  37. Bailey

    Ditto on the splitting up the curtains and I love the brick, what about doing some statement on the opposing wall? too busy, I don’t know just a thought the grid gives it a great texture it would be a shame to cover I think.

  38. sara

    Split the panels even though it’s a lot of work. It looks soooo mid century cookie cutter like that, which is why those awesome side tables are overkill right now.

    I love brick but not this particurilar brick. It’s more of an 80’s grid look.

    Wallpaper would look great, and add warmth, agreed.

  39. Caitlin

    Love the white brick – so subtle but still a statement! As for the drapes… I’m torn. I had this exact same problem a couple weeks ago only vice versa! We just hung white drapes over our sliding door in our all white living room. They are two panels and I hate it.. I find myself constantly sliding them both to the left side. BUT yours are a lot heavier and darker. Sooo… I say split it? Either way is beautiful but I totally see how it’d feel unbalanced. Can’t wait to see the end results! xo

  40. Meite

    Split’em. Love the fabric and rod! They’re lovely. I super love the reader suggestion by Sara to extend the rod so the whole wall is curtained and hopefully will interfere less with the doors.

    As for the wall, I’m in love with the idea of you doing a dark navy ombre pattern in the brick lines. Ooooh, or gold. You’ll do something swoon worthy I’m sure :D

    • amanda

      Totally agree: split curtains and a longer rod–extended all across, that wall, maybe? This is what we have at our house, and it’s awesome and looks great when you separate the curtains to let light in (which we do very often, even in winter.

  41. Tricia

    Part of me says keep the curtains as is… can you imagine how dark and wonderful it would be to sleep in there right now with those bad boys, but the design fanatic in my says split them.

    I’m all about wallpaper right now, so that gets my vote as well. If not, definitely ombre, I don’t think the outlined bricks would be very restful.

  42. Bridget

    Okay so you know how everyone is so adament about spitting the curtain? Well I say no way uhuh forget it DO NOT split the curtain. I’ll give you a couple reasons why. If you split the curtain all you’ll draw the eye to focus on the center frame of the glass. right now with the curtain bulked to one side the eye is not drawn to the center frame. Also, you could “balance” your eye by adding something on the right side, like a panel of artwork or a great plant potted in a funky head pot or something.
    Now onto the wall, I’m just not sure. I think you should tell that little voice that wants the wallpaper to ssshhhhhh, it already got wallpaper in Charlie’s room. So no wallpaper. i love the dimension of the white bricks, IN WHITE. I say go with a dramatic headboad. That’s it. I said my peace.

    • Christine S

      Wow………….it’s like your in my head Bridget. Ditto to everything you stated.

    • Bridget said exactly what I would say.

    • Catherine

      Agree on all points. Although, when I am suggesting dramatic headboard I mean awesome not big. Gigantic headboards are bad feng shui (as I stated earlier above… I am being the feng shui police today).

  43. Nicki

    Well, I am by no means a professional designer, but I think you should split the curtains. And also, I would not be able to resist making a statement wall since you have those bricks and the lines are already built in for you! Gosh, so many options, but I think an ombre wall sounds dreamy. but I am sure whatever you choose will be to die for!

  44. Amy

    Split the curtains! And get a longer curtain rod so that when the curtains are open, you can get more light in the room!

  45. Kathryn Henderson

    1. You MUST split the curtains! (Is that emphatic enough?) You cannot possibly live with lopsided window treatments. And that’s what these’s are.

    2. Drywall the brick wall and wallpaper the room–or at least that wall in the room.

  46. Sarah

    If splitting the curtains is the only option, then I would prefer to see them split. The heavy pleats to the side are too reminiscent of a hotel room–do they include one of those long white rods to help with the pushing/pulling? I am not a huge fan of those curtains at all. But…I KNOW you will make them look so completely amazing that I will eat my words and then desperately attempt to recreate the look in my own bedroom. Thank you so much for your awesome posts, you honest voice and your daring inspiration!!

  47. Amy

    Also, you didn’t even go here but the closet doors!?! They need something…..either moldings or mirrors- just too boring the way they are…

  48. Susan

    While I like the linear aspect of the block, it sort of looks ” basement jail cell” to me. Painting it will give off a colorful basement/jail cell look, but that block will still be there, LOL.

    Drywall and paint is easy, and then your headboard can be the focal point.

    OR-take a quick look at my “bedrooms” pinterest board-

    A few of these rooms have brick as a headboard wall feature-reminds me of NY lofts;( I am a NY girl) not sure if that vibe would jive with your LA digs but I like that old, faded red brick with all white bedding, a fab headboard, and great accessories.

    I like the wood of your drapery rod-would a wood feature wall be too rustic/cabin-y? http://www.pinterest.com/pin/285767538830129649/

    Please split the drapes. ( they are beautiful, BTW)
    If that were my place, the asymmetrical thing would make me twitch!
    Symmetry calms the brain-and calm is a good thing to invoke in a guest room.

    What does Charlie think? :)

  49. Christine S

    My vote is to do an awesomely humongous (yes, that is a word) Headboard which will create some much needed heft to that side of the room and minimize the drapery imbalance. I noticed there is a small wall space on the blank drapery side which could accommodate some cool art of some kind………..or a huge fiddle fig plant in the corner or spikey corn plant thing-a-ma-jig <—— word also! I know whatever you do, it will be AWESOME-SAUCE!!

  50. Sandy

    Yes, split the curtains!
    I really like the texture of the brick wall so I vote either leave it white or paint it with some kind of cool colorful pattern (please not ombre.) I think you could come up with something really unique. Anyone can wallpaper and you can always change your mind later and do that but I’d like to see what fun idea you could do with that wall.

  51. Christine S

    My vote is to do an awesomely humongous (yes, that is a word) Headboard which will create some much needed heft to that side of the room and minimize the drapery imbalance. I noticed there is a small wall space on the blank drapery side which could accommodate some cool art of some kind………..or a huge fiddle fig plant in the corner or spikey corn plant thing-a-ma-jig <—— word also! I know whatever you do, it will be AWESOME-SAUCE!!!

  52. OK, I’ll throw in my 2 cents!

    I would split the curtains. I’m a sucker for symmetry and that would drive me nuts.

    As for the wall, it seems like a fabulous Orlando moment waiting to happen. I would do some sort of pixelated paint treatment in very muted tones of grey, emerald, navy (basically your general house color scheme in a muted style). You could do ombré or stripes, or even some ikat/organic pattern. I found this inspiration image on Pinterest, although I think the colors are too saturated for your style. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/152840981078537164/

    I know your entire house is very white and airy, but maybe this room is a place to have a bit of fun and do an inspiring, colorful wall treatment? I can’t wait to see what you do.

    • Erika

      I would do a pixelated wall of not the main colors but something neutral/quietish that would melt together – the suggestion above to use a pixelated picture is a good one to get a nice mix of colors. But it should be subtle, melty, not stark and brightly colored.

  53. danielle

    I love those old cinderblock walls…but I think the grid is too linear. WHAT WOULD BE AWESOME WOULD WOULD BE TAKING ABOUT THREE MAIN COLORS THAT YOU RANDOMLY DISTRIBUTE ON THAT WALL, LEAVING A NUMBER OF BRICKS WHITE, some colors that happen in clusters, (AND MAYBE SEVERAL COMPLEMENTARY COLORS THAT DON’T APPEAR QUITE AS OFTEN). It would be like a lovely geometric rug….so you and kind of fig house-ish too (thinking of the stained glass). That would be lovely and risky and very NOW.

    • danielle

      The commenter below me- Alexandra said paint chip art… which in a crafty way resembles what I’m talking about. Here is a good modern example below, except the colors should be more spread out, you don’t need words, and the rectangular shape makes it more interesting imo.


      I have a minor in studio art and would be happy to design you a grid painting layout such as the one I described above on photoshop…which a painter could easily work from.

  54. !. Definitely split the curtains! I know that this current curtain situation would sort of build and build inside me to epic proportions, so that everytime I walk into the room it seems wonkier and wonkier. So yes, let them split it. I understand their reasoning as far as sliding doors are concerned, but it throws the whole wall out of wack.

    2. You could paint the brick wall in different colours, like the paint chip art projects (you can find a gazillion of them on Pinterest, like this one: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/63331938482588141/) You could do different shades of one colour, or different colours! You might have to put something on the other wall/walls to balance it out (art, colour), but I think it would work great with the brick wall.

    3. Those nightstands are beautiful, and the bed looks incredibly inviting! Throw in a plant and watch your guests flock to you and your house. :)

  55. I’ll be the odd man out and advise you DON’T split the curtain. I’ve done that before and it’s truly annoying to go out the door with a curtain on the right side. It doesn’t go far enough to leave the door opening clear, so you pull the drape through with you when you go out. It also blows in the wind like a mutha’ if you leave the door open with the screen in. My recommendation? Paint that entire wall a color similar to the drape color so that the off-balance drapes “disappear.”

    For the brick wall, I’d leave it as-is. (Especially if you paint the sliding door wall.) Go with a gorgeous headboard. The bigger the headboard, the more it will balance out the drapes. You’d have a large fabric piece on the right brick wall (headboard) and the fabric drapes on the left.

  56. Jess Hartnett

    I think the desk is weighing down that side of the room too – not just the curtains. If you split them, I think the room may still feel slightly off-balance.

    I’m a fan of general quirkiness when it comes to decorating walls, so I say do some sort of paint treatment on those bricks. My favorite thing ever is mixing geometric pattern with floral/feminine pattern, so if this were my house, I would find an amazing, lush, feminine fabric for the headboard and take colors from that for the brick wall. I’d leave the rest of the room white and bare, mount that TV, set the bench under it and call it a day. :)

  57. Yes, please split the curtain into two panels. It feels off balance & kind of reminds me of a hotel for some reason. My 2 cents on the brick wall is to add a large, very vibrant/colorful painting on canvas that ties the whole space together. Easy to remove if you change the room etc…. I’m an artist/painter so I’d be happy to get creative & messy to make you said painting. For free. :) Love what you’ve done so far with all of the house! Hi Charlie!

  58. Deb

    1) Second, third, and fourth the split curtain. If they were lighter in color or weight you might not be so bothered by it. Unless you paint that wall and the curtain blends in so it is not as noticeable, then split them.
    2) The wall’s a hard one. Have you spent a winter in Glendale yet? I lived not too far away and found that my cement brick wall got really cold in the winter months. If that’s the case, then I’d do the drywall and amazing wallpaper (with a little insulation in between.) If it isn’t a problem, I’d stay with white and get an amazing high headboard.

  59. Dana

    I say split the curtains. It’ll look much better. But I’d suggest using some sort of good looking pulls (leather?) to pull them back so the function of the door isn’t challenged.

  60. SLG

    I vote to split the curtains, especially if you can lengthen the rod on the right side so when the curtains are open, they’re hanging in front of the wall, not in front of the door handle. I have 2 sets of sliding glass doors with hanging curtains that are split. The symmetry is great, and having to swish the curtains aside whenever I open the door doesn’t bother me too much … unless we’re toting firewood or potted plants or something through. :-)

  61. Julie

    I’m on team “split the curtains”. I get the functionality if you’re going to have them closed often, but if you’re like me I tend to keep mine open a majority of the time. It definitely looks heavy on the left, especially with Brian’s dark desk right in front of it. Go with your gut!

    As for the masonry wall – I’d love to see you get creative on the bricks. I think you have an opportunity to do something both inspirational and accessible for other homeowners that might not have a huge budget. And, if it looks terrible – IT’S JUST PAINT! You can always come back with drywall and wallpaper, which would obviously be fabulous.

    Can’t wait to see what you do!

  62. Justine Lemmon

    Split the curtains. Wall liner the brick wall and then wallpaper only that wall, you don’t need to drywall it. The lines in the wall and ceiling are fighting with each other.

  63. Becca

    I think that grid could be used to replicate a pretty bitchin’ paint-by-number painting thing.

  64. I vote to split the curtains (I imagine that the majority of the time they will be open to let light in), and they will look less bulky/more balanced that way (lovely choices on hardware and fabric btw). Probably your guests will still be able to figure out a mode of egress that doesn’t result in them ensnared in fabric, making muffled cries for help.
    I also vote to leave the painted cinder blocks white (I like the geometric/industrial feel and that it’s an accent wall without color) and to bring in color/intrigue with a headboard and – echoing an idea by an earlier commenter – perhaps pendant style bedside lights.
    Beautiful as always; looking forward to seeing what you do!

  65. Darcy

    Hi Emily! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but this is my first comment! LOVE you!

    Question for you first…How often do you open those sliding glass doors? Because that effects the answer! If you open them a lot to often, I’m sorry for symmetry purposes, but keep them as is. If you rarely to never open them, then go for the split! From my experience, we have the split curtains in our dining room with a sliding glass door that we open often, and it is a P.I.A!!! So, please take that into consideration with your decision making!

    2. I really like the idea of painting the brick wall the ombre, or even a commenters suggestion of a dark charcoal with a really awesome headboard– that’s my vote!

    Good luck with whatever you decide, and also, good luck getting everything you want done before that photo shoot!! Nothing like a deadline to get ya moving! :-)

  66. Oh! And I can’t wait to see what you find for attractive ceiling fans. They’re also a necessity in my house and there’s a dearth of attractive options out there. Please do a roundup (if you can find that many…)

  67. Maz

    Don’t split the curtains until you paint the opposite wall.. I think the room will be more balanced after!! xx

  68. Virginia

    Definitely split the curtains. Also, I would leave the wall white with a statement upholstered headboard. A guest room should be a restful place : )

  69. Jocelyn

    DEFINITELY split the curtains (I’m English, sorry!)! Could you make it so they are unfastened to the end of the rod – meaning you can slide them all over to one side again when you were using the door?

    Love the house and blog!

  70. Anna

    Ok, so the thing about that wall that’s so good and so awesome, is how geometric it is. And simple. It could be good with a design treatment that feels a little 80’s (I’m thinking painting all the grid lines a medium-darkish blue and leaving the bricks white), with like a gray cushy headboard, or it could also be good with a more modern tribal-ly design treatment (there are so many different ways you could go with that, but the one in my head is inspired by Pendleton-type blankets, using the grid design to mimic an oversized weaving pattern. Those are my 2 thoughts. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  71. Jaime

    1. I vote for splitting the curtains
    2. I think it would look cool if you painted the bricks in bright colors- triangles of color within the bricks- bight, fluorescents with some neutrals mixed in and some triangles left white. A smaller wooden headboard to ground the space.

  72. Emily

    I think if you could position the curtains on the other side it would actually balance the room with the dark heavy desk on the left side. Also, tie backs may seem grandma, but that could help corral them and look a touch more elegant.

  73. Two panels. Leave the wall as is. It looks fab just the way it is. Add an upholstered headboard.

  74. Melissa R

    1) Split the window treatment into two panels. It will look better and hide the sliding glass door handle. It won’t get used that much where having to move that panel will be an inconvenience for people but will look so much better. And it will be all ready to go if you eventually switch to french doors!!

