Made in Oregon

I’m in Portland for the next week or so, visiting family and friends, and generally getting my hipster on.

Looking for suggestions of bars/restaurants/stores during the visit.

So far we have tried to get into Tasty ‘n Sons and successfully ate at Doug Fir at East Burn (loved it). I haven’t hit up shopping yet and I’m just chomping at the bit to find new things to hoard. So please, any and all suggestions are helpful. For instance, is there any flea market here at all? I’ll hit up The Good Mod, Stars Antique Mall, the Hollywood district and the Pearl, Hawthorne, but any new indie stores that I should check out would be great.

Oh, and I’ll drool at clothes at Frances May, per usual. Still seriously regretting not buying the Suno Floral jumper that I tried on last year. Sadly the $800 price tag was about $700 more than I wanted to pay, but if I had a penny for every time I’ve thought about that jumper I would have 500 pennies, which would make the price come down to $795, which is starting to sound just WAY more affordable.

Also, any fun nighttime activities — dancing, shows, performance venues we should know about?

Follow me on twitter, em_henderson and instagram emhenderson (I know, I know) in case you are a voyeur like me. Expect my usual obsession with this city and me screaming, “Why don’t I live here?”

  1. i had a rockin taco at por que no? also made a stop at artemisia to find new stuff for my terrariums. i love visiting portland from seattle.

  2. megan

    Lovely's Fifty-Fifty has the best pizza and ice cream ever and it's also super cute.

  3. Joanna

    These are all food suggestions:

    Broder for Swedish breakfast (but expect a long wait on weekends)
    St Jack for fancy French food
    Bamboo Sushi for good happy hour
    Wafu for yummy ramen
    PokPok for delightful Thai "street food"
    Dove Vivi for amazing corn crust pizza

  4. Marissa

    Apizza scholls for the best pizza in portland, and screendoor for the best brunch (you have to try the praline bacon!). Quite a wait for both, but so worth it. For the best ice cream ever – salt & straw. And no – we don't have a decent flea market which is disappointing to me. Lots of good vintage stores on hawthorne though!

  5. Any of the Goodwills are a good bet, with the exception of the "Boutique" ones which are highly overpriced.

    The main Goodwill on MLK, the N.E. Broadway and the West Burnside locations are my favorites. Of course, the Goodwill Outlet is also not to be missed.

    Have fun!


  6. Jessica

    My fiance was just in Portland for cocktail week, and visited some really awesome places. Here are his recommendations

    For drinks- excellent classic cocktails at Teardrop, the ultimate tiki experience at Hale Pele, phenomenal craft bartending at Kask, a great dive experience AND ski ball at The Wurst, and a great chill out experience at Moloko Plus.

    For food- one of the best meals of his life ever was the tasting menuat Le Pigeon (foie gras carpaccio is a MUST), The Brunch Box food truck, Luk Lak and Pok Pok for vietnamese (the pho is awesome at both), and Beast is fantastic, Sizzle Pie for late late night grub and Bamboo for sushi, and since you're not from the south, like us, and might need to get that fix try The Screen Porch.

    He really loved it, and I definitely see a culinary vacation there someday. Enjoy!

  7. I second the Bamboo Sushi suggestion (try the Green Machine!), also love Nostrana for pizza (you cut it with scissors, and it's awesome).

    Whiskey Soda Lounge is great for drinks, and I also recommend Pok Pok (Whiskey Soda is affiliated and has the same famous Fish Sauce Wings that are SO GOOD).

    Try Rerun on Fremont for thrifting!

    Woohoo welcome!

    Oh and Peacock Lane is open through the 31st for lights! :)

  8. Jill

    You are in my city! Love Pok Pok, Ken Artisan's for pizza, Screen Door for brunch…..Hit Monticello Antiques on SE Stark! They have a great consignment department too. I might even stalk Monticello myself – I would DIE if I radomly 'bumped' into you there!!!!

  9. Jessie

    Definitely, definitely hit up Stars Antique Mall (there are two stores!) and the rest of Sellewood neighborhood (and be sure to check out Sock Dreams for fun, quirky socks!). I also highly suggest 23rd Street: it's one of my favorite shopping spots with lots of little boutiques, and Ether is one of my favorite stores for boots because they always have some that fit my big calves. Have fun in PDX!

  10. Jorie

    You should check out Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Company. Great mix of vintage and high quality USA made pieces. A great building space with a AMAZING coffee shop and floral shop too. You will want to live there!

