Our baby shower …

You can call off the search, fire the detectives, put down the phone, and take the flyers on the street poles because you’ve officially found the best baby shower ever. And by baby shower I do mean a boy/girl party to celebrate parenthood. Baby showers come in all shapes and sizes and they all have different things that I love about them. But I have to admit that sharing the experience with your partner is pretty special. Don’t try this if you are going to have a traditional baby shower, the boys will want to suffocate themselves with cloth diapers if they had to come. But if feel like just making it a party, then there is no reason that fathers shouldn’t be there to celebrate the entrance into parenthood, too.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

It was thrown by three of my best friends in LA, and quite the coincidence that they also have extremely good taste and are all super into DIY-ing such events. So Corbett, Scott, and Orlando, Brian and  I thank you so much for the best shower ever.

emily baby shower

It was at Scott’s house which is stunning. He’s a stylist, his boyfriend is french – the world would crumble if these two didn’t have a pretty house.  I’ve broken this party down to two posts – ‘The Party’ and ‘The Decorations’. There were just so many pretty photos and so much to talk about that I didn’t want to put them all in one. So todays post is just the party and then tomorrow it will be broken down more. (Originally I was going to reverse it but as I was posting it looked like nobody came to the shower and it was just a bunch of empty decor).
Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Not sure how much I LOVE seeing pics of me this pregnant and bloated (below), but I do love how clearly happy I was. It was a Sunday night, I only had 2 or 3 weeks left before the baby, and I think I was in a pretty good mood all the time those days. Plus Christophe, Scott’s boyfriend who is an amazing hair cut/color/stylist, did my hair and I squeezed myself into this red little number.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

So despite packing on 25 pounds, I felt good and I was just so excited to be around all my friends. I was so busy wrapping up The Fig House, the Air bnb project, Cup of Jo’s house and still keeping up with the blog, plus the move and the baby, that I hadn’t really socialized in a while. I was psyched to be around friends and celebrate.

Also they hired a ‘Slight of hand’ magician to rove around and entertain us, in lieu of games. This guy was hilarious and did tricks with fire and made balloon animals and generally acted ridiculous. We laughed and drank and played with fire inside this awesome triangle that my friends made.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Brian was just so adorable and he absolutely LOVED that this was for him, too. I know its tradition to have it be just for the girls and have it be more about the moms pregnancy, etc, but it’s both of us who were entering parenthood and deserve a send off.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

I know you are dying to see the decor, as you should be. But you’ll have to come back tomorrow …

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

My friends also planned a onesie making station. They bought onesies from American Apparel (the outlet so it wasn’t a fortune) and bought fabric paint and iron ons and everybody went to town to create a wardrobe for Charlie that he would never notice, but that I would be pretty psyched about. I love having these in his drawers. They remind me of my friends, the party and what happens when drunk people get a hold of fabric paint.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Commes De Garson, naturally. Thanks, Bri.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

All in all it was really an awesome night. Thank you so much Corbett, Scott and Orlando for everything. You’ll see tomorrow during the post but they put so much time, effort, money and love into the night and I can’t thank them enough. It’s such a treat to have someone else throw a party for you. It’s never happened to me before. And it was one of my favorite nights ever.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

That is the whole group, drunk from Cheer-up Charlies (the signature drink) and magic.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

And that’s Brian and I practicing our Demi Moore pose (we succeeded, but I decided to not show you those shots).

Thanks, Corbs Scott and Orlando so much for the best parenting party we could ever have been given. It was just so fun and memorable in every way. xx

All photos by the amazing Christian and Reina of Max and Friends. Thanks guys so much!!!!!

  1. You are so + so pretty! You are rockin’ it as a MAMA!
    And this party was beautiful + loving all the pics! Thank you for sharing + inspiring!

  2. Jessica

    No offense to people who have traditional baby showers, but this seems like a lot more fun for both the guests and Guest(s) of Honor!

  3. Carol

    How fun! The magician is a better alternative to the games..that most people don’t want to play anyway. Thanks for sharing

  4. Katie

    This looks like a fabulous party — you have awesome friends for putting together such a great shindig! My family is very superstitious and not into traditional baby showers, but I love the idea of a pre-parenthood party with all of our nearest and dearest!