    2) I would paint a random few bricks (not all, just a few accents) in a few coordinating colors, like navy, hot pink, yellow, green, etc. Oh and still get a headboard :)

    Have fun!! :)

  75. Def split the panels. The window is so long that the fullness on the left is totally unbalanced with the emptiness on the right! And adding some more texture to the brick side of the wall can’t hurt ;)
    As for the brick, what about painting a geometric patten of some kind on them? You could use the lines of the brick and do something cool. And I totally support your upholstered headboard decision!
    XO, S

  76. Marla

    1. 2 panels
    2. Drywall that sucker, it looks like a prison wall!

    • It definitely read prison wall to me. But also a little Ace Hotel-y, which I kind of like. I can’t decide if I love it or I hate it.

  77. Marie

    Split the drapes unless you will use the door a lot because it looks like the door would be annoying to use if the drapes are blocking it. Of course you could always update the sliders to doors and then that wouldn’t be a problem.

    I love the white brick wall, keep it as is!

  78. Janerie

    I love your home and what you’re doing with it! That being said, I think you should split the draperies and if you could, have them go the full length of the wall. Just have each panel skim the side of the door, so it is easy to open.

    Use that grid on the wall to incorporate some sort of large headboard —maybe padded one with the same grid pattern.

  79. RD

    I once had a big ass sliding glass door and have had both configurations. The two sides flanking definitely won out. Nothing fancy. Just Pottery Barn linen panels attached to the rod with big rings so I could slide them closed if I wanted to. Of course, your rod and tackle is very nice as well. But whatever, definitely two flanking.

  80. Christina

    I love the look of the solid white brick. The bed definitely needs a headboard but that brick wall is a fabulous architectural detail and all white is so airy and spa-like; which is just what a guest bedroom needs to feel like.

  81. Dawn Jurgensmeier

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I’m freaking out that my favorite designer is going to be in my favorite magazine. It’s so exciting! I vote to split the drapes and drywall the brick.

  82. The curtains need to be split — it looks like an afterthought right now and attracts too much attention to where it sits when open.

    I think that wall has a nice architectural element to it — I would do a subtle ombre paint job on it. Like you said, you can always repaint later if you get tired of it.

    • For me, I’d get tired of ombre fast. I think it’s pretty attention-getting, and that it would distract from the other room elements. Haven’t ever tried it, though, so what do I know!

  83. Andrea

    For the curtains… I have worked in commercial drapery design and manufacturing (think hotels and restaurants) for 12 years. There really isn’t a “normal” window treatment, I’ve seen it all. It’s really your preference. Do you use this door every day? If you do not, splitting will be no problem. If you do use this door multiple times a day, it could get annoying, and dirty, very quickly. From the picture it appears the drapery rod is about 6″ past the door frame, and your stack on the other side looks to be about 24″. That puts the stack clearly in front of the door. Not sure if it is possible, but my suggestion would have been to take the treatment wall to wall, calculate the stack-back, and adjusted the fullness so that it fits neatly on either side of the door. Also, depending on the mounting hardware and the rod, you could have the open multi directional, meaning, split but the right side is not attached at the return point for when using the door. Hope this helps. Love your blog!
    I know this probably doesn’t help.

  84. Victoria

    Until the end I was afraid I’d be the lone dissent which I hate, everyone gets upset and you have stay longer maybe even another day and the pressure is on you to change, then I saw Green Canary who agreed don’t split.
    I did the split in my old apartment because I wasn’t going to put up expensive window treatments as you would be more inclined to in your own home.
    I don’t need to go over what happens when you put split panel fabric on a slider GreenCanary did a perfect job. Except for the choice words that usually followed when fabric/threads were pulled and dirty.
    As far as having an unbalanced look unless you do something with the cornice board it will still be unbalanced and looking at the photos I don’t think there’s enough area on both to make it balanced. Unless you went all the way to the walls but that seems costly since you’d need a different size cornice.
    If there’s a change of windows and doors in the future such as for eco green reasons you could have the panel split into two now. Live with the off balance topside, keep the opening to a minimum and then put in a slider that opens in the middle. To help with the panel blowing out the door you could put one of those hooks to only use then and it would be out of side most of the time.

  85. Candice

    First, this: “Luckily I have no sense of privacy and have no personal filter.” Love it! I like the weirdo brick wall and think a nice headboard will be awesome and more functional than mere paint. And the curtains should be split. Beacuse they’re not vertical blinds, yo.

  86. Rebecca D.

    Split the panels, girl! The room will feel better.

  87. Kelly

    1 Definitely split the panels – it just looks too lopsided this way.
    2 I like the ombre paint idea, or something with painting the brick. If you totally hate it you can repaint it later or drywall over it, but if you drywall, you can’t go back. I say try the risky & less expensive option first.

    I have an unrelated question. You said those end tables don’t work with the floor, and I can see what you mean. How much can/do you work with what you have, and how often do you switch out items that may be great, but don’t fit? I feel like I have a lot of good stuff, but the overall space doesn’t have the vibe I’m looking for. Is this when/why I should hire a designer?

  88. Kelly

    Visually I understand your desire to split the curtains, but functionally unless you’re going to run the curtain rod wall to wall, there isn’t enough space at the moment between the door opening and end of rod for you to fit a curtain without having to push it out of the way every time you want to open the sliding door. For functional reasons I say don’t split.

    • Jolene

      I agree – only split if you can extend the rod wall to wall. Otherwise, leave it. Although I think I remember which curtain rods these are and I’m guessing their not the expanding type…

  89. Carole Kerch

    I have the same sliding door problem…I had initially used the one large curtain thing but it made my eye twitch at the unbalance of it. It was always going to feel “off” to me. So I split the curtains but the door leads to the backyard, and the kids kept getting caught in the curtain and bounced back into the house. Then it became a Tarzan curtain swinging them into the backyard. I ended up getting tiebacks from Anthropologie and it looks great.
    I think that grid brick wall is super great and I beg you to do something amazing to it. I’m a big fan of working with the weird.
    Can’t wait to see the final product!

  90. Debra

    I have the same setup in my small guest room with the sliding doors and went with curtains on either side, because it just feels cozier and more bedroomy that way. I’ve been so happy I went that route. As others have mentioned, though, the trick is to have the rod extend far enough beyond the doorframe that the curtains don’t interfere with the function of the door while they’re opened. I’d definitely go for that if you have the option, though! Once you do it you’ll wonder why you ever questioned that instinct in the first place. It will look great.

  91. Gaby

    Split the curtain! I love the wall as is.

  92. meg

    I really don’t love the one panel – it’s on trend with motel-on-the-highway. And not in a fun kitschy way. Wow, I sound like a jerk! I love the rod though. Swoon. Also, back when my husband and I were carefree recent college grads we took a backpacking trip through Europe, said husband reserved us a very awesome hostel in Paris. Only it wasn’t awesome. It was out in the middle o f nowhere and the room consisted of an orange metal prison-like bed and a white brick wall . . . with a bathroom down the hall and breakfast consisting of baguettes and jam and that’s what I think of when I see that wall in this room. It could have a cool mid-century vibe (and it kind of does) if left alone – so my take is either leave it as is or dry wall and wallpaper. I am so in love with the wallpaper in Charlie’s room and this room could do with something amazing like that – right? OK, signed by Miss Totally Unqualified to Make Any Design Decisions.

  93. JP

    I would take each brick and treat it like two pixels. Take an iconic image and downsample & resize it so that it is at the resolution where the # of rows = the # or block rows in your wall and the # of columns = 2x the number of concrete block columns. Then with a little color matching and a lot of sample pots, you could paint each block to create a large pixellated image. It’s not a quick fix, but oh, would it be awesome. See IXXI for inspiration: https://shop.ixxidesign.com/en/producten/special-collectie/meisje-met-de-parel/meisje-met-de-parel-klein/

  94. Marlena

    To me, cinderblock walls don’t look industrial, they look dorm room. I vote for drywall.

    • I get dorm room too. But that could be fun… in a weird way. I keep thinking Ace Hotel—they found a way to glam up cinder block walls. I think a beautiful tufted headboard could be really arresting against that weird brick, in totally weird-cool way.

  95. Nora

    Do a pattern on the brick wall! I love the idea of outlining the bricks or something like that.

    • I think outlining the bricks would be totally bold and graphic, but I’d be concerned about it getting a little busy. It would tire my eye pretty quickly. It could look nice with a sparser, more refined interior.

  96. Lisa

    I have curtains on a track like that in my master bedroom. No, mine aren’t in front of a sliding door, but it is a large wall-sized window. I think you should split them in two. The designer in you will always feel that the room is unbalanced, and it is not a pain at all to have them pull from both sides. Just do it! & I say leave the brick simple and have fun with the headboard. I like the modern clean lines of the brick and the white will pop against the shape of the headboard.


  97. michelle

    Love the progress on your house! I think that if the drapes were white, you could get away with leaving them as one panel. But since they’re grey, they do look off-kilter. I vote split em’.

  98. Vicki

    Definitely split drapes. Longer rod would be ideal. Love the the grid and your idea of various colors…maybe some with a pattern. Stripes? and get your cushy headboard! Love your blog.

  99. Christine

    Another vote for splitting the curtains! It’s not a major outlet to the deck so who cares if it blocks the slider a bit! I think a big rectangle, cushy, modern headboard attached to the wall with some fabulous, graphic textile that will pop on the white block wall. That way the guests can sit up and read in bed.

  100. Naomi

    You mean I get to weigh in?? Ok, you asked for it:

    1. Definitely split the drapes into two. You know you want it. Sure, one panel from sliding doors is practical in theory, but in reality – you need the symmetry to make it look good and no one is going in and out of that door all the time. I grew up in a house that was one complete side of giant sliding doors, and we had two panels for each “glass wall”. It worked just fine, and the visual was worth the added price. Meaning, it looked better!

    2. Definitely do a pattern on the wall in lieu of a headboard. Washi tapes, anyone?

  101. Taylor

    DEFINITELY split the drapery
    And the wall needs something…but I’m not sure what

  102. Leigh

    my opinion:
    YOU HAVE TO SPLIT THE DRAPES – YUCK… i agree with comments about, at least, creating a false set of pannels if you don’t want to redo the whole thing… but with them all scrunched up on one side, it looks like a motel (& not in a “lay back and relax” sort of way)

    regarding the grid-wall: DEF use the grid at a color accent – perhaps “random” block coloring or a pattern (dependingon what other color/accents will be going on… but don’t cover it up – it would be a shame to waste a cool feature already in place.

    can hardly stand to wait until fall for the reveal!!!

  103. i vote keep the curtains. i don’t feel like its egregious, and i think you could balance it well with a fiddle leaf or something else in that corner. also, think about the functionality, it really does make sense with a sliding door to just have one curtain panel. you don’t want to really have to reach around curtains every time you want to open the doors, and what if its windy? splitting the fabric would mean less heft and curtains blowing everywhere (you KNOW we get those santa ana’s).

    on the wall…man. im conflicted. to be honest that scale and type of brick sort of reminds me of a college dorm room which throws me off a bit. i feel like drywalling and wallpapering are very you, and you could do something a bit risky or more bold since you don’t have to look at it every day.

    i like the idea of a wall weaving over the bed also. even just a cheapy like this that will be way tall http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=31517535&parentid=A_FURN_WINDOW

    and that rug is the most incredible thing ever. i want, so bad. and OMG! DOMINO! so so so many congratulations on that!

    love seeing these progress shots!

  104. Sally Steele Corbett

    Although this wouldn’t be an immediate fix for the brick retaining wall it could end up looking really fantastic.

    Invite each guest that you have to personalize a brick by painting their signature, silly face, a bird, etc. Like I said, this could take a while depending on how often you have people stay at your house but I think the guests would really enjoy seeing such a personal touch above the bed!

  105. Emily L

    I say drywall. The brick looks a little institutional.

  106. Definitely split the drapes! It seems like having them on one side is casting a weird shadow on half the room. Also, I think you should keep the brick wall white and get a headboard for the bed. I think that brick is already a cool feature for the room.

  107. Samantha

    Someone’s already probably mentioned this, but those bangin white lamps are going to show up better with some contrast. What if you did an large-scale buffalo check on the brick wall? In navy, or grey? It might help camouflage the individual bricks, if that’s what you’re going for. Or coat the whole thing in something dark and flat.

    I’m SO EXCITED about your upcoming Domino feature!!!!!! You’re gonna kill it!

  108. Rachel V

    1) I would split the curtains. I do agree with an earlier comment that you could balance the other side with a fiddle leaf but those things are so finicky. If it were me I would notice those curtains every time I walked into the room and feel unbalanced.
    2) I would also vote to paint those bricks all different colors and have some fun with it. In my opinion it will feel more unique than a wallpaper wall. Who else has a funky large scale brick masterpiece in their guest bedroom? Also, it really is just paint and it’s the cheapest option so if you hate it you can drywall and slap some wallpaper up later.

  109. feisty68

    I love what you’ve done with this room.

    1. I would split the curtain, not because I hate the asymmetry but because I don’t like how the light is being blocked where the desk is. I would make sure that the right panel can move to the left so that it’s easier to open the door.

    2. I love the brick wall. IMHO it doesn’t need a treatment – the grid pattern and texture of the brick already makes it into a feature wall. By all means have fun with a headboard!

    3. Of anything in the room, I think it’s the closet doors that need the most attention. I have the same problem in my bedroom – bifolds hanging crookedly, looking dull and cheap. They are my nemesis. You could totally figure out something that looks awesome and solve my problem at the same time, right?

  110. Chausey

    Voting for split curtains, too. Without a doubt it will feel more luxurious and balanced. I’m leaning toward a show stopper headboard. The white bricks are quite interesting already. If you go with wallpaper, it will be awesome, too! Let’s face it….you are Emily Henderson! :)

  111. Emily Klug

    1. Decide what to do with the curtains after you’ve decided what to do with the wall and after you’ve purchased the headboard. Whatever you decide might make the treatment seem less lopsided in which case I would keep it as is. If it still feels lopsided after the then I would split them.

    2. Keep the white block wall as is but add some sculptural elements to it. You know those 3-D wall tiles? I would find some the exact size as the tile or DIY and place them on the wall. Not all over but more random and definitely in the same white color. It would give the wall exactly what it needs in terms of deliberate and finished but wouldn’t take anything away from the simplicity and airyness of the space.

  112. AC

    If you are EVER going to use the sliding door as a door I’d leave the drapery as is. If it is really a big window with a handy fire escape then split it. If you split it can you extend the rod so that the door is unobstructed when the curtains are open?

  113. split the curtain but you will also have to lengthen the rod so that they lay against the wall rather than the door that opens. Maybe make the rod go full width?

  114. Nicole M.

    I love the airiness of the bedroom!
    I say leave the cinder block wall white, I like the texture it brings to the room. Do a tall, beautiful plush headboard that corresponds with the lines of the wall. Once you get a headboard in the room, it might help balance out the curtains. If it still looks unbalanced, split the curtains in two. Can’t wait to see more progress!

  115. faith e

    There is something cave like about this room that is not good. Focus on making the patio area part of the room- draw the eye outside with a cute little round table and two chairs
    leave the walls white with the peaceful grid, leave the curtains
    paint the ceiling fan neon
    a collection of mirrors on the sheetrock wall

  116. Kara

    Definitely split the curtain. It adds a lot of weight to the side with the already dark desk. I’m into the idea of painting each brick a different color. Maybe a cool geometric pattern? I’d still do an upholstered headboard too. Layers on layers on layers. It looks so much better already, so don’t stress. Can’t wait for the Domino issue.

