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Not sure what seals it for me, the leather chair with the ottomon, that awesome chandy, or that crazy wood stuff on the walls – which i would never have thought to do.  

And that sofa makes me believe in a higher power.  i mean, its just perfect.  the warm rust, all the tufting, get out of town, sofa, just leave, you are too good for all of us.

not my normal color palette go -to, but man it is interesting.  but those diagonal pillows? ish don’t think so. 

  1. Tonia

    I love that rust tuft sectional, but as for my lastest obessions brass does it for me, but hate the cleaning part.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one {sorry, i really like it :) }

  3. I think I'm a big fan of the green wall color in the last one…but my opinion might change if you take out the pink.

  4. Chrissy

    We are obsessed with the same things! Period.

  5. That sofa is TOO MUCH, love it! Agree 110% with the "point up" pillows, why, why, why… it was some designers attempt years ago at a trend, such a sad treatment .


  6. As always, you have an idea for details.

    I love that first photo. The room looks lived in, but not abused. And it has the feeling of being curated. Perfect.

    (And did I mention that chandelier! It is like the ornament on top of the tree…. in a GOOD way)

  7. PJ

    The color combination in the last photo is new to me, but I think I kinda love it. Like a lot.

  8. I just recently did a post about emerald green + lavender pink as my new fave color combo. Love that last image!!

  9. Sarah

    that couch!!! wowowowowow!

    <3 Sarah

  10. First two pictures had me at hello… Im eh on the last one!

  11. What is a chandy?

    It's definitely the leather chair and tiny rectangular ottoman.

  12. yeah. that sofa in the middle image is awesome, but the b&w art makes it, doesn't it. so ga-ga over b&w art right now…

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