  5. Nicole M.

    Look at all of the LOVE and HAPPINESS in those pictures!! What a fun night for everyone :) Sweet Charlie is going to have some fabulous birthday parties. Can I come, haha.

  6. Lesley

    Ever since my hens (bachelorette) party I realised that it is much more fun to have the boys you love involved in your fun times (my sweet brother did it this way and it was awesome). Now that I’m trying to get pregnant, this is 100% the baby shower I want. Rather than demanding it, I will just send a (not so subtle) email with a link to this post.
    Thanks Em, I hang out for your blogs and I am amazed at how well you are doing at publishing them since The Charlie came along.

  7. Deb

    Love the whole theme of this party, and the onesie creation station idea was fabulous. What a wonderful way to celebrate not only parenthood, and Charlie, but you, too, Emily. I can tell Charlie will continue to bring alot of joy to you and yours!

  8. Crissy

    Just loving the posts lately…wanted to let you know…and thanks for sharing your shower! We did the same so the hubs (named Charlie!) and I could BOTH have fun and share the excitement with our friends! Have a wonderful day!

  9. Victoria

    I love the newer tradition of having ‘showers’ changed to ‘parties’ and including all.

  10. Robyn

    Onesie making station?!?!?!?!? I need to throw a baby shower stat!!! (And totally steal that idea of course.)

  11. Sandy

    I think having guys and gals involved is so much more fun. My extended family always have family “showers” for weddings and births so it’s more like a family reunion and everybody gets to celebrate the happiness of a marriage or new family member coming into the world. This looked like an amazing time and I can’t wait to see the decorations too! How wonderful to be surrounded by so much love.

  12. Lesley

    You are very cute, and the body hatred really makes me sad (especially considering you were 8+ months pregnant!). Having a little girl made me get that in check, not wanting her to have such feelings about herself.

  13. AND they succeeded in telling everyone to wear muted colors so you would SHINE! What a fun night and such a gift. Welcome to parenthood.

  14. Elizabeth

    You are the cutest preggo EVER!

  15. Wonderful in every way, I love the uniqueness and that onesie station is SUPERB! Can’t wait to see the decor pics next! :)

  16. Carol

    Beautiful party, beautiful friends, beautiful guests of honor. I love it all, but I am especially coveting your brown ankle boots. Care to share the brand?

  17. “Packing on 25 pounds and feeling bloated and gross?” Emily, you GLOW in every single photo, seriously you were the most radiant lovely pregnant woman. Big thumbs up on the ankle boots and that gorgeous red dress. Party looked awesome – I often find traditional baby showers a little bit overdone and dull – THIS is my dream baby shower! A big happy party with men and women and lots of laughs. I’ll be using this as inspo when we start our family for sure.

  18. susan

    Can you share the contact info the slight-of-hand magician?!
    and really, you are the most photogenic person I have.ever.seen!

  19. How sweet. You look beautiful and so happy! I threw a bridal shower for my bff and invited men along with the groom to be. One of my favorite parties yet! And a magician? Totally jealous.

  20. Pearl

    This is exactly the kind of party I’d like to have if I ever had a baby. It seems like so much fun and I love the idea of having the guys there too! x

    ps. That red dress = perfection on you

  21. Looks like so much fun!! I love the idea of the onesie making station. We also had a baby shower with my husband there. I love that idea!! Why not right?!? :)

  22. Judy

    Emily, you look fabulous! I didn’t even know you were expecting until seeing this. So happy for you! The party looks awesome!

  23. Emily

    Emily, please please tell me where you got those awesome ankle boots? They are the best!

  24. Danielle

    And to continue Emily’s plea, can you tell me where your beautiful red dress is from?


  25. how fun! You have great friends who love you so much! :)

  26. Jihane

    Amazing! So much joy in the pictures… The onesie making station is my favourite, I hop I won’t forget this idea for when I’ll have a baby shower!

  27. Melissa

    2nd that! Where did you get that lovely dress?

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  29. Faustine

    It’s COMME DES GARÇONS, not “Commes De Garson”… Naturally.

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