  117. 1. Split the panel into 2 – it will look more balanced. Always trust your instincts!
    2. Drywall that brick and add a fun headboard + art. The brick feels cold.

    I can’t wait to see the end result – you are beyond talented!

    • And maybe put in French doors?

      • Amber

        I second changing the doors. There has to be some modern cool new door out there instead of the stock slider. I hope. Change door, split curtains, keep wall, opt for a fantastical headboard.

  118. The white cinderblocks remind me of being a freshman in my dorm room. Also, as someone who now works in the legal justice system, those white cinderblocks remind me of prisons.

    I know your question was for what you should actually do, but I don’t know. But if we’re voting, I vote, “Don’t keep them the same, please.”

  119. marianne

    Contrarian viewpoint….If you use the slider much, a single panel makes more sense. Otherwise, when the temperature changes, winds blow, or it starts to rain, you end up wrestling with the drapery fabric. It also is harder to leave the slider open a smidge at night, but still have the room darkening effect of the drapes. If you think the door will be closed most of the time anyway, then splitting the drapes is fine.

  120. Missy

    I like the bright white and the brick wall. The curtain rod should have been made wider. That would have helped. If you split these they’ll block the light. When a door only opens on one side then it usually only has one panel. I would have done a hospital track style curtain and they would have gone floor to ceiling and only to one side. You should start doing your own custom curtains so you can use your own fabrics, etc.

  121. Abby

    I think you should split the curtains OR balance the current situation by putting a large tree (fiddle leaf fig maybe?) on the right side of the sliding doors. I vote to drywall the brick wall rather than paint it…cement blocks just don’t feel/look cozy to me no matter how they are painted. But I’m sure you will make it look amazing if you decide to paint them or leave them!

  122. Sarah

    Could I trouble you for the source on the pillows?

  123. Jessica

    Looking good so far. I definitely vote for splitting the curtain in order to make it feel more balanced. I also love the idea of doing an ombre pattern on the brick wall.

  124. Sam

    I vote split the drapes. I also LOVE the idea of doing some type of pattern thing with the brick wall.

  125. Catherine

    – split curtains (maybe this will also bring inner light)
    – leave brick wall
    – headboard :)

  126. You probably already thought of this, but what about placing a long plant in that corner. Then it would look more balanced. If you are going to use the sliding glass door a lot, I say don’t split it because its going to be pushed to one side anyway.
    What if with the brick wall you do an inspired version of a Piet Mondrian painting, but I also like it just white. It reminds me of what an old scandinavian or east europe apartments.

  127. Lesley

    I agree with all the non-splitters. Love the idea of painting that wall to match the drapes. But anyway the rod should go to the edges of the room. Even inside mounting the rod on the side walls would be cool. There was a house in NY Times magazine that had all the curtains done that way (inside-mounted on sidewalls) throughout, and it looked awesome.

  128. Emily

    Split the panel for sure! I feel that one isn’t high-maintenance when one is polite about it.

    Leave the wall. A pretty headboard is all I’d do. I love the white-white with the dark-dark (blanket and curtain). Too much going-on on that wall might seem too busy. A cool piece of art, if anything.

  129. I think you should split the curtains. I would also replace the sliding door with a double French door. French doors > sliding doors. Plus, no worries about blocking the walkway then. With split curtains on that sliding door, the curtain rod pretty much needs to extend wall-to-wall to clear the walkway, but unless you use that entrance daily, I think it’s fine to encroach a bit on the door.

  130. meghan

    i would split the drapes, and for the brick wall i would do a sparse blush toned palette nothing intense, leaving the majority white. its a guest room so not you or your guests will spend everyday in there. and i would change the nightstands, and desk they seem extremely heavy in that white space. you’ll figure it out and it will be great

  131. Drywall + wallpaper.

    Don’t split the drapes, but do add a cornice.

  132. Karen

    Curtain: I vote to split it.
    Wall: I immediately saw three things in my mind:
    A) Each brick randomly painted a different color from whatever pallet you choose
    B) Keep most bricks white and paint a few of them here and there gold or another metallic.
    C) A chevron-ish pattern using the bricks as a guide (so it would be more chunky than a smooth line chevron).
    Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you do.

  133. Jo

    Split the curtains! I like the raw brick look/think it would look cool with a really oversized headboard… and I also think wallpaper would be awesome!

  134. Clara

    The fabric panels don’t stand out to me as much as the doors themselves. I agree with the person who says to split the panels and install french doors.

    Cinder blocks do not make for a cozy and inviting guest room – drywall the brick wall and wallpaper the room, or at least that wall in the room.

    Glad to hear you are keeping the ceiling fans.To me, their superior function far outweighs the design issues. I love not using air conditioning. Modern Fan Company makes attractive ceiling fans. You can get a cool one that will stand out, or white one that will blend into the ceiling and be invisible.

  135. Jenny

    1. Yes two panels for balance! It will look so good
    2.the brick is a cool element, I think. The bed definitely needs an awesome headboard and if you want to add art perhaps two pieces above the night stands on either side of the headboard?

  136. Lynne

    Split the curtains! Also, don’t drywall or wallpaper. It seems like a great opportunity to have some fun with the wall, or leave it white as it is. Because it already looks pretty great!

  137. Megan

    Hey Emily! I have never commented on your blog, though I have been reading for years. I love your new home and your style (even the font of this comment box). I saw your guest bedroom wall, and I thought of San Francisco’s latest City Target. Target took over a retail space in an eyesore of a mall and reworked the entire exterior. The random subtle gray and white blocking in the linked picture (not the best photo, but the only one I could find) is an idea for your wall. http://www.socketsite.com/archives/2013/10/san_franciscos_second_citytarget_now_open_at_geary_and.html
    All the best!

  138. Christiana

    split the curtains, and definitely drywall/wallpaper!! :)

  139. Cathy

    My vote is to split the drapes. I did it in my family room and love how it looks! I extended my rod so that when the drapes are open they stack just to the edge of the opening side of the door. (The drapes cover the window trim but not the glass.) We go in and out the door all the time and have had no issues with the drapes being in the way.

  140. liz

    I love your design aesthetic, hopefully one day I will be able to hire your majestic skills to redo my home. Also if you are ever looking for unique art please check out some of my drawings!!!

  141. ryan

    split those curtains fo sho. is the curtain rod situation extendable? then the curtain on the right side wouldn’t interfere with the function of the sliding glass door. just a thought.

    and definitely have fun with the wall. like you said, it’s only paint. if you hate it, prime and paint that bad boy. or drywall and wallpaper. but i really like the texture of the bricks. I’m all about using what you’ve got!

    i will be interested to see what kind of ceiling fans you choose for the house. i live in austin (your new favorite city…huzzah!) and i can’t live without ceiling fans. they may not be the most attractive things in the world, but damn if they’re not functional (and they save me serious money on air conditioning!). i couldn’t survive summer in this town without them! i need to replace all four of the hideous ones in my house, so i’m counting on you for some great suggestions!

  142. Suzanne

    Have Or-lawn-do do a super cool pixelated abstract!

  143. Laura

    My 2 cents

    Split the curtains
    Drywall and Paper the walls

  144. Ricardo

    My two cents:

    Split that shit up! It obviously bothers you, do it.
    I think it wouldn’t be an issue if that desk wasn’t
    In that corner since that whole side looks heavy
    visually. Also, it’s the guest room so I can’t imagine
    You opening the slider too often(which would then be
    Most convenient not to split). Onto the brick. I. Like. It.
    There I said it. I think you need some cool oversized
    headboard that’s super comfy. Once this is in you won’t
    Be bothered by the wall, I think. There you go. I’ll send you
    My bill, which coincidentally is your design advice for me.

  145. Denise

    Totally off topic…. I just found out I am prego. YAY! Anyway I was curious if you subscribed to any of those pregnancy sites that email you weekly things about what the baby is doing, and gave you helpful information?

  146. Taylor

    I feel like the bricks are just begging for an interesting paint treatment (which you can total redo / drywall over later if you hate). When else do you get a perfectly laid out grid to paint with no math or measuring involved? GO FOR IT!!!

    The off-balance quasi-ombre effect that was done for the DIY project below could be an interesting effect. I picture doing white to sea-foam blue spectrum. Or maybe the same effect “growing” from the floor (blue towards to the floor, going to white to the ceiling)?


  147. I think that if you did something more interesting on the brick wall, like painting some sort of patter or the lines around the brick, you wouldn’t feel so compelled to split the curtains. I actually really like the curtains off to one side like that cause it’s different and not so symmetrical and boring. But I also think this guest room is an opportunity to change it up and get out of your comfort zone!

  148. jane davila

    I think the balance of the window wall would be better with split drapes.

    For the bricks, what about really subtle stripes, either vertical or horizontal, or a floor-to-ceiling vertical color block just slightly wider than the new headboard?

    Whatever you come up with will be lovely and inspiring!

  149. Missy

    Ok. I know a lot of people have said paint the brick. To me it’s not brick. It’s cinder block. And cinder block reminds me of two things: elementary school nurses offices (in my school, painted mint green with a flowers and caterpillars mural on it) and a college dorm room. So no matter how you paint it, it still is a cinder block wall. So I vote for drywall and do something pretty or graphic with wallpaper. Cinder block is just too institutional looking no matter what color it’s painted.

    As far as the curtain….I didn’t notice it as off balance but it does read more as institutional instead of homey. But if it bugs you, then split it. Because it will bug you always!

  150. Lindsey R

    Split the curtains for sure. And for some reason I’m feeling a custom neon sign above the bed. Maybe in a good turquoise or peachy/orange/magenta ish. Funky Parker Palm Springs vibes. May look ugly when off, though…

  151. Dina

    1. I would recommend splitting the panel to balance out the window.

    2. For the brick wall I would suggest playing into the brick. Either create a chevron by creating diagonals on the brick, or paint each brick to crate a modern gradation.

  152. kim

    keep the brick, it makes the room more unique and you can modernize with some fun paint…and like you said, it’s “just paint”.

    I would split the curtains ONLY if you don’t use that slider often. If you decide to keep the panels as is, perhaps a tall, narrow plant or a hanging macrame on the other side will help balance out the curtains on the left.

    It’s strange offering advice to you, any ideas i come up with are most likely a result of reading your really really good blog. so, thanks! ;)

  153. Bonnie B

    Split the curatains. They look too heavy on one side. If they were a light color it would be different. The plain white block wall reminds me of my college dorm. I love the grid of it but I would make it a fun focal point or drywall it. Why not do both.. A crazy pattern and a huge headboard to break things up a little. Love the house.

  154. Natalie

    One more vote for split the curtain. I can see why, functionally, the one panel makes sense. And if this was a room you were in all the time, you might want that. But in a guest room? No, go for visual balance.

    As for the grid wall, there is a great coffee shop in Nashville called Barista that has a cool pixel art mural (http://www.nashvillescene.com/binary/d6ff/1337724844-brycemural-0639-2.jpg). You could do something along those lines with the grid wall. And when you don’t love it anymore because it was too trendy, just paint over it.

  155. Megan

    I am for splitting the curtains, keeping wall as is, adding an awesome (patterned) headboard. I am no interior designer, but I feel you on decisions in your own place feeling overwhelming. I struggle with the “I want to make the perfect decision” and hence do nothing instead of just going for it.

  156. Jula Cordeira Interiors

    Is there a way to balance the double width curtain wall by skim coating
    The brick wall and adding an awesome wallpaper and upholstered
    headboard? I feel that the color and weight of the curtains would be more

  157. s.montgomery

    Technically the drapes would look more balanced split…but it is the guest bedroom and you’ve got bigger fish to fry…leave it and see if you still care in 5 years.

    Brick can be fun… it is unique and adds some texture/history to the room. I say leave it and add a unique headboard.

    It is so fun answering others dilemma questions, but not so much my own!!

  158. I love the brick wall as is! Would just add artwork or something whimsy. Maybe something with an organic feel to contrast with the straight lines of the brick wall.
    Regarding the drapes, it looks very unbalanced. I would split it into 2 panels on each side. You are definitely NOT being high maintenance!
    Love your work! Xo

  159. Lily

    Get rid of the brick. I like the idea if wallpaper

  160. Melanie

    I say leave the bricks white and paint the grout between the bricks with a “pop” color. It won’t be hard to change if it gets old in a few years, and it will bring a lot more personality to the room as it is now.

  161. Peggy

    Loved Emily and Gary’s bedroom on your Decorview Bedroom makeover. I think you should split the drapes. Maybe drywall and wallpaper…I love the wallpaper you used for Emily and I love Joy Cho’s wallpaper too.

  162. Kati

    If you do split the curtains, could you have them made so that the right side can slide all the way over to the left when you open the sliding glass doors? That way the curtains will be split when the sliding door is not in use and then all on the left side when you’re going in and out the sliding door.

    Also, instead of a desk on the left side, could you have a long narrow white counter going across that wall (with a 1″ gap between in and the wall for any cords to go behind the counter) that could be used as a desk when needed? (You’d need to lose the bench at the foot of the bed or else tuck it under the counter if it is narrow enough.)

  163. Anita

    Def. split the drapery into two panels. I can appreciate the modern-ness of just having one panel, to the side, but I’m a bit OCD & like balance.

    My opinion for the wall goes against the grain…I think it would look great painted in a solid navy or kelly green. Then do a nice, upholstered headboard in white or ivory for balance with the rest of the room. Either a smaller scale headboard to keep some space above for a large piece of art or framed image or a larger showstopper of a headboard in a great, fun print.

  164. Kat

    My parents have a big slider in their dining room and the curtains are split – they have been for the 30 years they’ve lived there. I’ve never thought it was weird or awkward.

  165. Alicia H.

    1. I saw go for a painted feature wall! I think a fun pattern or design would be a great addition to the wall. Think stained glass @ fig house! As you said, it’s just paint. Have fun (on the cheap) and if you decide later to drywall it or change it up, you can do so.

    2. Spilt the drapes! As a guest, I would like the option of having shade at the head of the bed without having to shade the entire room.

    Whatever you end up doing will be amazing, so just go with your gut!

  166. Jamie

    split. the. drapery.

  167. Michelle

    DEFINITELY split the curtains. I had that thought even before I saw your comment! As for the wall – that brick is going to be difficult to work around – it already looks dated as it. I would drywall it for sure. Good luck!

  168. phew, i’m glad i’m not the only designer who has a helluva time figuring out to do with my own house! decisions for clients-made in a snap, decisions for myself-takes an eternity of self doubting second guessing. i LOVE your idea of painting the bricks different colors!

  169. Cara

    Split drapes for sure and do a huge eye catching headboard

  170. Mar

    I love the brick wall. I think it would be very daring to paint the blocks with fun colors– but it would have to be the right mix of colors.

  171. tmcc

    Keep the brick white. Any other paint treatment risks making your guest room feel like a high school or – worse – a kindergarten. This may be crazy, but I’d try a huge mirror as a headboard; a little dangerous but kinda sexy. Anchor it well, and split the curtains. Really looking forward to seeing more progress on this room!

