Les Mis, the movie….

I love this musical sooo much, and this movie version of it is going to kill it.  Working on an actual post now, but until then, please watch this and try not to cry.   

  1. Sabrina

    Kills me everytime! This movie is going to be AMAZING!!!

  2. Chrystal

    You should do your show like that!

  3. When the trailer came out I watched it about 30 times in a row like some kind of creep. And every single time, chills.

  4. Chills, pure and simple. This movie is going to be ground breaking.

  5. Liz

    This looks amazing!

  6. Jolene

    This looks like an amazing film – definitely gave me chills. I didn't know Anne Hathaway was a singer.

  7. I am a big fan of Les Miserables (saw it in the Fox Theater in Atlanta when I was in college). Love this clip, can't wait!

  8. Emmie

    Dang it Emily, after I watched that I spent an hour and a half watching YouTube clips of the Les Mis concert. Want to take my test on color theory and schemes for me tomorrow??

    But seriously, that movie looks like it's going to be amazing. Anne Hathaway's singing in the trailer is phenomenal!

  9. Angeline

    Hooked, can't wait to see it! Thanks Emily!

  10. Lori

    Aaarrrrgh! I can't wait; I love Les Miserables!

  11. Kirstin

    O to the M G….dying. Too much.