One Kings Lane Tastemaker Sale TODAY and a GIVEAWAY

Having a tastemaker sale on One Kings Lane is a lot like having a baby; so many months preparing — full of love, expense, work, pain, work, schlepping, driving, picking out fabrics, sending to the upholsterers, checking in on said upholsterers, shopping, hoarding, organizing, shooting, painting, framing, polishing, hoarding, getting nervous, counting down the seconds, wanting to panic as you look at how much money you’ve put into it wondering if it’s all worth it when … all of a sudden its here and you look at that sale with so much love and adoration that you can’t believe you ever wondered if it was worth it … til next week when you are coordinating the shipping.

At least that’s what I’ve heard about having babies. (And, also, I’M TOTALLY KIDDING, obviously).

My second tastemaker sale starts TODAY,  FOR THREE DAYS ONLY. There are so many pieces that I LOVE, many things I feel emotionally attached to, and even more things that I’m like, “Why would you sell that, Emily? You love that so much and have had that forever?” But I think my addiction to shopping trumps my addiction to owning pretty things, so this gives me allowances for my future shopping, which gives me even more money to shoot more interesting styling posts. You can only see the same things in shots over and over before you complain, so this is how I purge and make money for more. (Talk about over explaining.)

vintage painting people

I have a thing for paintings of strangers. I think because people are like sculptures that you can recognize. They can be both abstract and photographic, but they are always something that reminds you of yourself, someone you know, or maybe no one you know, but the shape of the face is familiar because you, too, are a human. I mean, I may as well be teaching art theory at Yale. That shit was beautiful. Regardless, I’m selling some of my favorites, so go get them.

vintage oil paintings For the less “Stranger Danger” fans out there, these pretty paintings above are both more accessible and just very very pretty.

So the sale starts today at 8am PST (which is in about one hour from now as I write this). Here’s the link!

Meanwhile to help offset some of the costs, One Kings Lane is doing two giveaways of credit, one for $75 and one for $50. Just leave a comment with what piece you want to buy (or what piece you did buy :)) and you’ll be entered. We’ll randomly draw this Friday and announce on the blog.

I know it’ll be too late for you to use this credit on this sale, but I’m sure I’ll have another one very very soon.

Good luck and cross your fingers for me.


We have winners for our giveaway! They are Dominique DeLaney and Courtney Khail!

  1. Nicole P

    Hi Emily, I’m so excited for the sale to start and I’m just shopping it – I can’t imagine how excited you must be! All the sneak peeks have been great so far, but I’m particularly excited for your brass coffee table. Hope I can get it in time! Good luck with the sale!!

  2. Kimberly

    The Ming Chairs and your Brass Coffee Table!! That’s what I want to buy but I also love that horse head and since I own horses it would be very fitting. T-40 minutes and counting!!

  3. Cher

    I would use my gift certificate to buy #1 on the stranger paintings or #5 in the painterly paintings!

  4. Dawn Jurgensmeier

    Like the other posters, I want that coffee table in a bad way. Who had the fastest fingers???

    • Dawn Jurgensmeier

      Ok, I didn’t get that fab coffee table but I did get some really great vessels and lamps. So excited!

  5. Elz

    I’d use it for that crazy gorgeous blue plycraft chair!

  6. Jessi

    I know for sure I would LOVE to buy a piece of your upholstery, (no one does flea market redos better than you!). Also really liked the gold turtle dish, I’m digging painting number 8 above, (reminds me of old pics of my mom,) and I like the painterly #1 above. I bought an american flag from your last sale and it makes me so happy every time I look at it!

  7. Kimberly

    yep – #1 of the Stranger Paintings is my favorite too! I love the Asian Inspired Hex Brass Box and Yellow Mid-Century Lamp I purchased from your last sale – although I still don’t have a home for the lamp yet so it’s in the basement (shame) but hope to give it a home in our summer cottage one day.

  8. Lucy

    that second portrait of a stranger is haunting me in the best way possible.

  9. JeanieS

    #5 in Painterly Paintings, I dig it!

  10. Rebecca

    There are so many beautiful pieces in the sale – it’s hard to choose! I love both the deep pinkish red chairs and the bluish green chairs. The fabric looks so sumptuous and yummy. I also like the brass turtle dish and the tree painting (#4) above. I bet it’s all going to go fast!

  11. Molly

    I love that fifth “painterly painting”!

  12. Terri

    I want that last painting of the ocean and I also want that stranger danger picture of the sassy lady in a hat.

  13. Andrea

    I LOVE the lucite chairs!

  14. Chris

    Everything is INCREDIBLE! I couldn’t click fast enough!

