New Open Sky stuff

Here’s what’s happening on my Open Sky page this week. My drawer liners (designed by Hammocks and High Tea) in gold sold out quickly, so now we have hot pink/white and silver/white chevron instead. The hot pink kills me.  


They are on sale for $22. Click HERE for the collection. 

Then we partnered up with Safavieh for some rugs and furniture. The price point is pretty good and I really really, really want these pink chairs. 

They are two for $285, reguarily $486

And I love the color combo in this Thom Felicia rug,

Well, that is a very small picture. Sorry. 

There are about 15 other pieces for sale and other curators have picked more (some I love and they just beat me to them) so check ‘em out.  HERE

Off to boxing.

Meanwhile, look how I forced my niece to wear a ban-do (until she got obsesed with it and then sadly I took it back … What? It’s mine? … Don’t worry, she’s getting one for her birthday).

Hold on to your ovaries ladies.  

Happy Fridays.



  1. WOW! Those chevron drawer liners are FAB! They would work extremely well as flooring or wallpaper in my doll houses! :) Too bad the gold is gone, but the other two colors are gorgeous!

  2. Christal

    Love that last picture. She is SO CUTE!

  3. Wilhelmina

    I love the idea of using the pink chevron as dollhouse flooring! Whatever happened to the dollhouse challenge anyway??

  4. Sarah

    I'd be bummed if your blog becomes nothing but product placement.

  5. Jessica

    I agree with Sarah. Still love all of your original content though.

  6. Kelly

    So I totally don't want to be "that" girl, especially because I sell to OpenSky, but those raspberry chairs are on sale at for $195 for the pair if anyone was interested in them :)