  11. Deb

    I've lived in Portland for eight years and I am still madly in love with her. Have you checked out the Woodsman Tavern on SE Division? This is the restaurant owned by the Stumptown Coffee guy and the little market next door is also really sweet. The interior is perfectly appointed with paintings and furniture he's collected over the years. And they have awesome devilled eggs. I second the Schoolhouse Electric recommendation too. Also NE Mississippi/Williams neighborhood is popping up with great indy boutiques that i hope to check outsoon. There are some newer mid-mod shops further east on Hawthorne than the main drag that are worth checking out. I'd love to see you post your favorite finds. This is such a great city for affordable design!

  12. Oooo, I love Portland and end up there on business about once a year. I love a fabulous Peruvian restaurant called Andina (on NW Glisan in the Pearl). We've eaten there several times and really like it. The food is very authentic – Peruvian food is most excellent. I haven't been (yet!) but have heard good things about Cargo for shopping textiles and fun imports (NW 17th I think). I'll be back in March and plan to hit both of these (plus I'm adding furiously to my list following all of the great suggestions here).

  13. Angie

    If you like Mexican comfort food, try Que Pasa Cantina. It's near 12th and Hawthorne. Great chicken enchilada casserole, jalapeno mac-n-cheese and a tasty side called potatoes ole. Enjoy!

  14. aimee

    I used to live in Portland, and it's been too long since I've been back (like several years sadly sad-face). I second Andina, we used to go all the time. I loooooooove the gyros at Alexis (Burnside and 2nd, NW). Pambiche has excellent cuban food (Glisan and 28th, NE )–I always got the pescado con coco even though I really do not enjoy fish most of the time. It's wonderful. Staccato Gelato is delish, they are over by the Laurelhurst Theater, so a couple blocks north of Burnside on 28th NE–the rhubarb is fantastic, I would get a scoop of that and a scoop of the honey lavender together, yum.

    Also the Meadow is one of my favorite shops–salt, chocolate, bitters, flowers. Done. It's on North Mississippi, so if you are up there anyways, go. If they have the Brown Butter bar from Xocolatl de David, buy it immediately, it is awesome.

  15. Bethany

    I try and visit Portland, at least twice a year. LOVE it!!!!! Try Monticello Antique Market on SE Stark. Great place to wander through….also love the Plucky Maidens, they have shows 3 time a year, not to be missed!

  16. Helen

    I hope you enjoy your time here in Portland.
    There are so many great places to eat and spend time!
    Pine State Biscuit is amazing for breakfast and there are several locations…Belmont, NE Alberta…
    If you do check out N. Mississippi…Cup and Saucer is good for breakfast as is Gravy. Por Que No for lunch or you might want the great 1-2
    punch of Little Big Burger with amazing Truffle Fries and then a couple doors down is Ruby Jewel…heaven for ice cream.
    Pick an area…the Pearl, Hawthorne, Belmont, NW 23rd, Downtown, Sellwood…you can't go wrong.
    Soak it up and Happy New Year!

  17. Brianna

    Beam and Anchor & Nationale are pretty stores
    drinks at Beulahland, B-side, or Valentines
    and Biwa or the Farm are around the corner for dinner

  18. Bamboo Sushi, Cafe Broder (for breakfast), Apizza Scholls or Ken's Artisan Pizza, Little T American Baker – to grab some coffee and great bread, Tasty Kitchen for some real homemade Italian cooking, ST Jack's and Cibo for Happy Hour – Cibo makes cecina's, a type of pizza; the base/ crust is made from garbanzo beans and is really good! Have fun! And, Happy New Year!

  19. Hi Emily – we met at Serving up Style! I had the space with my design firm – Abode – and Rejuvenation. You said you loved everything in it! Well if that is the case you need to come visit the Rejuvenation store in Portland – half the store is fun salvage!

    Eat at Mi Mero Mole – fantastic Mexican street food. And tasty cocktails…

  20. Angela

    Can't miss Navarre.

  21. Zakk Hoyt

    I love Bernedette Breu, Seek the Unique, Sorrels on Hawthorne. Also, not sure if you ever checked out the Albertina Kerr Economy Jar, totally under-valued thrifty place. Check out St. Johns, lots of crazy new stuff down there as well! XO

  22. Ellen K.

    Vintage Pink and Lounge Lizard on SE Hawthorne.