  172. michelle

    love the progress, curious where the bedding and blue throw are from? thank you

  173. Kyndell

    Hi Emily!
    I think it’s awesome that YOU the Designer (and an amazing one at that) are asking us what to do! I agree with those that are suggesting the headboard and curtain splitting. I think those two things will add balance to the room. A patterned wall would dominate the entire room plus it would get “old” eventually and would then require more work. No pressure but I can’t wait to see ALL the rooms!!!!

  174. Meg

    150% split up the drapery. Eeek! I understand their point, but I agree that it looks off balanced and I’m always a fan of “covering” old sliding glass door frames as much as possible. I opted for a panel on either side of my sliding glass doors in my current place for that reason…

    I vote for drywall and wallpaper! Something white/gold OhJoy for Hygge & West-ish is serene and comforting for guests, yet fun and just plain amazing. DO IT! :-) Can’t wait to see what you do with the space! xoxo

  175. Chenell

    Leave the white brick alone…it’s fantastic, and just interesting enough. The amazing headboard will satisfy your need for more, and is less labor-intensive…you have a whole house to do!!!!

    Split the panel? Yeah. It’s not huge for me, but yes.

  176. Nancy

    That wall does not appear to be brick, as most seem to call it. It looks like cement blocks, frequently used for warehouse walls, prisons, basements, and otherwise industrial places. It is cold and drafty. It looks cheap, as though the builder was too lazy to frame, insulate and drywall. Any paint treatment will look like a cheap DIY., ‘lipstick on a pig’. Please drywall and wallpaper, or drywall and paint. Definitely a fabric headboard.
    Please also split the draperies. Difficult to work with, as any further design will be always trying to compensate for the balance of the drapes. I think you will happier with a foundation you like- such as great floors, walls and drapes.

  177. DJ

    Hi Emily! I’d suggest to cover the brick wall…It feels too geometric/grid like to me and competes with the the lines of the wood paneled ceiling. I’d keep it super simple and add that nice headboard you suggested…possibly with a subtle print? As well, I would split the curtains bc I feel there’s just too much curtain bunching to the one side…..especially if you keep the room white and the dark contrast of he curtains is a real attention grabber. I’d def split without a question. I like the direction you’re going and the light is amazing! I completely understand how you can design all day for others and be this commanding, confident decision maker, but when it comes to your own space – forget it! I do design projects on the side and turn into a waffling mess when it comes to my own space! Good luck and can’t wait to see the outcome!

  178. Haley

    I was initially going to vote to split the curtain because it feels unbalanced. On second thought, I would try some kind of graphic accent wall on the brick wall and that might balance it out.

  179. I don’t think you need to split the curtains! I get it, but I actually (and rather surprisingly for me) think they are cool as they are. I’m totally on board with the drywall/wallpaper idea though. Also the statement headboard. Things are looking lovely in your house. Onward, beauty!

  180. Darci

    Split the curtains.

    I think a reclaimed wood wall with a beautiful upholstered headboard would be fun.

  181. The single panel looks off-balance to me and somehow makes the rod look crooked, which I am sure it isn’t. As long as it’ll slide both ways you can scoot that sucker all the way to the left for high-traffic in and out days.

    As for the wall, sure, you could go all Emily on it’s cinderblock ass – padded headboard, ironic/fun artwork, indigo and wood on white. BUT, you could also surprise everyone and do an amazing grid/geometric art piece on the whole wall for the price of paint and go with a super simple white padded headboard or a funky brass one against those glorious colorful rectangles. What if you found a vintage cross-stitch or needlepoint pattern and used the grid of the wall to paint a modern version of it? An homage to your love of quirky craft.

  182. Gretchen

    Hey E
    Have you considered moving the bed to the opposite wall, and scattering floating wood shelves (from Target or West Elm) on the concrete wall? Or you could even use giant branches as shelves or hang photos or art (I LOVE Charlie Harper’s birds) or origami from them – I did this in my daughter’s room with handmade butterflies and ribbons!

  183. jaclyn

    1000% definitely split the curtain. It feels like a utilitarian theater stage curtain right now all bunched up to the one side.
    Also, I really like the aesthetics of the white brick wall as is and would love to see a really interesting/patterned headboard.

  184. Sharon

    Hey Emily! I definitely think you should have the curtains panel split in two. The balance is so necessary.

    Also, roll with me on this one. You know the pinterest photo of fencing that has holes drilled in it with inserted marbles that catch the light (see: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/122934264802053528/)… Well what about highlighting that brick wall by placing jewel tone marbles in each cross hatch of that wall pulling in the reds and blues of that lovely blanket on the bench. I know it wont catch light quite the same way, but it would add some interest, and it would look lovely with a big beautiful headboard you’re planning. Especially if it was velvet in a shade of magenta or darker richer crimson.

    Good luck and I LOVE following along with your house!! I was so dang excited when you guys bought it!

    • Ooooh – dig the marble idea!

  185. Taylor

    Hi Emily! I love seeing your progress posts. My husband and I are slooooowly remodeling our home and keep coming back to the very heavy texture on our walls. You have mentioned skim coating a few times, and I wondered if you had a DIY that you could share with us please? We can’t afford to hire out but are happy to do the work ourselves. My husband entertained the idea of ripping off all the dry wall and starting over but that sounds just an expensive as hiring a professional to do the skim coating.

    what do you think?

    thank you!

  186. I may be the only one that says DON’t Split the curtains! Come on, your Emily Henderson. You wouldn’t be you if you did the ‘norm’. They give it more of that modern, yet eclectic, mid century look and it seems to work for the mid century style of the house. Split curtains….? Yeah,i’ve seen that before.

    Headboard : large navy and tufted.
    Wall: Color block, two colors. White and … Maybe green?

    Your the pro! Can’t wait to see what u come up with!

    • cynthia

      I agree that you should NOT split the curtains. If you have something dramatic on the brick wall, that could add balance, or something tall in the corner where the door opens. It looks like, if you split the curtains, they will overlap the door and you’ll end up pushing them to the other side to open the door any way. It isn’t a window, it is a sliding glass door. It may look balanced to have drapes on both sides, but I also think it could look off because a door is a door and a window is a window. Don’t dress your door like a window.

      PS–I like this post because is shows how a few small changes really add a lot of polish. We can tweak our rooms even when we don’t have time/money to revamp them. Thanks!

  187. Sadye

    First of all, I absolutely LOVE your style and personality–so fun to see both shine through in your blog and other endeavors.

    As for the guest room conundrums, I definitely agree that the curtains need to be split into two panels. And for that quirky, but cool, brick wall, I say for sure do an upholstered headboard and I love the idea of doing a design that utilizes a gradation of color on some of the bricks for a subtle, but impactful statement.

    Good luck and can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    Best wishes,

  188. Laura

    Form should follow function so, unless you could push both panels all the way to the left, leave the curtain alone. I love the white brick wall, but right now it seems like, stylistically, the end tables and desk are fighting with the floors, wall, and drapes. I’m all for eclectic but in this small room, it seems like you should stick to a strictly minimal Scandinavian vibe—different end tables and desk, more rustic/traditional, with maybe a dark green velvet upholstered headboard in a masculine shape with hanging copper pendents on either side of the bed. Or something like that.

  189. Beth

    Since I am comment, oh, 4,367 I will keep it simple…

    two panels

    paint just the area between the bricks….would be such a cool grid effect without being something so loud that you’d want to change it anytime soon!

  190. Karin

    Split the drapes! Definitely sprit the drapes! (and as a side note, paint the curtain rod?! it feels like the wooden colour among all the white is weighing down the drapes , especially since it’s picking up the wood in the floor)
    As for the brick wall, i feel it’s difficult to say considering there’s not much on the walls in general, but a suggestion would be to either bring in a big ass painting (alt spray painted sheet) and put behind the bed and see what you think :)

  191. megan

    at the risk of sounding repetitive, definitely SPLIT the curtains!! they will be so much better balanced. and I LOVE the idea of wallpaper in here. You did wallpaper in your baby’s room and it seems that another room in the house needs wallpaper to keep it all balanced right?! And I think the wallpaper will make the room feel really special and cozy for guests.
    Plus I would love to see what wallpaper you would choose :-)

  192. Caro

    1) I always split curtains on sliding glass doors (I have 4 of them in different houses) because it drives me crazy to see them bunched on one side. It’s a completely aesthetic thing. HOWEVER, it’s kind of a nuisance in practical terms. Where it’s possible I extend the rod for the curtain on the door side- so the curtain is really next to the door – it works a little better that way. the truth is that you will constantly be catching the curtain in the door every time you close it. If you leave the door open when it’s raining (which I love to do because basically I’d like to live in a tent) the curtains will get wet. This is a much worse problem than with windows.

    But, as I said, I do it despite the problems. And since it will be in a guest room, not a main living room, choosing looks over practicality is a little easier.

    2) I’m not sure how I feel about that wall, but, I would be interested to see a big padded headboard that mimicked the grid pattern in some way. I think it could be very effective. especially if it were wider than the bed and somehow incorporated nightstands.

    It’s always fun to see what you come up with, though. And I am curious to see the fan you choose. A good fan is hard to find as it were.

  193. Kristin

    I don’t know if you’ll ever even read this far down, but I want to add one more vote to the-splitting-of-the-curtains chorus. I think the curtains steal too much light even now, covering almost a quarter of the window. And I agree with other commenters that it looks too hotel-y, with that dark desk and the single curtain in the corner.

    As for the brick wall, it’s to “dry” for me. Some kind of pixelated pattern would be nice. BUT, what really hit me was a memory of a golden brick wall in Haus Kandinsky/ Klee, one of the teachers’ houses close to Bauhaus in Dessau. It was “solid” gold, and the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! It’s probably way out of anyone’s budget, I don’t even know how it would be done, and furnishing it afterwards would probably be impossible, but still, it’s my highest wish! I would just stand stroking it all day (which I obviously could do, since I’d be rich enough to have a gold wall).

    Not many pictures out there, but I found one on a random blog. It’s the top one, and gives you a little hint of awesomeness!

    Good luck all the same! My guess is it’ll be awesome anyhow!

  194. Joanne

    1. You are not crazy. I would definitely split the curtains.
    2. I would paint the brick really dark (BM Gentleman’s Grey??)and get a tall rattan(Anthro style) headboard.
    3. DOMINO! I KNEW IT!!!!! Can’t wait!

  195. Christine

    Definitely split the curtains.

    I would drywall the brick and wallpaper. The brick would drive me crazy.

  196. Just like everyone else, I think you should go with your gut and split the curtains! And something fun and temporary with the brick wall is what makes guest rooms so great! You can do something really bold or crazy without waking up to look at it every morning and getting sick of it!
    Also, you are the best.

  197. katie

    ok, weighing in on the great debate: to split or not to split, that is the question. So many good thing come split…for instance, banana split. I vote split. The gut wants what the gut wants and yours sounds like it wants a split! As for that strangely cool wall…how about treating it like a giant quilt…pick a few (or a lot) of fab colors and paint yourself a wonderful wall quilt. Certainly would take less time than actually sewing, and paint is much like hair color- a girl can always change her mind!

    still have all my old Domino issues and will proudly add the issue you are featured in to my collection!

    :) katie

  198. Charisma Broadbent

    Hi Emily,
    I think the curtains looked unbalanced but I think that is too because on the left side of the picture everything is dark and the right is very white. I don’t know if you’ve considered it but what if you painted the curtain wall a color similar to the drapes that way the contrast of the dark and light isn’t so apparent and heavy on the left?…
    I’d consider how much of a hassle is it going to be to open and close those curtains all the time with the split verses the single side?
    In regards to the brick wall I like it because it is different and original. I think it might be interesting to do as you say and outline the squares in a thin line that way it accentuates it but in a subtle, simple way. You could even do the outline with the same color as the curtains so that it may help the balancing situation.
    Whatever you choose will be great as you have great taste.
    Good luck :)

  199. Split the drapery and create a focal wall behind the bed by painting the lower corner of each rectangle. It would be modern, graphic, and fun.

  200. Katarina

    Don’t you always say that you can go a little nuts in a guest room? I think you’ll be happier if you try something different with those bricks, just for fun:).

  201. Charity

    If the curtains where white like the wall I think you wouldn’t have to split them, but because they are dark I wanna say split. Please do something interesting with the wall, I don’t like trends either, but you also don’t want to become the designer that takes yourself so seriously that your designs become boring, lots of people can put great furniture in a white room, do something a little weird, that is why I’m a fan!

  202. Sally

    Split the curtains, for sure. Drywall that weird brick wall. Just DO it. :)

  203. Gretchen

    Hi E (again),
    I just had another thought – what about turning the closet into an office – remove doors and move the desk in there – would free up space for fun pieces.
    Also, I wrote earlier about moving the bed to the opposite wall and using floating shelves or branches (I meant to include drift wood as well) – I LOVE drift wood, I have a piece from Puget Sound (visit to grandma’s – I’m a Yankee in Houston, sigh) that always makes me smile – and if I’m correct, I think you are from the Northwest and probably love adding natural elements into your signature amazing style. And I’d be curious to see the interplay of the concrete blocks with natural elements:)

  204. melinda

    Split the drapes! You know you want to!
    I would work with the brick wall a bit before going to drywall, etc. How about rolling the brick a color, while leaving the grout white? Maybe do a big ginormous ‘H’ (maybe rust or light blue or some perfect color selected by the designer?), with a white or gray tailored, padded headboard just coming to the crossbar of the ‘H’. (I’m just saying ‘H’ cuz youre a Henderson and it’s such a lovely and symmetrical letter) Or a cursive H, cuz you’d expect the block ‘H’ but maybe the curvy one would make you notice the grid of the bricks? idk… can’t wait to see what you do!

  205. erin

    glad you asked :)
    ABSOLUTELY drywall over that brick wall. and get wild with wallpaper.

    i think the curtain is fine and functional as is. the dark desk is exaggerating the weightiness of the one curtain panel. its really okay and once that brick wall has some groovy wallpaper all will feel balanced and ultimately right with the world.

  206. Agnes

    Oooh soooo light and airy…I love it!!! And only cause you’re asking….I’d 1) split curtain in 2. Sorry..it just looks so heavy on the one side… Or maybe drape it, a la Paris style..with a knot in the middle or tie or something if you do keep the one panel? 2) I love the brick and think you should add a head board! Maybe an elegant headboard…..velvet…blue, like in your master, or deep green, emerald green maybe? 0r maybe some amazing fabric with the navy blues and golds?Ooooor paint a head board in deep blues greens and golds? And then add some of your amazing art pieces on top…like that one with peacock you have so casually waiting to be hung;) Whatever you choose will look amazing, your Emily after all! And I can’t wait to see it!

  207. Carolina

    I don’t know if you are exhausted by now with soooo many comments, but here go mine: I too vote for the curtain splitting, and for the wall, if you’re not sure with keeping it white as many voted or making a big statement, how about something in between? I would love some golden paint in the outlines (plus some gold on the closet hardware maybe?). I know, I’m kinda loving gold right now, in a “I could coat myself in it” way, but I read it’s a sassy neutral. SO true.
    Anyway, you’ll probably do something great!
    Love from Argentina!

