My New Amazing Business Cards

You guys.  

Look at these:

I just got my new beautiful business cards in the mail.  They were designed by To You From Me.  It’s a small company dedicated to really amazing, unique, custom letterpress stationary and invitations.  I am very, very, very happy with my results and can’t recommend them enough.   

My question to you is:  Can i charge people to give them a business card? i don’t want to give any of them up i love them so very, very, very much.  I honestly kinda feel like a cooler person just having them. 

Look at the gold flower.  Its hand embossed which means its a liquid that was stamped on with a custom made stamp, then covered with gold dust, then brushed off then heated so it melts into a beautiful brass peony.  

And then obviousy my name is letterpressed.  

If you plan on stalking me know that you are stalking a ‘Box Brothers.  Thats my shipping, not living address. 

I love them so much.  

So if i run into you and you get one, I want to hear a, ‘Thank you soooo much for this business card, Emily. I feel honored that i was one of the few people that you chose to give this to.’

So again, they were designed and made by To You From Me.   Their work is SUPER reasonably priced for such a high end, luxury, HAND MADE product.  

I’ve always been relatively cheap about my business cards, but my world just got rocked and i feel like a more important person with these business cards.  

It’s like fashion for your business.  And when your business is style, this stuff better look good. And it does.

Now its time to redesign my web-site….. Hey, Bri...How busy are you these days?

Speaking of Bri and pretty graphic design…..


Tonight is the Anthrolopologie event with Bri and Jen that Orlando and I will be of course attending. It’s a the Americana Anthropologie in Glendale and we are making awesome string mood boards. Although i’m just going because i like to follow Bri and Jen around.  Perhaps they can TAKE ME TO PARIS WITH THEM NEXT TIME THEY GO!!!!! 

At least London.  


Get more info here.  



  1. ejzdancer

    Simply g o r g e o u s business cards Emily!!!
    so lovely I want to frame it -wouldn't that be sweet..?

  2. Kim

    I am compelled to say that I feel lucky just to have seen that business card. I had no idea something like that was possible. It is beautiful!

  3. Congrats on the new cards. They are incredible.

  4. Petra

    I collected business cards as a young girl (for one-they are free, and two-they are everywhere! :-) I actually had a manager of a store, where I asked for a card, ask for money in return. So maybe you are not that far off. They did end up changing their mind and gave the cute little girl the best card of her entire collection. Now I wonder where that baseball card notebook full of business cards has ended up?

  5. Karen

    love love love!

  6. Wow, those cards are stunning! If you met me on the street and handed me one of them, I would hire you on the spot! They are that good. :D

  7. amyks

    Seriously, those are the prettiest cards I have ever seen. They seem to suit you, too.

  8. Leah

    A-MAAAAAAZING! Definitely the coolest, prettiest and fanciest business card I've ever seen-excellent choice!

  9. Oohhh how lovely! These are almost too pretty to give away! I adore Bri's work would love to see what kind of design magic she would whip up for your site.

  10. Cindy

    Those cards are just perfect.

  11. Those cards are spectacular, seriously amazing! I'm equally blown away and jealous :)

  12. Ok can I just tell you what a loser these cards make me feel like! I just ordered new ones (from online no doubt) and featured them on my blog. I was feeling all proud of myself and then saw this post. These are absolutely beautiful. Maybe one day I will be worthy. Congrats on the card. Oh and by the way, I'm a huge fan/ semi stalker but not in a creepy way. I love reading your blog. It makes me feel normal :)

  13. I really love cards special the birthday card. I greet my mom on her birthday and i wrote a letter using these cards. There's nothing in this world like my mom, so greet your love ones and give them a hug.

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  14. Gorgeous! I want some!

  15. Carrie

    I have a serious attraction to *anything* letterpress, so I instantly loved your cards. Stunning!

  16. oregano

    These cards are beautiful and so very YOU!

    It looks like there might be a typo in your email address – the .com is missing on the end. Or is that intentional?

  17. Lily

    I'm having an American Psycho moment here. Kidding! Those are beautiful, and I love the peony. Nice touch. If I'm ever important enough to need business cards, I will def hit this company up.

  18. Spectacular cards…!!! out of sight designs…….thanks for sharing this such a marvelous idea's……..