Love … these two chairs — wildly different, but work together


It’s the Sol Rocking Chair from the artist Constance Guisset. It’s made in laser-cut aluminium, and comes in a bunch of different colors for 3,494.84 pounds. How can you NOT like a chair that’s described as “a joyful and shining chair, quite free in its asymetry, like popping out with lightness.


Yes, it’s whimsical, but I’m kinda in love. It’s the Venus Rattan Chair by Soane and it can be yours for 5,280 pounds. But before you judge, you have to see these chairs in action (from LivingEtc Magazine):


What do you think? Would you buy them?

  1. LOVE the Venus chair. It definitely reminds me of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus.

  2. Angeline

    I would definitely buy that Venus chair – When I’m nuts or rich (or both) enough to afford it!

  3. I would totally buy both chairs! But my only concern would be regarding comfort – the Sol Rocking Chair looks like it may not be the MOST comfortable thing. It sure does look pretty, though. I’m REALLY loving the scallop detail on the edges of the Venus!

  4. Michelle H

    LOVE the Venus chair. However, as beautiful as the Sol Rocking Chair is, I’m not sure how I would sit (or rock) in it without hurting myself.

  5. Kim

    dear emily,

    i love you. you have a way of making everything you do look like you’re at a party and having the time of your life. do you ever stress out? i’m not sure i’d believe you if you said you sometimes do. your interiors make me excited about the potential for my own space, even if i don’t have the funds to do much about it at the moment. i spend a lot of time thinking and planning and dreaming. i appreciate that you deconstruct your work for others to understand. it’s like free design school. i really like that you emphasize shape, not just color. i also like that your spaces actually feel livable and achievable. and you’re so cute i can’t stand it. you probably get that all the time, but that doesn’t make it untrue. thanks for sharing your work.

  6. yo. the little mermaid called and she wants her chair back.

  7. Kate

    I like ‘em both, love the lines on the Sol, but I’m actually a little more intrigued by the wicker lounge in the photo!

  8. Wendy

    If $ were not object, I would buy the Sol rocker, and rock out.

  9. A&F

    アバクロ パンツ

  10. Jaffrie

    Hi :)

    Do you ship the chair to Singapore?

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