My first big glossy fashion Magazine plug, InStyle

There i am.  I’ve gone blonder, tanner and famouser.  

Nope. Here i am:

Under ‘TrendSetter Web Faves’   BOOM!

I did the interview a few months ago where i gave them my top 50 favorite online places to shop, and they chose these two to feature – and sprinkled a bunch of them throughout the magazine.  (OpenSky is a flash sale sight that is curated by ‘celebrity’ curators as opposed to submissions and sales, so its more hand-picked.  We are starting to work together so as soon as its official, i’ll announce it and y’all can ‘follow’ me).  And you know Velocity, they are generally great source for all things modern.  

As most of you know, i’ve worked for magazines for years, but being in them feels completely different.  

So when i opened this up and saw that i was in there grouped in under ‘Trendsetters’ with Zooey Deschanel, Tori Burch, Todd Selby, Andy Spade and ModCloth i was EXTREMELY happy - like as happy as Bearcat is when  I tell her that she and I are going to have a Vampire Diaries marathon all night including massive amounts of cuddling.  That, is very very happy my friends.

 I know you guys love me and i know my friends and family love me, but to get national press from a big glossy magazine that is more fashion than home, feels amazing.

I guess what i’m so proud of is that its from my hard work on the blog, its a ‘best of the web‘ and the blog is 100% my baby that i spend 10-20 hours (until 3 months ago unpaid) a week on.  I have to defend spending time on the blog all the time to people who don’t get it – people think its silly or cute or a waste of time, and yes it is a massive amount of work as a lot of you know – but its extremely rewarding, and totally worth it. 

It’s become something that has helped me support Brian and I (Thanks to Lana), something that i can control completely, something that helps me sleep at night because i know that no matter what happens to the show, i have this business that can thrive independently.  It actually gives me the freedom to feel like i can start a family because i can always blog whilst 9 months pregnant or with a 2 month old, whereas shooting might be more difficult.  

Let me be clear, obviously HGTV, Design Star and Secrets From a Stylist have had a lot to do with the blogs success, they have driven a ton of traffic my way and from the show i have a lot of original content which is what makes a successful blog.  So they pretty much propelled me a couple years ahead, traffic wise.  Thanks, boss.

And lastly, its from the blog i have gotten all my awesome new ‘Real People’ Clients and created a design company with a staff even, and business is a-booming.

So in case you have a blog and you think its going to go nowhere, think again.  Seriously.  The amount of people i know that have created their own success out of simply writing a blog is kinda crazy – A LOT.  The key is being yourself and not overanalyzing it.  

I just wish we could come up with a better word than BLOG, its not doing us any favors….

OK, enough boasting for the year.  And thank you ModCloth and InStyle.  Very Much.  I owe you one.

In case you find this fun, read my very first blog entry ever – not even 2 years ago.   I was a little blogging baby, wearing my little blogging ones-y, finally taking the plunge that i had wanted to for years.  Nice job, past Emily, you done did it.  

  1. Katie

    Woohoo! I love your blog and think your success is well deserved so relish!

  2. I remember your first post. i fell in love with your wit immediately. Looking back my favorite one wa the hoarders post. I love your blog and am so happy that the world is recognizing what a talented lady you are!

  3. WOW girl, you go! Such a neat thing to see :) Congrats!

    Kristina Gulino
    Something 2 Write About

  4. Jessi

    I was so pleased to see you in my favorite magazine! I immediately tweeted a pic to all of my buds. :) Seriously InStyle though? That's legit. Congrats! You earned it!

  5. Lauren

    So deserved!

    I love you even more now that I know you're a Vampire Diaries fan. My hubs and I LOVE, love, love it and we're not afraid to admit it.

  6. Megan

    Congrats Emily! Your blog is fantastic. It's so great that you are being recognized for all your hard work. Keep it comin'!

  7. Becka

    I never liked the idea of blogs until I read yours. You are entertaining and brilliant and insiteful. It has given me the courage to start my own about my passion (which is educating toddlers – not as cool as decorating or fasion, but its what I got). Sooo… if you do end up starting a family I will be blowing up your comments with links ;-)

  8. I'm so glad your past self decided to start a blog. Your first post was hilarious and very you. I just started my blog earlier this year so it's good hear that I should keep plugging away, even on days where it doesn't seem worth it. (I haven't hit one of those yet, but it's bound to happen, right?) Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. Sooo exciting!! I have this issue, but hadn't gotten to that section yet. Congratulations on all of your success. And thank you for your words of encouragement to all the other bloggers out there. It is definitely a bit of a misunderstood endeavor for many of us, but passion for what we're blogging about and success stories like yours keep us pluggin' along!

