My friend Scott is having a sale

I’d like to tell you about a love affair I’ve had with a man for almost a decade now. Get your handkerchief’s ready and cue the John Williams CD. Here goes. We met on set eight years ago; I was assisting the prop stylist and he was assisting the bed stylist, and we instantly, I mean INSTANTLY, fell in love. Our love affair began with a mutual appreciation for perfectly aged washed linen, continued with our love of the delicate curve of a Bergere chair arm, and really hit its passionate point when we invited aged brass to join our now polyamorous relationship. No one else understood, but it worked for us. (Meanwhile his boyfriend is an amazing hair stylist — does my cut and color — at John Freida/Serge Normant in LA and New York. Call him, you won’t regret it.)

Scott Horne emily henderson

We both assisted for another year or two after that and then went out on our own to be freelance stylists, direct competitors but without one second of competing against each other. We would give each other work, promote each other, help each other find leads, lend each other props, etc.

But besides having that massive hobby/career in common, I have an extreme amount of fun with Scott so much so that I never get sick of him, no matter how much time we spend together.

scott horne's house

I moved from New York five years ago, but always stayed with Scott in his beautiful home when I went back for work, which was all the time the first three years. A¬†year ago they decided to move back to LA (it’s where Scott is from), and my husband Brian sold him a house that is within a half a mile from ours. Walking distance! But don’t be silly, we don’t actually walk it. HA! Can you imagine? Why would we have these gas guzzling air sucking car machines if we aren’t going to use them at all times?

scott horne portfolio

So now we spend every weekend trolling the Valley and coasts for the best thrift finds. I’ve never met anyone who shares the same level of obsession for shopping and style as Scott does. It’s all we want to do, we never get tired of it, it’s truly remarkable.

scott horne style

Anyway, Scott is now one of the best stylists out there, and even though he lives in LA where there is very little high end photography work, he’s booked constantly. He’s just that good. He has the best taste of anyone I know.

styled desk

Our taste is different, sure. I’m way more whimsical and he’s more refined. I love color and he’s definitely less of a big color dude. But everything he picks out is beautiful, everything that he has in his house is beautiful. He kills it constantly.

Scott horne tastemaker tag sale

This all has a point. Scott and his friend Rebecca Robertson (another AMAZING ex-Martha Stewart stylist) are having a joint Tastemaker Sale tomorrow on One Kings Lane. They are selling like 400 of their favorite styling accessories — art, lighting, boxes, sculptures — all the good small stuff for styling. I’ve seen all of Scott’s items myself, and every piece is awesome. I would own every single piece. Seriously. And while can’t say I’ve seen Rebecca’s items, I’m sure they are equally as good, if not more feminine (which I love, obviously).

Their sale starts tomorrow, Thursday 4/18 at 6pm (PST, 9pm EST). You can go to the site and set an reminder if for nothing else then to ogle and watch the “on hold” signs pop up.

Oh and Rebecca, you better back off. He’s mine.

Good luck shopping, friends. And spread the word …

  1. Sophie

    There goes my evening tomorrow.

    Would Scott be cool with you doing a virtual tour of his house on your blog? Because now I’m chomping at the bit to see…

    • Emily

      Yeah, me and everyone else wants to do it. But i’ll definitely post it after elle decor does. :)

  2. scott

    a real tear jerker! thank you emily, i love you just as much! xo

  3. I’m checking out the sale for sure!

    Also, what’s his boyfriend’s name? I just found out my girl is pregnant and on bed rest. I need a new stylist STAT.

    • Emily

      Christophe! Call Serge Normant in LA and ask for Christophe Belkemi (i’m pretty sure that’s not how you spell it, but there is only one christophe there). CALL HIM!!!

  4. Carlos

    I just stumbled across your coveted lady leg bottle opener for sale. I want to share where if your checking your blog…I don’t want anyone else to nab it first tho…only $20.
    Please reply.

    • Emily

      WHAT??? YES!!! Where can i get my grubby little hands on it? Email me through the contact above or just at emilyhenderson at
      That’s amazing. $90 was so overpriced but $20 i would buy in a second. xx

      • Carlos

        Just want to make sure you got the email info!

  5. Dana O.


    Did Scott style the purple office? The cozy purple, warm wood tones, and THAT LAMP make it feel like a sophisticated hobbit home. I’ve never wanted to be Frodo more in my life. Ever.

    • Emily

      Yes! I need to go back and label them, but all the photos are his work. Get yourself a hobbit hole real fast. xx

  6. Jessica


    i’m a first time OKL user… how do i find things like his sale on the site? i can’t find it!
    ABSOLUTELY love your work! you took over top spot above Sarah Richardson as my favourite designer. Bri’s room = to die for!



  7. Donald

    All I got out of that was you color your hair. I’m shocked.

  8. patty blaettler

    Those spindles!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Michelle


    I love you and I love your hair! What is Scott’s boyfriend’s name? I want to visit him in NYC!

    Thanks in advance,

  10. I have a friend who is also my partner in crime. We share the same hobbies and both love fashion! Isn’t it the best when you find a good friend who you can laugh and do things that you love with?

  11. Donna

    That picture from MSL of the blue and white room with the orange in the rug is one of my favorites ever. Great to have a name to put with the picture.

  12. Lisa

    Thanks for the heads up about the Tastemaker sale. I was able to score the Lucite Leg and the Brass Fortune Cookie. Can’t wait to display those in my home. Yay!

  13. Beautiful decor. I really like the desk a Scoot

  14. Elana

    Emily, thank you so much for also mentioning your wonderful hair stylist Christophe. I have been in hair limbo since…wait for it…over a year ago after receiving the worst haircut since my childhood Princess Diana disaster cut. I am absolutely ready to take a chance again (hearing Barry Manilow somehow in the distance) and very excited as I just booked my appointment with Christophe in NYC. P.S. I am hardly taking a chance as this is as risk-proof as it gets as your hair always looks beautiful! Thank you for being such a continued inspiration for my Intuitive Feng Shui Design and Intuitive Counseling work!
    With gratitude, Elana

  15. Iris

    Emily, I am a big fan of you. I am watching your TV show(secrets from a stylist) in Seoul, Korea. I love your style!!!

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