How to plant a succulent garden

I’ve been playing around with this new video app, Montaj, where you can make videos 100 percent on your phone. It’s pretty addictive and totally easy. Technically it’s not released yet, but my friend invented it so they are letting me play around with it. So I made a little Succulent garden tutorial for you.

It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, and succulents make very good indoor plants. I don’t have a green thumb, although that does sound kinda adorable. In fact, in the video you’ll see that I actually have total sausage fingers, but very productive sausage fingers.

photo by Bethany Nauert

So even though it’s easy to make a succulent garden, it’s also easy to kinda mess up and not look amazing. So watch the video for some of my tips and secrets.


Thoughts? Feelings? Inner desires? Have you longed for a succulent garden of your own? Do it.

And thank you everyone for the comments yesterday. It’s good to know that there are so many people that can relate and have way better advice than mine. xxx

  1. Tonia

    I'd love to get this app, OH and love your succulent garden too.

  2. Jenni

    Love the vid, super helpful! Did you ever have a cactus garden when you were younger? My poor 6 yo hands should have known about this instead ;) All well, I will make a succulent garden now for my big-girl office instead!

  3. Kimberly

    Succulents are the only plants I've managed to grow so far (but originally I killed every single one of them planted in my male/female bust vases because I over watered them). Now I just spritz them with a water bottle every 2 weeks and a feed every other month and they seem to be thriving. Can't believe the height some of them have now. Phew! Maybe I'll move onto something trickier, like bamboo. I kill bamboo too:( Crazy! Haven't watched the video yet but will later tonight.

  4. Love the video! It should also be noted that unless your planter has holes int he bottom for drainage you should add rocks or pebbles to the bottom before you add your dirt!

  5. Casey

    I love succulents and have been wanting to make a little succulent display in my apartment. Thanks for posting!

  6. I ♥ succulents too!

    To add to Krysta's note, drainage is very important for succulents in general because they can easily develop root rot if the roots are sitting in moisture. The soil you choose should also be a succulent mix (dirt, sand for grit, pumice/perlite). I generally use the terrarium formula of having some pebbles the bottom, a layer of activated charcoal for freshness then the succulent mix. I also like to top it off with some decorative stone or sand after planting (see the link below). Not only is it a lovely visual touch but it helps make sure the leaves are not sitting on wet soil too which they don't love.

    An example of a succulent I planted topped with lovely GOLD stones!

    They don't require a lot of water (especially in the winter months), so they are pretty forgiving. It's probably more important to make sure they get the light they need.
    Most succulents like ample light but haworthias do well in the shade and the zebra variety are super fun and attractive.

    p.s. the little brass turtle trinket dish is super cute!

  7. I recently planted succulents as well and I'll be damned if I haven't already killed one! Seriously how the hell do you kill a cacti….oh well at least I still have one that seems to be making it.

  8. love the gardens. also love your bracelet. where did you find it?

  9. Karla

    Great video! I love succulents and am inspired to go create my own little garden. Your how-to videos are so helpful, please keep em coming! Would you consider doing one that shows us how you do a consultation? I know you wrote about charging for client consultations and it would be great to know what you include in that session. Thanks again!!! Karla

  10. Anne

    Love the video. How is it that I can get my orchids to rebloom but my succulents are all dying a slow, terrible death? I have them planted in fairly rocky soil – it looks like you use more "dirt-like" soil. Should I switch? Any other advice to save my poor plants?

  11. Gina

    I love succulents and I adore this video!
    Succulents are extremely lively, creative and come in a huge variety!
    Thank you for sharing, you are amazing!

  12. Jody

    Love succulents. They're so easy to take care of. The combinations seem endless.

  13. I love the video. I never heard your voice before, and I love how you talk, it adds so much personality! I think I need to start looking for ways to see your show (I'm not in the US). Anyway love the succulents as well, I'll be adding some to my house pretty soon.


  14. Julie

    This is a weird comment… but I'm just going to say… I thought you had a deeper voice? I don't know why, haha. I read your blog frequently and, I guess, had placed a certain voice in my head for you. I didn't even know that I had done that until I heard your voice.

    Anyway, I have 4 empty planters in my house that need to be filled! Thanks for the tips.

  15. Holly

    That was fun! It makes me want to make a video too (I wish I wasn't such a ludite). I have a bunch of planters with succulents outside my front door because after years of experience with flowering plants that require lots of water, I've learned that I am a mean, neglectful plant mom that lets her children starve to death :o( The succulents are so forgiving and they look awesome – strangers compliment me on them all the time. I like them because they're like tiny evolving sculptures. I have one that grows in a square – a SQUARE!!

  16. michelle

    check out the ones we make at botanik:
    the ones on our site are faux but our fabulous succulent designer (yes there is such a thing!) creates live ones also, all shapes and sizes! they are tightly packed in and have such a beautiful pattern when finished.

  17. I've been dying to make some of these! Yay for plants that are hard to kill :) That video is pretty great, let us know when the app is available!

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