My week in review; TGIF

Here’s what I did this week, via Instagram:

I bought a baby. I figure until I have a baby I’ll cuddle this painting. A strange man told me once that if you buy a weird $5 painting from a flea market and rub it all over your belly then you’ll get pregnant. I’ll let you know if it works and if it does expect a giveaway of a magic pregnancy-inducing baby painting. 

We shot at the Rose Bowl flea market with Good Housekeeping for a before and after feature that I’m very excited about. I be getting crazy DIY and crafty the next couple weeks. 

And yes, I bought these amazing chairs for my upcoming One Kings Lane Tastemaker Sale. Now to pick fabric … emerald green velvet? Methinks yes.

Watch the video:


On Tuesday we almost finished a 9-year-old girls bedroom that I’m very excited about, in partnership with Land of Nod. Check out the post and enter the giveaway (it ends today):

On Wednesday we shot at a house we’ve been working on for a year and a half and are totally, finally, 100 percent finished. Hey magazines, expect the story pitch in your inbox because it done turned out pretty. But only sneak peeks here:

I want this desk chair:

And this sofa and lamp:

Those instagrams are from my lovely photographer Bethany’s feed. Follow her on instagram @bethanynauert. Stay tuned for the real pics. 

Then yesterday I made some more decisions over at Bri’s house. This adorable little flea market find is going a crazy color. Can you guess?

And yes, we will both be posting the hell out of her house when it’s done. I mean, I don’t do this for my health. Be prepared to pin. 

That pic’s from Bri’s feed because she is WAY better at Instagram than I am so I steal her pics. 

And then last night I found this creature in my dryer:

I mean … BEARFACE YOU ARE SO CUTE. Do any of you just shout “YOU ARE SO CUTE” constantly at your pets? I know it’s not healthy to do to kids, so I need to get it out of my system. Cut to me dropping off my 14-year-old in front of the high school, screaming out the window, “EMILY JUNIOR, YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!” Because she will be — until she stops speaking to me because I’m the crazy mom that shouts out the window.

All in all a very productive and fun week. You’ll be proud of me that I also shot two mini how-to videos on the new montaj app that is being released next week (more on that on Tuesday), and two behind the scenes videos with my videographer Tessa, and we are doing one more styling video today. It’s a new year here at Emily Henderson and I have so many new great people working with me, so stuff is happening. 

PLUS, Bri is done with my new blog design (what what?) and it’s being coded as we speak. Moving to WordPress friends and very excited. 

AND you’ll be proud to know that my book proposal is in the final round of sprucing up and then it will be sent out. New years resolutions all over the place.  

Got to run, shooting “How to Style Your Nightstand” today with Bethany because you know, everyone’s dying to know how you style your nightstand, which reminds me of this Instagram I took at the house we finished …

… because everyone uses vintage leather travel clocks to tell time these days. Obvs.

  1. Lauren

    Another OKL sale?! Yes! Can't wait to see all the finished rooms you're teasing.

  2. Jessi

    A good week indeed. Excited about another sale…I hope you saw the pics I sent you of the american flag I bought. Tried to tag via insta and twitter but as we all know and hate, the two aren't making life easier to share these days.

    Excited about all this stuff coming up!

  3. Emily Henderson

    @jessi No i didn't see them! What is your instagram handle?

  4. Brett

    I LOVE TRAVEL CLOCKS! They remind me of my grandparents house in Florida. I used to stay there during the summer and there was always this brown travel clock that I would play with (because they didn't have toys, obviously).

  5. Fiona

    Ha! I thought my cat was cute, but wait til you have a kid. I think my daughter is cuter than anyone in the world. I try not to tell her that all the time, though, because she already thinks she is the world's best artist. So, thinking you are the world's best artist AND the cutest kid in the world might make her sort of intolerable. At least I don't have to work on her self-esteem.

  6. That little girls bedroom looks amazing! Super cute. Can't wait for your One King's Lane Tastemakers sale! Whoever gets those chairs is so lucky! Lol I'm always screaming about how freakin cute my dog is! I totes feel you on that one!

  7. Lauren B.

    As much as I think "Dang Rookie-dog you're so freaking adorable!" in my head, my boyfriend actually says it out loud. In loud outbursts.

    I have to admit I was having a terrible "what-am-i-doing-with-my-life" moment these last 24 hours but reading about you fulfilling goals and being badass made me feel inspired to keep pushing forward all over again! Thanks Ms Emily!

