Latest Vintage Finds

Yesterday it rained hard all day in Los Angeles. When it rains in LA its like a natural disaster.  Riots break out.  Children become disoriented and run away from their homes.  Dogs make love to cats.  It is total chaos.  Mass hysteria.

The good news is that we saw The Hunger Games (which is officially THE movie that Brian and I wanted to see equally very, very bad, he read the books before me.)  I liked it a ton – she’s awesome, Peeta is still miscast in my book. But the costumes and production design were awesome:

It’s pretty good timing since the 80’s are so back right now. 

But the bad news is that there was no Flea market. So how does one addict get their sunday fix?

Etsy. Ebay. Craigslist. They are like the backup crack.  But they’ll do. 

Up first?

This one is for me.  I need to change out virtually ALL of my flush mount light fixtures. I need two chandeliers, and 4 flush mounts, and let me tell you, affordable flush mounts are NOT attractive.  This guy isn’t a flush mount, but i think i can hang it high enough that it will work:

It’s big and pretty for $50.  I’m thinking bathroom or guest room.

Then i got this guy from the Rose Bowl a couple weeks ago. The big deco-y mirror was $40 (it has brass on the insides….so pretty) and the little trifold antique mirror was $40 as well. That one you can fold down so it looks like a little book with a gold chain on it, backed by leather. 

Then i  snagged this oil painting/portrait from the Rose Bowl for $70.  It’s pretty big (18×24) and kinda gorgeous. I’m taking it to my favorite framing store in Echo Park, Hotel De Ville (1932 Echo Park Aveune  Los Angeles, CA 90026 (323) 667-0713) to get it framed.  

If i haven’t raved about this place yet, then i do apologize.  Dana, the owner, has really good style and gives you so much time, consideration and opinions.  Its not necessarily cheaper than anywhere else, but you get someone that will help you make decisions – because we all know framing is expensive, so you want to do it right, only once.    When framing you have soooo much to consider – the frame color, finish, size and then the mat color finish and size….it can be overwhelming to do by yourself. But i highly recomend this place.  

This brutalist light fixture would go swimingly in my master bedroom. I love it and i haven’t seen very many flush mount brutalist lights, but its not cheap $250 plus $25 shipping…..i’m debating. Its more than it would be at the flea market, but less than it would be shopping at Vintage Stores in L.A….and time is money, so buying it now would save time, therefore save money, right?  (see how i do that? i can rationalize anything). 

And then this one is a no brainer:

I don’t have to even think about it and i know i’m going to buy it.  But its $375 which is again, not a steal, but less than i’d pay in the city.  And i love it.  its 18″ in diameter, so its HUGE, for a pendant.  I’m thinking dining room becasue it is going to reflect light all over the walls in that cool pattern.

It’s dope, but expensive.  Should i snag it or skip it and keep shopping?







  1. ejzdancer

    the last pendant actually moved me to teariness..?
    She'd so hold her own at a dinner party -throwing around all that dramatic & moody light…
    gently blurring any rough edges
    encouraging each guests best quirks
    transporting all to an ever-so-slightly altered dimension
    suspended in light -safe & sound
    a dinner party none could forget
    I love the unusual & fabulous flower pendant as well… mirrors? them too! Thanks for sharing…
    Best, Emily Jane
    PS. I'm hoping/thinking Peeta is going to/supposed to grow on us like he did Katniss over the series..?

  2. Emily Henderson

    You just convinced me that i'm going to buy it right now. I was waiting for a couple hours, but the scene you just described needs to happen in my dining room. thanks.

  3. Abby

    The first lamp fixture is a must! I pretty much exploded with happiness when I saw that, you must get it! The floral shape, semi squished sphere! Ahh! I can't stop looking at it.

  4. gia

    If you have the money I would say get it too. And it resembles your business cards!

  5. Lauren


  6. Love the last pendant! What a sexy vibe that will bring to any dinner party dimmed to the perfect level. I love it. Buy it now!

  7. That last pendant fixture is gorgeous!! By the way, will you be traveling to Round Top, Texas again this year for the annual antiques weekend? The girls in my family are already scheming for the "Preview Week" that starts this Wednesday!

  8. Cindy

    Agreeing with Abby – the petaled pendant is incredible!

  9. I am pretty obsessed with the brass pendant lamp. If the city can't give you what you're looking within your budget, then go for it. Seeing you share your finds on Etsy makes me realized that I don't need to hoard all my vintage finds that I no longer have space for. I'll be sure to send you the link once I've set it up so that you can see that cool stuff that I've come across. I see it, buy it, house it for like ever, then change it up. But I never wanna get rid of my things. I'm doing it!

  10. LadyLara

    Beautiful finds. Love that portrait! One day I'll get to troll the Rose Bowl…. (sniffing in Chicago)

  11. sandy

    Saw your video over at Soul Pretty's Blog.
    Your work is fantastic.

  12. that floral light fixture is amazing. really. Some day I'll get to shop the Rose Bowl as well…some day!

  13. Bridget

    Okay so I love the floral dangler, for sure. I have a suggestion for you. If you're looking for inexpensive, brass and pendant I came across the Urban Outfitters brass 3 tiered pendant. It wouln't give a tremendous amount of light, but it does satisfy all your criteria. Thinking that you could get it as a filler until you've found your diamond in the rough. Go check it out. I'd be curious to hear what you think of it!

  14. Omg Pllllllease get that last pendant! I stalked this one for forever: and it finally sold before I could save up all my pennies and I almost cried. I just want to know that these pretties are going to a good home!! ;)

  15. Maggie O

    Looking at random blogs, saw your post and these words stood out "affordable flush mounts are NOT attractive". So true! And I didn't know that until I recently started to look for affordable flush mounts. I wish I had your shopping skills. . .

  16. mimi

    The last pendant is the exact same one that we had in our dining room growing up! It had rice paper on the inside though. Go for it!!! You won't regret it!!!!

  17. Carrie

    I really really WANT that first chandelier with the huge flowers! SO cute!