  208. Ashley


  209. First of all, would love to be a guest in that room! So pretty and luxurious to have your guests have an outdoor space of their own. At first I was on Team Split the Curtains but if you’re keeping the sliders ( instead of installing french doors ), I think having them on one side makes more sense, both from a practical and design standpoint. As another commenter mentioned, with panels on both sides, your eye will be drawn smack to the middle metal support of the sliders. Not so pretty. If you do a fabulous colorful treatment on that brick wall, it will balance out the visual weight of those curtains across the room.

    As for the brick wall– it’s a guest room, so go for it in a BIG way! I love the idea of each brick a different color in a random pattern ( maybe staying within a 5-7 color palette or different shades of the same hue ) and then adding an extra tall white padded headboard to keep that wonderful airiness you’ve got going on.

    PS– As a Southerner transplanted to the NW, I’m happy to see you embracing the practicality of ceiling fans. Looking forward to seeing your choices as far as fans go.

  210. Amanda

    The all to one side slider curtain says hotel room to me. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing though. It would feel a lot more balanced if there was something on the grid wall which I definitely think you should keep. Everyone has flat drywall, it’s fun to have a detail like that wall, I’m jealous for sure (trying to liven up my 2008 builder grade home)! I love the idea of painting each brick in some way. What about treating each one as a pixel the make a big abstract picture?

  211. Jolene

    So first, I’m so excited for your deal with Domino! We all need a little inspiration, and there’s nothing like a deadline to inspire you!! I had a hard time caring about designing my house after I had children – it just seemed trivial and likely to get ruined or overcome by kid paraphernalia. But that too passes. Just like this darling baby stage – enjoy while you can! Who cares if your house is fabulous? Well, besides Domino. haha! It’ll be great, and your style will evolve through your kid’s growing up. It’s all good!

    The wall brick seems to be perfect for something geometric. Maybe a Navajo blanket design could inspire you. I just Googled it and nobody’s done this – you could be the first! lol! It could be the whole wall, just a straight band or angled? Bold colors or muted colors?

  212. Split ’em up! Just adds that nice balance and texture. And I love the idea of wallpaper and headboard. Or you could use fabric on the wall – like a padded wall. ooooh, so many options!!

    ~ Stephanie

  213. Carole

    To cast a vote for the other side – I like the off balance of the curtains. It is unexpected and makes the most sense functionally. If the balance bothers you too much, it can be played against something “big” on the concrete wall, such a painting the wall something other than white. I also love the texture of the concrete wall. My vote is to look at the balance in the whole room, rather than just wall by wall.

  214. Sarah

    Split the curtains. Find a cool desk that could double as a bedside table.

  215. Cantrelle

    Split panel – just say your blog readers are Really Demanding ;) You could always bunch them together if you change your mind back. And I’d probably leave the wall as-is for now & go with the headboard to see how the softness played with the rest of the room. I’m sure it will be amazing regardless! What does Mr. Soria think?

  216. Laura

    Girl, you know you want to split those curtains and I agree. It’s just too crucial to the visual balance–your instincts are totally on point.

    As for the wall I’d leave it as is and concentrate on a cool tufted headboard/art combo with great color. It’s so difficult to find a lasting painted pattern/treatment that you won’t get sick of (or that you’ll think is out of style), and why waste time redoing that in two years when there’s so much other exciting work left to be done on the house? Consider it extra snuggle time with baby C!

  217. Kim

    Leave the brick wall…you’ve got some really cool features to work with – that being one of them…I’d leave it get a great headboard! Split the drapery panels. You know it will look better. ;)

  218. Faith K

    Paint a big splashy mural with an old time fruit or vegetable label. Split the curtains.

  219. Julie

    If you will not be opening that door a ton I would split the drapery. Definitely get a cool colorful headboard and keep that brick wall white…the less attention called to it the better. Also, what about a cool/unique architectural piece for the room? Have fun!

  220. My first thought was to do a gold line in the grout lines along that whole wall. I did a quick search through the comments and several mentioned gold, but I’m not sure if they were thinking just the grout lines so I thought it was worth a potential re-statement. And I’m sorry to say that I too am for splitting up those drapes.

  221. Jenny

    I would split in two in hopes that perhaps one day you will replace the sliding door into french doors?

    hanging tapestry?

  222. Melody

    Yowza – comment #240…Definitely split those drapes. Beautiful, but off-balanced and makes that half of the window look naked. Drywalling the cinder block will not be as straightforward. You’ll lose a few inches with studs that will be needed for drywall. Actually, tile would be cool and can be placed right over cinder block. Maybe something warm and three dimensional, or stone? Deko Tile in Carson has great prices on vein-cut limestone and stacked stone – that would be amazing! Or, have you thought about “wallpapering” with some awesome vintage fabric? My mom did that as a feature wall and it looks beautiful. Also, a rug and new fan will make a huge impact. Cheers!

  223. A.B.

    Spilt the panels.

    Drywall the wall for headboard. Paint white and decorate later. Tho cool could feel like a school room with cement.

  224. Split the curtains. It looks frumpy and kind of blah, which is so sad because the curtains themselves are beautiful! And I would do a headboard and some really great art or just a huge gallery wall of beautiful art instead of a headboard. Good luck! I know it’ll end up amazing, regardless of what you do. And ps, I took that designer quiz and got you! Which I totally geeked out over because you’re like my designer idol. I love your style and your work!

  225. Oh Emily! Isn’t it frustrating when window vendors don’t give you exactly what you thought you asked for? I coordinated with a tailor last year to make blackout curtains for my basement, and she ended up making one giant curtain instead of a pair, just like they did for your door.

    I’m an online dating coach, so I’m way more qualified to design someone’s OkCupid profile than their window treatments. But I’ve read enough of your posts now to get pretty opinionated about what I think works design-wise, and you *asked* for input, haha. So here’s my proposed fix!

    1) Definitely have them re-make the curtains as two large panels. In fact, I also think they should have hung the curtain rod wider, so the pleated fabric would have somewhere to go on either side and not block the light coming in from the window! I used to think that “fake a larger window” trick was stupid and obvious, and I still feel that about the “fake higher ceilings by hanging curtain rods at an awkward too-high height” thing. But I think hanging wider so you don’t cut out precious light is crucial.

    2) Leave the weird bricks! To me they have a sort of vintage sci-fi appeal; they kind of remind me of something out of the movie Sleeper for some reason. So I say leave ’em, especially for now. But then…

    3) Get a headboard that evokes a kind of crisp, clean, masculine, mid-century-modern aesthetic. This is weird to suggest because I’ve NEVER seen a headboard like what I’m recommending, but I basically picture something like a Danish modern teak chair, you know, with slightly rounded teak wood and wooden dowels to conceal any screwholes, etc. But then you upholster the inside with a nice MCM-friendly material, like a blue-gray wool tweed, maybe one with enough variation to pull in the curtain colors. So you get your comfy upholsteredness, and your Emily Weirdness Quotient, but you also get something pretty sleek that blends with the lines and grid-ness of that wall o’ sci fi bricks. And THEN…

    4) You get Orlando to make you a huge-scale abstract canvas that draws in white and blue/gray and maybe some turquoise (my favorite) and has some kind of super-geometric graphic element in the middle, to tie in all that lineyness, and you hang it above your awesome headboard on your awesome wall whose weird bricks you now consider a feature instead of a deficit.

    I hope my version wins, haha. Good luck!

  226. Gretchen

    Hey E
    Feedback – part 3!
    I keep thinking about your guest room – I’m not a professional designer – so I can offer some ‘fresh’ ideas as a mom of twins who has moved 10 times in 10 years, including Sydney. And is passionate about livable, unique, beautiful design (esp on a tight budget).
    Guest rooms should be for daily use and not just visits – we rarely get visitors (Houston heat frightens them away;) – so, JUST A THOUGHT from a layperson:) – get 2 daybeds (West Elm has the best selection), and position one against each wall – and make the space more usable when guest free.
    And, again, turn the closet into an open alcove for a desk, shelving, mini office.
    Also, I love the Shane Powers hanging glass planters, terrariums (West Elm) – Target has some too I think! Since the room opens onto the deck, connect through nature, and soften the unique concrete with natural textures.
    Hope this is helpful and I didn’t overstep the bounds to your request for input – YOU are so talented and inspire my own style and décor.
    Gretchen (Yankee in Houston)

    • Melissa

      I would like to chime in and agree with your philosophy Gretchen. For six years I kept a fully decorated guest room with a queen bed in it. For all intents and purposes, one whole room of our house was for guests only (or as far as our cats were concerned, them). Seeing as how we have guests maybe three weeks of the year, that meant the room wasn’t able to be used by those of us living in the house the majority of the time. Just let me mention how awkward it is having your teen invite friends over to watch TV – while lounging on a bed. Two years ago we broke down and bought an American Leather sleeper sofa and redecorated the room as a reading/homework & office/2nd TV/exercise & yoga room. We couldn’t be happier and now can use the space constantly, thanks to using a pair of easily moved Lack side tables for the coffee table. And our guests prefer the sleeper sofa, which is a queen plus size.

      I vote for splitting the curtains. The room is too visually heavy on the left, in my opinion. I have sliders in four places in my house. The bedroom ones hardly ever get opened and have curtains that split, for symmetry. The sliders in the living areas have no window coverings at all. That being said, I think it depends on the room, use issues, and furniture placement.

      I like the idea of a padded headboard, if you have a bed. Either way, I would paint the lower half/third of the brick wall a different color, in order to give a visual headboard, or frame the one you choose. The obsessive artist in me would save up enough gold foil chocolate bar wrappers and decoupage the bricks. The realist in me would just pick some luscious paint color to get it done! Or, wallpaper a piece huge piece of plywood that you mount behind the headboard. Drywall is a lot of work and money, and someday you may want those bricks back.

  227. Maria

    I would definetly go towards dry wall + wallpaper. Something really colorfull and fresh and happy. Give your guest bedroom a wow Emily Henderson moment! And YES two panels for the curtains!

    Love u and all of your work!

  228. Raven

    1. Split those darn curtains! It’s so off balance my ocd is killing me! I’ve had the same issue with sliding glass doors, and two panels is always my preference.

    2. Loving that weird cinder block wall! I say leave it white. I was intrigued by your ombre idea, but if I were your guest, I think I’d just love the white with a kick-ass headboard (as you do so well).

    I also enjoy that you have no personal filter. We love weird, gory details! And that killer baby of yours. (not that he’s a killer, but he is killer. as in awesome. things just got weird. sorry.)

  229. brit

    don’t spit the panels. it will look too boxy. i love it like this.

  230. christine lasko

    1. SPLIT the curtains!!!!!

    2. drywall & wallpaper!

  231. Michelle


    1. Split that sucker.

    2. I read your blog because you are hilarious + awesome + you have a fresh and reader-approachable take on design + you do things I would NEVER think of (but wish I could). That being said, please do more than a pretty headboard. Because that is something I could think of. And, we all know wallpaper has had its resurgence. PLEASE paint that wall all crazy and rad! Please show us something awesome (tasteful) we have never or rarely seen before (ie DIY Toe Kick, Customized Office Chairs)! As readers, we all want to be guests in your guest room! Please surprise and delight us with something super clever. :)

    Can hardly wait to see it!

  232. Holey

    I have a question about the lighting – it looks completely different (way brighter) in the photos that Tessa took. Is that due to the time of day, improved lighting in the room, or to special photographer lighting? And is there a good way for my rooms to have awesome lighting like that all the time?

  233. Amanda D

    Split the drapes, because it will keep bothering you if you don’t, and it will look more balanced.

    I love the brick wall, and I think it’s something that makes the room unique. I like the ombre idea you mentioned but that might be too busy with a headboard. What about doing a checkerboard? Or like diagonal sort of stripes?

  234. 100% split the curtains. Or else you need some serious dark color on the brick wall to balance. It would be a shame to cover/drywall that wall because it is a feature so quintessential to the architecture. Painting it different colors seems like trying a little hard- I don’t know- so that leaves you with a fabulous headboard? I feel like the room needs a pattern somewhere, but that could just mean some art and amazing pillows.

  235. Jill

    I think you should divide each brick in half with a diagnol line to create two triangles in each brick. You can switch the diagnol on each brick (starting at top left or top right and going down to the opposite corner). Then, paint one of the two triangles in each brick, alternating which one you do to create a cool pattern. Leave the other triangles white. Hard to explain on paper, but makes sense in my head :) Good luck!

  236. Well, here’s my two bits. While there are many applications where curtains off to one side can look amazing, yours is not one of them IMHO :) I would split the curtains.
    As for the concrete block wall, I love me a raw concrete block wall (my house exterior is all concrete block) but a painted block wall goes very school gym/public pool to me. I’m sure it would look great in photos, and on the blog… but I doubt it would look great from 2 feet away. Even with a super-awesome pattern which I know you could do. If you had no budget, I would say sure. Go for it and have fun. But quality shows so I have to vote drywall it and do an amazing headboard and wallpaper. Because it’s kinda your thing and you’re soooo good at it :)

  237. 1, split curtain
    2. drywall and paper

  238. Gina

    Split the curtains! I don’t care for the one curtain look at all.

    I also don’t care for the white blocks and think you should take advantage of the opportunity to do some cool color blocking or something. Or drywall over it. I feel like that wall needs to be like I AM BLOCKS! I MEAN TO BE BLOCKS! Or the blocks need to go away. This is regardless of headboard. But yes, soft comfy headboard!

  239. kristin

    1) split the panel!… it has a definite motel read in there with the single heavy-weighted panel…
    2) get a headboard.. it defines the bed, no matter what is going on behind it..
    3) i would paint the blocks… maybe navy blocks with gold or silver or white in the crevasses? could make for an interesting pattern?
    ….can’t wait to see the end result!

  240. Anne

    Split curtains, drywall and paint or paper

  241. mj

    1) split the curtain panels.

    2) experiment with the brick for a bit – it’s just paint. then drywall it later if you grow tired of it?

  242. Sherry

    Probably one of those tons of replies above, that I didn’t read, already says something like this: split the drapes (I have 2 sliders and it’s not that big of a problem, even if you use them a lot. which you won’t.) And do something interesting with the bricks (I think the ombre sounds cool) but INCLUDE a headboard in that look. So, upholster your headboard in same sized rectangles as the bricks, in pick-a-color. Then paint the surrounding bricks a shade lighter, then lighter, etc. so the headboard becomes part of the design. And hang that amazing peacock painting I think I see beyond the bed!! (I love peacocks.!)

  243. Karis

    Split the curtain fo sho. And paint the brick diff colors in some awesome pattern. With all the white on the room it’s going to look so pretty. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  244. Tamara

    Hi there.
    My take? Let the guests become part of the design.
    – do not split the panel. People – guests – are asymmetrical. So keep it that way.
    – use a paper such as this to give each guest a chance to contribute on the wall around
    – keep the cinder blocks white. The grounded symmetry there is important and elegant in its simplicity. Please don’t cover with headboard or quirky painting. Instead use the cinder block ‘frames’ to showcase your family’s art, be it photos and, soon, Charlie’s art. But keep it asymmetrical and randomly covering selected cinder blocks-only.
    Bottom line, provide some some solid ground rules but let the guests and your family interact through the design.
    After all, they’re there because they love you and you love them. Keep it simple, principled, authentic and fun!

