Oh Joy for Target is here!

Well now that my partnership with Target is announced (Yeah!!!! and thank you all who left such supportive comments last week on the announcement post) it seemed only appropriate that I shout out my good friend Joy’s collection.  Joy and I have worked together for years and have become good friends although we certainly don’t see each other enough. I’m just so psyched that she is working with them as well.

Emily Henderson Oh Joy

So, in case you haven’t seen her new line, it’s totally adorable and perfect for outdoor entertaining. Many, MANY parties will be thrown with these pieces and here are my favorites:

Oh Joy Target

1. Confetti dots | 2. Noise blowers | 3. Party hats | 4. Cake topper | 5. Cake stand | 6. Goblets | 7. Water bottle

Go get some Joy, and tell her I sentcha. Check out pics from her garden party where she launched the collection HERE. 

Happy Monday, folks. So good to be back at my home in L.A. xx

  1. I can remember my mom and I talking about all the little goodies and treasures one can find when out thrifting or at an antique shop, and what the future generations would be able to find later on in time. We both agreed that there wouldn’t be anything interesting, that new things from our time now wont hold any value. But I’ve just realized we were wrong. These items from Joy, your line for Target, YHL’s newly announced line… all of these things are what our kids and our grandkids are going to be digging up at garage sales and thrift stores in the future long after we are gone. How nice :)

  2. Deb

    Emily, your HGTV show with Joy and her husband was one of my absolute favorites; I’m still craving the wallpaper you used in their living room, and laughed out loud when Joy came in to the first “THINK PINK” room which was so ridiculously overstyled on purpose! Their comments just cracked me up, and what you did to their space was truly spectacular. And as I recall, you didn’t want to leave, but move in; ha! You two are the perfect pair to grace Target, and I’m so happy your talents will be available to the masses. Kudos to you both!!!

  3. Such fun party pieces. Target has been upping its game lately and I LOVE it.

  4. Lindsey

    Literally just saw this at Target before seeing this, and it stopped me in my tracks! Gorgeous.

  5. yvie

    Such cute stuff. Equally as cute as your blouse. Where’s it from? Please say Target :) Thanks!

  6. Julia

    Between you and Joy and their usual assortment of cute finds, Target is really trying to get me to part with my money.

  7. Erin

    The dress that Joy is wearing in the photo with you is fabulous. Any idea where she got it? I couldn’t find out on her site.

    • joy

      Hi Erin, Thanks! My dress is my Marimekko from last year ;)

  8. paul

    looking super cute!

  9. I thought this line for Target was so awesome and punchy. Looking forward to seeing yours – congrats!

  10. Judy

    Congrats, Emily! So excited for you, and for us, your fans, who love your taste and can’t wait to see what you create for Target!

  11. Jesse Nuniyants

    I’m hosting a baby shower in July and I’m hitting target up now, for sure!!

  12. tammyCA

    I was actually looking for these the other day at Target and darn, didn’t see anything..I’ll be checking again today. I love those yummy vintage-y 1960s colors: aqua, coral, chartreuse…and accents of GOLD -yea! And another favorite thing – polka dots!

  13. Syndi

    I went the day they were suppose to launch and couldn’t find them either! I will keep looking, because they are all adorable!!

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