Land of Nod tween bedroom redo + giveaway

I have two very special clients right now. One is obsessed with “One Direction” and fairies, and the other is more prone towards Ninja’s and “Star Wars.” And they are both VERY fun to work with. She is nine, he is five, and they both have pretty good style and great spaces.

As I started conceptualizing their spaces, I realized I was pinning a lot from the Land of Nod site, so I pitched Land of Nod the idea of using their products in the bedrooms, BUT mixing them with vintage pieces to create a room that is totally unique and stylish, even though it’s technically full of “big box” pieces.

So I’ve partnered up with Land of Nod to redesign these kid’s rooms, and they are looking goooooood.


When I came into the job the bedroom was being renovated due to water damage, like so:

They were installing new flooring and repainting. Her walls were yellow before, and she was super over it.

So we quickly picked a color, after painting many a swatch up on the wall:

She said she loves hot pink but didn’t want a too girly room, so we choose aquas and teals to counter the hot pink, but still feel young and fresh. I mean, she’s nine; I still wanted it to be youthful without being “baby,” and pink without being an explosion of pink.

We chose the top left color — “Quartz Stone” by Benjamin Moore. Just as a note when swatching for clients — I always do a variety of colors, including some I don’t necessarily think are right. By seeing all the colors together they feel more confident about their choice instead of thinking … I wonder if it should be darker? So I try to nip that doubt before we have to go for another round of swatching. I give them a darker option, a really light option, a few safe medium options, and a couple that I think are my favorites and slightly riskier. I truly could have made any of these work — they are all really pretty colors — but this light aqua-y-mint color is so happy and bright and fun. My nine-year-old client pointed to it instantly and I was excited to work with something so young and fresh, yet make it modern and not too “baby.”

Ah yeah …

The room has such a good start, the wall color is perfect and the furniture they already have is great. Plus, they bought that huge Michelle Armas canvas print, which is beautiful.  

The challenge:

1. To please a very opinionated and stylish nine-year-old girl, who doesn’t want a little girl’s room, but loves aqua and hot pink.

2. To create a room that she can grow into until she graduates from high school, even. Her very lovely parents probably aren’t going to hire a decorator again when she’s 13, so this room needs to be full of furniture that can transition into teendom.

3. To mix these very diverse styles together to create a cohesive look, but one that is totally unique to her.

So I pulled together a mood board using the Land of Nod pieces, mixed with the already there antique pieces:


1. I Could’ve Been A Container 2. Ruffle Curtains  3.Hue-Nighted Nations Map 4. Michelle Armas canvas print The Bowtie I Like 5. Perfectly Perforated Pendant 6. Singing in the Rain Forest Bedding 7. Between a Rock Lamp 8. Sparkle Pillow 9. Pull Up a Pouf 10. Gummy Bear Lamp 11. Rags to Riches Rug 12. As You Wish Storage Bench 13. Modern Clip Lamp 14. Fall Foliage Leaf Wall Art 15. Jenny Lind Bookcase

The items they already had were:

1. The antique iron bed, passed down from her grandma, and so sweet and pretty. (The pics in the mood board are just pulled from online.)

2. The antique dresser, again inherited.

3. The vintage desk, from her grandma.

4. The Michelle Armas print. Luckily, I LOVE this and it was one of the reasons that I chose to work with them on this project. They wanted me to use this piece as the inspiration for the room so I knew that they had good taste and we were on the same page, stylistically.

5. The night stand (not shown), which is vintage but mid-century, and I totally love it. They had just purchased it from Etsy.

Right now, we have installed about 75 percent of the room and are waiting on a couple lamps that are on back order, as well as a custom bench. But after we installed this much, I got an email from the mom asking if we heard the screams from their house the night they got home from vacation and found her room all decorated. I guess she was freaking out, screaming, just so happy … which makes us VERY happy.

So to celebrate their screams and thank all of you for reading and following along, Land of Nod is giving away that amazing Between a Rock gold lamp that is universally loved.  

All you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite Land of Nod piece in this post comment field. BUT, you can get an additional entry by “liking” me on my Facebook page and “liking” Land of Nod on their Facebook page. After you “like” us you leave two additional comments saying that, and then you’ll be entered three times. We’ll choose a random winner (from this Friday, the 18th

I’ll announce the winner on this post, so come back for the update and PLEASE make sure to leave your email address. It won’t be submitted into anything; it’s just so we can contact you to say “Congratulations on your new dope lamp.”

How do you feel about the aqua and pink combo? Can you get behind it?

UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS Rmily of @littlebitsofdelight for winning. She was number 529 (of 788, nice job guys). Land of Nod will be sending you your lamp! Thanks for playing. :)

  1. Tasha

    The wall organizer is so smart and fun! I wish I could cover the entire wall above my desk with them.

  2. lana

    I love the lamp! Gorgeous! So many other things that are just beyond gorgeous!
    Great job Emily!
    I love your style and this blog!

  3. Stephanie

    Love the Rags to Riches rug – so fun! The room is awesome.

  4. Stephanie

    And now I've liked to your Facebook page:)

  5. Stephanie

    And liked the Land of Nod page – thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  6. Sarah-Thorne

    I LOVE this lamp!! I actually clicked over to the Land of Nod website to check out the price before you mentioned it was up for grabs! I would love it for my son's nursery…he's due June 10!!


  7. Tara

    There is a lot to love at Land of Nod! I adore this very lamp, frankly, but I'm also kind of eyeing the "rags to riches" rug in green for my kitchen.

  8. Sarah Y

    I love the color combo – I've been working on the same aqua-and-hotpink colors in my girls' room. That Jenny Lind bookcase is absolutely precious. Their crib was a Jenny Lind and I'm still not over the style!

  9. Sarah Y

    I like you on facebook.

  10. Sarah Y

    I like Land of Nod on facebook.

  11. Jennifer

    What a great room to grow up in!! I'm loving the lamp and the fall foliage leaf wall art. So fun!

  12. I am loving the cardigan pendant in the color cream! Thanks for all your inspiring posts and a great giveaway!!

  13. Carrie

    Mmmm, the Jenny Lind shelf is so dear. Love what you've done!

  14. Gloria

    The Up and Atom chandelier is basically the best. I've also been coveting the Between A Rock lamp since you've first posted it. This mood board looks gorgeous– you're such a talent.

    (And I liked you on FB!)

  15. Becky

    And now I like Land of Nod.

  16. anne

    Great post…i'm in the process of doing my daughter's "big girl room", as she's about to graduate out of her nursery, and I keep myself going back to Land of Nod over and over again. Their stuff is bright and fun and happy without being too baby. Love that so much of their stuff can grow with the kids. really like this pink and aqua…might copy it if I hadn't already ordered her bedding from LON which will take me a different direction. Fave piece…I've always loved their whole Jenny Lind line, so that bookshelf for sure.

  17. Becky

    I like you, too, Emily!

  18. Laura

    I love the jenny lind collection! And that room is going to be awesome… such great pieces to start with!

  19. Becky

    My favorite is a toss up between that sick lamp and the bookcase… I love their Jenny Lind line.

    What a great space! Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Emily

    I have been coveting the Iron Rich play chairs for my sons' room. Fun post!

  21. Sarah Sumner

    liked you on facebook!