  245. First of all..yes..we ARE still following along! There are renters out here who need you.. WE NEED YOU. We are living vicariously through your skim coat situations until we can buy. We lie awake at night wondering what you’re gonna do in that perfect-mix-of-awesome-but-WTF house.

    I say wallpaper. Thats what guest rooms are made for.. you don’t have to see it everyday so it doesn’t run its course too quickly but has that WOW factor that guest rooms deserve. Also.. I think you need some sort of chunky, funky, possibly macrame/swing/planter/gizmo hanging into your living room from one of the vaulted areas.. Would kill it in that room and give it a weird quality without sacrificing the clean white open feel. Man, I’m wordy today.. Rachel :)

  246. Elaine

    Are you reading our little comments all the way down here at the bottom? Should I put a Mad Men spoiler in here just to test you?
    a. Split the curtains. It may be a guest room, but it’s not a hotel.
    b. Wallpaper. Who are we kidding? Any quasi-attempt to update those cinder blocks will read “back when we bought the house” in a few years. Just do it now (the way you approached the skim coat) and spare yourself the guilt and shame when you want to change it years from now.

  247. Cynthia

    I’m not going to read 268 comments to see if it’s already been said, but I think you should stock the guest room with a bucket of permanent markers and have each guest graffiti or design or message one block. When the wall is full, you’ll be ready to repaint. In the interim, you’ll enjoy the memories and your house guests will be happily entertained seeing who has stayed and what they’ve left behind. You have cool friends so this will be a winner.

  248. Jenny

    1. Definitely split the drapery. I immediately thought, “gosh those are pretty, but they look so HEAVY.” I didn’t realize it was because they were all to one side, that’s alotta fabric over there!

    2. I vote to drywall and wallpaper. The bricks read as cinderblocks to me, and they look a bit institutional.

    3. I can’t WAIT to see what you choose for ceiling fans. We have them. I hate their faces. But they make our hot summers slightly more bearable!


  249. Rae Ann

    I have patio doors in my living room and master bedroom. Curtains you have are great color but definately need to be split. I have a cellular shade (Hunter Douglas) shade that pulls across patio door that creates privacy without having to close drapes. As for the wall. I love me a brick wall. The pattern on yours has such great texture. I would not drywall. I am inclined to think that a fabulous headboard would really bring out the architecture of the wall.

  250. Sheila

    Agree with splitting the curtains!!

    I think anything you do with the wall will look great because you’re the one designing it. I really want to see what creative ideas you come up with for that cinder block wall, but as a designer I’m thinking about who you’re creating the space for — your guests. I think the cinder blocks will look really cool when you’re done with it, but I think dry-walling it and wallpapering it up will be the most inviting and serene room a guest will walk into, so that gets my vote.

    I get what you’re saying about feeling pressure to always do something perfect and designed, but you have nothing to worry about. Anything you make will look awesome! Good luck!

  251. Jennie

    The room feels hotel-ish with the desk and then one long curtain panel. But it’s still better than most people’s guest rooms. : )

  252. Holy comments batman! Wow – very excited for the big Domino reveal in September! So very much looking forward to seeing the fruition of all the work y’all have been doing. It would be great if you could do a post with the floor plan at some point, cause I confess I am so confused about how all the rooms link together.

    But down to brass tacks. If you can, I would extend the curtain rod the full length of the room and split the curtains. There is just soooo much fullness there for them to be all on the one side. And then might you consider turning the desk toward the doors themselves? It might make for a more pleasant working space with a nicer view. With a switch to a less “heavy” desk also. And I’m feeling you on the night stands not quite working with the floor. Are they just a bit too orange?

    As for the concrete wall, it seems like a great opportunity to do something a little wacky, but totes in your style. Why not have some fun with it if even for a short while. I liked someone’s suggestion of doing a chevron pattern, and putting marbles in all the corners could be really pretty & even lend itself to the creation of some constellations.

    The bed seems really high in relation to the desk and the bench at the foot makes it seem a bit congested in there. Can’t wait to see how you improve upon those brutal closet doors! I know it will be gorgeous in the end!

  253. LeisaJJ

    I vote for splitting the curtain and drywalling the wacky wall. although if you keep the wall, great art and headboard will disguise its ugliness.

  254. Kim

    I’m comment #281… maybe I should have held out for 300 to get the door prize.

    I would NOT SPLIT THE CURTAINS given the width of the “rod.” They will get all munched up in the door, grimy from moving them out of the way to go outside, etc. etc. If you extend your rod, so it goes wall-to-wall, and it looks like you have room to do that, then YES, in that case, EXTEND THE ROD and SPLIT THE CURTAINS. I am speaking from experience on this one.

    And YES, A SOFT UPHOLSTERED HEADBOARD would be the perfect foil to that hard brick. DO IT. And ADD ART above the head board.

    Here’s my headboard suggestion:


    You could put a great wallpaper print on the wood for a little pattern, or spray paint it gold, or do white lacquer… could also make the frame thinner. So many options.

    Love your home. Apparently I am not unique in any way. :-)

  255. Ari

    Split the drapes.
    And I don’t know if this would be weird, but I envision some kind of wood paneling on the section of the wall behind the bed. Floor to ceiling, but only about the width of the bed? Idk, could be weird/great.

  256. Michelle

    Split the drapery panel into two. Leave the brick wall as it (LOVE the texture). Add an upholstered headboard in an interesting fabric.

  257. Sarah

    Definitely split the drapery – maybe add some cool tie backs so it doesn’t get caught in the door as it closes. I would paint between the brick lines with a gold acrylic paint pen, and maybe paint a whole brick gold here and there. Easy to change to switch it up later!

  258. Jane

    Split the drapes! Try painting the wall. Later you can drywall if you want a change. There is not much to lose in trying paint first!

  259. El Mar

    1. DON’T split the curtain whatever you do. Form follows function! It looks perfect the way it is.

    2. Drywall that beast. Bedrooms should be warm and inviting and that brick wall is cold and harsh. Not a fan of the zany painting idea either. Keep it simple and sophisticated. Bring in personality through accessories and artwork.

  260. Katie

    1) Splitting the drapes will look great!
    2) What about using the bricks to paint a headboard in ombre color. Start with a large 3-sided rectangle at the outer edge of the side tables as the outside border in a darker color and then as you move closer to the center of the bed use lighter colors and make smaller rectangles (I’m imagining this in blue right now). So in the end you have a rectangular headboard painted on to the wall that frames the bed and side tables and adds some color to the room.

    Best of luck with the room!

  261. I’m glad you’re showing more of your house; I love your house updates! If it was me I’d for sure split the curtain. It’s not hard to push it out of the way to open the door and the way it looks now is throwing me off with all the heaviness on one side. I think your instincts are definitely correct. As for the wall, I’m totally torn! Part of me thinks keep it, do something cool, or even just keep it white and looking kind of stark and then have a luxurious upholstered headboard against it for a cool juxtapose…But then the other half of my brain says cover it up and get some wallpaper. So no clue what I’d do. I have no doubt that whatever you choose to do will look fab though!

  262. Chloe

    Split the curtain.

    Drywall the brick. Not feeling the brick. I’m afraid the brick reminds me vaguely of the walls at the DMV.)

    Your floors are really freaking beautiful.

  263. split those curtains.
    i couldn’t live with the cinder block, so i would probably drywall or put up shiplap (although that could be too trendy)

  264. Emily Also

    I wouldn’t split your curtain.
    Honestly, I like the 1 big panel, it’s more practical, and I think it’s nice to not have everything so symmetrical all of the time. That being said, you could also play with that idea, and put a tall plant (just not a fiddle leaf fig) or a short plant on a cool stand in that right corner. That would weight the side opposite the one curtain panel, and balance the sliding door without being so “matchy-matchy” and traditional.

    I like the Cinder block – Yes to a feature or something on that wall.

    Not sure if you read everything when you have so many comments, but…..my 2 cents. :)

  265. Sam

    1. Do the splitsies.
    2. Statement headboard. That wall is so wonderful and calming.

  266. Monica

    so you’re a coke head who pees on counters. classy.

  267. Tess

    Gah, split the curtains! If possible lengthen the rod so they can be out of the doorway, or just get use to pushing the right curtain to the left side when using the door. I like the wall- I think if you do anything drastic to the bricks it will look forced… IF anything I’d gold leaf a few of them either randomly or in a single line. I’d go big headboard, graphic pattern. OR go with a rich paint (charcoal or navy) on the walls/brick, and a neutral headboard. So many options!! I always feel that something will jump out at you as a must-have and everything else will drop into place. Can’t wait to see what you decide!!

  268. Bri

    Keep the brick wall – it’s my favorite thing in the room. It’s what makes the room unique and special. Have fun with paint and a headboard to cozy things up.

  269. Amanda

    Yes, split the curtains…it’s a guest room – how often is anyone going through the doors?
    HATE the brick….drywall and paper – for sure.
    Then go with the cool headboard.
    Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  270. Sarah W

    I think your instincts are right. I say split the drapes. It looks really unbalanced to me as it is. I think it would be cool to paint the brick. I know it will probably be dated fast, but I love the triangle wall treatments I’m seeing recently and you could totally do that here! That is so cool about Domino. Can’t wait to see it!

  271. Courtney

    I definitely agree with everyone about splitting the curtains. The room does feel incredibly heavy on that side, especially with the desk and tv already there.

    Have you considered creating one of those pimped-out office-in-a-closet situations? If you can afford to lose that storage, moving the workspace and media into the closet could leave the whole floorplan of the room open and make the impact of your soon-to-be fantabulous focal wall even more dramatic.

    LOVE your blog, your home, and your adorable family!

  272. Erika

    Split the curtains!!!!! And put the tv up on the wall or something because it totally distracts the attention from the beautiful desk! And wallpaper!!! Wallpaper please!!!!! Looooove your blog and work by the way!

  273. Lesley

    Also, I agree with another commenter above about the single panel being more in keeping with the casual/mid century/functional look you’ve got going. Splitting it might be too stuffy. And that is despite the fact that I actually bought an extra wide curtain on eBay that I am splitting myself–ugh–but it’s for the grand front window (no slider) in our 1938 “tudor-light”/deco house.

  274. Shelly D

    I like the cinderblock – keeps some nice texture vs. boring old drywall… but would definitely need some kind of upholstered headboard to soften the whole situation…

  275. Angie Sz

    Yes on the split and love the idea of extending the curtains wall to wall if that is an option – if time and money say otherwise then split with what you have. Thing is…you want to be able to get in & out of that door, yes? So if you can’t move the whole thing end to end I would say the right side should not be anchored to that side – because then getting out that door will be a pain with all the curtains bunched up. And, maybe I am missing something here… not understanding the curtain rod…for me, I want it to disappear.

    In my life, bedrooms are about calm, sleeping, reee-laxx. Not graphics or wild colored blocks. Yes, yes clearly on the soft headboard – that will go a long way to zen out those cold bricks but if you have the time and budget, I think I would go with board and paper. ..but to keep the guests chilled – a quiet understated pattern…nothing shocking. Light, airy…

    Love the comment about moving the workspace into closet … not sure … could you split it office nook/closet? Just think the desk makes it feel all feel a bit tight.

    Oh, there are so many ways to pump this up … go with your gut girl. Your vision. Have fun … big Congrats on Domino!

  276. Moi

    1) Split the drapes. Go with your gut. We have split drapes on a sliding glass door set in our house and it’s 100% fine.

    2) Keep the brick, add a headboard. I love that feature! The texture is visually interesting and graphic on its own. It’s also very MSM and yummy.

  277. So I actually like the curtains the way they are now. It feels brighter and it’s also a bit different.

    I would also vote to drywall. I love brick but those pieces are so big I feel like they will dominate the room. I think wallpaper would looker warmer.

    I really love your blog, btw!

  278. Rachael

    Split the curtains.

    Color ombre feature on the wall (blues?)

  279. Michelle

    There are so many comments here! Don’t have the time to find out if someone has already suggested this, but… on the brick wall a large wood panel would add a warm color and something organic to yin the yang of the super straight lines. You could use the wood panel as a canvas for some paint or some geometric staining but let the woodgrain show through for sure. It could be floating above bed or just a simple headboard. I think it’s fun to do something other than a headboard sometimes. Also I like the assymetrical curtains. They are weirdly lopsidedly wonderful.

    • Jordan

      I agree Michelle. I like the one curtain. Its saying “I’m not just a window- I’m a door to your guest patio!” Plus, once the feature wall is finished that will balance things out in a perfectly unsymmetrical way.

      Emily, Love the blog! Thanks for the endless inspiration!

  280. Vanessa Miller

    First, your instincts are right. I think you should split the drapery panel into two because it does look too heavy on the one side. Second, what to do with the wall. In all honesty I don’t like the brick. It feels institutional to me. I would drywall it. Also, I think an upholstered headboard would add more softness. I’m also feeling wallpaper on the brick wall only. It could definitely add some interest without overwhelming your guests and add contrast to the white bedding.

    Good luck and trust those instincts!

  281. Sian Huey

    First time commenting from Malaysia! I’d say keep the crazy wall (something very old skool diner about it) and go with a fancy headboard. Pimp up the closet doors instead. But you’re the designer, and I can’t wait to see what you actually do with it. :)

  282. Jean

    Definitely split the drapes. But maybe a rod that went all the way to each wall would have been great – allowing drape pushback and full door/window exposure. Plus I’d put some smallish art pieces on each side of the sl/glass door. Yes on the full headboard! Please do not plaster the brick wall…. so sad to cover that up. I’d paint a horizontal pattern on two or three rows of the bricks, about 1/3 down from the ceiling…two different shades of the same color maybe? Or a floor to ceiling vertical stripe/pattern behind each nightstand instead of art. Then add something funky art over the door to the room too.

  283. Beth Hz

    I’d split the curtains to provide more balance, and what about a large cushy burnt orange upholstered headboard, and paint the brick wall behind it a pale burlap neutral color?

  284. Liz

    I think the curtains are fine, but if they bugs you, split ’em.

  285. Emily Klug

    I posted earlier way way up there but wanted to add that a different, lighter, airier desk would do a lot to make the side of the window with the panel less heavy and dark.

  286. I have a sliding glass door and I use two panels. Because yeah a sliding glass door is super functional, but pretending it’s just a huge awesome window is better for the soul. (I don’t think I’m kidding, actually.)

  287. Definitely split the panels on the slider. And I haven’t had a chance to read through the comments much, but has anyone suggested adding something softer to the brick wall? I feel like the wall is craving some softness. Perhaps a large tapestry or even a big ol’ gorgeous quilt from your Hopewell friends. I just think the wall looks cold and hard right now and some softness would be a really nice add. I know hanging a quilt can look sort of Amish or Country, but a Hopewell quilt could be pretty awesome (and soft). And a Domino shoot is pretty awesome too – you got this!

  288. Elisabeth

    I happen to think the wall is a great feature—it fits the mid-century character of your house, but its simple geometry and texture could work really well with the fresh/calm vibe of the home you’re making. Since you don’t sound super attached to it given the mere contemplation of drywall/ wallpaper, it seems the simplest paint solution would be best. Even if it’s left white, it’s always going to function as an accent wall, so the biggest challenge in painting it will be keeping it out of that affectation territory that accent walls so often go. I would choose a just barely faded black color like a deep, cool-toned charcoal in a matte finish. The simplicity of the black/white effect would feel so natural and Scandinavian with all your warm honey-colored wood and some leafy green plants, while lending a just-right dose of drama that guest rooms carry so well. Good luck, I can’t wait to see what you do!

