One kings lane sale…whats left.

So those of you who checked the One Kings Lane Tastemaker sale know that a lot sold out real fast. We were giddy watching it.  Bonnie and i were staring at the computer, refreshing the screen every minute drinking champagne for the first hour, ridiculously happy to see all our hard work pay off.  

So there is 18 hours left and here is what is left.  

1. Newly reupholstered 1970’s Italian Peacock blue velvet sofa.  $3499  I love this sofa VERY much.  I’m shocked that its still mine. 

2. Newly reupholstered 1970’s Italian Peacock blue club chair $2199

3. Burlwood coffee table $799 Good. i’ll keep hoarding this, oh yes, i will. 

4. Newly refinished teak (or walnut…i can’t tell) low and huge mid-century coffee table

5. Mid-century chrome dome lamp Love this. it’s expensive, i know, but this is simply how much they sell for online. I think i bought it for $200

6. Large antique blue seascape oil painting.  

7. Vintage worn amazing leather settee $2499 So good, so worn, so much age to it.  

Gray Dining Table I

There are also 2 of these vintage Regency style dining tables, $1199

They are newly painted in a matte gray and would be perfect for a conference room, office or studio.  Or of course by one for your dining table.  

Gray Lounge Chairs, Pair

And i’m kinda happy that these 1970’s newly reupholstered gray linen lounge chairs are still around. I just might hoard them til we move in a few years and put them in our tv room.  Officially the most comfortable chairs on the planet. We are baffled that they are still available, just baffled. But Brian is extremely happy – he wants these chairs for his future man cave. 

Click HERE for the sale, and do me a sale and tweet it out, tell your friends. I really want to sell out mainly to say that i sold out.  I’m tempted to buy the stuff myself just so i can say it sold out.  Except that would be like donating something to Goodwill and then buying it.  

Which strangely, i’ve actually done. I’m emotionally stable like that.

  1. allysha

    If I had $500 I'd totally grab the oil painting. I'm fascinated by it.
    Good luck selling out!

  2. Sarah

    Yay! I purchased the Burlwood table (along with a few other things)!!! I promise I will take good care of it!!! :-)

  3. @sarah !!!! AHHH!!!! Congrats. Please send me photos in your space!!! Congrats and thanks soo very very much.

  4. Sarah

    Thanks Emily! I definitely will! I just enjoy you and your show (and you amazing talent) oh so much! You are truly an inspiration! Thanks again for the great pieces!

  5. BetsyD

    Congratulations! I was refreshing the screen the night the sale started and watched everything go. I was really excited for you and I don't even know you! BTW, I've totally donated stuff to Goodwill and then bought it back too. I'm not proud of it.

  6. Lauren

    I too am baffled that those lounge chairs are still available. I want them so bad. They are by far my favorite thing in the sale. I want them for the seating area in my bedroom. But with a bun in the oven that cost 30k in fertility treatments (tmi, I know), I can't afford them. :( Meanwhile, I did buy the very affordable side table, but I have no clue where I'm going to put it. Will it look ridiculous in a sort of mid-century living room?

  7. Sarah

    Thanks Betsy!!
    I am super excited about it. I was really wanting those brass chests but oh we'll haha. Emily has the best taste! :-)

  8. Brandon

    I would die for those grey chairs…unfortunately so would my bank account! Congrats on the successful sale!

  9. sue donaldson

    We're so excited for you, Emily- definitely a champagne experience! I was sorely tempted by the green lamp…alas, it's gone. praying the rest well be soon.
    love, bonnie's mom

  10. Sarah

    Congrats Emily! Keep up the good work :-) you are truly awesome and I'm so glad you kicked butt at your sale! Your sale was by far the best! Great pieces

  11. Whitney

    Hi there! I want to buy the vintage loveseat but need to know the height of the seat from floor to top of seat cushion and height from floor to top of the arm. Please let me know!! I am in love with that loveseat and want to help you SELL OUT!! Thx so much! ;)

  12. bsmith

    Hi Emily, I would love to snag the sofa, but I want flame-retardant free natural latex cushions. Can you swap out the standard foam for latex? Thanks! PS- we wish you could come to Key Biscayne to design our home!

  13. Kimberly (LolaLalaBean)

    It's weird but things that were previously marked as 'sold out' are now available again on the sale. Like the Italian Lamp, the red floral pillow, the green lamp, the victorian blue lamp, gold leaf mirror, Moroccan elephant, vintage floral couch… I wonder why things that were marked as sold are now available again. I've never seen that before, but then again I've never followed a sale so closely.

  14. Julia

    I can't belive the vintage floral sofa for $799 is still available. If I had the space that baby would be all mine. I love the style and when I zoomed to get a close up of the fabric my heart went a pitter patter! Congratulations on such a wonderful sale.

  15. Sarah H

    I was trying to check out and purchase the English Leather LoveSeat, when your sale ended. :( Is it still possible for me to purchase that from you? I spoke with Kristy from OneKings and I think she was going to see if that was ok with you.
    Congrats with your sale!!! You rocked it! :)

  16. Jessi

    I wanted the burlwood table so bad, but it was out of my price range. I had totally guessed the exact price you would list it for, which was still better than some ugly burlwood tables I've seen, so I'm not mad atcha. Glad to see it found a good home. :) I did snag one of the American flags though, I'm pretty pumped. It totally gave me direction for my new kitchen I'm designing. :) Hope to see another sale one day! (You should just open an Etsy shop or something!)

  17. The fact that the blue sofa hasn't sold is blowing my mind. I want it ever so badly!