  22. Cool giveaway! I totally love that "Between a Rock" gold lamp, and of course I've been eyeing Jenny Lind beds for the kiddos for a long time.


  23. Karen

    I adore the Sparkle pillow! But I love the lamp the most and it definitely falls into my all things faceted obsession!

  24. Karen

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  25. Karen

    Liked Land of Nod too. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  26. Love the rags to riches rug… a great way to bring in pink into the room!

  27. megan

    I love the storage bench/toy box!

  28. We don't have any kids yet, but I get the Land of Nod magazine already just so I can drool over all the goodness {that I am not afraid to admit I would love in my own home}. I love a bunch of things from their, but the looking glass play chairs are a current favorite. I would so use them as dining room chairs if they were big enough!

  29. Lori

    I've loved the Jenny Lind bookcase for a while now! I have a Jenny Lind bed that was my mother-in-laws when she was a little girl and they'd look perfect together!

  30. Sarah

    My favorite Land of Nod piece actually is that lamp! Awesome!

  31. I also like you on facebook!

  32. I am coveting this lamp, but it's on back order until April! Please help me complete my living room before then. Thanks for the giveaway!!


  33. Cher

    My favorite is the lamp itself! Gorgeous

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  36. Sarah

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  37. Lin

    I love the Oak Park Elementary Dresser – tons of space for storage. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. Lin

    Also, I liked you on Facebook! (Love the contrast of the walls with the pink… Much better than my dreamed-about pinksplosion of a room when I was a little girl)

  39. Paige

    Fun stuff! Would love to win!

  40. Paige

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  41. Paige

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  42. Anne

    Love that between a rock gold lamp and this room is adorable!

  43. Ale

    I love that lamp! I have been eying it for my office for a while now. Land of Nod is GREAT. Right now, I would say the next thing I want/need to get is the straight book ledges for the wall in my boys' play room. Already "Liked" both FB pages!

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  51. Love the Between a Rock Lamp! And is it bad that I'm 25 and also love aqua and hot pink? It may or may not be the current color scheme in my bedroom…the accessories a little more grown up, but that lamp would make an excellent addition to my desk!

  52. kristin

    love their nightstands, especially the pink Jenny Lind and the simple in white!

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  54. kristin

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  57. kelly jo

    since i live in a studio with my husband and three year old, the "As You Wish Storage Bench" is my absolute favorite thing here. imagine all the bed sheets, blankets, or toys we could organize with this, all the while sitting pretty when guests come over!

  58. kellyt

    Land of Nod Streets of Paree of bedding is my fav. I'd love it for my own girl's bedroom. Also, love the paint color you chose for the room. I am scoping out aquas as well for my daughter's room. What is the color in the top middle? That one is nice, too.

  59. Katie

    Love the teal. Our adult bedroom is painted a darker teal very close to the bottom left swatch. I don't want to look too close at that print because I know I will have to have it for the empty wall by the bed. :)

    The rags to riches rug is my favorite LoN piece.

  60. kelly jo

    i have liked you on facebook for months now! the bench, the bench, the bench…

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  79. Kelly

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  81. Bianca

    The Magnificent Metal Letters are unlike any other! I have E,A,T!

  82. Ooh, we JUST painted our master bath this color and LOVE it. Now to convince my husband of some hot pink accents … [okay, so that might not fly, but maybe some rosey gold metals? A girl can dream.]

  83. Laura

    I am a big fan of the Rock Lamp in gold and silver. I am also liking the pouf and the bench with some of the other fabric options. I love pink and aqua, I painted my daughter's room Ben Moore antiguan sky.

  84. Nadine

    Wow, am in LOVE with the rug…and the poufs…and the lamp… and, and, and….

  85. Mary Alice Kain

    My current favorite thing from Land of Nod is the Home Sweet Play Home that is hanging in my son's room. Best place for hide and seek and for hiding with a book.

  86. Mary Alice Kain

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  87. Holly

    I actually love the lamp you posted above!

  88. Abby

    I'm currently working on updating my daughter's nursery & and I adore pretty much everything from Land of nod! Besides this lamp I think my favorite piece is their gold modern clip lamp!

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  103. Jess

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  104. I absolutely LOVE the Between a Rock lamp and was picturing it for my living room when I saw it on your Instagram the other day!

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  109. michele double you

    Loving the hedghog nightlight just for fun, and I'd love the Up and Atom ceiling lamp in a WC, but for table lamps, I'd choose the Squares to Spare or the Between a Rock. (Though at barely a foot tall, I think of them as too small for a table lamp… can be difficult to find tall lamps these days, unless you want a vintage find.)

  110. Kate Lindsay

    I really like the Ansel Teak desk! I don't have kids, but I would like that for myself actually!!

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  112. I love their heirloom rug and the double pendant.

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  114. I liked Land of Nod on Facebook!

  115. Jenn

    I don't have kids, so I've never really shopped at Land of Nod, but I want that lamp! For my office desk specifically :).

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    I love that dresser. Girly but I feel like I could convince my husband to work it into the decor.

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  119. I love it! Wow, land of nod certainly has items I can see going into this 32 year old's bedroom, easily. And I love that you clearly explain your decision process behind everything, it makes me say"a-ha!" Didn't think of it that way, but she's right!
    I would love to win that lamp, but this girl has cancer, is tired, and there's just too many instructions.

  120. elizabeth b

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    Love your work!!

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    Can I ask what the name of the color is on the bottom left (in the image of the swatches)?

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  146. Leslie

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    i am already in love with the between a rock lamp, but i also really like the twelve bar blues sheet set.

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  177. Laura

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    I love the dresser with the ring pulls. So cute and has an incredible touch. We are in the process of adopting a little girl from China and this looks exactly like ideas I have been pinning for inspiration. I think the colored map would be super cute to, to show here where she is from and where we are!

  216. Stephanie

    Glitter Pillow all day long! I am a sucker for obnoxious bling!

  217. Rachel

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  219. I am crazy about that lamp ever since I saw it on your pin board!!
    My favorite piece is the hot pink sparkling rug. Do I need to explain why????

  220. Sara

    Love this!! Besides this awesome lamp, I love the fancy forest wall clock from them.

  221. Rachel

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  222. Jill

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  234. Lindsay

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    I liked your FB page and I'm so glad I did :)

  238. Oh, I do love that gold rock lamp! It's be a great addition to our purple and gold nursery, which we are trying to make more masculine in case we have a boy. We're too lazy to paint one wall this year.

  239. Kim Dean

    Actually, One of my most favorite Land of Nod items is this lamp. It's hard to chose though. Love the aqua and pink!!

  240. Julie

    I love the colorful map! It ties all the other hues in the room together & who doesn't need to brush up on their geography every once and awhile? Oh, and the lamp is awesome!

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  248. Jena

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  250. Jena

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  253. I am pregnant with my first baby girl and have registered at Land of Nod! It's such a great store!! I'm super excited about this give away because I actually fell in love with the Between a Rock gold lamp and have been coveting it for my new nursery. Can't wait to see the finished room Emily, you always do such beautiful work :)

  254. Peggy

    I loved this lamp. That and the art print were my two favorites from your post!

  255. Jennifer

    Land of Nod has adorable things- the animal shaped lamps are on my wishlist now!

