Holiday Special TODAY, folks.

It involves me, Orlando, special guest Dan Faires, a cute family and lots of crazy holiday stuff.  We be decorating all up in that hizouse.  ‘Staycation Modern’ is their style.

Its one hour long.  It’s a redesign first and then holiday decorating.  Lets make the ratings go crazy.  Lets have it be the biggest most highly rated show that has ever been watched.  Kinda like the series finale of MASH.  Or maybe lets beat a mid-season episode of Jersey Shore, for pete sake.




Thanks everyone for watching!!! i’ll be posting all the pics on monday and i’ll get a schedule of when it re-airs for all those who missed it!

  1. Lauren

    friendster – haha!

    I'll be watching… can't hardly wait!

  2. Debra

    Emily, can't wait, but here in the SF bay area on Comcast it is on at 4:00 p.m.

  3. I am watching right now! Yaaaaay! :)

  4. Ok, where are those striped curtains from?? (I'm dying over Staycation Modern!!)

  5. Sarah G.

    The brass deer are ridiculously cute! I can't believe you bought six of them.

  6. Heather

    I saw the show today – My mom called to tell me about it because your style reminded her of me. She loved the Christmas trees made of styrofoam cones – she said you had scrunched up zigzag cut pieces of paper to make them. I was thinking of making one or two to send in her Christmas present box (she lives out of state), but I couldn't even find a picture in your holiday guide. Do you have a picture of those that you could post with instructions on how to make them? Thanks, I love your work!

  7. Saw the show and loved it! I love all your shows, but this one made me want to go out and buy a tree and decorate! Loved everything about it!! Merry Everything!

  8. Susan

    Wow! Gorgeous styling on the house – I want that sofa and coffee table. And the chandelier, too, but I'd have to have a new house to put it in.
    I loved your take on Christmas, especially the globe snow family and the brass deer.
    Great work. It was a treat to see a new show from you.

  9. Mary

    Enjoyed the holiday special. I DVRd it so I can go back and look at your decorating for ideas and how-tos! Thanks Emily!

  10. dana828

    Can't believe I missed it!! I'll be waiting to see when it re-airs…checked the schedule through next Saturday and don't see it on there yet. Bummer!!

  11. Lauren

    Love, love, love that West Elm Caravan Rug you used. I was so torn between that and the Andalusia Rug for our family room. I know they are so different, but I figured I'd start with the rug as inspiration and work the room around it. In the end I opted for the Andalusia, but seeing you use the Caravan has me wanting it now! And those brass deer – so good. Kind of glad I don't celebrate Christmas, because I'd probably go a little crazy. I wish all of your shows were an hour!

  12. louis

    Emily – we really enjoyed the Christmas special. Even Jonas was into it! Glad to see you back on the air again, and we look forward to your new season! Maybe we'll get to go to some kind of launch party to see you again! We still feel so super cool with our pad!

    Happy Holidays

    Louis, J, E and J

  13. Holly

    Watched the show today! Totally jealous of the homeowners but got some great holiday decorating ideas for my house.

  14. holly

    oh man, emily, it was so good! my fave show yet. really great ideas. those yarn ball ornaments were so freaking cute. well done!

  15. Sandi

    Loved the show! Can't wait until it re-airs (I don't have DVR) so I can watch again. Looking forward to the new season too. You're awesome!

  16. Watched it. Loved it. Those globe snowmen kill me. :-)

  17. Laura

    I loved this episode Emily! It definitely left me feeling inspired to decorate for Christmas. Where did you find the map you used for the JOY TO THE WORLD art? I've been looking for one in similar colors but haven't had any luck yet!

  18. Boomer

    Great show! My favorites were the paper trees and the globe snowmen. Inspires me to think outside the box when I decorate this year. You rock!

  19. Debbie Lark

    The holiday guide is missing the whole joy to the world section…I looked at it last night, but it won't show up today! I am dying because there were a bazillion ideas I wanted to do!!!! Help!!??

  20. Karyn

    Emily, can you please post a picture of that incredible coffee table that Dan made in this episode? This was probably my favorite episode of everything you've done so far, and that table was incredible, my favorite part of everything (except maybe Orlando's enthusiasm for crafting!)

  21. Justin Jace

    I think you (and Oar-lawn-do) are amazingly fabulous. Great Holiday special, but I have to say I am over the "style diagnostic". I JUST WANT TO SEE MORE OF YOU! I think it's time you just do what you do, that way we have more time to actually see you make styling magic on camera. Either way, I'm a faithful viewer! Can't wait to see changes in the next season. And the more wit from Mr. Sorio the better!

  22. Melanie

    I was so inspired by all of the homemade items and art in the Christmas decor! I'm using your hybrid styles concept for my Christmas decor, going for minimalist-rustic-modern-glamor, and my husband and I LOVE it. Thanks for showing how easy (and important!) it is to not just make the house look nice, but to make it special by making it personal.

  23. LincyChaseFan

    AWESOME! I watched it and all I can say is that it rocked! I totally loved the bright colors and, oh, that Christmas tree… pure gorgeousness! The table your friend Dan made was so pretty! He kind of reminded me of this country music artist, Luke Bryan… it must be his hair. :D Anyway, that episode totally deserved the whole hour time-slot! You did an amazing job, Emily! Maybe next year you can do a 2 hour special… pretty please? ;D ~Lincy

  24. Liz

    I just finished watching the show off my DVR- and it was AWESOME. You're so unbelievably creative! It's lovely to watch your bubbly and warm personality as you interact with everyone. I love having something younger and more Domino-y to watch on HGTV!

  25. You're going to have to fight Dasha for Ryan Gosling!

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