How Conversation Coasters will save your party …

You know those parties where you end up getting stuck in a corner with the guy who is telling you scene by mother loving SCENE about the script he’s pitching about the inane breakup that he had 6 years ago? And in your head you are chanting ‘WHY WOULD HE THINK I WANT THIS MUCH DETAIL ABOUT HIS “PROJECT”. It would be like me describing to someone every single accessory in a room I designed that they’ll never see … then there is a lamp on the top shelf, next to a stack of colorful, but not too colorful, art books, and get this … ha … i put a brass animal sculpture coming into the shelf, near a wooden shoe knick knack …. 

You just feel like this:

locked behind bars

Welcome to life at an L.A. party.

But every city has its cliches and every party has ‘that guy’ who is trying to sell you magic water or tell you about the advantages of Australian health care. You want to care, you want to be engaged but your eyes are darting around, spotting more interesting conversations EVERYWHERE, and you just wish you were simply having more fun.

emily henderson party

Enter Conversation Coasters.  What are they, you ask? As if you’ve never heard of them. They are coasters with a game on them.

funny coasters

Hell, I just might bring them to events, plant them as if they were already there just so I can say, “Wait, hold on for one second, stranger, for I sure do have a clever question for you, ‘Would you rather … hold hands with Ryan Reynolds or Burt Reynolds?’”

DIY coasters

Boom. Interesting conversation commence.

And the answer is RYAN, methinks. Duh.  God I really wish my photoshopping skills could superimpose my little mouse face on Blake Lively’s hideous body.

ryan reynolds holding hands

Oh, to be a glove upon that hand that might touch that …. cheek …

Ryan would love my coasters … and so can you.

Enjoy this how-to video of how to make your own SUPER EASY conversation coaster using a iron on Epson label maker. Martha Stewart just got a little bit more hardcore.

To get your own iron on label maker (that you can use on kids clothes, your etsy goods or anything that is made of fabric really) go HERE.  I’ve now used it 3 times since making these videos. Turns out besides the classic conversation coaster, these guys are VERY useful.

This post was in partnership with Epson, but all ideas, thoughts, words and feelings are mine, mine, mine. :)

Video and photos by the wonderful Tessa Neustadt for my blog. Thank you, Tessa!

So my question to you is: Would you rather …

funny coasters

Its a hard one, I know. I’m going with bald … You?

  1. Morning! Your video is showing that it’s Private and thus not letting me watch it. Boo.

  2. these are SO fun!!! i love it!

  3. It would be so awesome to stumble onto these at a party. But as with Kristi, it still says private :( Is this a lesson?! Like the awkward conversation about the script we never get to see. Just kidding, I’ll check back later!

    • Emily

      Its back up! Sorry, I was playing with settings …

  4. Jenni

    With the invention of wax, I think I will go hairy… Love the coaster idea!

  5. this is so funny! in this summer heat, i’ll go with bald. ask me again in 3 months though…

  6. Erin

    Can I wax if I’m hairy, or wear a wig if I’m bald? Or must I live as my hair grows (or doesn’t.) Important questions.

  7. Dana

    I LOVE this! Totally stealing it for my next party. Not the Epson thing, I’m no criminal – the idea! Thanks Em!

  8. Mrs. Castrillo

    What a great idea Emily. Thanks for another great tip. But I would choose Burt Reynolds :)

  9. Hairy!

    But I’m already pretty hairy, I’ve learned to deal.

    Great use of all my extra fabric swatches, might bust this out around the holidays.

    Oh, I’m glad Orlando is still having fun being the 3rd wheel with you and Brian. XO

  10. Elise

    Love this idea! Will have to make them into necklaces for people to wear or something though because my pizza parties are all standing, all the time – so everyone just holds their drink.

    I vote for hairy, since I have baby-fine hair and would love to have tons of hair, even if it does mean shaving my face every day like a couple of my thick-haired friends have to.

  11. Maria

    I’m going with super hairy – as long as there’s wax involved. I love your videos! They’re so well-made and fun to watch.

  12. Dana O.

    Love the Notting Hill reference. And Blake Lively’s tone, tall bod IS disgusting. Totally.


  13. What a fab idea! Where has this game been all my life? I love that it totally fits into the laid back LA vibe too! So doing this at every party from now on. Thanks for the great tip!

  14. Jim

    The sad reality for a lot of us is that we go bald & get hairy at pretty much the same time. (Darn you, genetics!)
    Still, I want to make these coasters… I’ll just use text that doesn’t underscore the undesirability of my particular physical shortcomings.

  15. Erin

    WHERE is that tray from? It is pure genius.

    • Emily

      I think it was target!! Last year, Threshold brand. But i bought it at a thrift store. xx

  16. For a split second there I actually considered doing the Blake Lively Photoshop job for you, just to see what it would look like… Slow work day. Oy.

    • Emily

      That would have been a truly amazing gift. :)

  17. april

    Love this idea! What a fun hostess gift!

  18. Pearl

    LOVE this idea, I’ll share the link on my blog today. Hope that’s ok?

    • Emily

      Um, yes. Please!

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  20. Emilia

    Hi Emily! I am Emilia from Argentina, we love your fun style and your lovely personality, Besos!

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  26. Well I am not sure how I wandered over here. I think from a doll house maker blog that I wandered over from Modfire. Enough of wasting time on Sunday morning! But…awesome. Great idea.

  27. Ta-dah! With my sub-par photoshopping magic, you and Richard Reynolds are now gamboling about the countryside. Where (or how) should I send you the photographic proof of said gambol? It’s awesome :-)

  28. Richard

    hairy—gives me more to work with and can always be cut /shaved / plucked /waxed (youch!)

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  30. Wendy Stevenson

    I would like to ask that you remove the image of the woman behind bars as it has NOT been paid for to use. I own the copyright to the image.
    If after a couple of days this image is still in use without compensation, I will have to notify Dreamstime.

    Many thanks for your cooperation.


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  33. Love these! def. adding to my party ideas :)

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