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  258. Darling makeover! Thanks for sharing. The wall color is the color of our dining room. Favorite item = the gorgeous lamp! What spice it would add to just about any room with that metallic sheen. So versatile.

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  263. I love the Land of Nod between a rock lamp! The gold would look great in my living room!

  264. What a sweet and fun room! I have been eyeing the gold lamp for awhile now!

  265. Heather

    Love hot pink! I keep trying to sneak it into our house.

    The Jenny Lind bookshelf is my fave!

  266. Angela

    I've had my eye on that lamp for a while! I love land of nod! I have their toy bins and love them!

  267. Keely

    love love love that lamp! so great!

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    I love the between a rock lamp. My daughters nursery has touches of gold and I've been looking to add a bit more geometrical to it, this is perfect.

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  288. I'm loving that azure Jenny Lind bookcase… perfect pop of color that will grow with the child. This room is going to be so great!

  289. gwendolyn

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  290. Katie

    The gold lamp you're giving away is definitely my fave! But other lighting like their purple gumdrop lamp and hedgehog nightlight are also "dope," as you say. :)

  291. I like Land of Nod on Facebook…

  292. and I already liked your FB page a long time ago. Does that count?

  293. Katie Greenlaw

    Love, love the lamp. Have been considering it for my daughters nursery!!

  294. Jenny

    I think my favorite thing is actually the lamp! It's simple but unusual and modern. Thanks for putting this together! :)

  295. Christina Min

    Can't wait to see the after photos and what a fab lamp.

  296. Awww gurrrl…I love aqua and pink together! And the Between a Rock gold lamp is a Land of Nod favorite. I mean, come on! It's just great.

  297. danielle

    Love the bedroom – the colors are so fresh!! I love the aquarium gravel rug and liked you and Land of Nod on Facebook. I know just the spot for that lamp…

  298. Marta

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  305. Sabrina L

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  307. I love the Rags to Riches Rug! Land of Nod is one of my favorite retailers for decorating rooms for the kiddos!

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  309. Rebekah Quintana

    I "liked" your Facebook page a long time ago because you are adorable and your design aesthetic is beautiful and fun! ;)

  310. Emily! I love your blog, and I'm desperate to win that Land of Nod lamp. My favorite pieces are the Joya Rocker (we're officially in rehearsals for baby #2) and the Rags to Riches rug in blue (for my living room, because I'm greedy).

  311. Rebekah Quintana

    I've had my eye on the Monarch dresser from Land of Nod for awhile now. It's classic and funky.
    I love the aqua and pink! It's so fresh and happy!

  312. Rebekah Quintana

    I love Land of Nod's "Monarch" dresser. I've had my eye on it for some time. It's the cutest blend of funky and classic.
    This room is so pretty! I love that the Michelle Armas painting was the inspiration. She is (for me) a local artist and I adore her. She's so sweet and has a great lightness to her that obviously shows in her beautiful paintings.

  313. Terri

    I LOVE the Up and Atom Chandelier. I may just have to get it for MY big girl bedroom.

  314. Lisa

    I've had my eye on that exact lamp for some time now, so that's my favorite. I painted my daughter's nursery that same color (yes, pink was featured as well). Love it and can't wait to see the rest! Thanks for the chance to win!

  315. Terri

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  316. Lisa

    And I liked your Facebook page. (And I also like the Jenny Lind beds.)

  317. Terri

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  318. Lisa

    AND I liked The Land of Nod on Facebook AND I like the pink overdyed rug. Thanks again for the chance to win!

  319. Jessi

    my favorites from Land of Nod are the Jenny Lind collection-such a classic, in such fun colors!

  320. Jessi

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  321. Kyla

    I love the Modern Clip Lamp. You do beautiful work.

  322. Jessi

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    Seriously. love it.

  324. Melanie

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    so functional and cute.
    Great giveaway :)

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  331. The lamp, the lamp, the LAMP! Is my favorite piece. :)

  332. annnnd I liked Land of Nod on FB. Woop woop!

  333. I was actually jut on their site this morning contemplating buying that lamp…the Between a Rock lamp…you see I just purchased an old oak secretary desk, planning to paint it a poppy colored enamel and use it as our family docking station. Tired of all the cords around the house…would LOVE to top it off with that darling glimmer of gold light. Pick me! :)

  334. I have been eyeballing this lamp for my living room for quite some time! I love the metallic pennant garland. It would look awesome in my girls' room! (And I liked your FB!)

  335. teresa

    i love that you are using that cool and colorful map in a very otherwise girlie space. and i just love maps.:)

  336. Christa

    The Gummy bear lamp! I saw you pin that and almost died, my girls would poo their pants!

  337. Chris C

    I'm crazy for the lamp! Ahhhhh! And I love the land of nod poufs.

  338. Umm the Hue-nited Nations Map, I would like to hang that in my 29 year old room!

  339. Adrienne

    Love the Rags to Riches Rug – go metallic go!

  340. Christa

    I liked your FB page! I can't believe I hadn't liked it yet! (I love your pinterest and instagram)

  341. Christa

    I liked Land of Nod's FB page.

  342. Super love the Jenny Lind Bookcase! What a great piece, the look and feel of a painted vintage shelf, without the work!

  343. Lorena Alvarez

    It´s going to be an awesome room!!! I love the Striped Strapping Floor Bin, my kids´playroom would probably look better organized and fun.

  344. Courtney McEwan

    I love that you and Land of Nod are collaborating!

  345. Danielle

    i love lamp. but seriously, love landofnod and have pinned that lamp before!

  346. Courtney McEwan

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  347. Danielle

    of course i follow u on the book!

  348. Danielle

    Soo many great pieces – and not just for kids! I love the Between a Rock lamp, but the I could've been a container organizer is awesome, too! Thanks for sharing!

  349. Courtney McEwan

    I liked the Land of Nod Facebook page too!

  350. Danielle

    Liked LandofNod on the book

  351. and liked Land of Nod on FB

  352. raya

    What a lucky girl! I can absolutely get behind the aqua/pink combo – my boy & girl share a room, but if I had a girls' room to decorate those would be the colors. I LOVE the Jenny Lind aqua bookcase on your inspiration board. Classic & whimsical!

  353. Sadie

    I have this lamp in silver with a grey shade, it's one of my favorite pieces in my house!

  354. Courtney McEwan

    oh, I forgot, my favorite Land of Nod piece is the high wire pendant in white.

  355. Sadie

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  356. Sadie

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  360. Kelly P

    I love the bedding and the rug!

  361. Jodi

    I love this room, and the fresh colour on the walls! I have been eyeing up this lamp for months now, I am hoping to get one to put in the nursery I am planning for my second little one.

  362. I've had my eye on the Between a Rock gold lamp. Love it!

  363. We moved into a 1920 dutch colonial and are in the process of renovating it….right now we are in the middle of spiffing up my little mans room (he is five)! I am in love with Land of Nod and really want to get him the pirate's bedding and would LOVE to pair that with this awesome lamp! Thanks for such a fun giveaway! Oh, and I absolutely love you! You are quite the inspiration!

  364. Love the modern gold clip lamp. Plus always a fan of the aqua + pink color combo. Kudos on a job well- designed Emily.

