My new house, unrated

This week has been cuckoo with the move, the Rue/gap shoot and two outdoor makeover shoots for (one i have to run to in like 5 minutes) 

But i figured i’d take quick litte iphone pics of the house as is.  Not styled, kinda messy actually.  But its progress and it might satisfy somebody’s inner voyeur. 

Walls have been painted (white diamond, Benjamin moore) and otherwise stuff is roughly thrown into place.  THere is a grumpy man on the sofa, however.  Smile, Brian, ’til friday after all.  

Our bedroom. Still deciding on a king bed, so for now this is our queen (which will go into the guest as soon as i decide).  Yes, we have awesome Dwell bedding and a dope rugs usa rug.  I’m getting new lamps (custom shades being ordered) and i want an amazing upholstered headboard, but i found an awesome wood one at good will last week that i might paint for now. I’m over my DIY headboard.  

Not a lot of progress in here yet.  It’s going to be the guest bedroom (come visit us!!…well, not everyone at once).  It’s painted ‘Aegean Teal’ and i love it. Super warm and cozy.  

My office, which needs help (they all need help) but i love it already just because its so full of light. West Elm Dining table, but i like it as my grand desk. Because i am very fancy and grand, indeed.  

Must run. But i figured people love seeing ‘in progress’ stages.  Excuse the extremely terrible iphone photos and complete lack of styling. I lost my good camera so i’m waiting to get another one, and then i’ll be taking some amazing photos then.  

And don’t forget about the gold rush collection on sale on OpenSky

All on sale starting today!!!!


  1. kurt

    there is nothing more exciting, exhausting or invigorating than moving house and home (particularly when a home office is involved.)

    congratulations on your new digs. all the kinks will be ironed out sooner than you think!

  2. I'm so eager to see your new place taking shape. Love "in progress" stuff. Gives you a more "human" air ;)

  3. Congratulations on your move! Such beautiful windows in your living room. Hope it feels like home in no time.

  4. Love it. I'll be fighting the urge to go rug shopping now for WEEKS.

  5. Tonia

    I can understand how you feel about moving but everything will come together before you know it. Too bad you can't be Sam on Bewitched…twitch your nose and it's done!

  6. Fun! Moving is a pain, but its satisfying seeing everything slowly come together to make a beautiful home – or at least I think so! Thanks for the sneak peek.

  7. Kelly

    I {heart} you, Emily, for taking a picture of your un-made bed!!!!!!!!!!!! It is what I love most about you!

  8. Mary

    Thanks for sharing Emily. Looks super awesome already! Love being able to watch your work in progress!

  9. Julia

    Could you take a better photo of the peacock artwork when you have time? I'd like to see it more up close. I also love the couch and chairs in the living room, and I think that the house is swell.

  10. Tiffany

    Thanks for sharing. I love your style

  11. I love it already! I have that exact dwellstudio bedding and I love it! It is sooooooo soft and cozy!

  12. Crissy

    Thanks for sharing! We're military, so I'm always moving and trying to figure out what to use, where to use it…it's hard, but in the end, you'll love the new pad! Enjoy!

  13. Hilary

    Thank you for swallowing pride and sharing these. So many dwellish folks never share their own spaces because they are not perfect (whose is?!) and it really helps to know you are human, you are in progress, and you have ideas. Cheers and can't wait to keep seeing it!

  14. Thanks for sharing your "in progress" photos. It looks great so far! Can't wait to see the finished look in the future.

    Happy Friday!

  15. Cindy

    What a happy space! You are blessed.

  16. I spy the dog painting that sat behind you on SFAS. I am completely obsessed with that dog painting!

  17. Emma

    LOVE the OpenSky stuff, it's hurting my heart that I can't buy it from Canada! I MUST have that work lamp. Can't seem to find anywhere else to buy it that might ship to me! :(

  18. Emily, it's coming along nicely! I just bought my first place here in Detroit, and can't wait to get inside and start fixing it up! I think our styles are very similar so I look forward to checking out the progress of your new digs. Congrats girl!

  19. The office looks like it has so much potential, great light in there! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  20. Natalie

    Love! Can you tell me where the rug that's in the teal room is from?

  21. mdt

    Natalie: Teal room rug looks like Nate Berkus for HSN.

  22. Johanna

    Congratulations on your new place. I love seeing your in progress shots, thanks for sharing. Your living room and office rugs look eerily similar to an antique rug I have. Can't wait to see finished shots to see how you tie it all together in typical Emily fashion. The aegean teal looks great too — I'm a sucker for teal, my favorite color.

  23. Maggie O

    Well, this explains the peacock post. Your living room looks amazing and you just moved in . . .how? I'm obsessed with your peacock painting – beautiful. And way to be spontaneous and share right away even just with iphone photos – I know we'll get fancy photos later and this just makes for some fun reading.

  24. Sunne

    Fantabuloso. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Christa

    Those red pendant lamps on the floor in the guest room, with the aegean paint = to die for.

  26. Julia Reiersgord

    You go girl!

  27. Julia Reiersgord

    Peacock painting looks so regal above the fireplace.

  28. nat

    Emily – I just wanted to say thanks for sharing a real space, real life. a work in progress.
    of course it's LOVELY even unfinished but more importantly for me it's REALLY inspiring and keeps all of us who love interiors but sup on styled magazines & blogs & pins honest…becasue really, we all live in real spaces with real stuff.

    so thanks for the inspiration! (you inspired a post:

    PS I have a grumpy man too ;)

  29. Oooooh girl, I love it! So thrilled you posted these pics, we all have "works in progress" so it's all good. Looking amazing in there, especially with your new thrift finds from your recent post!