Injuries, instagrams, and apartment therapy awards

First off, if you are here for the first time, coming from the Apartment Therapy Homie award nominations page, welcome and I love you. I’ll have your internet babies if you vote for me. Today’s post isn’t my best work, keep reading and you’ll find out why. But meanwhile, check some of the favorite posts for a better sense of what this blog is about:

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Or maybe some posts about a client? “The Lake House” with some before and afters’

And here’s some personal ones to get to know me better:

My New Years Resolution, 15 do’s and don’ts to getting an entry level design job, and how Brian and I decorated for the holidays.

The homies are kinda the Oscars of design blogs. It’s the best we got, so I may as well go for it.  You can vote by clicking HERE.  Share with your friends, families, lovers …

Meanwhile, back to the regularly scheduled post about my thrown out back, thrifting, and a special lucite foot:

Remember that commercial about the lady that said “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up?” and we strangely found it all so funny even though it’s totally mean? I mean, who laughs at an old lady who has fallen? Us. America. Rude.

Well, that’s me right now — not laughing, but fallen. I done thrown my back out. It’s so lame. It was while I was furiously trying to unload my car yesterday morning before I headed out to the flea market. I reached for something in a weird way, picked up a bunch of heavy books in an awkward way, and then BOOM, flat on my back for the rest of the day. And for the record, I’m not a pussy, and basically nothing can keep me from the flea market. At first I thought, well maybe I could have a friend drive … and maybe I could be wheeled around … and maybe I could just point to things and have them brought to me. So delusional. But ultimately I came to terms with the death of my Sunday, with no flea market possibility in sight.

So I’m still in bed and terribly bored. I’m NOT the kind of person that secretly relishes this; I’m going insane. Thank god for laptops and bearcats.

Yesterday I was too drugged up to even PIN. Imagine that! I can’t even really PIN!

Whatever, at least I got in a day of thrifting on Saturday:

It was A LOT of garbage. But within that garbage there are always some treasures:

Oh, like this lucite foot? It’s life-size and its incredible. We think it’s a sock store display thing from the ’70s. One recently sold on first dibs but we aren’t sure for how much. And by “we,” I mean me and my friend Scott Horne, as he is the one that actually unearthed this foot.

And then I found six gold mugs for $6 total. They need a good scrubbing of bleach proportions, but they are VERY cute, indeed.

What a cute, adorable brass nautical ice bucket. Sadly, this guy was $95 (not at a thrift store but at a vintage store) and it was broken on the inside, so not terribly functional. I skipped it but I wanted to show it to you anyway, because I’m a child like that and I love show and tell.

So that’s what I did … when I could walk … *single tear. I watched part of the Superbowl yesterday and just cringed everytime they got hit because my back hurt so bad.

Beyonce totally rocked it, and then I felt totally inadequate as a woman. I mean, how amazing is she?

Again, if you want my back to get better, please vote for me for the Homies award: VOTE HERE

So, has anybody else 33 going on 70 and has thrown their back out? Do you have any new TV series I should get addicted to that I’m not already addicted to, involving teenagers and a lot of “almost kissing”? Any icing/heat suggestions to give? Entertain me, people. I’m bored and about to take another muscle relaxer …


  1. Amy

    Feel better!! Right now I'm obsessed with a Masterpiece show called Foyle's War that's on Netflix. It's set in England during WWII and is great if you like detective mysteries, subtle wit, the fact that it stars an actress named Honeysuckle Weeks and things that are awesome.

  2. Sarah

    So sorry to hear about your back :(! Definitely use ice (since it is an acute injury). Lay on a soft ice pack wrapped in a paper towel for 20 minutes on & 40 minutes off throughout the day. You want to reduce the irritation/inflammation. Although heat can feel good, it will bring more blood flow to the injured area = bad. For TV shows…Homeland (on showtime)…it is sooo good!

  3. Maggie

    Have you seen Life Unexpected? I think you will find it meets all your teenagers "almost kissing" requirements nicely! You can stream both seasons on Netflix. Feel better!

  4. craftyamanda

    If you want teenagers, I'd recommend Pretty Little Liars- try it, you'll like it!

  5. I have to second Pretty Little Liars, it's like absolute junk food for the brain but entertaining and the clothes and hair are fun. I have also fallen for Heart of Dixie, which is kind of cheesy but just so cute.

  6. kelli

    I did the same thing to my back! Terrible and boring is right. Have you made one of those homemade ice packs with rubbing alcohol and water? They are the best- it is half and half mix in a double bagged freezer bag you put in the freezer. It will be squishy and super cold. Perfect to lay on. Physical Therapist told me about this. my two cents on a show would have to be parks and recreation. So funny and quirky.