  365. Mindy

    I have been loving this lamp for a long time! The room looks great and I like the pink/aqua combo. I think the additions of gold make it more sophisticated and will suit her well as she grows up in that room. Fun!

  366. I like The Land of Nod on Facebook.

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  375. Julia

    Seriously, the Between A Rock lamp IS my favourite! It's so hip and that punch of gold would be perfect in my home!

  376. Molly

    Of course, I desire the Between a Rock lamp.
    I also desire the Ansel Teak Desk for my child-sized self.
    Maybe the Licorice Rope Rainbow Pendant, too.
    And, pretty much all of those wall clocks.

  377. I absolutely LOVE the Rags to Riches rug!

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  379. Molly

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  383. Laura

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  384. Rachel

    Love that Gummy Bear lamp- too cute.

  385. too funny – i pinned that lamp a couple days ago! i am obsessed. my fave LON piece is probably that lamp or the jenny lind bed in turquoise. so cute!

    i cant wait to see finished pics of this room – pink and turquoise are my favorite colors!!!

  386. Meghan

    I love this color combo!
    So young and fresh perfect for a 9 year old, but cool enough for a 16 year old

  387. My favorite is the now-discontinued campfire stool, so in second place are the awesome headboards they offer:)

  388. The jenny Lind bed in raspberry is so adorable. Great job on the room it's beautiful I wish that could be my daughters room.

  389. Meghan

    The teal poufs are adorable! Perfect kid seating but still completely stylish!

  390. conny

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  391. conny

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  392. Sandra

    I Love the Bewteen a Rock :Lamp! Great Post!

  393. Jenny

    That Between a Rock gold lamp has been on my wishlist for a while now!!

  394. m d a

    we just went through a similar project, making over my daughters ( 6yr old ) bedroom….slowly but surely everythings coming together.
    i have been literally been lusting over this lamp for a year. its my very favorite piece. i love all things geometric and the gold just makes it extra special!

  395. i've had my eye on the modern clip lamps for awhile!

  396. liked your facebook page… no incentive even needed

  397. m d a

    "LIKED" on fb! :)

  398. and also liked Land of Nod's facebook page!

  399. m d a

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  400. Jenn

    I LOVE the aquarium gravel rug! It's gorgeous and so fun.

  401. Jenn

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  402. Sandy

    Love the up and atom chandelier! Totally aligned for the modern household– with kids!

  403. Jenn

    And I've liked Land of Nod's page too!

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  405. Ana B.

    Love the lamp! It is definitely "dope". Thanks for all the inspiration!

  406. Emily W.

    I love this lamp AND the "as you wish" storage benches. So many great patterns!

  407. Carolyn

    I looove their bands of gold polka dot sheets….so much so that I've been considering getting them for my 28 year old self ;)

  408. Marlo

    I love that brightly colored map and, of course, the geometric lamp.

  409. Tracy

    I love all things Land of Nod! Current favorite is probably the Elwood table.

  410. Tracy

    I like Land of Nod on Facebook too.

  411. Ashley

    The Raccoon Throw Pillow is too cute!

  412. Tracy

    Now I like you on FB too.

  413. I'm currently renovating my home and your blog is like my bible for styling.

    I'd choose:
    -"You look Mahvelous" Circle Mirror
    -Up and Atom Ceiling Fixture

  414. I liked you on facebook! :)

    I'm currently renovating my home and your blog is like my bible for styling.

    I'd choose:
    -"You look Mahvelous" Circle Mirror
    -Up and Atom Ceiling Fixture

  415. I liked the land of nod too!

    –I'm currently renovating my home and your blog is like my bible for styling.

    I'd choose:
    -"You look Mahvelous" Circle Mirror
    -Up and Atom Ceiling Fixture

  416. Winnie

    I love the Mojo playtable and chairs.

  417. SP

    Love the Poufs!! SO cute

  418. Winnie

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  419. Pam

    Love the Jenny Lind white spindle bed.

  420. Carrol

    I have always liked the wood turnings of Jenny Lind styled furniture. So my favorite piece is the bookcase. The paint color makes it feel really fresh. Love the raspberry color too that I saw over on the Land of Nod website.

  421. Leah

    I love the wall organizer. It's an updated version of the Uten.Silo, which I've always admired but is way too pricey to buy new and impossible to find vintage.

  422. my favorite item from land of nod is the you look mahvelous mirrors!

  423. RandCWiley

    and liked you on Facebook.

  424. RandCWiley

    Love your blog, pintrest, and the lamp!

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  432. Sparkle pillow is amazing! I love LON!!! And i dont even have kids!!!! I already liked Emily on FB now I like LON too!!!

  433. Christy

    Gummy bear lamp!

  434. Amy

    I've "liked" land of nod on fb too!

  435. angela s.

    love the fall foliage art print! super versatile! xo

  436. angela s.

    i like you on fb! i totally think you'd like me too… xo

  437. DRTVrMoi

    Up & Atom chandelier is so Jetsons. I love it.

  438. DRTVrMoi

    I like you on FB

  439. DRTVrMoi

    I liked Land of Nod on FB

  440. Lauren

    This lamp has been my fave thing on Land of Nod forevverrrrr!

  441. Lauren

    Just liked you on Facebook!

  442. Mrs. Vallejos

    I like the "perfectly perforated" light fixture… simple/detailed, adult/fanciful. Well balanced.

    The aqua / pink combo rocks my socks, especially since it isn't pastel, but in bolder sunset hues. With a few accessory/decor changes, the room can shift from 9 years old to tween to young adult to college very easily.

    Nice job!

  443. Lauren

    Also just liked The Land of Nod :)

  444. Courtney

    I love their throw pillows!

  445. Angela N

    Love the As You Wish storage bench. I could totally use it in my office for extra storage- for me! Not the kids. lol

  446. Kristina M

    i love all of their poufs! so adorable. and the lamp is divine!

  447. Cheryl

    Loving the bookshelf…poufs…rocking the geo lamp! :)

  448. Staley

    I am OBSESSED with the Rags to Riches rug! Such a great giveaway!

  449. Staley

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  450. Staley

    Just liked Land of Nod on Facebook!

  451. tina

    uh, that wall organizer is amazing. in lime or aqua!

  452. Kjerste Lee

    obsessed with those colors!!! And I have ALWAYS loved that lamp, it's totes my favorite! I also love the Jenny Lind bookshelf, we have the crib and always wanted the bookshelf too!

  453. Laura Jenney

    Beautiful room and I love the painting.

  454. Laura Jenney

    Liked on your FB!

  455. merrymac

    I love the aqua and hot pink. And, oh, the giveaway – THIS lamp.

  456. Anika

    Love Land of Nod! Currently wishing the Door Puppet Theatre wasn't backordered. I have a birthday girl this month it would have been perfect for!!

  457. leanne

    I like the joya rocker and the wall art. The lamp is absolutely gorgeous too!

  458. merrymac

    I liked you on Facebook. Sincerely.

  459. Zaida

    Oh, Jenny Lind Bookcase—I adore you!

  460. merrymac

    I like "Land of Nod" on Facebook, and since I forgot to add this on my first comment, I love their Monarch bedside table.

  461. Elisabeth L

    I think this room is perfect for a nine-year-old and will still be perfect all through her teenage years. I have been eyeing the Up and Atom chandelier for my son's room for a while now!

