Latest Purchases from my friend, ETSY.

I’ve been Etsy-ing all night and i found some dope as a Pope’s rope stuff.  I want these to be my sister wives, i love them that much.  (hey clients, email and call dibs if you want these)

Pair Hollywood Regency brass canister lamps lights Curtis Jere style

Pair of vintage Brass Canister lamps, $175.  You had me at ‘really huge modern finial’.  From THIS seller.  Picture a really wide (like 12″) short white linen drum shade.  oh, man.  I’m getting inappropriately excited. 
Pair of Mid Century Ceramic Lamps
Adorable pair of gold polka dot lamps.  $75 for both.  from THIS seller.  Yes, i have a thing for Gold, white and polka dot so these are pretty much a no-brianer.  I might splurge on some gold foil shades.  
Vintage Highboy Dresser In Lipstick Red
I didn’t purchase this guy because i already have one in yellow, but you should.  Except shipping will probably be annoying. It’s $325 which isn’t a steal by any means. (mine was $100, but from a thrift store and not refinished).  It’s still dope.  You can buy it HERE
Vintage Floral Linen Pillow Cover with insert-Reduced from 36.00
Yeah, i’m predictable i know.  Vintage + Blue + Floral + Ball fringe =  No doy.  $30 from this seller 
rare, hand woven huge vibrant peacock textile, tapestry
This thing is crazy good.  It’s a 32″ x 100″ handwoven tapestry.  I think its future is to be the upholstery on a mid-century chair that i got for $30.  i know. i’m already separating myself from it emotionally because this is a relationship i do not want to end.  
rare, hand woven huge vibrant peacock textile, tapestryrare, hand woven huge vibrant peacock textile, tapestry
 $99.  But think about it, its 100″ long!!! It could be two major pieces of art, a pillow and a simple chair.  The hot pink in those peacocks is making me feel unhealthily excited. From THIS seller. 
VINTAGE GEOMETRIC ART // Fiber Art Wall hanging // Vintage Geometric Decor // Chevron Textile Art /// Vintage Seventies Geometric ///
Adorable woven tapestry.  Why is ‘tapestry’ such a bad word for some people? Like ‘macrame’ or ‘knick knacks’ or ‘wicker’ or ‘fringe’.  ‘Tapestry’ just means something handmade or woven thats hung on the wall as art.  $29 and look at the colors.  And you don’t need to frame it.  Picture it on a gallery wall or hung above (and off-center) a guest bed?
VINTAGE GEOMETRIC ART // Fiber Art Wall hanging // Vintage Geometric Decor // Chevron Textile Art /// Vintage Seventies Geometric ///
MID CENTURY MODERN // Vintage Seagull // Vintage Mid Century Modern Wall Hanging // Vintage Seagulls // 1970s Bird Plaque // Gilded Gold
Oh my god. its so weird. can you even believe i bought a brass animal? What’ll i do next? Wear blue? Wear a princess sleeved tweed blazer? So not like me.  (at this point i literally have a zoo.  1 horse, 1 large greyhound, 2 horses, 2 owls, 1 huge fox, 1 elephant, yadda yadda….and you saw the holiday special with SIX large brass deer!!!!).
But this guy is pretty great for the price, $25 i think.    From THIS seller. MID CENTURY MODERN // Vintage Seagull // Vintage Mid Century Modern Wall Hanging // Vintage Seagulls // 1970s Bird Plaque // Gilded Gold
And for the finale:
Large Amazing Flying Machine Sculpture
Dear Brass hot air balloon car thing, Please take me away to happiness land where we drink diet coke through red vine straws, listen to the song ‘Dancing in the moonlight’ on repeat (MY ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG!!!!) and cuddle wit baby mammals.  I’m pretty sure that is what happens in heaven. I’ll ask my dad, he knows about that kinda of stuff.  This thing was $99, which isn’t nothing.  BUT its 33″ tall – and for the math un-inclined that is almost three FEET, my friends!!!! HUGE!!!!  Its probably going to go above a bed or in the perfect niche.  
I might hoard it for my future daughter, Emily, Jr. Above her crib??? AHHH!!!!!! Stop it. Control yourself. 
Part of me wants to re-brass it so its all new and shiny and dope as mother-effing hell!!!!!!!!!
Yes, all of these might be cheaper at the flea market, if i was to find them (which obviously is the hard part) but the fact that i can buy whilst watching ‘Planet of the Apes’ and ‘Our idiot Brother’ with Brian (his choice) and drinking wine makes it pretty worth it.  
And supporting small businesses is always worth it. For those of you who don’t know, shop from It’s kinda the best. 
Here’s a searching tip:  you never know how people categorize their stuff – if they don’t know what they are selling they might call it something weird.  So what i do is just search for ‘white lamp’ under ‘all items’ and yes i have to scroll through 27 pages, but is the best way to ensure you are seeing all the options and you inevitably find the best pieces.  I mean, when is the last time you searched for ‘tapestry’?  Some people call ‘porcelain’, ‘ceramic’ or ‘pottery’ so you can’t predict it.  
Happy Holidays, friends.  Thank you so very very very for another year of reading, watching, commenting and listening.  
I love you so hard.   
What was your favorite piece? And what is your favorite Etsy store?
  1. Hahahahaha! I love late at night (post glass or two of wine?) Emily VH blogging. Awesome Etsy finds. :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Jen

