I am Alive…. My computer is not

Well folks, my computer saw its last living day earlier this week and has now gone up to computer heaven for its final resting place. Earlier this week there was a little incident where coffee met computer, and the results were not as good as last season’s “The Bachelor Tells All” show. So, with that said I have been completely without a computer which has left me without a way to update the blog and bring you some new posts. I PROMISE that come Monday I will find a way (come hell or high water) to bring you some new content. It is helpful when Brady lets you steal his computer to give you guys an update, so lets hope by Monday my computer is either fixed or Brady or Ginny will let me steal their computers again and take all coffee from my hands.

I have personally written a letter to apple requesting that from now on they make all computers 100% waterproof (my fingers are still crossed) so that this does not happen to every coffee drinking, computer using person out there.


I know it doesn’t look like much in the pictures but those dark watery looking spots have killed my dreams and my hard drive.


This folks is what a fried hard drive looks like. Apparently there is not suppose to be a dark black circle around my hard drive. Go figure.


I will now be keeping my coffee and my computer in two separate rooms.

Its a total bummer but I here’s what I have been up to “sans” computer this last week.

emily book plants


emily book styling


emily charlie playing


valley thrifting

  1. Victoria

    Sorry to hear about your hard drive. I hope you have someway to retrieve your information (I call works’ IT person who is a doll and helps me out for work and home.) That said, look at Charlie he has changed so much in your photos I can only imagine it is a little mind blowing in the flesh. What an adorable, happy little guy.

  2. Muoi

    Bummer! Hope Apple hears you out =)

  3. Sarah

    Total bummer about your computer. But so fun to see your updates and cute little charlie. Hopefully you’ll be able to save something from your HD or that its not a total loss. Ill keep my fingers crossed for you.

  4. Wendy

    I actually laughed out loud in my very quiet office at that reference to last season’s The Bachelor Tells All. So good.

  5. I was just thinking before I checked back for the second time today to see if you’ve posted anything, “Man, she must be kicking that book’s ass this week.” I’m sure you’re still doing that too though! Sorry about your computer! I hope everything important was backed up on one of those fancy clouds somewhere!

    • emily henderson

      AHH, thank you so much for checking more than once a day. Glad to know I was missed. thank you. i’ll be back next week ( i get my computer on wednesday but i’ll blog from brian’s until then.)

  6. Lily

    What a bummer!! I hope you didn’t lose too much. Enjoy your holiday!

    x Lily

    • emily henderson

      thanks, Lily. I always love seeing you here. xx

  7. kelly

    I’ve been there… and I’ve washed my phone in the washing machine too -look out for that one. :-)

  8. My 5 year old son got an awesome, expensive remote control car for his birthday this year, and he loved it so much he threw it into a cooler of ice water. At least yours was an accident!

    I love the pics of your mama love. Too cute!

  9. Noooooooo! Coffee meets computer is the worst! I hope everything is all better on Monday. Womp, womp.

    (I’m actually drinking coffee while I write this, and I’m moving it away from me…)

  10. Marie

    No need to avoid drinking coffee while on the computer. Use a travel mug and you’ll be safe!

  11. That SUX about the coffee meets computer showdown!!… Computer looses EVERY time!! Travel mug is the best way to go for sure!! Computer drama aside… I’m admiring Charlie’s Michellan Tire Rolls!! My youngest just grew out of her wrist rolls (the last rolls to go) and I MISS THEM!! Baby rolls rock!! You go Charlie!!

  12. Keri

    So sorry about your computer! My most beloved kitty puked on my brand new MacBook, rendering my entire keyboard useless. Thankfully Apple fixed it quickly and for free. I hope you get the same treatment.

  13. yep. Been there with the coffee. One lost hard drive and one that survived. [it did inquire intensive care however, for several hours] And a couple of verrry close calls. I NEED my coffee and I need it near me, but keep it at least a foot away from the puter and use a mug with a low center of gravity. Considering switching to mac because I’ve had it with PCs. I’m working on two right now because between the two of them, they make one whole. :]

  14. did I just say “inquire?” Good God! I better get some more coffee and dump it straight onto my head! haha!

  15. gina

    Where in the valley are you thrifting?

  16. oh dear, I am with you.
    I did the very same thing once, two weeks before my design graduation, all my portfolio happily in the hard drive and all of a sudden my laptop was in a pool of soya cappuccino. I remember staring it like forever, speechless and motionless, and my friend saying “lift your machine, now” which I did mechanically. I do feel your pain, hope they will be able to get all your precious data back. Fingers crossed from Italy.


  17. Anna

    Dear diary,
    It’s been four days since Emily Henderson updated her blog post with inspiring interiors, witty banter, and adorable pictures of her child and co-workers. My skin is clammy. My tummy aches. I close my eyes and instead of jewel toned velvet and mid-century lines I see blobs of grey and tan Tupperware. Oh powers that be, please Em out with preserved data and a functioning computer.

  18. Judy H.

    Your baby is one of the most gorgeous angels I’ve ever seen! You are one lucky Mama!

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