  462. Jenn Z

    I love the color combo so much! It's so pretty and fresh. My fave L.O.N. pieces are the "Could've Bin a Container" and the "Between A Rock" lamp. Both could be useful in just about anyone's home! Great job and thanks doing such an awesome giveaway and for writing such an awesome blog that makes me laugh on a daily basis!

  463. michelle

    I love the rags to riches rug, but green would be a lovely pop for our son's room!

  464. michelle

    I have "liked" u on facebook like forever ago!

  465. michelle

    And now I have "liked" land of nod

  466. Katie F

    I love all their bedding options – I wish I had thought of them when decorating my daughter's nursery.

  467. Katie F

    I liked you on Facebook

  468. Tori

    I LOVE so much from Land of Nod, but I have a soft spot for the "Robo-Bedding." It's what I picked for my son's big-boy bed when he transitioned out of a crib. He's had it for a year now, and I always get compliments on his bedding. I love how it can grow with him (perfect for 3-13, and beyond, I'm sure).

  469. Katie F

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    Just liked you on Facebook (can't believe I hadn't done this already!)

  471. jamie

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  472. mari

    I love their Pull Up a Pouf! I want it in yellow braided BADLY…

  473. Andrea R.

    Awesome giveaway!!!!! I love all the patterned rugs and globe night lights!

  474. mari

    I liked you on Facebook! I also cannot believe I had not done this already because I LOVE YOU!

  475. mari

    I liked Land of Nod on Facebook as well. :)

  476. colleen boudreau

    I love the Aqua I Could've Bin a Things Bin.

  477. colleen boudreau

    I like you on Facebook (Colleen Boudreau)

  478. colleen boudreau

    I like Land of Nod on Facebook (Colleen Boudreau)

  479. Sarah

    Love! the magic carpet ride rug in grey. Thanks!

  480. Sarah

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  482. Katie

    I love their big band rugs!

  483. Katie

    I've liked Emily Henderson on Facebook!

  484. Katie

    I've liked Land of Nod on Facebook!

  485. Shell Li

    i love lamp! has someone already made that joke? but seriously this between a rock lamp is pretty sweet; it's geometric and gold! what more can a gal ask for?

  486. Tania

    I swear swear swear my favorite thing on your mood board was already that rad lamp before I scrolled down to see what was being given away. I love it.

    As the mom of a little girl who loves pink (despite my best efforts), I have to say I could definitely get behind it being toned down by aqua.

  487. Kate

    So much to love about Land of Nod, but I'm especially loving the Bazaar Bedding!

  488. Tania

    Liked you on fb!

  489. Paula

    Gotta say I love the Joya rocker in heather grey!

  490. Tania

    Liked Land of Nod on fb!

  491. Melissa Wayne

    I actually think this lamp is my favorite current item at Land of Nod. So rad.

  492. Liz

    Loving the cardigan pendant. So cute.

  493. Melissa Wayne

    I like you on Facebook!

  494. Christy

    I guess I have the style of a 9 yr old bc I love this room!
    I love land of nods oak park elementary furniture collection, Jenny lind, and I've wanted the petit chateau floral bedding for my own room!

  495. Melissa Wayne

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  496. Paula

    And now I have re-Liked you on fb for the millionth time and have also liked Land of nod. Hope you take Canadian participants!

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    I like the pendant and the colorful wall map, but I think the lamp is my favorite!

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  501. Megan

    my favorite is definitely the Between a Rock gold lamp!

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  503. amanda ulmen

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    my favorite is definitely the Between a Rock gold lamp!

  505. Megan

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  507. Eligonma

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  509. Kate

    My daughter absolutely loves the All Solar Systems Go bedding!

  510. Sarah

    That art print! To die for.

  511. Sarah

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  512. Tiffany

    Whoah! I'm so excited to see this room! I hope that you get to do some video bits in there…

    And honest to goodness, I love that lamp so hard. It's my all-time fave from Land of Nod, so that's what I would pick! :) Between a Rock Lamp for the win!

  513. Tiffany

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  514. Tiffany

    Just like Land of Nod on Facebook, as well. They are so cute!

  515. I LOVE that Michelle Armas canvas print – so special! I love that it's feminine, but really could be incorporated into a wide variety of spaces. Gorgeous! Of course, been lusting over that Between a Rock gold lamp for quite some time now. Love your blog, Emily!

  516. Gave you the thumbs up on facebook!

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    That lamp is delicious.

  518. Annette

    Love the aqua, gold and vintage style! The painting really ties it all together. Thanks for all your posts Emily – I am an avid reader!

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    Love the aquarium gravel rug!!

  527. Karen

    So much to love here, including the great hand-me-downs. Lucky girl! It really seems like a young girl's room that will last…Hard to do, so very well done! Most love the Jenny Lind bookshelves; brings the vintage vibe and more fun color. I used a similar color scheme in my daughter's room a few years ago (Painted the walls Reef, from my favorite paint company, Devine). It's now a guest room and the color still works.

  528. Gah! I've been wanting those gold lamps forever! Just put them on the backburner and got a coffee table instead. So cute!

  529. AND I liked LON on Facebook

  530. Kristine

    I love the lamp! Awesome bedroom so far- great job!

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  533. YES on the aqua and pink. Can I decorate my new place with Land of Nod or is it just for kids?

  534. Kristine

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  535. Katie

    I love the bedding for cribs. I'm pregnant with baby #1 and don't know the gender. Excited to see all the options on their website.

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  537. Emma

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    I love the Joya rocker from Land of Nod. Could spends many late nights on that chair with my baby boy!

  543. angie

    loving the "as you wish" storage bench – what a brilliant piece that could grow with the kiddo! (or be used elsewhere in the house)

  544. angie

    i "like" you emily!

  545. angie

    i "like" land of nod on fb – just caught a sneak peek of the spring collection!

  546. Camille

    I love the pull up a pouf, I have always wanted one of those!

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    I love the lamp featured. It's definitely one of my favorite pieces at the Land of Nod right now.

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  549. Brooke R.

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  555. Emily Ann

    And now I've liked The Land of Nod too.

  556. Grandma

    I love how you've incorporated family treasures. Beautiful colors, light, cheerful, elegant…pretty much describes my granddaughter! The dodecahedron lamp is the final surprise entry into our family history…ask her mom!

  557. Anne At Large

    Love the lamp, but I am actually dying for their green trellis bedding, I think it would look so good in my bedroom!

  558. Anne At Large

    And I liked you on FB as well, can't believe I hadn't already!

  559. lemurlassy

    Wow, you opened my eyes to the fun-ness of Land of Nod. I am loving tons of their prints. Their tree zebra decal is pretty cute in might make its way into my office.

  560. nole

    OMG I die for that Sparke Pillow from Land of Nod! So amazing. And that Between a Rock lamp has been on my wishlist forever!

  561. nole

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  562. nole

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  563. Melanie

    I love the As You Wish Storage Bench! Love your style and love the lamp! Thanks for chance!

  564. elda

    I love the Between a Rock lamp and the Modern Desk lamp! I don't even have kids, but Land of Nod is now my favorite source for lighting!