  7. Trista

    I was coming to suggest Hart of Dixie, but a previous poster already has. It's a WB show, which guarantees a bit of cheese, but I really enjoyed the first season. It's kind of Gilmore Girl-esque.

  8. Emily Henderson

    @kelli, thank you so much for the ice/alcohol recommendation. That actually sounds amazing….
    ANd i haven't seen life unexpected but i will….sounds good. I'm totally on the PLL train, my friends. Caught up and always confused. :)

  9. Sarah

    Watch Sons of Anarchy! I started it this summer and became "mildly" obsessed. And by obsessed I mean I have a cardboard cutout of the main character hanging out in my living room (gag gift for Christmas that I can't seem to get rid of). ;) You'll understand if you watch the show. ;) Hope you feel better soon!

  10. sorry about the back – that is awful. Admit to liking my teenage shows more on the supernatural side, recently discovering Teen Wolf. Have also gotten sucked into Bunheads (Amy Sherman-Palladino with the fast talky-talk) and ridiculously enough, The Lying Game (modern take on The Prince and the Pauper, but with rich girl/poor girl trying to share a life and solve the mystery of their parentage). Got sucked into the latter on stinking Netflix instant. same with Teen Wolf. Hope you have Netflix Instant. If you don't, do.

  11. Jenni

    So sorry to hear about your back :( I will re-vote with someone for The Inbetweeners, then cast two more votes. One, for Switched at Birth since it is filled with teens almost kissing and on netflix. The other for Top Gear UK. Funniest show ever that has it's new season starting tonight on BBC and all past seasons on Netflix. Start with something like the Vietnam or Africa special if your in the mood for having a laugh… Feel better!

  12. I have to second Sarah's comment! SOA, for sure. I just finished watching The Tudors 4 seasons on Amazon Prime. So glad we live in the 21st century and not the 13th-14th!

    I was totally expecting to see that super-fly candle holder you passed up this weekend in this post. You know it was one of your favorite finds.

    Also, rest your back. Once you start with back problems, they tend to repeat. I come from a family of "bad backs" and dread the day my back starts behaving like my mom's.

  13. Laurel

    Get well soon! I go to an osteopath for this kind of thing. They fix me good.
    Have you seen Veronica Mars? Try it, I believe it's on Netflix.

  14. wendy

    Just voted for you. Love your sense of humor and also learn a lot from your blog. The Ryan Gosling is among my favorites. I miss your show but HGTV seems to be all about renovation and real estate. I don't think Candace or Genevieve are on anymore either, snifff…

  15. Casey

    Try watching The House of Eliott. It's a BBC series about two young women starting their own couture line in London in the 1920's. AH.MAZE.ING. You'll love the styling and the fashions and the goodness. Netflix has it… but not on demand. :( Totally worth waiting for it. Just prepare yourself because the show was cancelled and it ends abruptly after Season 3.

    Pretty Little Liars is… hmm.. unrealistic to the extreme. No one looks that good in high school. NO ONE. But mildly entertaining, esp if you're viewing it while on muscle relaxants.

    And finally, feel better soon. My mom thought she pulled her back but actually she broke it and the doctor missed it. However, she wasn't lifting something heavy, she was jumping off a 30 ft cliff in the Dominican Republic. For the second time. Yay adventures!

  16. Casey

    PS. Veronica Mars is SO GOOD, nice reco Laurel!!!! So teenager-y and angst-y but with myster-y. LOVE!

  17. Suzanne

    Voted for you! Love your blog and your styling is an inspiration to me. Keep up the amazing work!

  18. Kimberly

    Sorry you're not feeling so great Emily:( Well wishes sent your way. And I already voted for you too!! You're by far the best of the blogs!!

  19. Stella Rios

    What thrift did you visit?

  20. Maija

    Uh…. yes, threw my back out this summer. But not doing anything like 'heavy lifting" I laid in an uncomfortable beach chair by the pool in HI for too long. Pathetic.

    Watch HBO's "GIRLS" so good.

  21. Oh no! Hope you feel fetter soon!

  22. Helen

    I wasted a solid ten hours reading the "Beautiful Creatures" series – it's coming out as a movie around valentines day. My hubster calls all those books/movies my "teens in trouble" obsession.

    Whatever;he totally reads them too.