  8. Emily, you're so funny. I really enjoy reading the words that you type. Also….. thank you for the brass elephant. It is lovely and sitting on my mantel. When I saw ur instagram photo of all the prizes I said "I hope I get the elephant" :)

  9. Nicole

    Super excited for your nightstand styling post. Attempted to style my own this weekend and was all "WWEHD?" Of course I searched the blog archives first to no avail. Sweet.

  10. Ofelia, from Mexico City

    AH. When I was a kid, my mom has one clock like that. Our was golden, and one another day, she let us get ti close. The click sound always make me smile. Oh memories!

  11. Donna

    When your book comes out and I know it will, I'll be the first one in line to get it!!! Love all your ideas, really love the slab of wood on the coffee table, where did you find that piece???

  12. Focipresley

    Emily, your fur baby is so cute, but I can't get the self-created image out of my head of you shutting the dryer door, quickly turning on the dryer to "fluff" up your clothes that had been sitting in there and walking away, all while your fur baby is stuck in there tumbling around… ugh…I have a sick mind…. pretty please promise me you will always check first! ;)

  13. Robyn Fisken

    Focipresley – having a couple of furbabies I can tell you, you always check the dryer first and the washing machine and the pantry and any drawers you might stupidly have opened. Emily you would definitely have one buyer for your book here in Oz.

  14. I actually have a 14 year old and when he comes home from school, it is not unlikely to hear me shout 'Holy crap, you got so much cuter while you were gone today! How is that even possible??!!!!' rather frequently. It happens. Usually, he agrees with me. #crazymomsrock

  15. emily henderson

    @lauren I still have those days, You'll figure it out, i promise. As far as furbabies, YES, i definitely check the dryer before pressing start. I once had a cat sittter accidentally just the closet while Bear was in there and we didn't get home til the following night. She was so sad and confused and hungry and embarassed that she had peed. We both cried for so long so don't worry, we are like crazy people now and virtually leave every drawer open because we are paranoid that one might be in one.

  16. You had me and my daughters cracking up about telling your cat that "you are so cute!" because we probably say that to our dog that about 20 times a day. It feels just a little less wacky knowing we're not the only ones :-) Can't wait to see the pics of Bri's house!

  17. Callie

    Ha! It is almost embarrassing how often I say out loud "KITTY YOU ARE SO CUTE AND SO FAT! I just want to squeeeeze you! Fat fat kitty cat!"

  18. Robin

    Re: furbaby – my sister turned the dryer on not knowing kitty was in it when I was a kid – she was in there for 15 minutes! Came out totally dehydrated and with a bent tail. After fluids from vet, she was okay, but her tail was never the same. Fast forward 35 years, I turned the dryer on to fluff clothes, heard a clunk and rescued my cat after one tumble. She probably won't go in there again, but I ALWAYS check!

  19. Love that desk chair and really really covet that ottoman. And yes, I shower my pup G with compliments and cuddles all. The . Time. It's not my fault he's so insanely handsome, cute, and soft.

  20. Love that desk chair and really really covet that ottoman. And yes, I shower my pup G with compliments and cuddles all. The . Time. It's not my fault he's so insanely handsome, cute, and soft.

  21. Love that desk chair and really really covet that ottoman. And yes, I shower my pup G with compliments and cuddles all. The . Time. It's not my fault he's so insanely handsome, cute, and soft.

  22. Love that desk chair and really really covet that ottoman. And yes, I shower my pup G with compliments and cuddles all. The . Time. It's not my fault he's so insanely handsome, cute, and soft.

  23. Love that desk chair and really really covet that ottoman. And yes, I shower my pup G with compliments and cuddles all. The . Time. It's not my fault he's so insanely handsome, cute, and soft.

  24. Sounds like you have some great things coming up. I love any posts you do about styling, because most of us aren't naturally talented at that, but have to study what looks good.

    I have four cats, so I love hearing your Bearcat stories. I forget your other cat's name, because you don't talk about her/him much. Must not be as entertaining! My black cat Pepper loves to sit on the warm clothes in the dryer. Drives me nuts, but it is so cute. One time I couldn't find my littlest cat, Gypsy, and I was freaking out that she was in our front-load washer. I was the only one home, or my husband would have told me I was insane.

  25. My nose is flaring over those peach/gold chairs. Why are their arms so cushy? Why do I want to eat them?

  26. Jill

    I tell my dog over and over how cute I think she is. She must be so vain. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

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