Instagrams of new opensky pieces

Today i’m launching a bit wall-art/object collection on OpenSky.  The art rolls out next week (with a bunch of pics from 20×200 and some of my good friends), but for now these guys are up and on sale.  


Sometimes i put little memories in little hexagonal boxes…..

And then i put art around them.  I’m all curator-y like that.  I’m selling those cute little wooden boxes here, for $19. I think if you had a bunch of them they would look super cute in a kids room, but for grownups i like these intersperced amongst art.  

They could even be a modern dollhouse on the wall (to this day i still shudder when i hear that word). 

Sometimes i put jewerly on porcelain wall hooks.  I think this is a bit young for me, but if i were a teen or in college, shut up, i would love it. $42 HERE

You fox (mirror).  There is also a bear mirror but Bearcat has forbidden any ‘bear’ related accessories in our house since she is 1/2 bear.  HERE.  She gets jealous, but i worship her so i cave instantly to her demands. It’s a hard month for her afterall  – black cats are particularily discriminated against, during October.  

I’m also selling these beautiful japanese clocks:

Which i love. Don’t worry they tell time in America as well. 

Also i’m very happy that this tray (which actually might be my favorite tray ever) by Ladies and Gentlemen studios is selling well.  It ain’t cheap, but 100% worth it.  HERE. And those little gold and white paper bowls are still in my shop (although i can’t keep them in my house because i keep bringing them to shoots and end up selling them to clients because they love them so much).  HERE. 


And those are my instagrams around my house of stuff that can be around your house.  

Pretty things in my OpenSky store.

All these beauties are still up as well.  Clearly i like gold and white.  Probably because they are the best. 

  1. Dollhouse. HA!
    You should shudder at the word, as I believe it has been your greatest shame since I became a "fan" of yours. Still incredibly disappointed that you haven't acknowledged any of the hard work (not to mention money spent) that was done at your bidding. And for what? Not even a "thanks for coming". You owe approximately 83 apologies. Have a lovely day.

  2. Anna Best

    Whatever happened to that "I'm a Giant" thing you were working on? Was it ever finished?

  3. Emma

    I love looking at photos of your house. 'Cause I'm creepy that way. But, no, really, all creepiness aside, that hexagonal box idea is AWESOME.

  4. Sara

    I love all of your open sky finds. I actually ordered those adorable moroccan tea glasses and a gold tray. BUT, I need to at least make a comment to them, because obviously this has nothing to do with you… I'm just venting; sorry! They took a long time to arrive (which was no big deal, but wish I knew when I placed the order b/c I won't order stuff for clients if I can't tell approximately how long it will take) and when they arrived 2 of the 6 glasses were broken. It wasn't even surprising seeing how they were packaged. The whole thing was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, but the glasses were just separated by a very thin piece of cardboard w/lots of space in between so they could easily tip back and forth. I know I should probably try to send them back, but I am the WORST at sending packages, so I know it's not worth it to me for 2 glasses. Weird that I have 3 blue and one clear, but they're still cute.

    Love the new tray and those gold cannisters, too. Now they woudn't be too likely to break…

  5. Over 83 people participated in the "I'm a Giant" challenge that has not been mentioned at all on this blog after the deadline was announced the date of the first challenge.

    I recorded and posted pictures of all of the people involved because they really do deserve a ton of props for giving up their holiday preparation to complete the challenge.

    A ton of people took this challenge seriously. We know (and found out) building a dollhouse is a huge feat, but it really sucks feeling completely ignored by the ring leader that gathered all the troops and got everyone so excited about the project. Every post for the last year that hasn't mentioned the challenge, just rubs salt in the wound. We are a lot of abandoned puppies just begging for a pat on the head to say "good job" and "I'm sorry for abandoning you".

    Am a fishing for an apology? Heck yeah! We've been waiting for almost a year. We'll see.

  6. Cyd

    I'm with the others: What ever happened to the dollhouse challenge? You could at least acknowledge the hard work and creativity so many people put into the challenge that you initiated…and apparently forgot about!

  7. minimodernistas/doris

    Emily…You owe a lot of once dedicated fans a large and heartfelt apology. Not even sure if that would do it. I know what hard work the contestants put into their works and for you to drop the ball in this way…well, shame on you.

  8. Jolene

    Ouch, folks! That's probably enough said about the dollhouse challenge – I think she'll get the message loud and clear and already feels bad about it, but now feels terrible! Anyway…. I think I saw a picture of half a stacked elephant lamp that I haven't seen before. I looks adorable! Could you include a full on picture of it some time? Cheers, Emily, I still love you. ;)

  9. Beth

    Actually, Jolene, I don't think it's enough said on this topic at all. Some of us worked very hard on the challenge. Some of us (not me) actually bought a dollhouse from the "sponsor" of the project. Sure, shit happens. But an apology is in order. She has lost many mini fans because of this. And a lot of credibility too, in my opinion.