  10. Leah

    So happy to see you in InStyle- not just because you are an awesome designer, but also because you are such a nice person. My mom met you in Round Top recently & said you were great…she probably talked your ear off about me but you still agreed to take a pic with her! So, thank you for that! Hope to see new episodes of your show soon? Congrats Emily!

  11. Jamie

    Congratulations!!! This must be so exciting and you totally deserve it!

  12. DOTS

    You SHOULD be over the moon happy! You've worked hard and that work is being acknowledged–you've been heard! And, being the riding on the coattails company that we are (until we get our spot in InStyle!) we feel by supporting you in however we can allows us to share the joy :) Congrats Emily!

  13. Hi Emily, please include me in the Giant Challenge. My blog is Loganberry Lane at

  14. Sara

    Yay Emily!! I've loved you ever since I first found your Secrets show & I'm so happy for you!!! I thought your method of design was so interesting & I appreciate how gorgeous & personal you make each room.

    Kudos, kudos, kudos!!!

  15. Michele

    Wow, congratulations, Emily! That is so super awesome, and very well-deserved. I'm a huge fan of your blog, AND your design style, AND bearcat – I'm so glad more and more people are appreciating you, too!

    You go, girl!

  16. Lucy

    I discovered your blog The Brass Petal when you were on Design Star and have been a faithful reader ever since. I have read many design blogs but yours stands out for the way you infuse your personality and humor and couple it with your love of design. You should rightfully be very proud of all your achievements and count me amongst those awaiting word that another season of SFAS will soon be coming our way.

  17. louis

    Congratulations, Emily! You are such an amazing talent, and so candid and fresh, it's something all of us can learn from.

    We're loving our home you did for us, and we just feel incredibly blessed to have had you influence the way we live everyday. It's truly a gift.

    Louis & Jenny, from the Eclectic Artsy Odyssey

  18. Chrissy

    Hey Emily,
    My name is Chrissy. I've followed your blog for a few months now (after discovering SOAS). It has actually become the one thing I really look forward to checking out at the end of the day.. not to be a creepy stalker or anything- I mean I guess it is the nature of having a blog where anyone can read it. (I'm just saying that to reassure myself that I am not one of those creepy stalkers) Anyway, there was a point to this comment.. Oh right! First, I wanted to introduce myself because I think it is probably even more creepy that I know so much about you and you have no clue who I am or that I even follow your blog at all. So Hello! and Secondly, congratulations on your debut on the glossy pages! You totally deserve it for being so frikken awesome and stylish! However, when I saw your post I couldn't help but think "Oh no! Emily is going to get really famous and not have time for us common folk anymore! :-( " Then I thought no way! she would be the coolest most personable famous person! :-)
    Thanks for blogging,

  19. Mary

    Congrats Emily! Totally deserved!

  20. Chrissy

    I just realized that I wrote SOAS. I am so embarrassed- I meant SFAS. How silly.

  21. Christina Loraine

    YAY!!! So happy for you, Emily :) You rock.

  22. Great job, Emily! (And thanks for the encouraging words to bloggers. My own little blog is a fun, creative outlet for me, but sometimes it's frustrating when no one is reading it.)

  23. JWK

    That's FANTASTIC!! Love your blog!!!

  24. Congrats, Emily, you deserve it! I am not at all surprised that you are in a fashion magazine–as much as I loved watching your projects on Design Star, I think I loved seeing what you were wearing even more! Thanks for sharing your secrets (both design- and style-wise) with us.


  25. CONGRATULATIONS! must be exciting! :D

    i'm sad to say i only started reading your blog for the "I'm a Giant!" challenge, because your blog is AWESOME? such a fun read, beautiful pictures, and of course, your humour :) Gonna spend some time trawling through EVERY SINGLE ENTRY (stalker much?) and that's OH LOOK PRETTY BIRD

    kidding :P definitely going to spend more time here, when i can get some. Thanks for all the wonderful hard work!

  26. Erin

    Congrats on all the success Emily….much deserved!! I don't know why some people have a thing against blogs…..they are awesome!

  27. I could not be happier for you! Congratulations on InStyle and your business! One day (wishful thinking) we are going to apply to have you come back only we'll be your "real" life clients :) of course if you come out with a book we can work with that too. You are so great at what you do – we are reminded of that daily as we are still so happy with our room. Your many talents include writing/blogging so keep doing it please!! xo.

  28. Congratulations Emy for being part of this glossy magazine! You must be so proud on being part of it. I hope I could be able to see more of your fashion designs on the next edition.

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