  565. melanie

    Ok, so if we are picking off the Land of Nod site… I LOVE the Chevron and On Rug (Grey). If we are picking from the blog… I like #1, the aqua wall stogage bin!
    Thanks! Great Giveaway!

  566. Oh SO cute! That Michelle Armas print is one of my very faves too – great taste on your clients' part! I'd love to win that gold lamp!

  567. Robert Mahar

    What fun to create a room for a design savvy kid! I love that you've intermingled a few pieces from grandma along side a lovely Land of Nod selection – it gives the room heart and a sweet family connection. My favorite of the Land of Nod pieces are the poufs…the variegated aqua and knitted texture is the perfect contrast with those beautiful dark wood floors! Thanks for sharing your project.

  568. Renee Richardson

    I love the round coffee play table. I also like those two colors together. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  569. Emmalee Patrice

    I would be absolutely thrilled to win your Land of Nod giveaway! I LOVE the Rags to Riches Rug and the Gummy Bear Lamp!

  570. My fave Land of Nod piece is actually that very lamp! It's a combination of two major Emily Style loves; toned down warm brassy gold, and those sculptural Dwell planters you used for your new office. LOVE! Plus they're fun with a white base and a brightly colored shade, too. And crazy affordable; I might just buy a pair if I don't win. My runners up are forthcoming!

  571. Liked you on FB for my 2nd entry! My first runner up is this glider set. Can you believe how crisp and tailored it is? Way less glider-y than most comfy nursery chairs. And also an Emily color!

  572. Land of Nod has great stuff! I love that they have a Modern Dollhouse!

  573. Got you 'like'd on Facebook!

  574. Jen H

    Their Jenny Lind stuff is adorable! And I loooove the lamp! Wow!

  575. Casey

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  576. Caseyy

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  577. Casey

    I also "liked" the Land of Nod Facebook page.

  578. Beth

    I love the perforated pendant light!! What a lucky little girl to have such a fabulous room!

  579. Love land of nod! Just bought the petite marguerite bed for my daughter! And I've been eyeing that sparkle pillow for myself!

  580. Jeanne

    I love the lamp! I am redoing my daughter and son's rooms right now and it would come in handy!

  581. Summer Lofgran

    The lamp clipped to the vintage school desk, in gold, is my personal favorite…but I know kids that age are going to go crazy for anything Gummy Bear!
    Nice work!

  582. Joanna

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  583. Joanna

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  584. amy

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  585. amy

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  586. Megan

    I love the faceted trend, and I want to take this gorgeous lamp home!

    And yes, I can definitely get behind the pink and aqua combo; I think they balance each other quite nicely.

  587. I'm loving their Magnificent Metal Letters. And that lamp is out of control. I actually just used it in my design plan for transforming my daughter's nursery into her big girl room.

  588. amber

    i love the lamp and the poufs!

  589. amber

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  590. Kate

    That lamp is crazy amazing. I am also eying that pouf in a major way, and I know, I know (put-a-bird-on-it), but the bird finials would be adorable in a kids room.

  591. Eleise

    I love the gold lamp. And how I wish this were the bedroom of my 9-year-old self!

  592. sarav

    Love the lamp best. too!

  593. Katherine

    All of the Jenny Lind stuff: bookshelves, beds, etc. The great colors put a modern spin on a vintage classic!

  594. Katherine

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  596. Erin

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    I love the gold "rock and a hard place" lamp. Have been lusting after this one for a while. I also drool over there sheet sets, would love to use them myself. Thanks for the giveaway. I love reading my daily emily von henderson posts!!

  602. Kate

    I am on board with the pink and aqua – very cute for a tween! I love Land of Nod's gliders!

  603. Kimberly

    My favorite piece on the Land of Nod site currently is…. The Gold Polka Dot sheet set!! What could be better? It's polka dots!! It's gold!!! Nothing better:) Two of my favorite things put into one.

  604. Kimberly

    I just 'liked' your page on Facebook (although I'm positive I liked it previously because you show up in my news feed). Another entry for me. Woohoo!!!

  605. Kimberly

    And now I've just liked the 'Land Of Nod' Facebook page too. And another entry for me;) I can feel that beautiful lamp already!! Which is amazing because I can't feel anything in MN right now where it's freezing cold. Business trip is ending tomorrow, which is good because I can't wait to get back to the warmth of MA (at least it's warmer there than here).

  606. cp

    Love the Between a Rock lamp!

  607. cp

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  608. cp

    Like Land of Nod on FB too!

  609. Sarah

    I love this lamp! I'm not a designer and I don't have kids so I'm not familiar with many Land of Nod things, but I also like the Looking Glass Desk chair. And those polka dot sheets mentioned above sound gorgeous. Great giveaway, love your blog!

  610. Kate

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  611. Kate

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  614. Oooh no this is so awesome! I'm totally digging the "As You Wish" storage bench. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  615. Erica

    I love the Loan Bearing Double Laundry Hamper from Land of Nod and would love to add it to my bedroom!

  616. Erica

    I Like Land of Nod on facebook!

  617. Dana

    I love the aqua and pink combo! Makes me want to re-vamp my little girls room to be a little more grown up. Love the mid century stuff but my fav LON might be the aqua Jenny Lind bookcase.

  618. Dana

    Liked you too

  619. Dana

    Liked Land of Nod too!

  620. I love the Magic Carpet rug, and that lamp RULES!!!

    Also, is it bad that 39 year old me would like to live in your 9 year old client's bedroom?! I mean, not literally… but I love that antique bed, the wall color and that pretty painting! What a lucky little girl.


  621. I heart that lamp with all of my hearts.

  622. I just "liked" you on facebook!

  623. Nancy M

    My favorite Land of Nod piece is the Swivel Glider & Ottoman (Aruba).

  624. TR McNeill

    I liked the rag rug in multi rather than pink until I read the reviews saying it falls apart. Oh well. Since I'm a sucker for maps, my fave item on the board is the Hue-Nighted Nations Map. Emily and Orlando rock. Hard.

  625. Lisa B

    Who could resist that 'Between A Rock' lamp? I would love to make it mine! And honestly, it's not a bad price at all. I also like the Oak Park Elementary furniture series and the Royal Treatment Overdyed Rug in pink from Land of Nod!

  626. Lisa B

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  627. Lisa B

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  628. AB

    I liked Land of Nod. Loved the pouf and the color of the whole collection. Fun!

  629. Betsy

    Those poufs! The perfect color.

  630. emily

    Without a doubt, the lamp is fab! But I have also been eyeing the "i could've been a container" wall mounted organizer to hang above my kids' art table for sometime now. Love it in the punchy lime green color that it comes in… or white. What a cute assemblage of color and pattern! Good work, other Emily!

  631. emily

    I have "liked" the Emily Henderson facebook page for a while now!

  632. emily

    And just "liked" the Land of Nod page! Woot, woot!

  633. Carly

    Dig the aqua bookshelf, and really enjoy the Land of Nod catalog more than C & B or CB2…young at heart I guess!

  634. Adrianna

    I have that lamp on my wish list already for my next baby's nursery! I am REALLY coveting the JOYA rocker in heather gray though. Looks stylish AND comfy.

  635. Adrianna

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  636. Adrianna

    I liked The Land of Nod's facebook page!