  10. Q

    I agree Beth, and totally disagree Jolene… it's not enough.
    One sarcastic dig in about a year about something that so many put so much time and effort into is not nearly enough. I personally didn't know you existed Emily Henderson, not until I read about your I'm a Giant (Failure) Challenge and subsequent arrogance that made you think you can happily go on with your life, without acnowledging those who dived right in at your behest and committed to something you can't even put words to….

    Eat some humble pie and prove yourself human.

  11. emily jane

    I don't understand.?!!? Seriously.!??! You (complaining commenters) exercise your free will and choose to participate in a creative venture that inpsires you and now somehow, it's the person who shared their good intentions with you (Emily Henderson and the I'm A Giant Chalenge) plus, invited you to fulfill your own vision of a dollhouse but now it's somehow ALL that someone's fault (E. H.) and, for adding to the the gross inequality in your life she owes you something too..? Really..? Aren't understanding -for instance: we all take on more than we can manage sometimes- and empathy -for instance: life got busy & obviously this particular project was overwhelming and something had to give in order for this person to keep up BUT, I still enjoyed making my dollhouse- human characteristics..? Take some responsibility people, geesh… I don't believe the tone reflected in the comments above is appropriate to this venue -this blog is a personal one with a human being at the other end of your remarks… So be nice for heavens sake!

  12. Disappointed

    @emily jane It's interesting you point out that the agitated commenters should "take responsibility" when none was taken in the case of the "I'm A Giant" challenge. Sure, we all take on more than we can handle sometimes but I think Emily had some obligation (both as a public figure and initiator of the challenge) to at least close the loop on "I'm A Giant," even if she decided not to finish it. It's just the right thing to do. Would she launch a curated OpenSky sale and then not provide the merchandise? Doubtful. Some of the bloggers who officially partnered with Emily in the challenge finished, so they could have carried the torch to the end or perhaps taken it over; Nicole from "Making It Lovely" could have led things through beautifully. There were countless creative solutions to finishing the challenge in a fun and dignified way. I think what agitated the commenters the most is Emily's laissez faire attitude, saying that she "shudders" when thinking about modern dollhouses, which is the only thing she has said in almost a year. Very odd. Very unprofessional. And very sad.

  13. RECAP
    Sept 21, 2011
    Please go back and read all of what got so many people so excited about this challenge, especially the chance to meet Emily in person at the show in LA if we took the challenge.

    "But that's not all, we want as many of you, dear readers who are probably also obsessed with mini's, to join in. Take photos of progress/process, upload to our widgets that will link you to us. The more people involved the better and we can take over the world. (read the 'why's down there and you will be convinced to do it).

    So that brings us to 'WHEN:

    We start this week (don't rush, you can start next week or anytime really) and we have to be finished by December 15th. We update weekly, or whenever we want (I'm doing weekly, and a pic a day), but the big reveal of the finished house is December 15th. Then in January there will be a gallery/party where everyone who can come to the LA area to show their house does so. And yes, this will be pitched to magazines and we hope to have some of yours in there, too.

    You thought Google was big? Nope. You thought Nike was huge? Not really.

    The 'I'm a Giant' challenge is about to be the Walmart of all internet frenzy, the Proctor and Gamble of the blogland. Or totally overhyped by yours, truly. Either way, a total blast. "

    Oct 21, 2011
    Last post about the I'm a Giant Challenge

    Dec 15, 2011
    Dollhouse challenge extended until Feb 1.

    Feb 2011 – until present, no mention of anything dollhouse related.

    Oct 10, 2012
    "They could even be a modern dollhouse on the wall (to this day i still shudder when i hear that word)."

    In the 100+ blog posts since the challenge went defunct it would have been nice if Emily could have said anything to let people know it was over, rescheduled, too overwhelming. There was so much hype, then silence as if it never existed. There is a lot of love for Emily; fans have made her some really incredible miniature replicas of furniture and modern pieces she adores, but sadly, she'll never know.

  14. Emily,
    If you ever want to get some inspiration to finish the challenge, here are the links for the 83 participants that go directly to their I'm a Giant Challenges. I gathered these by reading every comment on your blog for responses of participants, if anyone emailed you directly I may have missed them.

    I wish you hadn't attempted the electrical, I think it literally burned you out. It would for me too which is why I have yet to electrify any of my houses.