  23. Anna

    I know you would love Suburgatory or Kath and Kim. Both are totally marathonable. Also if you haven't already been watching Ben and Kate, it is comedic gold.

  24. I voted for you even before I knew I wanted your back to get better!!!!

    I'll vote for HART OF DIXIE and CARRIE DIARIES.

  25. Stacy Ross

    Okay. I voted…and since you are offering up internet babies I would like to put in for 1 girl…with bows and lots of glitter. Please. I have, like, a gaggle of boys and they stink so if you could hurry that would be awesome. Hey, thanks.

  26. Kelly

    You should watch Party Down, its a show about the catering business in LA, I was never a caterer but was totally amused anyway.

    There are only 2 seasons… perfect for a quick fix of TV. Also, it has all of your favorite people in it, like "That guy from that one show" and "Is that the chick from Mean Girls?"

  27. Sorry you got injured. It's happened to me before.

    I've been watching House of Cards on Netflix. The new version. It is excellent. And depressing.

  28. tess

    Hope you feel better soon, in the mean time try Buffy the Vampire Slayer (7 seasons) if you like David Tennant like I do, try Dr. Who, Blackpool, Fright Night. Actually he might be inspiration for a future color feature. Le sigh.

  29. renata

    So give us the scoop on the thrift store? Running out of options in LA.

  30. Hannah Q

    Sorry to hear about your back! I hate being stuck at home, too. It's fun for approx. 30 minutes, and then all I want to do is get up and go back to work. Voted for you, and recommend Korean teen dramas on Netflix if you don't mind subtitles. There's a good dose of almost kissing, tons of unbelievable premises, and truckloads of teenage angst in Boys over Flowers and My Princess. I also echo the suggestion of Veronica Mars if you haven't seen it. ALSO, if you haven't been watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries web series (, you totally should. There are currently 85 episodes posted about 5 minutes each in length, and there are corresponding secondary character videos as well. Get well soon!

  31. Norell

    If you are not already addicted to it, my biggest vote goes to Pretty Little Liars (as suggested by many readers above me). I also love Bunheads and Switched at Birth which are also on ABC Family. You can also get sucked in to Hallmark Channel movies which I have been. I was recently released from a week long stay in the hospital and know how hard it is to stay still when all you want to do is get up and "shake it like a Polaroid"!! The heart is willing, the body not so much.

  32. Robyn

    The IT Crowd on Netflx!! British geek humor with the guy from Bridesmaids. ;)

  33. So sorry about your back, that stinks. But congrats on your Apartment Therapy nom, that's great! Hope you feel better soon.

  34. Jill

    I've totally been where you are now–flat on my back and in incredible pain. But don't stay in bed too long. I spent several days in bed after throwing my back out only to find out later that my doctor actually recommended trying to move, even a little, each day. I know that might mean just shuffling around the house at first. My chiropractor and my sister's orthopedic doc both said that heat is actually bad. It feels good at first, but doesn't take down inflammation. Ice, ice, ice, 20 minutes at a time. When you feel well enough, stretching can help tremendously–not power yoga, just gentle stretches. I hope you are on your feet again soon!

  35. The Bachelor will make you forget your troubles. Play tonite and tomorrow, as a special extension.

    Hot and cold compacts, for sure. I used to throw my back out in my twenties and mid thirties. Hasnt happened in like 15 years. I think it's because I took up yoga. In any case, it's good to keep your back in shape to avoid missing another flea market.

    You made me smile with your visions of how you'd do the market anyway, you sound like me. I think design people are a little delusional in a way, or at least dreamers, surely.

    Get better soon and good luck, Homie Girl!

  36. amy

    I love Veronic Mars as well. If you like 90's teenage angst…did you ever watch My So Called Life? It's Netflixable. I am also obsessed with H+. It's a digital series on you tube. Love it!! Feel better soon.

  37. Sophie

    I third (fourth?) Hart of Dixie. Don't judge it on the pilot—the show gets better episode by episode and before you know it, it's awesome. Pretty people, sexual tension, cute outfits, one-liners and zingers, plus a generous sprinkling of cheese. Did you ever watch Friday Night Lights? The guy who played Jason Street is one of the main characters, so there's that…

    Feel better, chin up, cheerio! Pip pip.

  38. Kristin

    You should start watching Greek! It meets all of your criteria of teenagers and almost-kissing. I got super sucked into that show (as a 29 year old who went to college but was never in a sorority). I sort of definitely wish it was still on…

  39. Voted for you, cause this my favorite blog – duh. if you're not already up to date on GIRLS, one HBO GO account can fix that! highly recommend it!