  15. Megan

    The brass extending lamp is something I have always wanted for my house! (that and the brass coffee table, and that distressed lounge chair, and #8 in the amazing portraits cause those colors are bananas, and pretty much everything you own….)

  16. Rebecca

    Emily, I’ve been loving your blog and I’m a big fan of your work. My grandmother is an artist who does a lot of portraiture, check it out! A lot of the paintings you use in your interiors remind me of my grandma’s work! She’s also based in LA :)

  17. if I had a diningroom, I would definitely buy the set of Danish MidCentury Chairs. Great pieces!!


  18. I love so much of it, but that tribal day bed is killer!

  19. Karen

    I LOVE the Brass Coffee Table Chest and the pair of Brass & Blue Chairs!

  20. Oh Emily – this is my favorite sale EVER!!!!! Seriously what wouldn’t I buy. And holy cow it is has only been two minutes since I first looked at it and someone is snatching everything up – literally! No finger-crossing needed. :) I loved all the brass pieces, the dalmation and greyhound dogs, the burled wood headboard, the upholstered chairs, the pink velvet headboard and more.

  21. I just checked out the sale and it looks like it is going SO well! Lots of sales and lots more in others’ carts. I’m loving all of the gold rimmed glassware and those gold espresso cups! Good luck!

  22. Charity

    I adore the little brass football! It would look so cute on top of a stack of amazing design books in my living room! merci!

  23. Kate

    I got the pewter lion as a wedding gift for my fiance (we’re doing an African safari for our honeymoon–hopefully we see actual lions, too). I’ve been agonizing over what to get for him, but I think the lion will look fantastic in our home (okay, tiny apartment) for years to come. Was sad to miss out on the giraffe bookends…but I’m really tempted to go back for the polar bear. Thanks for curating a wonderful sale!

  24. Ivey Evans

    I embrace stranger danger – I’d get #8 and #9!!

  25. Dani

    Great job on the sale Emily! It was hard to choose just one item to dream about owning, but if I had to choose it would be the Plycraft chair. What a beauty!

  26. Gina

    If I had the money I’d have those bright pink velvet club chairs in a heartbeat, and would pair them with that fabulous brass chest coffee table. My pad would be so sexy!

  27. Elizabeth

    Number one or eight on the stranger danger, the brass coffee table, or that lovely blue chair.

  28. Cathy

    I’m in love with the Tribal Print Midcentury Daybed!

  29. Bridget

    Hot pink fuzzy bunny is MINE! Yippeee. I didn’t know that I always had wanted one of those until I saw it on your sale. Now I have it to give to my 5-yr old daughter for Easter. Thank you and good luck on the rest of the sale! Need to move some of those big pieces!

  30. I really need me a great pair of salt and pepper grinders. Man they’re gone now but I would have used those every day.

    A little sad that we won’t get to see the coffee table and the teal plycraft in your house now!

  31. Muoi

    I love the blue abstract painting and CA flag. It may be hard to let all of these amazing items go but I bet it feels pretty good to purge a little too so that room is made for other beautiful objects.

  32. I would buy those 1980’s blue tufted chairs of they were in my budget–gorgeous! Great job Emily and team. I can’t wait to see new stuff that you’ll buy and how you’ll style it. Your house must look so different. I mean, your guest room alone is pretty much all on the sale today. :) Good luck with the sale.

  33. Olivia

    I love the blue nautical flag. Swoon :) Also, too many cute brass items, I want them all.

  34. Esha

    i LOVE the leather lounger! so gorgeous!

  35. Charisma

    OMG, so many great pieces, how am I to choose…. I love the California flag, framed water color landscape, baby portrait (makes me smile), moroccan stuffed elephant, the peacock blue chair, I could go on and on but that would be excessive. I would need Emily Henderson to help me style up my pad. That would be the greatest!

  36. Katie

    If I could afford it, I would DEFINITELY buy the tribal print daybed. It is perfect. Fun to check out your sale!

  37. Colleen

    Those giraffe bookends make my heart hurt with yearning. Someone already snapped them up, but I’ve said a prayer to the vintage gods that they’re find their way into my life soon.

    That blue wall hanging is also super badass.
    Congrats on the sale!

  38. Annie

    If it weren’t sold out, the Blue Woven Hanging Textile would be my choice!

  39. kristin

    I love that brass trunk coffee table, but someone beat me to it!

  40. Great Sale Emily! I would use it on the Brass 2 Tone Deco Desk Lamp. You have really sparked my interest in brass. Thank you!

  41. tiffany

    I would LOVE the Vintage Concrete Dalmatian!!

  42. Sarah Olson

    I was so sad that I missed the brass bull!

