Material Girl #1 – mood-boarding with a personality

In the quest to tap back into my creativity six months post baby, I went back to my roots on this new series – playing with pretty things to make a pretty photo. So, welcome to the new series called ‘Material Girl’ where we create a mood board out of interior design materials with a particular personality/girl involved. I’m not talking a specific person (although that is a way better idea and now we will be doing that soon) but more just different styles of personality.

This chick is Poppy Hightower. And she is F.U.N.

pink and green materials board

Oh Pepper? Here’s what she’s like:

She lives in the upper east side in a modest apartment that her parents bought for her while she was going to NYU studying communications. She drinks Belvedere vodka with fresh squeezed pink grapefruit, wears a high quality push up bra, gets eyelash extensions frequently, works in advertising (and works hard), and she owns every episode of Friends and watches them while she cleans the apartment. She’s a good time girl, with a contagious laugh, has a ton of fabulous friends and secretly fosters cats.

1. Green tile | Classic Tile and Flooring, Santa Monica

2. Green tile | Classic Tile and Flooring, Santa Monica

3.  Stone Scraps from the stoneyard n/a

4. Patterned fabric | The Fabric Store

5. Pink and gold wallpaper Meteor Flower in Bollywood | by Jane Blevin from Wallnut Wallpaper

6. Green pebbles | Bourget Bros

7. White and pink cotton napkin | Anthropologie

8. Turquoise doorknob | Anthropologie

9. Brass Mid-century knob | Liz’s Antique Hardware

10. Gold wallpaper | Astek

11. Paint chips | Sydney Harbour Paint Company

12. Paint chips | Sydney Harbour Paint Company

13. Flooring Vanier Hampton Wide Plank Series in Cottage Gray | Build Direct

14. Pink leather | Edelman Leather

15.  Blue/grey leather | Edelman Leather

16. Stone Scraps from the stoneyard n/a

17. Green patterned wallpaper Tackapousha in Mermaid by Grow House Grow | Walnut Wallpaper

18. Black and gold textured tile | Porcelanosa

  1. Jess Hartnett

    Love this idea! I see myself borrowing some of these personalities!

  2. This is such a fab idea to spark some creativity AND this is almost exactly the color scheme I’m hoping to bring into my room when I move back home again (it’s kinda embarrassing, but I just keep mumbling “no rent” to myself, which makes it okay), so THANK YOU for the inspiration!
    xx Johanna

  3. Jihane

    I love this new series!!!

  4. Crystal

    Poppy or Pepper? We just named one our chickens Pepper so I say go with that one! LOL

    • Emily

      If we have a daughter i’m definitely naming her Pepper so I didn’t want to use it. I just love it so much. Pepper Henderson? She’s awesome. But i just realized that i had both on there. Changing now!

      • amy

        it’s still the same.

      • amy

        oops! it’s still the same.

  5. Lynne

    I love this! I love that you even made up a person to go with the mood board. Please, do this again and again!

  6. Sarah

    Your super specific description made me laugh! I want to be friends with this girl, and steal the knobs right off her dresser!

  7. Tanja

    Love this mood board :)

  8. Melissa

    Love that wallpaper!! I don’t see it on the Walnut website, is it discontinued?

  9. Carol


  10. Carla

    Hillarious. Pleeeaase do lots of totally over the top personalities (as well as more realistic ones). This series will be fun.

  11. Chy

    Oh Emily, I LOVE this. I want more!

  12. Lily

    I love the name Poppy and this vibe totally fits the name!

    x Lily

  13. Leanne

    I just died laughing reading this, considering I work in advertising and own the complete collection of friends … welp, at least I have great taste! xoxo

  14. Carole Kerch

    Love this Emily! Pepper is a great name. (By any chance did you obsessively watch Annie like I did as a kid? If so, do you share my view that Pepper was actually the better singer? )
    I look forward to this series!

  15. Jolene


  16. Maddie

    Eerily similar to Shoshana from Girls, which is awesome.

  17. smash

    fun! I love this.

  18. Jessica S.

    I LURRRVVV IT. Emily, you da best!!!

  19. This is such a cool idea Emily! I’d love to see one step further with a rendering (not fancy or anything) but a quick mood board room with some stuff we can buy to get the feel in decor. love it!

  20. Julie

    The pink and gold wallpaper is not on walnut wallpapers. Are you sure it’s the right link?

    • Melissa

      Hi, Julie,
      It’s actually found on Flavor Paper.

  21. I know I’m a little late to the party… But I love love love this as a series idea for the blog! It’s so fun, and a fantastic inspiration (especially because this Pepper seems a bit like me)! :) Keep doing your thing, you’re totally rocking it!

  22. Melissa

    Hi Emily,
    I finally found the fantastic wallpaper featured in this Material Girls. It is from Flavor Paper not Wallnut Paper. Thought you’d like to site it properly, it’s so amazing!

  23. I think Poppy-Pepper and I would get along really well…until I started stealing home furnishings from her apartment. Great job, and VERY F.U.N!

  24. Hi Emily
    i appreciate you hard work to collect all at one place, after browsing you whole blog i get you dosen’t had more focused on wallpapers because in finding wallpapers to decorating my wall in light blue color wallpaper source please look background of that wallpaper and suggest me.

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