  289. lisa

    2 more cents:
    – spliit the curtain. I have sliders in two places in my house with drapery panels on both sides and it looks and works great
    – drywall and paper the room including the closet doors.
    Oh September I cant wait for ya!

  290. Valerie

    Yup, split the drapes… but that wall. Well, I’m not a big fan. In the before pictures it eeeked me out. Now all I can think about is minecraft (my kids are a few years older than Charlie, but I imagine it’ll still be big when he hits the age), though I had a moment of recalling something I’d posted on pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/172122016978627198/). Still, both minecraft and a little anime pocoyo kind of guy still says kid, so unless you’re considering a room switch for the boy, my vote is to drywall that thing… and I imagine you could do up a beauty with paper.
    Love to follow you, thanks!

  291. I’d split those curtains like a banana! Ha! No really, I think that having them all to one side screams hotel room or office. I like having touches of industrial in a room, but paired with the huge brick wall, I think you’ve got plenty of that to work with :-) Can’t wait to see the reveal!

  292. Linda

    Split the curtains. Drywall the wall and use an interesting fabric on a big headboard!!

  293. JBM

    I would split the panels into two. I hear you on the high maintenance but think you’ll be happier with the outcome. For me, they feel unbalanced and a little reminiscent of “by the airport” hotel drapes when they are stacked on one side. On your wall, I love the idea of a multicolor paint technique, tone on tone, Mondrian, ombré, or whatever your brilliant mind comes up with. I also think a pattern could be really cool. I immediately thought of encaustic tile when you mentioned pattern. That would be such a great focal point and lend similar look as wallpaper but with added architectural interest and the option to paint over later. Can’t wait to see what you end up with!

  294. Jenna

    Split the drapery! Your gut is totally right on this one.

    In my opinion, the brick is ugly and weird. If it were smaller brick laid in a running method, it would have character, but the large stacked bricks just look like regular old cinder blocks. Dry walling over it and wallpapering the room would be amazing! It would also make that little corner room so inviting and special feeling. I bet with your talent it would be incredible!

    I’ve been a fan of yours since I first saw you on Design Star! Love following your renovation and can’t wait to see the Domino feature!

  295. Elisabeth

    I happen to think the wall is a great feature—it fits the midcentury character of your house, but its simple geometry and texture could work really well with the fresh/calm vibe of the home you’re making. Since you don’t sound super attached to it given the mere contemplation of drywall/ wallpaper, it seems the simplest paint solution would be best. Even if it’s left white, it’s always going to function as an accent wall, so the biggest challenge in painting it will be keeping it out of that affectation territory that accent walls so often go. I would choose a just-barely-faded-black color like a deep, cool-toned charcoal in a matte finish. The simplicity of the black/white effect would feel so natural and Scandinavian with your warm honey-colored wood tones and some leafy green plants (+ those lamps!), while lending a just-right dose of drama that guest rooms carry so well. Good luck, I can’t wait to see what you do!

  296. Kelly

    You know you have to keep the cool brick wall! What about painting so many sections of it to create a faux headboard? You could paint just the brick right above/around the bed. If you do that, remember to think outside the box and sketch out something more fluid or intricate. Have fun with it!

  297. IvanaM

    Split the panels. I’m a sucker for symmetry and balance so I say split them. As for the brick wall do anything with it just cover it up. It’s not like it’s that cool and lofty red brick that is so cute to leave exposed. I kinda liked the ombre idea. Headboard is a must, I love me some plush padded headboard :)

    Have you thought aboht planking? I just saw some very cute walls on Jenna Sue designs. Or reclaimed wood feature wall whitewashed? I love all the white in your house, it made it look so airy and light. I love your style so I’m sure anything you do to that room will be awsome. No pressure. Just enjoy your house before Charlie redecorates it with crayons :)

  298. Mira

    Split the curtains…the balance will soften the room and give it balance! If the door is frequently used, extend the rod so the “stack” is outside of the doorway.

    You have given me so many wonderful ideas! Your blog is wonderful.

  299. Terri

    Keep curtains to one side. Splitting the curtains = expected/boring and maybe less light shining in to that space.

    Keep the wall white and splurge on dramatic headboard which restores balance to keeping curtains on one side.

  300. Michelle S.

    1. Split the curtains
    2. You could:
    …leave the walls white and opt for an awesome upholstered headboard. Exhibit A http://www.homeadore.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/005-colorful-modern-mix-joel-dessaules-design.jpg

    …or use the blocks to create a fabulous piece of art like in the 2014 SanFran Showhouse. Exhibit B http://www.houzz.com/photos/11349933/San-Francisco-Decorator-Showcase-2014-contemporary–san-francisco

    I feel like drywalling over it would be the safe thing to do (read boring) and would actually take away what could be a great focal point/backdrop in your home.

  301. patty blaettler

    Yes. You need some curtain on each side of the slider. Unfortunately, the rod needs to be replaced with one that runs from almost wall to wall, or it will still look unbalanced. But the drapery covering that window will be a big luxury for a guest who wants to sleep in, that’s for sure!

  302. Veronica

    Have Orlando make one of his greate paint-by-numbers on the entire brick wall. Also, split the curtains! (Or don’t split them and put a fiddlehead fern on the opposite side of the panels.)

  303. Laura

    The grid wall is great and interesting! I think you should paint it. No recommendations on colors or scheme, but I bet you’d come up with something amazing. And like you said, you can always change it later.

  304. Tiffany F.

    You should pimp that grid wall, girl. It’s worth the paint risk!

    I think it would be rad if you painted the bricks black and left the grout white! And the headboard could be a pop of solid color, or it could be a florally oriental-insrpired pattern.

    If you DO decide to leave the wall white, you could do a cool abstract fringe-y wall hanging. or a giant ombre painting.

    It’ll be a stunner.

    And get a beautiful headboard but nothing that covers up the wall too much! The grid is just so nice and uncommon and interesting!

  306. deb bander

    Play up the brick wall texture by adding a very california ’70s tapestry / macrame type thing.

  307. Leah

    WOW, that’s a lot of comments!!! Without having time to read them, here’s my two-cents (since you asked:)
    Yes, flank that sliding glass door Emily!!! And while I usually appreciate a painted brick wall, this one is looking a bit, ummmmmm, institutional??? I vote to drywall and wallpaper it, OR you could clad it in horizontal planks..and paint it white, of course.: )
    It is definitely coming along!! Fun watching it come together, and I love your writing style too! (My fingers were crossed for you when you were on Design Star, BTW!)
    Leah: )

  308. Rachel

    Those concrete block walls are so cold feeling… I don’t even think a headboard is enough to soften it.

  309. Anne

    Whatever you do with the curtain, wall, headboard will be awesome. No doubt.

    This is actually a request to please bring it with a ceiling fan round-up. I am in a 100 yr old foursquare with ceiling fans in at least four rooms. Love the functionality in midwest summers, but really hate the style (mine look like your current guest rm fan) and so many on the market are either way country or traditional or modern. Your stylish eye + shopping genius would be much appreciated.

  310. Marilyn

    Where are the pillows from? I’m looking for some a lot like these. Love your blog! Oh, and two panels, definitely.

  311. Allison

    Split the curtains- just make sure the right side doesn’t interfere with opening/passing through the door.

    Do a paint treatment on the brick. You could do a couple treatments- start with outlining certain bricks. Post on blog. Then fill them in. Post on blog. Utilize the brick now, because you can always drywall and wallpaper a few years from now. Paint is cheap, and you have wonderful creative potential in those bricks.

  312. Hannah Rose

    Split the drapery, definitely. And, (I guess I’m super high-maintenance) dry wall/ wallpaper! Second choice, leave the bricks white with a beautiful headboard. Love the bedding, by the way!

  313. Jenny

    Before you split the curtains I would add a couple pieces of art vertically between the door and wall and put a plant in the corner on the floor. It will be more interesting than a curtain panel on that side and will add the weight needed to balance it out.

  314. Cat

    Hi- someone already mentioned it, I’d keep the curtains to one side, but’d definitely try to extend the rod wall to wall (would look very elegant and like an expensive hotel suite). Also, keep the wall white and do a great headboard. Good luck with everything!

  315. Sarah

    You should do one for Philadelphia. We have some great craigslist finds if you’re really looking!

  316. Sarah

    Split the drapery in two! If thats what you wanted, thats how it should be. I personally think it looks a little off balance right now. I like the idea of painting each of the white squares a slightly different neutral color and creating an interesting pattern. That way you can still do something wild with the bed headboard!

  317. Annica

    Split the curtains and wallpaper the wall!

  318. Emily Nixon

    Two panels for sure!!! Always trust that instinct! And how about painting a headboard on the bricks?

  319. Kimberly Hannon

    1- Yes split the panel. Extend the rod to allow the curtain at the right to hang outside the door opening or else you will get caught in a curtian vs. sliding door battle where half the time the extremely nice curtian will try and get stuck int he closing door (or other less careful people – children, husbands will just close the door on the curtain). That is why its a good idea to have one panel. You have space thought to extend the rod on both sides of the door and save the poor curtain from getting caught. Also it will make the wall look bigger and nicer (in my opinion. I know you know your stuff that’s why I read your blog :)
    2-I’m an architect so this answer is EXTREMELY biased, but please please please do not cover up the brick or just put a headboard in front of it. The brick makes the room. its the best part of the room. its why the room isn’t a normal old boring room. the brick is the room’s thing….so accentuate it. the room needs to be about the brick.

  320. Jordan

    In this case I think you should wait on the curtains until you get the feature wall finished. That alone will add balance back to the room and I kinda like that the one curtain says, “I’m not just a window! I’m a DOOR to your very own guest patio!” Love the blog! Thanks for the endless inspiration!

  321. What you have done so far with the guest room is great! I love the focus of the room being on the sliding glass doors. It is a beautiful entry door into the room because it exposes so much natural light into the room. Also, my opinion on the back of the bed is a headboard. Great job!

  322. Doesn’t everyone have split curtains? Boring. I agree, it looks off balance at the moment, but throw a hanging/tall plant in that empty corner or even a floor lamp that can fill the space a bit and I think you’ll be good. in my opinion, it’s the desk that’s causing the imbalance. It’s so much dark on one side. Could you slide the single-panel curtains to the right? As for the brick wall, to me it adds some interesting lines to the room. It’s weird but at least it’s kind of intriguing. Maybe a less harsh headboard will soften it up a bit – either tufted or wood?

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  323. Shaundra

    Depends on how much you want to use that slider. We use ours a ton and having it split in two is a pain in the A**. We do have two crazy young boys and that is the door to the back yard sooo…

  324. Saval

    Hmm. I think I prefer split curtains. Especially if you think you may replace the doors with French doors.

    I’m super excited about you looking for a ceiling fan. We live up in Seattle, where most houses don’t have air conditioning (and weirdly small window openings, the windows are huge, but like 1/16 opens). We’ve put ceiling fans in both bedrooms, but we need something over our kitchen table. Sadly, our ceilings are only 93 inches.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see your options!

  325. Shaundra

    Oh and I would drywall, the brick will always be there should you want it.

  326. Here’s one vote for leaving the curtain as-is. It’s very unusual but I like it. The unbalance is working for me! Do a tall plant or long macrame in the empty corner for interest. I have an off-centered window in my dining area that I think I’m going to do the off-balance treatment for and I’ll be using this for inspiration!

  327. Pete

    So much love for Emily on here.
    That curtain is sooo splitsville by now i agree with the masses. Lengthen the rod take the curtain right to the wall as to make the door look bigger. I assume the rail will be white before long too. A big beautiful headboard is a must it just wouldn’t be you without it ps totally covert the blue velvet one in the master. Then hang some crazy Emily art on that ?? of a wall and get back to bouncing baby time.. cinder blocks can wait..baby boys will not.

  328. Cindy

    Splitty-split on the curtains and I’m in favor of a colorful treatment on the wall. I know you wanted a cleaner look in this house, but some ombré (even in a muted color ) would add so much interest. Of course a soft headboard is a must regardless! Can’t wait to see what you do. I know I will love it;)

  329. Emily,

    I have this vision of those bricks all painted, but ombre-d (is that a word???) out towards the window. I see it in navy blue (like your couch in the living room) at the closet side, and then as it goes towards the windows, it gets lighter and lighter. And I would do an upholstered headboard (pin-tucks please!) even over the painted brick. Then split the curtain, balance is everything right?!?!? :)

    Just Abigail’s two cents…..

  330. I love the curtains as is. It’s like a red carpet hairstyle with all the hair cascading down one shoulder. It’s delightfully off-kilter. We have split curtains in front of our sliding doors, and the door side curtain basically lives stranded in the middle cause my husband gets annoyed with it blowing out the door when he opens it. Also, when it’s just the screen door, the door side curtain either blows into the room or sucks against the screen. Not having the desk in front of the curtain might help. I think the soft bed on one side and the soft curtain on the other look balanced enough.

  331. Breanna Kion

    Keep the brick! This is an opportunity for something different, you can do a fabulous headboard and/or wallpaper in any other bedroom that doesn’t have awesome, geometric brick walls! I would work out a pattern and paint them different colours, you can always paint it back white one day. I’ve seen alot of overscaled cross stitch patterns happening, especially in wool/felt carpets. Maybe that kind of idea but without the stitching?! Like a pixelated painting? Once you address the wall, decide on the drapes. You may end up balancing out the room.

  332. Cory

    Emily – looks amazing! I think you should split the panel and get REAL wild and wire up a remote so guests can lay and bed and open and close the curtains! My parents just did that in their bathroom and I thought – what a waste of mula, but it’s amazing and guests will be like, you fancy. DEFINITELY do an upholstered headboard. I still and drooling over the royal blue velvet one you had! Congrats on the rest of the house, looks awesome!

  333. Heather Lemoine

    Split the drapes, girl.

    And a big ole giant massive redwood headboard. You know, those big slabs that are so rustic and majestic? Maybe that won’t play with your floors, though. So maybe you go all light wooded.

  334. Kristen

    I love the cinder block wall. Forget about dry wall. I envision a huge geometric string art installation on the wall above the bed, in a polyhedron shape.

  335. L Jackson

    I have lived in several homes with sliding glass doors and always had split curtains. This is one place where you already know that balance is needed. Even if it is a dummy panel on the one side.

    And, I would paint the wall and go with the texture of the brick wall. Maybe something darker gray than the curtains and then do a patterned headboard.

  336. andy

    split the curtains but get a wider rod so they don’t blow around (and get dirty) when the slider is open. Maybe add some sort of tie-back to use when doors open to stop them blowing around – chunky rope tassel thinging. Keep the brickwork – I think repetition is very restful in a bedroom. Go for a padded tall headboard in a crazy colourful fabric to play off the geometric pattern on wall. The cinderblock is cool because industrial but not in a trendy way which I like. Love the blog

  337. Angela

    Split the curtains! It is waaay too hotel with everything on one side. That rod is beautiful and the one sided curtains make it look sad. I just love the brick wall, I think white looks perfect.