  637. Liz

    This lamp is actually my favorite things at Land of Nod! Has been on my list for like ever.
    I really like the aqua and pink combo. Very sweet.

  638. jackie

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  639. jackie

    Land of Nod has so many great products – my favs include the metallic garland, magnificent metal letters and the one, two buckle my mirror

  640. Jo

    I have (and love!) the lattice sheet set, it goes perfectly with my jonathan adler throw pillows! I have also been eyeing that lamp for a while.

  641. Jo

    I already like you on fb!

  642. Jo

    liked land of nod :)

  643. Emily

    I really love that gold lamp! I searched it after you posted a picture of it the other day. I would look perfect in my livingroom that I'm currently redoing.

  644. Emily

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  645. Emily

    I liked the Land of Nod on facebook!

  646. Lyndsee

    Actually I think my favorite is the Between a Rock Lamp. I hope I win it!

  647. Meredith

    Obsessed with the Jenny Lind bed. I feel like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka, "I want it NOWWW!"

  648. Meredith

    Liked you on Facebook! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  649. I freaking love that lamp! I also like the Up in the Sky mobile.

  650. I liked The Land of Nod on Facebook, too :)

  651. Jennifer

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  652. Jennifer

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  653. Jennifer

    Like Land of Nod also…I really want this lamp.

  654. Jana

    My favorite is this lamp.

  655. Myssie

    I really love the watermelon strip bedding, but it is really hard to choose just one thing!!

  656. Myssie

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  658. Heidi

    I Could've Bin a Container wall lovely is delightful!

  659. Heidi

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  661. Emily O.

    I love the art pieces!

  662. Emily O.

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  663. Emily O.

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  664. Jan

    Love, love the lamp. Just starting to,get brave to,venture out of my shell in design and what a wonderful,way to start.

  665. Catherine

    Obsessed with this room, and the lamp has been on my pinterest wish list for ages :) Thank you Emily for always being a beacon of knowledge and awesomeness! Also thank you for the excellent giveaway.

  666. Catherine

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  667. Catherine

    Liked land of nod on Facebook!

  668. Jenni

    I love the red medicine storage box! :)

  669. Jenni

    I like you on Facebook! :)

  670. Karrie

    Love the color combo. Land of Nod "pull up a pouf(s)" are perfect for the room. I think I'm running in a close second to you when it comes to loving all things brass, bronze or gold!

  671. Pin

    Ack, I need the "As You Wish" storage bench in my house like yesterday!

  672. Sophie Schrader

    Well the lamp of course! and the dreamy curtains!

  673. Mary

    I love the aqua wall organizer piece and the brass lamp clipped to the desk. I can't choose my fave!

  674. "New dope lamp"- that's just awesome. (And I really love this lamp…)

  675. Jeanie

    Rags to riches rug…kinda cool.

  676. Kelly

    as always I am super in love with modern clip lamp in gold, #13. I tried to buy it once but it was backordered, someday it will be mine!

  677. alicia h.

    I love the big band rug (in blue and gray)! The lamp is also SPECTACULAR! I have already made room in my bedroom for it!

  678. Erin

    Liked you on Facebook

  679. Erin

    Love the Khaki Dot Curtain Panels from Land of Nod!

  680. Claire

    The lamp in the giveaway IS my favorite land of nod piece! haha.

    Love the aqua and pink! I wish that was my childhood bedroom!

  681. Kelly Barron

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  682. Kelly Barron

    i love the clip lamp!

  683. Kaitlin M M

    I want that Jenny Lind bookcase in my life always. Also this lamp is Swwwwwweeet!

  684. Dani Ross

    I adore the Jenny Lind bookcase (and the beds!). Great color choices for the room!

  685. Amanda P

    I love the Land of Nod local branch library cart! I just got it for my soon-to-be baby's room.

  686. Amanda P

    I liked you on Facebook

  687. Amanda P

    And I liked Land of Nod on Facebook too!

  688. heather j

    I've had my eye on that lamp for such a long time!

  689. heather j

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  691. Kelli

    Oh, I LOVE that lamp. LOVE IT.

  692. Kelli

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  693. Freja

    I really like the As You WIsh storage bench, it's totally something I've been looking for!

  694. Freja

    I've liked your FB page :)

  695. Freja

    I've also liked Land Of Nod on FB :)

  696. Cathy

    LOVE that lamp! I'm totally starting to love gold accents in home decor, and that lamp would be a perfect addition to my space!

    My favorite piece from Land of Nod is that As You Wish Storage Bench you picked out for the room. The pattern and gray color are totally my jam.

  697. Cathy

    I liked your fb page – looking forward to getting all your posts on my fb feed! :)

  698. Cathy

    I liked Land of Nod on fb!

  699. Emily

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  700. Emily

    Liked you on Facebook!

  701. Emily

    Love the storage ottoman from land of nod! And their knit baskets, toy bins, sheets, comforters….everything!!

  702. Jamie

    My favorite thing is this lamp! I want it for my grown-up, big girl dresser.

  703. emily anne-marie

    i looooove the sparkle pillow!


  704. I am always in organizing mode, so i am really diggin the zig zag baskets…

  705. Michelle Collazo

    My favorite Land of Nod is piece is (of course) the lamp they are so graciously giving away! My seven y/o sweetie loves rocks and gems and minerals, etc…she would flip over this lamp!

  706. Michelle Collazo

    I just liked Land of Nod's facebook page…great inspiration!! The giveaway is lovely!

  707. Kristin

    Liked you!

  708. Kristin

    "I love Lamp". And this is my first time discovering The Land of Nod, so thank you! Great resource.

  709. Kristin

    Liked Land of Nod

  710. Swan

    Love the Jenny Lind beds!

  711. Andrea

    Love the color combination, been trying this same combo for my daughters room. Thanks for the chance to win.

  712. Yael

    I've been wanting the Between A Rock lamp for a long time now. I hope I win it! Thank You!

  713. Yael

    Liked Land of Nod on FB!

  714. Yael

    I LIKE You on FB!

  715. I want every single LON rug, ever. And I also love the as you wish headboard! And often wonder why they don't make king sized stuff!?

  716. The Michelle Armas canvas IS stunning. I like the map the best from Land of Nod. I think i might actually get it, because my 6yo is a geography fiend.

  717. dana828

    The Rags to Riches rug is gorgeous!

  718. Nush

    I love a raspberry Jenny Lind bed!

  719. Tamara

    Love the Rags to Riches rug, it wild look great in my girls' rom! Thanks!

  720. Julie Jones

    I love their Dot Matrix Rug

  721. Julie Jones

    I like you on FB
    Julie Jones

  722. Julie Jones

    I like the Land of Nod on FB
    Julie Jones

  723. Kate

    I love the Oak Park Elementary furniture; so rich and classic, but clean and modern at the same time!

  724. Kate

    I "like" Land of Nod on Facebook (I already "love" you on there, Emily) !!

  725. Jill

    Love the Land of Nod Jenny Lind style beds.

  726. Juan Bueno

    Love the Clip Lamp, it will look amazing on my desk

  727. That lamp is my fave ever! Seriously just need to buy….or even better, win it already!

  728. Sarah

    I've had my eye on the Between a Rock lamp forever. Love it! I've also liked both of your pages. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  729. Amanda Polanco

    Love the lamp! And I liked both pages on FB

  730. Brenton

    My favorite is the colorful map!