  23. Kiki

    Central for the ultimate Hipster bar (don't let the SW address fool you)
    Any of the shops on the WestEnd by Francis May (Woonwinkle, Canoe, etc)
    Schoolhouse Electric. Take time for a cup of coffee here too.
    Le happy. Nothing but crepes and cocktails. Super authentic. Super charming.
    I'm guessing you already know Eden and Porch Light in the Pearl.
    Portland Modern: vintage clothes and mid-mod furnishings at killer deals. On NW 21st
    Cafe Nell, Saucebox, Clark Lewis, Produce Row. All great happy hour spots.

  24. Jan

    The Oregonian just selected "Seams to Fit – Home" as the best consignment furniture store in Portland. They have amazing high end finds plus quirky and unusual contemporary and vintage items. You can find it in the Pearl on NW 18th between Thurman St and Upshur St.

  25. danae

    if you're still looking for new places to score cool vintage, there's a new store Vintage Design Collective that recently opened. it's a bunch of different vendors. a friend is a vendor there and her pictures always look amazing. here's a link with info about it:

    also- you may know it, but a cool shop in the Pearl- Betsy and Iya, is one of my faves.

    have fun!

  26. Jan

    The Oregonian just selected "Seams to Fit – Home" as the best consignment furniture store in Portland. They have amazing high end finds plus quirky and unusual contemporary and vintage items. You can find it in the Pearl on NW 18th between Thurman St and Upshur St.

  27. Josh

    If you haven't eaten at Pine Street Biscuits, you should. It's amazing.

    Also, have you been to Troutdale (east of Portland?) The main street (up behind the outlet malls) is LINED with antique stores. I've found some cool stuff there.

  28. Hi Emily – we met at Serving up Style. I am Trisha of Abode Design. You loved the space I created with Rejuvenation – said you loved everything in it. Please don't miss it while you are here – 1/2 the store is incredible salvage!

    And eat at Mi Mero Mole – authentic Mexican street food!

  29. Jessie

    ooh, I'm chiming in! Have been here for 7 years and I still love it….despite the hipsters. ;)

    Tin Shed for breakfast…soooooo good. I prefer them to Tasty and Sons, their bacon and staff are less pretentious.
    The Waffle Window – yep, self explanitory with that one! walk up to a window, get a waffle! The Bacon, Brie and Basil waffle…drool.

    Flea markets, not so much. Goodwill is where its at out here! People donate the most amazing things. Both good and bad amazing. Worth it for the amusement factor alone.

    random recommendations: Ink + peat, right down the street from Tasty and Sons, great little shop with the most amazing lighting fixture that I want to steal so badly, it might be worth the jail time. Also, Ground Control – old school video games and pinball machines + beer = Portland awesomeness. Enjoy! Really, why don't you live here?

  30. anne

    The big ones have been covered…Pok Pok, Screen Door (if you can get it). Salt and Straw for ice cream. If you didn't get into Tasty n' Sons, try again! Go for brunch though. Also, Luce–newer Italian place. Super tasty simple food (casual atmosphere)…written up in Bon Appetit. If you're interested in fabric at all, Bolt on Alberta. (nearby, I might add, a really adorable children's store). If you want to splurge on a KILLER meal, Beast on Killingsworth is an experience worth having. Amazing brunch.

  31. Elisabeth

    I think you may be done with your Portland thrifting adventure but there is a flea market…It's Portland Flea and it's apparently only once a month. I haven't gotten to it yet but it does look alluring! is the website with info. Hope you enjoyed your trip home! And hope that abdominal issue's resolved!

  32. We do have a good flea market here in Portland! Portland Flea takes place every third Sunday of the month 10-4. More than 20 vintage and antique vendors convene at Union Pine (525 SE Pine) to sell their goods. Next Flea is 1/20. Best way to get updates is to like us on Facebook: Look forward to seeing you all there!

  33. Brittnee

    When you're here in the future, if you're looking for a flea market, Portland Flea Market is every 3rd Sunday of the month at 525 SE Pine (Union/Pine). Lots of beautiful, vintage goods!

  34. Late to the game here, but no one mentioned the Portland Flea, which feels RIGHT up your alley. It's the third Sunday of the month at event space UNION/PINE just around the corner from Doug Fir, and packed with great finds and good folks.

    Check it out on your next visit!

  35. sorry we missed you Em! next time come and visit our brick and mortar, Maven Collective on SE Stark St. Beautiful handmade and vintage mixed with earthy modern.