One Kings Lane Sneak Peek of vintage pieces

In case you aren’t aware, One Kings Lane is a flash sale sight and everyday they have a different ‘tastemakers’ sale where a designer or store owner curates a sale.  Mine is coming up on SEPTEMBER 18th but obviously the point is to sell out so i’m going to be promoting it a lot, otherwise i’m going to be stuck with 9 sofas in my storage unit, 18 brass animals and even more weird portraits of art that i just don’t need, but are awesome.

Everything is vintage and there are a lot of pieces that i put a lot of time in to updating (i.e. refinishing and upholstering, not to mention shopping and transporting) so i want people to be able to have the time to save up and prepare for them (aka, ask friends opinions, take measurements, ask partner their opinion, etc).  

Some are VERY hard to give up.  

Like this italian 1970’s sofa (and club chair to match, sold separately) completely redone in peacock blue velvet.  Its insane.  I couldn’t find a signature, but i think its a designer piece and it has been VERY hard for me to part with.  

The back pillows are actually in the shape of a triangle and the side pillows are attached to it.  

Here she is before:

The fabric before was obviously crazy, although i did like something about it.  But it was dirty, worn, icky, etc, so its been completely redone (new foam and everything, etc).  

Its a total one of a kind, customized, Italian late 1970’s or early 80’s piece with superb velvet. It will make your house more interesting. I’m not saying that because i need to sell it, i’m saying that because its absolutely true.  This is what you splurge on, i promise.  

Up next the two most comfortable chairs ever:

Previously in a yellow icky fabric.  

I have a PAIR of these and i’m so obsessed with them its crazy.  I want to hoard them so hard for my future TV room because they are super large scale and so incredibly comfortable, not to mention a ton of character.   


The belgium linen was a splurge and is super high quality, and the scale of these is perfect to balance out a pretty large sofa. They are just so 70’s and loungey. I die.  The ONLY reason i’m not keeping them is because i love my leather safari chairs, but otherwise there isn’t a chance i would part with them.  

Next up is this super simple and kinda ugly club chair that looked like this:

This is a mid-upholstery process shot:

And now it looks like this:

THat velvet is like the most beautiful color ever.  

If you want to learn everything you need to know about reupholstering vintage pieces read my guide, HERE.  

Don’t worry, there are going to be a lot of things that are more affordable, but i just wanted to highlight the ones that are pricier so you have a while to prep and save and priortize, etc.  

Awesome burlwood coffee table

White lacquer (matte) campaign dresser, newly lacquered and hardware restored

Faux bamboo regency campaign style nightstands.  

Clearly favorites of mine that are VERY hard to give up.  

I’ll post more next week, and again there are some items that are affordable, its the custom furniture that are splurges and worth every penny.  I have such a new respect for vintage store owners, i mean the amount of work and time that goes into collecting, fixing, and hoarding is insane, so getting paid properly for this can get difficult, but there is nothing here that i wouldn’t buy if it was within my budget because they are all really awesome pieces that are unique and therefore worth the splurges.  

September 18th folks, 3 days only, spread the word because Brian will kill me if none of my 136 items sells (and yes, you take that risk and have to purchase them all out of pocket….its terrifying).  

  1. T

    I'm so looking forward to your sale! Any suggestions for good and reasonable upholsterers in NYC area? I have a few pieces I need to unload to make room for more!

  2. From the looks of it, I think you'll sell out in a second!!! I can't even believe how stellar that (ugly) club chair turned out. You have such vision, seriously.

  3. Shevy

    Love all your treasures, and I am getting excited for your sale! Can you source your peacock velvet please?

  4. Ang

    I'm loving those two trunks! I'm sure I have piles of junk to shove in there. Or throw blankets. Whatever.

  5. Kimberly (LolaLalaBean)

    I am still absolutely losing my shit over the fact that I'm stuck traveling for work during this event and might not be left with anything that I can afford to purchase. Can we just say devastated? Really hoping this is one of those OKL sales that starts late in the day and hopefully can sneak out of my meeting and do some stealth shopping.

  6. Ldcz

    Totally in love with the brass trunks!!!! Why is it that we always want the things we can't afford?? Drives me completely nuts!! @#$%#

  7. I want everything. Every single thing.

  8. Kim

    Hi Emily,

    These items are gorgeous! What are the dimensions of the white dresser? I want it!


  9. Angela

    Hi Emily, so looking forward to your sale! Thanks for the update. I know this was asked already, but any chance you can give the source of the peacock blue velvet fabric? I've been looking everywhere for the perfect blue and this looks wonderful! Thanks. :)

  10. Lauren

    The 70s lounge chairs are unreal. No way can I afford them, but I'm SO jealous of the future owner!

  11. Those gray chairs are amazing- like I will be dreaming about them tonight. I just want to curl up on them crossed-legged style (my preferred way to sit)- but alas- no tengo dinero:(
    I did however stop by a local antique store the other day and see an amazing brass legged velvet tufted crazy rocker that I know you would love- I'm debating nabbing it and eventually reupholstering! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  12. Alyrae

    Ha! It looks like I'm not the only one who is dying for a peacock blue velvet couch. I too would love to know the fabric source – maybe after the sale? I love everything about that sofa – I wonder if purchasing an awesome couch is one of the acceptable reasons to dip into your 401K?

    I have the sale date saved on my calendar!

  13. Jaclyn Joslin

    I would love to know the dimensions of the peacock blue velvet sofa. thanks!

  14. Emily – you have such a great vision when you find these pieces. It is extremely enjoyable to see the before and after, especially when I am honing in my own furniture-awesomeness-vision. Please show more crazy turned amazing pieces!

  15. Giana Forzareli

    You are doing amazing work! I really appreciate the creativity and the innovation that you put in each project. I especially enjoyed viewing that amazing burlwood coffee table. I am a huge fan of the show parks and recreation on NBC. The actor who plays Ron Swanson ( Nick Offerman) is a skilled woodworker. He created a coffee table that looks exactly the same as this one. The only difference is that his has heavy iron table legs

    Those trunks that you have make excellent cat and dog beds. All you have to do it find one that is a little wider, remove the top, and insert padding. After you are done inserting the padding, you have a classy and unique animal to show off in your foyer. Try it out. I wish I had pictures to share.

  16. Christine

    Amazing furniture as always!! While browsing ebay, I did come across a pair of chairs similar to the icky yellow ones you had upholstered in amazing gray linen, except they are in icky turquoise but with an ottoman! They are in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia (just search mid century turquoise) – no, I'm not the seller but just wanted to share because finding amazing vintage pieces other than plantation/victorian styles in the southeast (I live in SC) can be difficult but they do pop up occasionally!

  17. marcos rosebowl

    wish best of luck Emily, see you at rose bowl tomorrow?????, Marcos

  18. Ilene

    How do you care for your brass trunks and coffee table? I recently purchased a brass trunk on Craig"s List and am researching ways to safely care for it. I have three kiddos and am hoping to offer my new trunk some sort of protection from their sticky fingers.

  19. Kim

    Hey Emily!

    I just check OKL and didn't see you on the calendar for tomorrow! What time does your sale start?!


  20. Great collection of sofas, thanks for sharing your view on vintage furniture pieces.