  731. becca

    Love the poufs!

  732. Dana Ludvik

    Love this room! My favorite piece is the lamp.

  733. KIM RUOK

    The lamp, for sure!

  734. Val

    I love the Oak Park Elementary Dresser. It'd be perfect for our son's room in our MCM house.

  735. Val

    I like Emily H on FB!

  736. Jen O.

    Love the lamp and the storage bench. Great room!

  737. Val

    I like Land of Nod on FB!

  738. Tracy Keeton

    I love the gold nugget lamp. This redesign gave me tons of ideas as I too have a young daughter and we are trying to update her room from young girl (baby) to tween and beyond.

  739. Tracy Keeton

    I already liked you on FB.

  740. Tracy Keeton

    and now I "like" Land of Nod

  741. The giveaway lamp, of course! It would look perfecto on my new shelves.

  742. love the Land of Nod lamp (the giveaway option!) So versatile!

  743. I already liked your Facebook, Emily! Does that count?

  744. Danielle

    I love all of the wall art that was chosen. The room is gorg!

  745. LIKED Land of Nod ON FACEBOOK too! Can't wait to have kiddies so I can buy all their stuff!

  746. Danielle

    I "like" you on Facebook. :)

  747. Danielle

    I "like" Land of Nod on Facebook.

  748. Fiona

    Of these, I love the Between A Rock lamp. On their site, my favorite piece is the Jenny Lind bed in raspberry–so cute! I keep considering it for my five-year-old's room. She has very strong opinions about what she wants, and she actually likes it, too!

  749. Fiona

    I also like you, Emily. :)

  750. i love land of nod!! my favorite piece right now is a teepee to call your own in the orange stripe. so cute!!

  751. Kirsten

    I have the blue gingham duvet cover and matching euro sham in my shopping cart for my daughter, so that is on my favorite list right now (even though there is so much more that I want!) Love Land of Nod!

  752. Fiona

    And I now like Land of Nod, too. :)

  753. i've liked you and land of nod on facebook, too. thanks!! and fingers crossed!

  754. Kirsten

    Liked you on FB!

  755. Kirsten

    Liked Land of Nod on FB!

  756. Ooo, have been eyeing the Between a Rock lamp for awhile now…just right for this kid at heart's living room!! :)

  757. I love the lace face wall clock! So pretty!

  758. I like Land of Nod on Facebook. Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!

  759. I like, well actually love your page on Facebook. :) Thanks for providing such an inspirational and useful resource!

  760. Tracey

    I liked the Emily Henderson page on Facebook!

  761. Marissa

    I love the Jenny Lind bookcase!

  762. I love Land of Nod's Jenny Lind beds the Jenny Lind shelf is also darling. Can't wait to see the reveal!

  763. Laura S.

    I'd love that lamp for my office! Another fabulous room from the fabulous Emily Von Henderson!

  764. Kimberly

    I LOVE the pink and aqua color combo. It's very so fun and playful and perfect for a young girl's room. Great photos!

  765. Laura S.

    And I like you on facebook :)

  766. Julianne

    I'm crushing on the magic carpet.

  767. Perfect shade of duck-egg blue…check! Versatile piece for a child to grow with (or an adult for that matter)…check! Did someone say it is practical and can promote an innate love of reading books…check, check! Gotta go with the Jenny Lind bookcase in azure as my favorite piece. Though a very hard call since I have been dream-scaping my son and daughter's…Liam and Rowan…bedroom for years with many Land of Nod pieces in mind. Gorgeous job as always Emily!

  768. Laurie

    The "I could have Bin a Container" is killing me! Love it.

  769. Amanda

    I keep seeing that lamp around the web and it's so awesome! I also love the Chevron and On Rug in grey.

  770. Amanda

    I like you on Facebook.

  771. Amanda

    I like Land of Nod on Facebook.

  772. Katherine

    I love the Jenny Lind bookcase!

  773. Jessica Myers

    Land of Nod is so refreshing! The lamp is definitely one of my faves but since right now I'm working on a design for a twin-girl nursery and the parents aren't into the traditional girl colors there are options that still feel fresh and feminine without being pink and purple!

  774. Eva Mijes

    This Rock Lamp is my FAVE!!!!

  775. Pam F

    I "liked" you on Facebook :)

  776. Eva Mijes

    You do awesome work! I liked you on FB!

  777. Pam F

    And I "liked" the Land of Nod on Facebook :) Great giveaway! and that nightstand that is shown, aside from being mid-century looks quite Paul McCobbish :)

  778. Tough one…LOVE the vintage desk!

  779. Eva Mijes

    Liked Land of Nod too!

  780. I Like you on Facebook.

  781. I Liked the Land of Nod on Facebook!

  782. Lucy

    Michelle Armas Canvas Print! Love it.

  783. Jamie

    I love the "between a Rock" lamp!

  784. Jamie

    I already "like" you on Facebook

  785. Stacy

    I absolutely LOVE the poufs!

  786. Cheryl

    Love the Jenny Lind bookcase in raspberry!

  787. Cheryl

    I've liked you on FB

  788. Cheryl

    I've liked Land of Nod on FB too.

  789. Staci

    Great giveaway and I LOVE this little girl's room. My favorite Land of Nod: the Pull up a Pouf is the bees knees!!!

  790. Staci

    I liked you on FB!!!

  791. Staci

    Liked Land of Nod on FB too!!!

  792. D Schmidt

    My favorite item is definitely the Hue-nited Nations Map because it shows children there is a huge world out there!

  793. D Schmidt

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  794. D Schmidt

    Like Land of Nod on Facebook as D Schmidt

  795. Erica Zamora

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  796. Erica Zamora

    Liked LON.

  797. Sheri

    The Modern Clip lamp is my favorite. I snatched it up right away. Love the room, Emily!

  798. Arianne

    I love Land of Nod. my favorite are the toys; there are these great ride-on toys that I want to get my son for his birthday. also, that lamp is incredible, and I agree with you Emily; it's not totally kid-ish, but could be very grown-up.

  799. Laura

    The rags to riches rug is my favorite.

  800. Laura

    Liked Emily on FB

  801. Laura

    Liked Land of Nod on FB

  802. Vanessa

    I love love love the rags to riches rug. I want one for my bedroom!

  803. It's amazing how people come out of the woodwork for a giveaway. I'm not interested in that, but wanted to say that I love Land of Nod. My son is a teenager now, so I don't check out LON very often any more, but their stuff is cute, and I love how they name their products. Makes me want to buy everything. I also wanted to say that I love Michelle Armas. Most of her paintings are too pastel for me (I'm a darker blue gal like you), but this one looks great in the little girl's room. And I did buy a print of Michelle's Antonia painting, which has bolder colors (mostly reds), for my house.

  804. Not Going Out Like That

    love everything in this room. wish i could splurge on a $349 bench for my daughters room. i think for a 9 year old it works but for a toddler – it may get destroyed too quickly. if you have a moment, please check out my blog post on how I re-did my daughter's room – also trying to NOT make it too girly or pink . would love to make a guest appearance on your blog one day. i am a big fan !

  805. D. Shives

    I love your blog! Can't stop reading!

    …& ps. what is the name of the wall color?

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