  43. Leah

    wow! everything on your OKL sale is going quick! i would choose #5 of the painterly paintings.

  44. The first painting is Prince for sure.

  45. pallavi

    the porcelain pigs are hilarious and im pretty sure my husband would hate them – all the more reason to buy them!

  46. Devin

    Love the brass giraffe bookends and the gold espresso cups.

  47. Johanna

    I’d buy the Abstract Ocean Painting!

  48. Heather

    I would have bought the accordian light…so great! But it was scooped up already…so bummed!

  49. Jessica

    I’m OBSESSED with the four Danish Mid Century chairs and the white Paul McCobb desk – too bad both are out of my price range currently!

  50. Britt

    love those twig/branch candle holders!

  51. Stephanie

    distressed leather lounge chair *swoon*

  52. Jodi

    i LOVE that distressed leather arm chair. so gorgeous.

  53. Amanda

    I would have loved the #8 painting of the girls!

  54. Emily

    Girl, You are selling out!

    I would have gotten the brass turtle, but sadly, it is gone! Love it!

  55. Man that sale is going fast! I was craving your Brass Coffee Table and since I’m a recent Texas transplant I was also eying the brass cowboy hat. Alas, they sold before I got a chance at them!

  56. KateAnn

    I would love it all! But the green abstract acrylic painting is at the top of the list.

  57. I love the golden airplane, so sad it sold out already!

  58. The plycraft and mid century bench are on my dream wishlist!

  59. If I could afford them, I’d love the set of 4 midcentury chairs for our dining room.

  60. Azure

    I love that brass bird planter!

  61. Tara

    Tough choices! Just one to pick? I’d go with #3 of Painterly – although #4, no #2…I can’t make up my mind! Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck everyone :)

  62. Lee

    So much good stuff!

    I’d buy that amazing peacock blue chair OR the tribal print daybed.

  63. Emily

    So many wonderful brass accents! I love the brass ‘E’, of course. On the other hand, any one of the beautiful abstract paintings would be such a treasure!

  64. Beth

    Strangers? Really? #1 is Prince, #2 is that guy from Lost, and #6 is for sure my maternal grandmother!

  65. kelly jo

    hands down stranger #3

  66. Jen

    I’m loving the Tribal Print Midcentury Daybed – i’ve been obsessing over daybeds for a while now and really want something special for my XL living room. If only I could afford it! Also loving stranger #8!!

  67. Hannah W

    I would LOVE those gray lounge chairs. They’re killing me.

  68. Heather V

    I really like the brass bird plant holder. So cute and original!

  69. Jordan Garcia

    Dying for the *Pink Velvet Striped Headboard* that is unfortunately in someone else’s cart! Blasphemous! Would use $75 towards anything Emily touches, bc it turns to gold (er, brass, bronze, metal) amazingness duh!

  70. Audrey

    I got the #1 portrait painting of the stranger in the red hat who I totally love. If I had the gift card I would totally splurge on one of the upholstered pieces! Good luck, Em!

  71. Don’t count this as a second entry (or do, if you must), but that old horse box that sold is RIGHT up my alley. Would love to see you dig up more like that. :-D

  72. Karen

    I’d totally buy that dalmatian and the russian czar vase

  73. i love the framed geometric face drawing so much. the colors are just beautiful! im sad it sold out but i would use the credit to buy another piece of art, one just as meaningful!

  74. Stephanie

    I’m loving that orange mid-century chair. Need it!

  75. angie

    the tribal print daybed, for sure – i have the perfect spot for it!

  76. Amanda S.

    The wall mounted extending lamp. Love!

  77. Jessica

    Number five on the painterly paintings is lovely. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Kyle

    I love the Dalmatian! He’s amazing.

  79. Hayden

    I would love the green acrylic abstract painting, the burl wood nightstands, the leather safari chair, white hand book ends. love everything. love your taste!

  80. Elizabeth G.

    I really like the Charcoal Footed Vessel.

  81. I totally want that blue velvet tufted chair that’s featured in the Apartment Therapy post of your bedroom! It’s SO GORGEOUS!

  82. I am broke. I love your sale. I am a big fan of your portrait paintings and the upholstered furniture. I wish (tear) I could buy all of it. Best of luck with the sale lil’ lady!

  83. I know it has already sold, but I have been obsessed with your three women painting ever since you brought it home from the flea market and posted about it…so jealous of whoever the next loving owner is :) love eying all your goodies! must be hard to part with so much of this…

  84. I die for those hot pink velvet chairs…they are pure perfection!! Fingers crossed that I win!!

  85. courtney d

    my favorites are the Vintage White Scalloped Bowl and the White Polar Bear w/ Gilded Details (so cute!)