    Ohmygosh the brass balloon thing. FAVORITE fo sho. So jealous… (I loved this post by the way!!)

  3. Rayna

    OH my gosh! I would die for that balloon car thing!! IT is sooo awsemoly incredible!!! so jealous……………………

  4. Love the Quilt with Hot pink Peacocks!!! Favorite Etsy Store jennasuemaps!!!

  5. Cari

    Love your blog!! It has a little of everything, it is fabulous. ;) And that gold dot lamp is my favorite!

  6. Catherine in Hollywood

    Was at the Americana for the first time last Friday…what a joy and suprise to see you gracing their little information brochure. If you had posted that you did it, guess i missed it. You look good…..

  7. That brass balloon thing is awesome. It looks like something Shaun Tan might dream up.

    Thanks for supporting Etsy! I have a shop myself, where I sell custom pencil portraits. :) Take a look if you get the chance!

  8. sally

    I'm totally late in the game (not keeping up with my blog reader), but just in case you & Bri are still here in SF:)

    - Spruce
    - Absinthe
    - Alexander's
    - Wayfare Tavern
    - Bar Tartine
    - Tartine
    - Cyrus (Healdsberg)
    - Bri-Rite Ice Cream (Salted Caramel)

    - Bourban & Branch
    - Alembic
    - Comstock
    - Rickhouse
    - Gary Danko

  9. Brandi

    L.O.V.E the steampunk/car/balloon…. It's fantastic and I want 3!

  10. You really know what you are talking about and thus, you write simply fabulous stuff! I found your blog very informative. The site is easy to navigate as well and I have bookmarked it in my favorites’ as well.

  11. That balloon contraption is the greatest thing. It has so much whimsy and life to it. Great find.

  12. Omg, I love Etsy! At first I didn't because I thought it was a place for Stay at Home Moms to embrace their creativity with a glue gun. Of course I was completely wrong. Now I shop Etsy all the time.

    Btw, I love your taste. It's GREAT!

  13. I JUST PURCHASED THE DRESSER!! YEAH! Check out its new home over on my blog. ;-) Thanks Emily!!

  14. Chantevonne

    I LOVE the brass bird! :) WOW!
    My favorite shop on Etsy is: MahzerandVee. They have all these statues in vivid color! Oh yay! Owls, Beethoven, and gnomes, oh my!

  15. elz

    I love Austinmodern's stuff! I just bought a great vintage schoolroom pull-down poster for my Christmas gift!

  16. Cate

    haha! That's my fave song, too! Love your style, lady.

  17. Meg

    So this is my first time commenting but I'm one of your biggest fans! I have all of the SFAS episodes saved and I'm a nerd. Seriously love those polka-dot lamps and that balloon contraption. I'm jealous that I can't have both!

  18. OMG, over xmas break I was in a thrift shop with my mom and telling her about your show and I was like, "And she totally loves BRASS!" and my mom was like, "Eww, Brass?" and I was like, "Yeah, but she makes it look cool." And I swear to God, I saw a brass bird like the one you posted, and I go, "Like, see that bird? She would totally put it in a room and it would look cool." And my mom was like, "…?"

  19. Shaun

    I haven't heard "no doy" in a minute! That totally made my day. :)

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