Marcus Hay, you genius.


Marcus Hay and Elle Decor UK,

you have just made my day.

Yes, this is old, like a year old, but im slammed and saw this yesterday again for the first time in a while and decided that i wanted to, nay, was compelled to share it again. 

Because the amount of personality in this space is out of control.  This person is crazy interesting and as good at styling as much as Meryl is at acting.  Very.

Leaving for New York, Nashvile and Knoxville tomorrow.  Meanwhile watching ‘Homeland’ like a crazy person whilst packing.   

Still deciding whether to do Design Star recaps, which started last night (er, tonight) and seemed really good already. I don’t want to have to pretend that people are awesome or make people feel like shit – so i’m not sure if its really for me anymore.  I’m increasingly sensitive to people being negative on the comments (plus me being negative and critical, too, then feeling guilty), so part of me doesn’t want to ask for it at all. 

But part of me wants to talk about Design Star because its my favorite thing to do. EVER.  And i can delete any comments i want. Although i never do, because i try to let democracy rule in this here country/blog.  

 Weigh in, because a blogger does what a blogger’s readers wants thems to do. 

We are suckers like that. 


OK, I read your comments and i’ll do it! Sometimes one just needs a little encouragement.  But DS season 7 contestants be wary of reading these posts if you are sensitive – honesty is honesty and sometimes it can totally suck to hear.  (from me or commenters – although cruelty will be deleted, so don’t even bother). 

  1. Jared

    Yes, please post recaps, because I'm watching it right now and I just thought, "I hope Emily is doing recaps…I'm gonna check her blog!" So do it!

  2. marg

    Recap would be great and don't do comments cos I hate the negative as well, and just want to see your pictures and comments- that I enjoy

  3. rachael

    I recently moved to Europe and i can't watch anythign on the hgtv website here! is there any way i can watch your show somewhere?

  4. Anna Best

    I came here this morning for the Design Star recap! Please do it again this season!

  5. Kate

    For what it's worth, I love your recaps! Plus, it's YOUR blog. No one is being forced to read it. I will never understand people who feel the need to share negative feedback on someone's opinion! Seriously, click that little x in the corner of the browser window and go take deep breaths outside. Yeesh.

  6. Eagle Eye

    Please write your DS recaps! And, personally, I don't think that there's anything wrong with deleting the trolls, they don't add anything to the discussion.

  7. Ben

    Recaps would be great. And just toss negative comments. Tell people ahead of time that anything negative will be chucked on site, and then do so. Having rules doesn't decrease democracy.

  8. ellie bee

    pleas please please do DS recaps!! I love the show, but i love it the MOST when I have your awesome recaps to go along with it!! pretty please?!?!

  9. Michelle

    Please do continue to do the recaps — while watching DS last night, I kept telling my sister (an interior designer) that I couldn't wait until tomorrow to read your take on your blog. You give such a great perspective and it really adds to the season. I think if you're as objective as you could be while still pointing out things that you liked or disliked about the design (not the personalities) then no one should get offended. I really hope that you will do the recaps! Thanks so much!

  10. Michelle

    I meant to add that I equate your recaps of DS to the good recaps of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise (yes, I'm using all of the resources at my disposal to convince you to recap) — while the show is amusing in and of itself, reading a hilarious recap makes it so much better!

  11. Kimberly

    That was what I was looking for this morning. Emily's perspective on the first episode of this season's Design Star. Also, because this is my first season ever watching Design Star, I was hoping to gain some insight from a pro who has been there, done that. I like what another poster already said, just don't allow Comments. All we really care about is what your thoughts were on the episode.

  12. Elle

    Another vote for YES please do recaps. I love reading your insider's voice and think you've always been very fair/never mean.

  13. Kate

    I watched DS last night! As an interior design student and design fan in general, I would love to know your thoughts! I was kind of shocked by the crazy paint color choices. I love bold colors, but something seemed really off about them. The grey and blue in the great room was not my favorite combination, but it was way better than the lime/violet combo in the studio! I'm also not sure what was up with that rosy semi-gloss in the bedroom. The whole white-animal-head-on-black got a little too much positive reinforcement for my liking. It wasn't THAT amazing! Cool, yes. Revolutionary? Nah. I actually really loved the one colorful bedroom that didn't get much play, and in a different bedroom, I thought the silver alligator hide was super fun. I only wish they could have made that into a huge headboard. Anyway, yes, please share your thoughts!

  14. Marie

    Yes, please post recaps. I have been looking forward to reading your recap ever since I watched the show last night.

  15. Melissa

    Hi Emily , love your recaps !! And please post the lake house pictures . I have been waiting weeks just to
    Get a peak !!! Thank you !

  16. Jeff

    Love the recaps! You could say nothing but positive things and there is always that dick that will have a bone to pick with you. Let the honesty fly!

  17. Katy

    I love your recaps! I totally get that it would be difficult and uncomfortable to critique other people that could someday be your colleagues, but it is so entertaining and educational to get your point of view! As a non-designer, I don't ever know what to say about rooms other than "I like it" or "I don't like it", so it's really neat to learn some trade secrets (from a stylist?) and become a better watcher of the show.

  18. Christa

    I vote for recaps for sure. Negative comments should be taken for what they are: one person's opinion. I'd rather tolerate a few haters than read a sanitized blog. When a site only has comments like "love it" and "u r awesome" I stop reading the comments. The only reason for us to read comments is to hear more opinions on the topic.

  19. Sarah

    I love reading your feedback! We get very little commentary from the judges each week about the designs, so I love reading your in-depth posts. You have "the eye" of a designer obviously, so you pick out all the little things that us viewers miss. Also, if the designers can't take the criticism, then maybe they shouldn't have applied to be on TV.

  20. I'm really glad that you shared this post even if the issue is on the older side. I am always in need of inspiration and it is helpful to look back and reflect. Now I'm going to follow up on Marcus Hay interior photos. Thx. I wish I could weigh in on recaps but they're just new material to me b/c I don't watch those shows. That said, I agree with Christa about not sanitizing the place. Keep on rocking.

  21. Molly

    Yay! Saw that you changed your mind about recapping Design Star! I just watched the premiere and was hoping to read your POV. Glad to hear it's a go!

  22. Lauren

    I'm glad you posted an update before I could read this post, because I definitely would have been disappointed. Yay, recaps!

  23. whitneybird

    Do recaps, and if you don't want to be negative, just talk about the people you liked and ignore the ones you didn't.

  24. I'm doing recaps as well folks. Check out my blog


  25. Claire Yang

    I have that magazine! Bought it while in England over Christmas. It made my day. That color on the walls is too cool. Also – why would ANYONE want to be a minimalist if your space could look like THAT!

  26. Marcus Hay

    Thanks Emily for the support, have got such a great response from my UK Elle Decoration cover, great to see it's still getting attention! All the best, Marcus