  86. erin marie

    Love the vintage alphabet bowl and the owl dish (ok, ok,and the peacock blue chair!)

  87. Christine

    Leather lounger! Your sale was great, congrats.

  88. dianne anderson

    I would love the Turban Candle holders. What a great selection!

  89. Laura

    Wow! That was my first One Kings Lane sale and it was crazy fun! I’ve loved your blog forever and I would LOVED to have gotten the brass turtle (I have been wanting a cool soap dish for my bathroom), but someone beat me to it. ;) Second favorite is that amazing distressed leather lounge chair. So pretty!

  90. Alex

    I would get that amazing Tribal Print Midcentury Daybed!

  91. Elisabeth L

    I fell in love with the little polar bear and the black sheep, but someone beat me to them :)

  92. Robin

    I am a huge Emily Henderson fan…love your quirky style and think you are mad talented, HOWEVER, the One Kings Lane sale is not one of your finest hours. I waited with great anticipation for your sale to begin and clicked in immediately after it went live, but was quickly disappointed. The items are lovely and tasteful but the prices are totally outrageous. I, too, am an avid “vintage” shopper and go to many flea markets and estate sales to look for interesting items to purchase, so I have a good idea of the normal price range many of these things typically go for. To make sure my memory was serving me correctly, I went from One Kings Lane to Etsy’s website and found 3 of the exact same mass produced items you are selling for a fraction of the cost. I’m not referring to any of your larger pieces of furniture or upholstered pieces as I don’t have any idea how much you have invested in them or what they are worth. My reference is to many of the brass and ceramic pieces which make up a large part of your sale.

    I get that you are downsizing your collection in an effort to replenish it with new and fresh items, but it seems a little unfair to me to put a huge mark-up on items that you know your fans will purchase just because they belonged to you at one time. Some would argue that if you can make the sale, you are doing nothing wrong, but it seems to me that you’re taking advantage of your fame to make a buck. While I still admire your talent and would definitely watch any TV program you were on or read any book you would put on the market, I will not be purchasing any of your over-priced trinkets just because you owned them.

    Maybe I’m looking at this in the wrong way, so if there are any opinions that anyone could share with me that makes this whole thing OK, I’d love to hear them.

    • Robin

      To clarify something I said in my earlier post, I wanted to add that I certainly don’t think it’s wrong to try to make a profit on something you are selling. What I find troubling is that the mark-up was so exorbitant that it seemed out of line. The fact is, people were willing to pay it because the stuff belonged to Emily Henderson. Is that OK? If the fame factor were iconic, maybe, but in this case, it seems kinda creepy and dishonest. Just my opinion…again, I’m more than willing to be proven wrong.

  93. Trish Corvino

    I would get the oil painting of the women in blue!

  94. Julie

    Emily: I believe you mislabeled 2 Eames chairs as Thonet; if I remember my mid-century chair history correctly. Maybe I’m wrong; you don’t often see those chairs with linen fabric on them. That said, I really, really want the pair of pink chairs, or the above-mentioned Eames/Thonet chairs. I was surprised by how expensive everything was, too–where was something I could afford? And then I scrolled down and saw that all the stuff I could afford was already purchased (bummer!). I would have bought the pink upholstered lucite thingy in a heartbeat!

  95. Boni B.

    I want to go for a walk in “painterly painting” #4.

  96. Kristina A

    I love the framed oil painting with the trees! Unfortunately it’s already sold but I love the colors!

  97. Shel Li

    I wanted that Fuzzy Hot Pink Bunny but someone beat me to it!

  98. I want…EVERYTHING. But that pink headboard is UH-MAZE.

  99. Rachael

    I would chose #4 of painterly paintings. I love those colors.

  100. I LOVE #5 of painterly paintings. Its so simple, makes me think I could recreate it. But, honestly, my 3yr old might do a better job than me.

  101. Alexis

    I want the brass chest table like crazy. Though it might be bad for my health as I’d spend all day rubbing finger prints and dust off it and telling it how much I love it and never leaving the house. Probably best its sold then.

  102. Sabrina

    The pink fuzzy rabbit was pretty rad!

  103. Lauren

    The blue velvet tufted chair. It’s just everything!

  104. Megan

    This is such an awesome tastemaker sale! I DIE for both the Tribal Print Midcentury Daybed & the Midcentury Table w/ Chrome Base :-)

  105. My grandfather was a psychiatrist and worked all over the world. He painted portraits of a lot of the patients he worked with in mental hospitals, mostly in the 50s and 60s. They are really awesome and kind of eerie. A few even have the tell-tale prefrontal lobotomy scar on their foreheads!

  106. zoe

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