    I am looking for ceiling fans right now, so if you have any great (affordable?) sources, let us know!

  338. Julia

    Personally, I would split the drapes. Extending the rod so that they don’t impact the functionality of the door is a good idea too.

    With the wall, I say three dimensionalise that sucker. Build out some of the bricks in a solid wood finish (same as curtain rod), gold leaf some of the exposed brick and maybe create some nooks/shelves.

  339. Chris

    Split the drapes- I wouldn’t mind lopsided only but that’s some fabric, meaning lots of it. It looks too heavy. If anyone can pull off a non-tacky feature wall with brick and paint, it’s you. To anyone else I would say either drywall or leave it white. And add that headboard, of course.

  340. Benny

    Hi Emily! I would go with a pattern with bricks!

    I love ur blog and I have been following u for a long time now! with all ur tips on styling especially on gallery walls), me and my 2 friend prepares the best bday surprise for our best friend Elena. Here is the link of the project!! I hope u’ll take a look at the video!


  341. amyks

    We have a huge sliding door in our bedroom and have been debating the whole curtain thing for about 2 years. We have fabric blinds on the windows, but we need something to block the sun in the am. So, I was excited to see this room & I will be curious to see which direction you end up going.

    I think the problem with the one sided drapery is the fact that they are dark and pulled to the same side of the room as the desk which is also dark and looks a bit large. The rest of your room is light and airy, so it makes sense that the drapery would make it feel off-balance. I do love the curtain rod, it is awesome.

    I also vote for painting the squares in some cool pattern or design!

  342. Olivia

    I’m team wall paper all day every day.

    Also,split those drapes :)

  343. Abigail Allwein

    Paint the brick, starting with a deep blue (a la your living room couch) on one end and ombré it out towards the lighter end (window). New color each brick… Ya feel me? Maybe even displace every other row so the colors aren’t the same top to bottom? Then big upholstered headboard, split the curtain, and voila!

    I’m in love with this ombré idea. Please do it, otherwise I’m going to have to figure out how to do it to something in my house and it don’t have anything half as cool as that brick wall to do it on. So for realz. :) let’s do this. Ha ha.


  344. Bianca Cha-Camp

    1. Leave the window dressing as is! I think functionally it works as is, you just need something to balance it out. I would say a tall house plant. It’ll keep with the fresh vibe of the room, and allow light to filter in towards the bed when your guest wants to spend a lazy morning reading under the covers.

    2. Brick wall is tricky, but I think doing something in the grooves and leaving the bricks white would be amazing. How about gold/copper colored pipes in the grooves? It plays with the dimension you already have but keeps it from being sterile.

  345. Hg

    Split the curtains or… paint the brick wall to match the desk – or the draperies – but probably the darker tone of the desk. It may not require drywalling over the brick if the color is solid & dark.

  346. Hang a big Kilim or painting on the wall over the bed, and scale down your headboard plans. Get some colour up there.

  347. Rebecca

    I think if you hung a collection of art on the other side of the curtains up the wall it would look more balanced with the curtain on the other side. Since you seem so torn about the wall, have you thought about hanging a really cool fabric over that wall from the ceiling? Arhaus Furniture uses a backdrop of printed, awesome fabric in a lot of their furniture settings and it looks awesome! A headboard would look great against it also.

  348. Leanne

    You know – if the curtain were on the OTHER side of the room, opposite the desk, it might not look so weighted on that side of the room, but as it is, the curtain needs splitting. And I vote for drywall and wallpaper (just not loving the bricks – kinda institutional looking) – and then maybe a nice upholstered headboard (maybe a simple DIY one if you’ve got a cool wallpaper). You know – I read some of the other posts and had NO IDEA that a tall headboard was bad feng shui – maybe that’s my problem . . .

  349. Not sure if you’ll even read this comment considering you have 300 to sift through.

    KEEP THE DRAPERY. Maybe if I write in caps you will see that I differ in my opinion. Is there another place for the desk? I think if the heavy black dense desk finds another home that side of the room/wall won’t look as unbalanced. You could also find the perfect piece of art or maybe a tall house plant to “plant” on the other side of the sliding glass door. This will balance out the heavy drapery. Remember it might be a little awkward to have a curtain blocking the door for entering and exiting. The drapery was designed that way for a reason.

    I’m loving your blog lately. I’m in LA with a newborn of my own. It’s been a trip. ;)

  350. I’m going to guess you’ve already made your decision about the drapes, but I’m still going to weigh in. I have two curtain panels on my sliding door, and they are ALWAYS pushed to one side or drawn closed. I really wish I had just joined the panels, but I left them separate so I could have options. Now, I just get annoyed that I have to mess with two panels instead of one.

  351. Julie

    Drywall over that baby and wallpaper that one wall. Those bricks look so dated. Split the curtain in two. It looks weird. My two cents.

  352. Katie M

    Definitely split the draperies – it looks so HEAVY on that one side. And maybe it’s just the photos, but I am totally into that brick wall! The grid is doing it for me, so I vote headboard and not much else. I’m sure whatever you choose will be amaze-balls.

  353. 1. Split curtains, and could you do a wider rod so that they really stack to the sides of the opening? BTW I had a Decorview rep come do a measure and quote for a client and she was a NIGHTMARE, just blatantly undermining all these design decisions I had already made with my clients and making them second-guess everything we had settled on. We went with another company and all turned out fine, my clients’ faith in me restored by the fabulous results, but basically I would take what the Decorview designers advise with a grain of salt.
    2. You know you are going to take those rectangles, marry them with your weirdness and love of color, and do something amazing. Tracing paper over a picture of the wall, your markers and a glass of wine is my Rx for you to come up the cure.

  354. Kirsten

    Split the curtains! I like the idea of complimenting the hardness of the cinder block wall with terrainiums (metal and glass) or a neon sign.

  355. Phyllis Bryant

    What about painting a random design of triangles on the brick wall? Do them the width and height of the rectangles. No measuring required!

  356. Amelia

    Split the curtains. I do not love the cinder blocks, so I’d either leave them alone (for now), or drywall/wallpaper. I think any sort of paint treatment would give them too much attention (and look like a high school trying to be “cool.”

    • Beth

      fair point about too much attention.

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  365. Beth

    For the love of symmetry split those curtains pronto! And I like the rectangles and how fresh and white everything is. Either a gigantic piece of colorful art or a big soft headboard. Maybe with a pattern?

  366. Split the drapery and add a headboard to the bed. I actually think you should make the brick wall a focal wall. Maybe another paint color on that wall with a nice patterned/textured headboard.

    I saw few comments about the wall being an eyesore. I would embrace it rather than ignore it.

    However, if the budget allows, drywall and paint/wallpaper is definitely what I would do.

  367. Amy

    Ok, so I say don’t split the curtains. Yea I know, I know, it’s “off balance”, a term I use not because I totally understand it, or because I am some expert in balance, but I just read like fifty comments and they all used that term and so I don’t want to look uninformed. Umm, too late. Anyway, here’s why I think you should leave it “off balance”, it’s an opportunity. I can see a tall plant,(dare I say fiddle leaf), and art in that corner. I can tell you, as an expert, ( I just watched all your youtube video’s and feel like a graduate from the Emily Henderson Online University of Design), you need something green, tall, and sculptural, (is that a word?) and a plant would knock out the tall, green and sculptural part (seriously, I feel like I just made it up, it is a word, right?), and the art can add texture. And you seem like just the designer to tackle that project! See, opportunity!
    Love the blog!

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  377. erin

    definitely split the curtains.
    as for the brick wall I’d paint it the same color as a fabric headboard, like a deep cerulean, and hang a brass sculptural piece above the bed. Then wallpaper the opposite wall.
    good luck!

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  379. Mara

    Despite how labor intensive splitting the drapes would be, I would do it. Having to stare at that asymmetry every time I walked in the room would drive me bananas so I would just end up keeping the drapes closed. Then there goes your gorgeous natural light, and who wants that? As for the wall… I love a brick wall, but to me that just looks like painted cinder block. Technically similar, but completely different in terms of coolness. Painting it something other than white might make it more interesting, but it’d still be a painted cinder block wall. I would either go the drywall–>wallpaper route, orrrrrr skip the drywall and cover that baby in some rad 3d wall flats (like the ones from Inhabit http://www.inhabitliving.com/wall-flats-3d-decorative-wall-panels.html).

    ps, that curtain rod is TDF

  380. Jenna

    Dry wall and wallpaper for sure!!! No doubt on that one. As far as the curtains I think your instincts are right on, flank on both sides.

  381. laura

    1. split the drapes – this will anchor the right side of the room and create balance.
    2. drywall the brick — cinder blocks feel like a prison or preschool no matter what color you paint them. and choose a fun/nuetral patterned wallpaper with a white background to keep the room airy and bright. maybe a hint of gold. i am passionate about guest rooms… make them feel special. I’ve rounded up a few options for you: http://www.pinterest.com/laurabrittain/wallpaper/

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  385. Hope

    Check out the 2014 San Francisco Decorator Showcase bedroom. Your wall is just waiting for something just as spectacular with your personal touch. Share who you are with your guests, give the room some soul. You need to LOVE whatever you do in there. Choose a fabric or wallpaper you have been coveting.

  386. Sophie

    Split the curtains, it looks like something is missing. And I say drywall. The bricks make the rom look a bit bleak

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  388. janice

    Totally leave the brick…peach and soft grey graffiti using a wide brush!
    I wouldn’t split the drapes unless you had a drapery rod going from wall to wall.
    If it’s still bothering you, you could always paint out the drapery wall in the same color as the fabric.
    Have fun my friend!

  389. Alicia

    Split the curtains. You can still push them all to one side if that’s what you end up liking, but at least you’ll have the option. I’m torn with the wall. Part of me thinks outlining them would be neat. I think try you should try something fun and funky before covering and wallpapering it.

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  391. Michelle

    1. Split the curtains. I think if they were the same colour as the wall, having them to one side would work, but they look off balance as is and it was one of the first things I noticed.

    2. Leave the wall white and get a nice, cushy headboard. But you could probably think of something amazing to do with the wall that would not even occur to the rest of us.

    3. (unsolicited advice), we have those bifold doors on every closet in our house. They drive me crazy: they take up too much space, sometimes come off the track and there is always a visually annoying gap at the top. I have been slowly removing them and replacing with simple white curtains.

  392. Michelle

    Split the curtains, for sure. Plaster the wall and go for funky wallpaper!! You know you want it :)

  393. Katia

    Split. Headboard.

  394. Emily

    Just chiming in to say I vote for bricks all in different tones of the same color, with the “grout” lines between them left white. I think it would be a stunner!

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  402. Hillary

    Split curtains!!!

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  404. Stacey

    When you choose a fan, will you please show sources? I am having the hardest time choosing a fan because we need one with a light for our living room.

  405. danielle

    I am not loving the pleat on that curtain…in fact i’m not loving the entire curtain situation. it just looks awkward to me. sorry!window coverings are always the biggest dilemma for me as well. agh.
    stacey, check out restoration hardware for fans. they have nice ones: really well made, minimal and super quiet.

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    • Dani
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  408. split them! so unbalanced… it will drive you bonkers.
    and go for a fab headboard… then when/if you decide the bricks are an eyesore (i’m on the fence…) then drywall the whole thing and paint it a fantastic color. can’t wait to see the outcome!!

  409. Anni

    Hmm.. I kind of want to you to keep the curtain as one panel. And I’m not at all biased by the fact that we have this weird window in our master bedroom that’s about an inch away from the wall, and is driving me crazy trying to figure out the curtain situation. Not even the slightest, I swear. Scout’s honor. Oh, wait. Nevermind.

    Also, keep the brick. Seriously, if you drywall that sucker, I’ll find you. And steal those bedside tables and lamps while I’m at it. I would personaly keep the brick white and company it with a rad head board, but I’m not against of painting the bricks either.

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  419. Em

    The first thing I thought was: “Why is there one big curtain?” It totally looks off balance!

    As far as the brick wall goes. I think it needs some art. Maybe you could make it fun with picture hanging molding & some fun transparent/neon cording. Who knows? Have fun with it! ;D

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  423. I say split the curtains if it is not too much work. They are beautiful and deserve to frame that sliding glass door! I think you should paint the bricks with different bright colors. When I saw your room I got a Palm Springs vibe with all of the white and the bright colors on the bed. It reminded me of the Saguaro Hotel when we stayed there here in Phoenix. Good luck! It will look (and does) gorgeous as always! :)

  424. CourtneyV

    I’d split the curtains, drywall and wallpaper, but then I’m not so much for the brick-look, having had to deal with cinder block walls in my sordid past. Love your home!

  425. Anne

    Have you considered sliding the one curtain to the opposite side? The dark curtain and desk together are “heavy”. Clearly will cover the door side of the slider but could still open….

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  427. Jo

    Split the curtains. Go metallic on the brick wall, or white pearl – something shiny.

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    So it seems I am a little late to the commenting party. And there is no way I am going to read all 400+ comments. I apologize if my ideas have already been mentioned numerous time. SO here it goes.
    One- I think the curtain looks good asymmetrical with the room layout. It seems to balance well with the desk and I think having it split would make you feel less like using the slider.
    Two- I think you should definitely do an accent wall. The first thing that popped into my head was randomly painting individual bricks in solid bold colors. Keeping it random and asymmetrical I think is key to it feeling fun, fresh and modern. Everything you do BLOWS my mind, so no matter what you chose I am sure it will be beautimous!

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  665. Courtney

    Hi Emily,
    Love the way this room is turning out! I know this is a late comment/question, but I was wondering if you could share a price range that the Decorview slider panels run? I know that it depends on size, material etc. so you can’t be super specific. But I am considering a consultion for a 12 foot sliding door, and am concerned that they might be way outside of my budget. Would appreciate the insight!

  666. Megan AC B.

    Hi Emily,
    Not sure if you are still in guest room mode, but here are my thoughts:

    An area that calls for attention is the closet. Have you considered adding a casing trim in the same wood feel as the curtain rod? It would add some organic warmth and texture to later onto the white walls.

    Along the same same lines of adding texture, perhaps a large scale framed Balinese textile could be hung behind the headboard. Against the grid wall, it would give a funky dorm vibe- but in a modern grown-up way ;-)

    Would love to see an indoor version of a living seedum wall
    somewhere in this space. Even a tiny one would add texture and life.
    Lastly, I’d prefer the symmetry of split panels and to help balance the bed weight.

    Looking forward to seeing your updates to this space and others!
    Keep doing what you’re doing!

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  668. Naomi

    Okay so I just read this in the middle of August, but I had to leap into the comments to say, first of all, ABSOLUTELY split the curtains. i would have been the same confused/high maintenance customer. I think a lot of us would be, so you know, it’s okay, it’s not just you, and they shouldn’t act so surprised if all of us are having such a strong reaction to it.

    Here’s the real reason I’m commenting. This could look totally ludicrous, but each time I’ve been looking at your pictures of the brick wall I keep seeing mottled gold in the grout lines. I think it would look architechtural, break up all the pure white, bring out a lot of the accents, look beautiful with the navy, and look great with whatever headboard situation you decide to go with.

    Just my (EXTREMELY) belated 2 cents. Also! I adore your blog. Love love love how candid you are aaand your work is awesome. Great stuff!

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