Love … These Mirrored Leaves

gallotti & radice spring leaf mirror by ricardo bello dias

Individually they are weird and kinda gimmicky, and when i first saw them i was all, huh? Do i hate? or no? But then I saw on a bunch of on a wall together and they were pretty magical.   They turn into this giant reflective sculpture. From Gallotti & Radice Spring Leaf Mirror by Ricardo Bello Dias, they come in three different sizes … but with a hefty price tag — 642 pounds for the smallest. You like?

gallotti & radice spring leaf mirror by ricardo bello dias

  1. Ruth Vallejos

    I think in a visually quiet space, the leaf mirrors could add a lot of interest. Perfect for a business (so many have leaves in their logos nowadays).

    I’m wondering if they would be too hard to make? The tapered backings out of plywood, the mirrors cut, carefully, with a glass cutter. Some glue, some hangers and you are in business. I’ll put that idea in my “ideas to execute, someday” box.

  2. Holly

    I’d like to see them surrounding one big round mirror like pedals on a flower. But seeing as how I live in earthquake country… on sand… I’ll be doing without those little beauties.

  3. Those mirrored leaves are stunning and fill that space so beautifully. My fiance and I live in a loft space with very high ceilings and we’re trying to figure out how to fill all this wall space we have…any suggestions? We can’t afford a fabulous stylist of your caliber but would appreciate ANY tips!

  4. liz

    I was reading an archive post by orlando from August that was about shopping and trying to decide if ugly pieces are ugly or could be styled or redone in an amazing way. He showed a pic of the piece in question and then propose some pics of what it could be, where it could be.

    Do that again. It’s awesome and inspiring and thought provoking. In a designy kinda way.

    More so than these leaf mirror thingies ;)

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