    (You can go here to see all of the info below with working links, so you don't have to cut and paste:)

    Emily's Original 8 Homies
    Inspiration Queen Emily: Style by Emily Henderson ~
    Morgan: The Brick House ~
    Erin: Design for Mankind ~
    Orlando: Homme Maker
    Corbett: girl domestic ~
    Jenny: Little Green Notebook ~
    Nicole: Making it Lovely ~
    Kirsten: Simply Grove ~

    The rest of us that want to be Emily's homies (listed alphabetically)
    A Joyful Girl ~
    a living space ~
    Annie's Oblations ~
    ASA Pearson Designs ~
    bijougirl ~
    Black and White and Loved All Over ~
    Black Bird Has Spoken ~
    BluBabesCreate ~
    Cali Rezo ~
    Call of the Small ~
    Carmen Jessee ~
    Change of Scenery ~
    chelsea-sparks ~
    Chinoiserie Chic ~
    Christy Crafts ~
    Cloudy Purple Sky ~
    Cocoon Home ~
    The Contented Renter ~
    Copy Cat Chic ~
    Cowboy Bunny ~
    The Creative Salad ~
    Design Thoughts ~
    Fade into Bleu ~
    Finding Eliza ~
    Fleurishing ~
    Flippin' Dollhouse ~
    The Frippery Factory ~
    Giginstudio ~
    Go Haus Go ~
    Holly Recommends ~
    The Honey Hut ~
    House of Lovelock ~
    JWK Style ~
    KathieB's Minis (pre-challenge) ~
    Keepers ~
    La Vita Petite ~>
    LeftCoastMini ~
    Lemon Cadet ~
    Little Dash ~
    Little Victorian ~
    Loganberry Lane ~
    Make mine Mid-Century ~
    Marcus and Rach ~
    Michelle Corvino: Gnome Homes ~
    Mini*Aesthetics ~
    MiniMinimalDesign ~
    Modern Mini Houses (that's me) ~
    My Mini Mod Pod ~
    My Mod Style ~
    My Recession Kitchen ~
    Noted Home ~
    OneFortyThree ~ (additional Instgram photos here:>
    Onshore ~
    Opal Weekends ~
    Petite Plat ~
    Pinky Creations ~
    The Project Corner ~
    Redesign ~
    Silly Eagle Books ~
    simplycoolstuff ~
    Snow Fern ~
    Sophie and Lili ~
    Stringfellow Art ~
    Summer Plays House ~
    Tales of a Tumbleweed ~
    TinyFixation (Large and in Charge) ~
    This is Kara B. ~
    This Magpie's Nest ~
    This Posh House ~
    Warm Hot Chocolate ~
    Whiteowl: found ~
    With Two Cats ~
    Wonders Will Never Cease ~
    wonderland.5 ~
    wordplayhouse ~

    Here's the "I'm a Giant" flickr group to share photos: http://www.flick

    Here are photos of all of the challengers work:

  15. Candy lamb

    Emily, I have become obsessed with trays and it's all your fault (along with everything else, apparently)! Since your post about trays, books, and feet, I've been scouring thrift shops and Etsy. Now you post the best tray ever! I can't afford it now, but haven't given up!

    Buck up. Many of us love you and your style. I'm so glad I found your blog and will continue to read it avidly.

  16. Terry

    How sad that you can let so many people down and could not even find time to mention a quick "gee, thanks for all your hard work for the I'm a Giant Challenge. I am sorry am selfish ditz and dropped the ball". You have shown your fans you do not care about them and they are not even worth a simple apology. You have lost my respect. I feel sorry for you. You don't care about people and that is a shame.

  17. Jazzi

    The Internet makes the world a smaller place Emily…in support of all my talented miniaturists friends worldwide, I agree that an apology oh anytime in the last 12 months would have sufficed. Your words "modern dolls house makes me shudder" is a terrible choice of words. Has anyone at anytime ever knocked your own work or style or love of creativity?
    It would be an ideal comeback to organise sponsors of the I'm A Giant (Failure) Challenge to contact Megan aka Mini Dork, to celebrate the work and effort she along with the other 83 participants have undertaken.
    I will now shudder all the way over here downunder whenever I hear the name "Emily Henderson".

  18. Christina

    It's one thing to realize you can't deliver on a promise and then pretend it never happened instead of being a grown up and just letting us know.
    But the uproar here in the comments is more about the snarky comment Emily threw in. Someone else said it best on another blog: "For [Emily] to now act like it's an absolutely hilarious inside joke is just tacky."