Introducing Amsterdam Modern

We’ve been shooting at some pretty amazing houses for the book lately so I figured it was time to call people out, feature them and thank them. The first one is Ellen, the owner of Amsterdam Modern, a mid-century Dutch import store that I love and have purchased quite a bit from (including my new sofa, yet to be revealed). Her stuff is always beautiful and so interesting, not cheap mind you because they are the real deal (imported, well cared for, original, etc) and just oh so beautiful.

amsterdam modern

Those are some of my favorite pieces she has right now. That denim patchwork chaise is beyond words (I know many of you will think its hideous but in the right space I think its AMAZING).

Check out the rest of her inventory here, and yes she ships nationwide … Happy Tuesday y’all. xx

  1. Katie

    That leather sofa is to die for!

  2. Bab

    I think I could grow to love a denim chaise but that one is a little too…I don’t know…rugged? rustic? shaggy? patchy?

    Everything else is very very nice!

  3. Sarah

    That chaise is nauseating! Gracious…but that sofa, so lovely!

  4. jan

    holy prices, batman.

  5. I think almost anything can look good in the right space. I am loving that red bench although it doesn’t seem to be part of her inventory – it is just showcasing the planters on top. Love that white table lamp as well. She has some AMAZING stuff!

  6. I think you should do a mood board centered around that denim chaise–simply for the sake of enlightening all of us non-believers. It’s a little too “DIY” for my (totally uninformed) taste. Also, I think I am going to paint “I heart Mid-century Modern” in four-foot tall letters on my next driveway.

    • Emily

      Such a good idea. I probably will as a fun blog post. :)

      • Becca

        YES YES YES please – show us how it can be done. It makes me feel quite queasy right now….

      • Anne

        I’d love to see where you would put that chaise! I get it, but I’m still throwing up in my mouth a little bit. I have no doubt you’d make it work!

  7. Khinpgh

    That chaise looks like a giant hand with a mitten on it. Ohhh, those kooky Danes.

  8. Wiesje

    Khinpgh, I am fairly sure Amsterdam Modern is a Dutch shop, not a Danish one, given, you know, the coincidence of the name of the shop and the capital from The Netherlands.

    • Khinpgh

      LOL! You must think I am just another one of those stupid Americans who doesn’t know geography.
      Much more likely is that I had a brain fart. It happens.
      But thanks for the refreshing condescension.

  9. Love Amsterdam Modern. I have been dreaming about some sofas of theirs for quite a long while only, living in Europe, it feeled kinda weird to me to pay for the round-trip importation… so I settled on a thrifted mid century one that I was eventually able to find here BUT I know I will buy a -large- statement something from her, it’s just a matter of time… :) Love the pieces you chose and the idea of a mood board for the denim chaise, can’t wait for it!

  10. Lucy

    Oh lord Em, that denim chaise makes my skin crawl. haha Would love to see if you can persuade us with a blog post about it. I marvel at your genius many days of the week but I’m highly doubtful about this one. Best of luck!

  11. But can we talk about the leather sofa up top? Drool.

  12. Andrea

    Oh gosh – my friend’s mother had all the neatest Danish furniture from the 60s and I can’t believe they ditched it! Yes – I realize that this post is about a mid-century Dutch import store, but how do we know all the pieces are actually from Holland? It’s not like Dutch people never imported anything! ;)

  13. Emily

    Pretty stuff.. but holy crap that is expensive! I fully support the idea of you creating a blog post around the… challenging piece of furniture. Maybe it’s because I abhor denim in general? Ourdoor, wild, wild west party on a ranch preferably with cacti around?

  14. Amsterdam Modern

    Thanks for the shout out Emily!! We absolutely love working with you :)

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