  40. Marga

    I am also 33 going on 83, but I like to think 83 in a Golden Girls sassy kinda way. I highly recommend going to the chiropractor they always make me better.
    I also love this stuff called Biofreeze but Icy/Hot is good too. Bend at the knees and strong abs. You know all those crazy plank exercises. Feel better soon!

  41. jovi

    one word:'s magical hippie cream (get at whole foods) for sore everything. it changed my life! also,go back and re-watch my so-called life! it is just as amazing as it was when we were 14 but the outfits aren't as whack as they were when we were 14 (why did angela and ricky have to wear overalls constantly?)…

  42. addie

    Agh! I have totally thrown my back out as a thirty-something…first thing in the morning doing a weird twisting lifting thing and not thinking, that's the ticket :(

    I second the suggestions of Bunheads, Veronica Mars. I will add recommendations for Gilmore Girls and my new fave British show on Hulu plus, Pramface, so funny!

  43. Sarah

    I realize I should be sending get well wishes, but I'm too starry-eyed at the juxtaposition of "…I'm no pussy" against "I can't even really PIN!"
    I don't want you hurt, but you are a fluff o' fun on whatever drugs are throwing you over.

  44. Kate

    totally voted! you're blowing the competition away, even while knocked flat on your back!
    my husband is 27 going on 70 – he's thrown his back out kicking a wall, sneezing, and just today as he looked over his shoulder and fell off a curb INTO THE STREET. but this was while jogging to the gym. he keeps hurting himself while trying to exercise and then has to rest forever and gets frustrated and tries to go back too soon and it's a HORRIBLE, VICIOUS CYCLE.
    i am much luckier and less injury-prone, probably because i don't try so hard (or at all really) to exercise. twice-monthly yoga: namaste, hubs.
    ps. can't vouch for if it's going to last as there have only been 3 episodes so far, but The Carrie Diaries on Hulu – prequel to Sex and the City set in glorious 80's gloriousness with glorious clothes and manhattan and many almost-kisses with 80s hunks in swimming pools and music and and and… try it out :)

  45. Voted for you! Good luck with the back…I did that in October and I am still not right! Interior Design is a hazardous profession! And they think it is all candles and linen…..
    Joanne @ Homestyling101

  46. Jamie

    If you have never watched Veronica Mars..DO IT!

  47. Debra

    Okay, so I was coming to post something really random and it turns out maybe it's perfect – something to help you kill some time on the computer. So I was watching my favorite British murder mystery show on Netflix (Midsomer Murders) and there was this supporting actress with this tiny side role and immediately I thought, "That is Emily Henderson!" Err, a 50-year-old version of Emily Henderson that is. Seriously, I think the resemblance is uncanny, but I'll let you check it out for yourself and see what you think! Her name is Kelly Hunter. Some links:

    And, I totally voted for you. No-brainer.

  48. Jody

    Great finds! That lucite foot though…. AWESOME!

  49. Yes, I've thrown my back out, about three times. The last time it happened, I got serious about snapping it back into place with exercise.
    I know that sounds painful but hear me out. This might help your back situation too. It completely fixed mine. You need to do a very simple yoga type stretch to snap the disc back into place before it becomes too much more inflamed.
    It's called a press-up back extension. Here's the link:
    Do several sets a day. Use warm compresses on the lower back (heated seats in your car are divine for this). Take Aleve (follow directions carefully).
    The exercise really works. I did everything else and got no results until I added the press-up back extensions.

  50. Yes, I've thrown my back out, about three times. The last time it happened, I got serious about snapping it back into place with exercise.
    I know that sounds painful but hear me out. This might help your back situation too. It completely fixed mine. You need to do a very simple yoga type stretch to snap the disc back into place before it becomes too much more inflamed.
    It's called a press-up back extension. Here's the link:
    Do several sets a day. Use warm compresses on the lower back (heated seats in your car are divine for this). Take Aleve (follow directions carefully).
    The exercise really works. I did everything else and got no results until I added the press-up back extensions.
    Here's a short video of how to do the extension:

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  52. Rhonda Antonucci

    So sorry about your back. If it can happen to you. . . .i best be more careful while loading my various finds as well.

    I’ll vote for you again and encourage my friends to do the same.
    Feel better dear.

  53. bealicious

    Seriously, you must check out Jane By Design on netflix. Total HS drama. That dies not disappoint. about a girl who accidentally gets a job as an Assistant at a Fashion house. It’s awesome… but I will not use my real name here to confess my obsession. Ha!

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