Open Sky Announcement!

Well friends, I have a big announcement: No, i’m not pregnant. Unless “pregnant” means “I’m curating and selling a lot of my favorite things on Open Sky,” which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. But I was raised sheltered, so I could be wrong.  

Here’s the story: Open Sky is a shopping site that has experts in all different fields: home, food, fashion, healthy living, and kids. You choose the ones you want to “connect” with — like me — and they’ll recommend products that they love and use.  

In this case, I, Emily Von Henderson am the “Expert,” and I have been working with Open Sky the last few months to pull together pieces for the home that I love. No stores have paid me to sell their product; it’s all just stuff that I handpicked because I love them, and Open Sky did the footwork to find the companies that make them, and subsequently get us a 20% discount. It’ll be small pieces of furniture, accessories, textiles, and tabletop. And it’s all 100 percent awesome stuff I use everyday. Like these pieces:

I’m psyched about the first collection which goes on sale on Friday. 

It’s all GOLD! And by “Gold,” I mean brass, gold painted, and gold leafed, anything that is glitzy in a sophisticated way. I love it. I need it. It’s pretty much a neutral to me. It’s what I add to every room to create warmth and the feminine touch. It warms up my cool blues and grays, and it reflects light to add texture and depth. I wear it (my jewelry), I drink out of it (my bareware), I accessorize with it (1/4 of my furniture), and I eat it (I’m very rich so sometimes I just eat gold, when I’m bored).  

Starting Friday you too can own some of my favorite gold pieces — all on sale just for Open Sky followers. Click here to follow me, and then get your glamour on.  

Because you don’t have to be rich to be glamourous.  

  1. I will definitely be checking it out as I love that bowl and need it in my living room somewhere!

  2. Love the gold! Looking forward to checking out the site on Friday…

  3. Lovely photos really do show off these items! I love the gold theme! But hey I do like your coffee table! Very chic! As for Open Sky, is this a type of affiliate programme? Seems a clever concept!

  4. Sara

    "i'm very rich so sometimes i just eat gold, when i'm bored. its not good, but it makes me feel very important"

    hahaha! I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a blog :)

    anyway, I just found your blog and love it… and the gold!

  5. Kim

    I will be checking out the sale!! And until Emily writes a book of her own I've been buying and reading lots of design books. And of course since Emily has design books in her picture it means I'm going to rush out and buy the books that I don't already own. So in the picture above there is a book that I'm trying to locate. Anyone know the full title or author of the book that has 'Home' on the spine? It's the book in the photo on top of the 'Decorate' book by Holly Becker. I've been trying to locate that book but nothing is coming up on Amazon with that name that looks remotely close to the book in the photo. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  6. Chandra

    LOVE the tangle light! Looking forward to see what other products you bring OpenSky!

    Kim – The book called HOME is from Artisan Publishing and can be purchased here: Hope that helps! :)

  7. Kim

    Thank you so much Chandra!!!! :)

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